Ghostbusters: The Controversies Behind the Movie

  • Published on Jul 9, 2016
  • This video aims to provide with you a summary of all rumors and controversies of any significance that transpired during the production and release of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. It covers:
    - The early development of Ghostbusters 3 under Ivan Reitman,
    - How Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake wound up getting made instead,
    - Sony’s plans for a shared Ghostbusters universe,
    - The rumors that the original cast were strongarmed to participate,
    - The rumored production trouble and story synopsis (Heavy Spoilers!), and
    - The perceived outcry over the female cast.
    If you have seen our earlier videos, a lot of what is covered in this video will be familiar to you. Please help share and spread this video to those who haven’t seen our earlier coverage, and who aren’t familiar with the controversies behind the movie.
    Narrated by Robb from RobotShlomo:
    Ghostbusters: Sony Hits Back at Fan Backlash:
    The Real Reason Fans Reject Ghostbusters (2016) Editorial:
    Midnight’s Edge Spider-man coverage:
    Midnight’s Edge Fantastic Four coverage:
    Midnight’s Edge Tom Rothman coverage:
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    Special thanks to The Anti Narrative Man
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  • PopukoLemon *
    PopukoLemon * 39 minutes ago

    Oh no.. not Brie Larson

  • Derek Phillips
    Derek Phillips 5 hours ago

    No controversy....this movie fuckin sucks!

  • mechaart
    mechaart Day ago

    Paul Feig definately sounds and acts like a simp.

  • Zack Arthur
    Zack Arthur 2 days ago

    Leslie Jones is such an ugly dude

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum 3 days ago

    and that's how they pitch a shitty movie

  • michael majewski
    michael majewski 3 days ago

    Why not just come up with new shit instead of remaking shit over n over what ever happen to original ideas

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 4 days ago

    What Pascal did to Reitman was back-handed and plain wrong, but that's not why I think she's a terrible human being. I think she's a terrible human being for the way she writes her emails; all caps and blatant typos. You're supposed to be a professional, fucking act like it!

  • Kamron Fultz
    Kamron Fultz 4 days ago

    I wonder who Melissa McCarthy was having ego issues with?

  • Bl Ah
    Bl Ah 5 days ago

    I'm tired of everyone politicizing everything. I watch movies to be entertained. Make a good movie. Leave the politics and personal issues at home where they belong. If they don't make a good product, I'm not obligated to like it because of what they thinks it represents.

    NATESOR 5 days ago

    LMFAO at the pictures of the sony heads. Jesus.

  • Dean Pruit
    Dean Pruit 5 days ago

    One thing i liked about the original was Winston was just a regular guy. It's the way she was cast and just the way this woman is......Leslie Jones is just the stereotypical loud black woman. NO I'm not saying they should cast oreo's or anything like that. It's just the way that actress is, she's like a stereotype that's over the top.

  • stephenstiles2
    stephenstiles2 7 days ago

    So, judging by this, was Amy Pascal the one who arranged James Bond to have his testicles whipped with a knotted rope? Thank God it got somewhat better after Casino Royale.

  • jacobson084
    jacobson084 8 days ago

    Maybe it was not big because it was just another Marvel movie in Ghostbuster universe?

  • ArmyOfAll
    ArmyOfAll 9 days ago

    - My opinion in Sony executive language.

  • greenrefrigerator
    greenrefrigerator 9 days ago

    So it's okay to force men out of movies and otherwise block, hinder and subvert their participation, and then shame any man who dare speak up about it by saying he's a misogynistic man-baby. Just imagine the result if this were the other way around. I'm done with Sony productions (Disney too for that matter). They're both getting the reactions they deserve.

  • YouOnlyLiveTwice
    YouOnlyLiveTwice 10 days ago

    Looks like the only talented person involved with the movie was the guy who photoshopped the hell out of Melissa McCarthy in that picture at 1:14 by making her look about 100 Ibs lighter than she really is. Jesus, what a joke...

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B 10 days ago +1

    We can at least be thankful we didn't get Bri Larson as a Ghostbusters. We all know how she worked out...

  • Russian Megabot
    Russian Megabot 11 days ago

    i fell down my chair when brie larson popped up. wasn't prepared of that kind of scare

  • Ebiru2387
    Ebiru2387 11 days ago

    The reboot literally stole the original plot of ghostbusters 1 and made it worse!

  • MetroidJunkie
    MetroidJunkie 11 days ago

    Go figure, making a movie all about girl power and diversity rather than trying to make a well written movie MIGHT not be such a hot idea! How many times is Hollywood going to learn this lesson before it actually sticks? Are they hoping movie goers will give in and just accept this?

  • Freddie Dixon
    Freddie Dixon 13 days ago

    Do not put brie in Ghostbusters 3 I won't see it if she's in it.

  • Xenophagia
    Xenophagia 13 days ago +1

    They're doing the exact same thing with Captain Marvel. They're labeling any criticism or general dislike of the movie as sexist and misogynist. Such a disgusting tactic.

  • Xenophagia
    Xenophagia 13 days ago +1

    Oh god no...i hope they don't still plan on putting Brie Larson in the upcoming Ghost Busters 3.

  • Titiana Rasputin
    Titiana Rasputin 14 days ago

    summary: Sony sucks.

  • McSuperfly
    McSuperfly 14 days ago

    Amy Pascal is literally the embodiment of narcissistic studio executives who for some reason fail upwards in Hollywood.

  • Antony Stark
    Antony Stark 15 days ago

    It was just a bad movie !
    The all female casting was a mistake and Paul Feig is a very bad director !

  • Joharizan Khua
    Joharizan Khua 15 days ago

    So how is it working for you Amy? You got your Ghostbusters expanded universe yet? Oh I forgot, Ghostbusters 2016 was SHHHHHHHIIIIIAAAAAAATTTT

  • JHo
    JHo 16 days ago

    This is what happens when you let some woman be in charge. They think with their feelings and emotions and ruin everything

  • Christopher Knox
    Christopher Knox 17 days ago

    I so wish they made the Original idea and not what we got.

  • nateman79
    nateman79 17 days ago

    Wow, if not for the last Jedi, this would be the biggest franchise killer of all time

  • Gilda Viale
    Gilda Viale 20 days ago

    Ghostbusters 3, 2016 is one of my favorite movies! Fantastic. Bye!

  • The Emperor Hadrian
    The Emperor Hadrian 26 days ago

    The videogame was fucking awesome.

  • Keith Lanser
    Keith Lanser 28 days ago

    Male Remakes: Kill Brittany, Charlie's Anglo-Saxons, He-Ra, Prince of Power, G. I. John, Wonder Man, Black Widower, The Bionic Man, Golden Boys, The Penis Monologues, The Groom of Frankenstein

  • Keith Lanser
    Keith Lanser 28 days ago +1

    They're gonna remake Men In Black with trans women. " Women In Men's Bodies In Black"

  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 29 days ago

    RW:HA! I KNEW IT!😆the only reasons there was for that movie goes by 3 words that goes with both males and females category and the words are Sexist and Gender ambias, boy alot of h8 on both sides of this ,but I'm not one of them I love this kind of change ,for let's have the Women to be Ghostbusters for once or in general give the Women Ghostbusters a chance for once, and the Sexist and Gender ambias part are Like the battle of the Sexes to see which Dominates the other or to see who is better than the other that's like saying male scientist are better than women scientist like in that Jhonny Test episode about which male scientist should accept the award ,rather than the female scientists.(just trying to prove a point everybody😉).

  • Thomas Chambers
    Thomas Chambers Month ago

    Never cared to watch the fat bitch play of ghostbusters. It don’t exist.

  • juan alberto marin gomez

    Amazing investigation work, not like those clickbait cinema channels with fake news

  • Cyrus The Great
    Cyrus The Great Month ago

    I'd rather live like a normal person then an insane lunatic who loves Ghostbusters 2016

  • freespeechisdead isdead

    If the movie had been good we could have a different discussion on it, but COME ON....that movie was simply not good. It was so bad. Someone had to approve the dailies or view the final product, what were they thinking to release it???

  • The War on Children

    Hmm i'm shadow banned so no one will see this.. But makes me wonder if Ramis wasn't sacrificed to make a point to Reitman. This is how Babylon I mean Hollywood rolls..

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Leslie Jones, did you insist on paying tribute to the original Ghost Busters in your movie? If not, than you have no right to complain.

  • Maladjester
    Maladjester Month ago

    My favorite part is where the narrator says that execrable borderline illiteracy is "Pascal's usual style." IMAG8INE HAVING TO LOOK AT NOMSENSE LIKE THIS EVWRY DAY (from your boss no less), and have the content be about screwing talented people out of their place at the table so a spineless twit can be hired to do the boss's shitty ideas instead. It would be like working for a 4chan troll.

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes Month ago

    Corporate Greed strong-arming Creative Insight

  • hairypatchboy
    hairypatchboy Month ago +1

    Funny how they has Brie Larson in mind for the original second sequel given how she's bringing down Captain Marvel.

    • SolidSnakeOil
      SolidSnakeOil Month ago

      Looking back now, can you even imagine Brie Larson in a comedy? Every shot of her in Capt Marvel, all you see is resting bitch face.

  • Prot Eus
    Prot Eus Month ago

    Amy Pascal: The living embodiment of a woman rising through the ranks through hard earned feministic work.

  • Shane Nuqui
    Shane Nuqui Month ago

    Fan four stick.hahaha

  • Zobby Car
    Zobby Car Month ago

    I think it’s just the people’s mindset nowadays, like back then people were nicer and actually cared, that if the a bad movie came out, people would just not go watch it, but now if someone doesn’t like something they have to complain about it to the world, and act like it ruined there whole life. We just need to get rid of technology, and go back to when everyone was nicer and didn’t have a ‘idgaf’ attitude.

  • Vortex Zero
    Vortex Zero Month ago

    Female centric BS. Fuck this garbage.

  • Johnny
    Johnny Month ago +1

    It wouldn't have been so bad if they focused more on writing an actual fucking story rather than "oh look Ghostbusters but women this is so empowering to give all these relatively good actresses shitty roles in a shitty movie that ends up feeling more like it's diminishing women in the fields of science and research to comic relief.
    The original Ghostbusters was funny because of it's timing and clever writing. Not because every six seconds someone was making a cheap joke. It made sense in it's own universe because every other time the characters would try to explain it to themselves and others around them, not just "shoot the portal it'll flush backwards."
    Ghostbusters 2016 sucks because of it's cheap marketing and cheaper writing.

  • Leonard Mosca
    Leonard Mosca 2 months ago

    The only thing I can say about the concepts of the 2016 Ghostbusters WTF 😨

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald 2 months ago

    If you get a chance, play the video game: its actually a lot of fun and great gameplay.

  • Tidder T
    Tidder T 2 months ago

    So, to whoever hates this movie. Can you explain why you hate it? Its really not clear

  • chauncey hulbert
    chauncey hulbert 2 months ago

    All in their 20's? whats with the leading actor age going from late 30's in the 40's and 50's to mid teens and early 20's?

  • DisneyEndings
    DisneyEndings 2 months ago

    Please tell me Pascal was fired after this continued failure!

  • Louie Louie
    Louie Louie 2 months ago

    Seth Rogen, Zach Galfachanisbiagdhws, another fat and unfunny jew, and a woman. I dont think I would have liked that version either!

  • Marikroyals
    Marikroyals 2 months ago

    What's with female division heads singing off on cr@p movies. I mean just look at star wars this, they aren't proving misologists wrong. I say this as a female who thinks the better person should get the job, not this "The future is Female" BS.

  • Flameroller, Pale Cislord
    Flameroller, Pale Cislord 2 months ago +1

    This video has made me HATE Paul Feig. Those leaked emails show how much of a shithead he really is. His hatred for men, his far left bias, his arrogance towards the fans and his blatant disregard for the source material. Top it all off with his and Amy Pascal's passive aggressive, ostracization tactics of Reitman... a very "Mean Girls" teenage drama bullshit action to take.
    What an asshole.
    (Edit) I hope everything he tries to do from now on fails and he's left a destitute starbucks fucking barista or some other shit. Maybe he can write some shitty novels that also barely sell enough to afford a studio apartment in a low income neighborhood. Maybe then he'll have some respect for the average man. (you know, novels because he's a writer I think and a barista because that's what far leftists seem to be fond of).

  • Gay Sagabaen
    Gay Sagabaen 2 months ago

    I wished they gave Dan Aykroyd''s script a chance and let Iven Reitman or his son Jason direct the movie. I think Aykroyd's concept was much better. Furthermore, Harold Ramis would still have been alive then to play Egon. Too bad really. It breaks my heart.

  • Terry L
    Terry L 2 months ago

    As long as it has as many of the original cast as possible and no NPC libtard crap like the 2016 fake Ghostbusters it will do well

  • sclSolitarium
    sclSolitarium 2 months ago

    Man... that plot email just reeks of someone that was tortured as a child 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Jesus Christ that plot is worse than the email...

  • Ravenna Lovecraft
    Ravenna Lovecraft 2 months ago +1

    I knew those cameos were totally hamfisted in there smh. The plot was trying to make a entirely new group of people and storyline, but with Ghostbusters branding. Thats not ok. But to strongarm the original cast in it just for sales is straight-up disgusting. And to know Bill Murray was reluctant to make a 3rd gostbusters this entire fucking time, HALTING progress, but just throws himself into this movie just gives me a fucking headache.

  • RED ALERT News
    RED ALERT News 2 months ago

    "Ghost Aliens"


  • The Rubber Band Man
    The Rubber Band Man 2 months ago

    What a idiot Paul was my gosh 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Eric Byers
    Eric Byers 2 months ago +2

    What a terrible film

    SPARTAN085B 2 months ago

    Frieg is a faggit.

  • metheus108
    metheus108 2 months ago

    So I still havent seen the movie, I'm kind of done with reboots and remakes, but watching this video with Feig's early ideas I thought to myself "yeah, but they wouldnt actually do something like that plot, its crap and the big dumb dance routine sounds cringy AF." So then I get to the spoiler part and that's the actual movie?? That cant be right. No wonder the movie did poorly, sexism or not, that sounds like a bad film.

  • Cobra KaiZer Soze
    Cobra KaiZer Soze 2 months ago

    "A big dance number in the middle of 5th avenue" - Paul Feige ...... Moron.

  • Nitron ET
    Nitron ET 2 months ago

    Have them stoned to death

  • Nerf Block
    Nerf Block 2 months ago

    She wanted a guy who would back down to her.

  • Bruiser Brown
    Bruiser Brown 2 months ago

    I have no issue with women . I’m the product of a single mother. I do have an issue with 3rd wave feminist and them destroying my childhood one show/ franchise at a time

  • Bruiser Brown
    Bruiser Brown 2 months ago

    This is what happens when 3rd wave feminist become top studio executives and they happen to have a close gay friend who just happens to be a director

  • NesDogg
    NesDogg 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for Kristen, Melissa, Kate & Leslie. I think they are all funny but given the task of trying to reboot a beloved franchise rather than continuing the original continuity.

  • Rob Olson
    Rob Olson 2 months ago

    I'm amazed when looking at the E-mails, that well accomplished, high caliber executives, can't spell basic words worth a damn. That's why God created the spell checker.

  • Tobby Martin
    Tobby Martin 2 months ago

    So in the end sony made tampon busters the movie not ghost busters.and it sucked ass!

  • Thomas Richard
    Thomas Richard 2 months ago


  • kuririn1975
    kuririn1975 2 months ago

    Majority of men I know did not hate the fact the mantles of busting ghost to a all female crew. But it should of been Venkman, Stanz, and Zeddmore. Retiring since Igon is no longer with them. The three show the women the ropes and stay on as consultants. But no they wanted a PC SJW reboot.

  • Donald Ronk
    Donald Ronk 2 months ago

    Let the fans vote with their wallets. This must be what my grandpa said college educated people are just as stupid as uneducated people.

  • Melora Carabas
    Melora Carabas 2 months ago

    A lot of the criticism was indeed merely addressed at the movie supposedly being too female.
    But hearing this video I realize how easy it is to overlook the parts where the former movies were covered up. It is almost merely hinted at and therefore easy to forget.
    This movie could have been awesome, but with so much drama behind the scenes no one can make a decent movie.
    Production hell will ruin any movie. And apparently, that was the entire problem.
    The idea for this movie was awesome! And they forked it up...what a pity.
    Still...I liked the movie. The flow and acting was good. It had the Ghostbusters feel in it.

  • アイザック
    アイザック 2 months ago

    wait, isn't Sony a Japanese Company? why are the executives Western, am I missing something?

  • bunnyfreakz
    bunnyfreakz 2 months ago

    I don't get it why Feig and Amy Pascal antagonizing Ivan Reitman so much. This what happen when gay and feminist have control over project.

    • Scott Grohs
      Scott Grohs 23 days ago

      Nice ad hominem argument you have going there.

  • Zoe Summers
    Zoe Summers 2 months ago

    As someone who was 12 and ADORED the original, this GB was better than the original, although the fx were too colourful. This movie was brilliant, but fucked up, scared, spoilt little man-boys who loathe women despite needing and wanting a girlfriend, screwed this up. As men ALWAYS do. #MenDieOffAlready.

    • Thomas Derp
      Thomas Derp 2 months ago +1

      Are you an idiot or a troll?

  • Steve White
    Steve White 2 months ago

    Wow. Ghostbusters III sounds fun. Why the fuck did sony make it dumb.
    Sounds like pascal and Feig are both twits.

  • Cobra
    Cobra 2 months ago

    finally somebody brought up the video game of ghostbusters

  • oldschool1987
    oldschool1987 2 months ago

    Amy sounds like a cunt

  • Doctor Branius
    Doctor Branius 2 months ago

    Why havent we seen a transgendered superhero yet?

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 2 months ago

    Why are you even watching this movie? it's a Childrens movie for girls... seriously, you need to grow up, old man. It's quite gross that you're so upset about a chilrens fun, comical ghost movie. And sure, it's something to do with a movie you loved as a kid. But you're not a kid anymore. Right?

    • brickfilms1954
      brickfilms1954 2 months ago

      Well Ghostbusters originally was never a movie "just for children." It was a movie for everyone, I mean he had both humor and good writing that both and old, male and female could enjoy.

  • Frank Paoluccio
    Frank Paoluccio 2 months ago

    Sjws strike again

  • Daniel Lowrey
    Daniel Lowrey 2 months ago

    I gotta tell you bud, I came from some channels that will not be named. But there is a lot of very, lets say, unproductive content being produced on these same topics. I really like the way you present facts from a neutral perspective and let us figure out our own conclusions. Things are much more clear on your channel. Keep it up, great channel, excellent unbiased info.

  • Bull Durham
    Bull Durham 2 months ago

    Women babies get mad whenever men don't like what they tell them to like.

  • Newenlightenmentnow
    Newenlightenmentnow 2 months ago

    Dude, Ghostbusters III alive again sounds like it would have been fucking awesome.

  • Anarcho Vegan
    Anarcho Vegan 2 months ago

    6:35 Was Pal Harold killed for the feminazi movement?

  • Daves Reality
    Daves Reality 2 months ago

    Hmmm the guy on Reddit got practically everything right ! They didn't change much in the re-shoots and edits.

  • Robert Kolsin
    Robert Kolsin 2 months ago

    And that was the smoking gun. They had man hating people produce write and direct the movie.

  • Brent Beckstead
    Brent Beckstead 2 months ago

    Ghostbusters (sjw) is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not 1 funny moment. Horrible acting. Sharknado had a better story.

  • Hop The Border Productions

    Ghost busters 3 is now getting more momentum in 2019 and of course...People (few idiots) are pissed

  • Morris X
    Morris X 2 months ago

    That bitch ruined the franchise

  • Rose Prevost
    Rose Prevost 2 months ago

    It sounds like Pascal/Sony was determined to make a movie they knew the fans wouldn't like, with the people who cared about the franchise forced out. No wonder the movie bombed.

  • Noel Wesley
    Noel Wesley 2 months ago

    What the hell was Paul smoking?????

  • The Circle
    The Circle 2 months ago

    Amy seems like a femdom goddess :)

  • Braxant
    Braxant 2 months ago

    "Pascal Pictures made a winning bid for a memoir by Zoë Quinn about "Gamergate" called Crash Override: How to Save the Internet from Itself,"