Ghostbusters: The Controversies Behind the Movie

  • Published on Jul 9, 2016
  • This video aims to provide with you a summary of all rumors and controversies of any significance that transpired during the production and release of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. It covers:
    - The early development of Ghostbusters 3 under Ivan Reitman,
    - How Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters remake wound up getting made instead,
    - Sony’s plans for a shared Ghostbusters universe,
    - The rumors that the original cast were strongarmed to participate,
    - The rumored production trouble and story synopsis (Heavy Spoilers!), and
    - The perceived outcry over the female cast.
    If you have seen our earlier videos, a lot of what is covered in this video will be familiar to you. Please help share and spread this video to those who haven’t seen our earlier coverage, and who aren’t familiar with the controversies behind the movie.
    Narrated by Robb from RobotShlomo:
    Ghostbusters: Sony Hits Back at Fan Backlash:
    The Real Reason Fans Reject Ghostbusters (2016) Editorial:
    Midnight’s Edge Spider-man coverage:
    Midnight’s Edge Fantastic Four coverage:
    Midnight’s Edge Tom Rothman coverage:
    Background music:
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    Special thanks to The Anti Narrative Man
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Comments • 3 554

  • Necroglobule
    Necroglobule 7 hours ago

    The problem with Ghostbusters 2016 isn't LOL, Feminism. The cast is fine. In fact, I was really pissed because all four of those talented comedians deserved better. The movie was just shit. If the title characters were men the movie still would have been shit.

  • PhaktTheIsolationist
    PhaktTheIsolationist 19 hours ago

    I fucking HATE Amy Pascal. What a poisonous piece of shit.

  • Daniel Nichols
    Daniel Nichols Day ago +1

    and these are the people who get to make movies? ok then.

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke Day ago

    Now IF the movie was about overlaid, green screen, ghostly creatures played by these women,
    with the original Ghostbusters movie in the background... that might have worked.

  • Hister
    Hister Day ago

    Scary watching this in 2019 with Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker right around the corner, I mean this might as well be a play by play recreation of what Disney has done to Star Wars

  • Timothy Hunt
    Timothy Hunt 2 days ago

    This is a suckfest kinda movie and the suckery on my sjw radar was so far past cringe.

  • Hot cock
    Hot cock 2 days ago

    Why not make the team 2 men and 2 women at least?

  • Hot cock
    Hot cock 2 days ago

    It sucked

  • andypocalypse
    andypocalypse 2 days ago

    makes the united states look rediculouse to the rest of the world....... what more?

  • /\/\/\
    /\/\/\ 4 days ago

    They should have done Dan Akroyd's version first, then done this version after. With a mixed crew of males and females.
    It would have been accepted more by the people and the smarter way to go.
    The world needs to stop these racist and sexist things, as I see it that was the whole purpose of its failure from the beginning. Starting at the tops at the studio, with that lady and her ego. Damn shame.

  • Sterling Paul
    Sterling Paul 6 days ago +1

    Shit sandwich

  • Patrick Riarchy
    Patrick Riarchy 6 days ago +2

    C'mon the fact that they were female wasn't the problem it was Kennedy, Feig and the script.

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch 6 days ago

    So this would explain the reasoning of Disney...
    How shameful.

  • Your Neighbour
    Your Neighbour 6 days ago +1

    Basically they refused to invest time and money so bunch of political pusher gets roped in who concerns about pushing wokeness more than an entertaining production.

  • Q.H.S
    Q.H.S 6 days ago +1

    I honestly hope Disney can get their hands on Spider-Man for real. No deal, buy him!

    • JopesTV
      JopesTV 3 days ago

      @ Q.H.S. - mebbe I'm wrong, but isn't Spidey finally let into the MCU/Disney universe overriding the 20th century fox contract? sure fucking hope so

  • Dark Highwayman
    Dark Highwayman 7 days ago

    Amy Pascal....epic failure. How many millions of dollars did she piss away on garbage?

    IDHLEB 8 days ago

    An overly long SNL skit, which shits on the Ghostbusters legacy.

  • Three Eighty-Six
    Three Eighty-Six 8 days ago

    Sony needs to stick to making consoles and walkmans.

  • TubeScrewed
    TubeScrewed 8 days ago

    You can keep both of those SJW Females.
    Zack Galifinakis is the only Candidate I see that's worthy of the Ghostbusters franchise. I'd love to see what he did with it. He would no doubt bring a lot to the table. I could see him as the 'Hooper' character, to the Ghostbusters, as Dreyfuss was to Jaws. The highly learned student of the new technology, the new movie will be based on, whose also a closet Ghostbusters finatic, turned member.

  • EROK X
    EROK X 8 days ago +1

    EXHIBIT A on what happens when you make a movie that appropriates a beloved franchise, get Feminists and Idiot Executives involved and leave out Heart, good Writing and the Original Creators.
    This Movie belongs in the Trashbin alongside Poltergeist , total Recall, Pet Semetary, Chikds play and all of the other half baked Reboots whose Failures that Hollywood Learns from.
    A Well deserved End to to a Terrible Idea.

  • Miyuru Eranda
    Miyuru Eranda 8 days ago

    Thank god they didn't made ghostbusters alive again.
    Jonah hill seriously? :P

  • Landry Prichard
    Landry Prichard 8 days ago +1

    Dear God. The actresses were such babies on the set.

  • Landry Prichard
    Landry Prichard 8 days ago

    As a sensitive straight guy, I can kinda understand Paul Feig's attitude towards many other males....when I was a young man. But I grew up. Paul, bitter and cynical, did not.

  • Anton Zuykov
    Anton Zuykov 9 days ago

    8:34 - what a nice soy latte cuck...

  • Spoopy Boi
    Spoopy Boi 10 days ago

    25:54 *The power of Patty.

  • The 80's Slasher Librarian

    Looks like Pascal hired the same person to write her emails that wrote the ending "CONGLATURATION" screen on the OG Ghostbusters game! Looks like she meant what she said with the nods to the original!!!! :)

  • Ryan Ford
    Ryan Ford 10 days ago

    This film needs to be buried next to the et game

  • Joel Louzy
    Joel Louzy 11 days ago

    " more emails leaked from Sony after the hack"? Shouldn't it be "no more emails were released from the HACKER"?

    Stop MINCING words. This movie sucked, because we had to appease the hackers and homosexuals, feminist and the Canadians. Especially those French Canadians. This could have been an excellent movie, I bet Bill wishes he didn't show up that day.

  • Aphrodite Lee
    Aphrodite Lee 12 days ago +1

    I expected to hate this movie but that was not the case. Was it the greatest movie ever? No. But I STILL enjoyed it and I really feel it gets a bad wrap for dumb reasons.

  • YowLife
    YowLife 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who HATES this "Video goes viral overnight!" trope?

    You know how insanely hard it is for a new video on a small channel to just get extremely famous? It's right next to impossible!
    And yet there are so many movies and shows that use it.
    *Stop it Hollywood, it's not clever, it's unreal.*

  • del trotts
    del trotts 13 days ago

    Feminazi ...shit show...

  • Ambiguous Sarcasm
    Ambiguous Sarcasm 13 days ago +1

    Four female Ghostbusters?! The feminists are taking over!

  • hpoonis2010
    hpoonis2010 13 days ago

    Holy SHIT! Did you HAVE to read the whole of that email? What an absolute muthafuck'n waste of time!

  • hpoonis2010
    hpoonis2010 13 days ago

    That picture of the two Sony folk... They actually look like the same person with different hair...and that same person also looks a bit like Uri Geller. There is no spoon!

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones 14 days ago

    Paul Feig is a damn shitbird and hack.

  • Masterghost unlimited
    Masterghost unlimited 14 days ago

    in honesty amy pascal was a huge mistake if she butt out of giving us a ghostbusters 3 then we get what we wanted instead of this "reboot" which is a bigger mistake i hope that the true blue ghostbusters gets it's justice for this 2016 disaster and fix was pascal ruined and hopefully pascal is banned from ever making producing and helping with anything ghostbusters related or even sony related

  • steve bolton
    steve bolton 14 days ago

    The movie was horrible. They should have left it as it was.

  • henhowell
    henhowell 15 days ago +1

    The more you force feed "gender, race, and sexual acceptance, the more it will be resisted. Seriously they don't need to keep putting politics in entertainment. Changing characters by swapping genders and race doesn't do it any favors.

  • Hash Vendetta
    Hash Vendetta 15 days ago

    Anybody who uses an ounce of energy to defend this movie, is mentally ill. Comparing a subtle scene where harold ramis holds up his finger to his face, to let an inept murray, know how much they need to charge for their services, to a scene where two people spend five minutes repeating a joke about letting a cat out of a bag, sums up everything you need to know about this pile of dogshit. It's like they don't know what Ghostbusters is, and what it works.

  • Xero Of Nine
    Xero Of Nine 16 days ago +1

    what these companies dont understand is that people watch movies to take there mind off of there everyday life, the last thing people want after work is to put there feet up and relax turn on a movie and expect to watch a good movie, but instead they put there feet up and have the companies politics crammed down there damn throat for an hour and a half. even if its politics i agree with, just make a good F**king movie and leave the politics and feminism and F**k President Trump out of it, and you might find that a good movie is born..

  • theldrakis
    theldrakis 16 days ago

    there is a huge hole in the argument that the female ghost busters was a remake and flop. the truth is ACTUALLY more closer to the mythos of the animated series, books, and cinematic universe multiverse parts.
    in animated series there are 2 episodes that we visit alternate universes. 1 the flesh hunters [ghost hunters who hunt the living] and the 2nd was a future one where they get to meet the extreme ghost busters.
    so if we follow this detail that is mentioned many times of multi dimensional beings then there IS a universe where they are all female.
    this one line "multi dimensional beings" opens the doors to alternate realities where the ghost busters that we think are "wrong".

    my opinion of where it went wrong? spoilers, we had the whole movie before its release, hackers [bots and people who want to ruin things], people who have not notice hints to the future.

    • Rush More
      Rush More 8 days ago

      Nope. It pretty much sucked. No spin can help.

  • uncle al
    uncle al 19 days ago

    So glad I've never seen this pile of shit

  • Pedro Luna
    Pedro Luna 20 days ago

    Yeah never watched it and never will I only saw the clips were the real Ghostbusters in them off RU-clip. We did not need a reboot of this film at all

  • Papawill13
    Papawill13 20 days ago

    Women ruin everything. Seriously think on it and try and name ANYTHING they make better other than Family and Sex. Anyone remember that commercial that said "We dont make things, We make thing better." Ya well women dont make things and then ruin everything Men do make.

  • Ssj.Icarus
    Ssj.Icarus 20 days ago

    So Feig hated guys just because he was around girls and basically gay guys? Imagine not working with someone because of that not just because of their personality like they are openly homophobic or what no no no its because hes a guy that doesn't see eye to eye with Feig is that what i hear from him? And Amy just what she just didnt like him because of what???

  • candycover
    candycover 22 days ago

    As soon as she called the all female spiderman superhero movie Glass ceiling, I knew Sony was in trouble.

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter 22 days ago +1

    Well, that movie sucked big time. And not because it was all about women but because it sucked big time. On the positive side, though... after learning the backgrounds in this video, the fact that it was a financial desaster becomes even more satisfying.

  • Ultimo
    Ultimo 23 days ago

    I will NEVER watch this movie.
    Edit: After all this time I knew nothing of the dance routine until this video. This has absolutely, positively sealed my decision to NEVER watch this pile of shit.

  • Horror GoreHound Game's & Movie Review's

    Informative,Honest & Fair Not from a perspective but rather cold hard facts!
    I am glad Jason Reitman now has control over the Ghostbusters IP.
    It will be far from the original team from the 1980s but will be a hell of a lot better than the team whom had an agenda to push rather than a film to promote.
    Its a damn shame when Hollywood looks more and more with each day that passes a DMZ Level from MetalGear rather than tinseltown, It a shame a real damn shame.
    personally i hope Jason will give Harold Ramis his dues and a great justice on the upcoming film.
    i personally dont give a rats ass if it sells or not as long as Ivan & Harold can rest and breath easy doing such a beloved IP justice also females didnt destroy ghostbusters corporate dick riding money handlers did including politics.
    Heres to all Ghostbuster fans worldwide and heres to the new film and the future generations of the one the only Ghostbusters
    RIP Harold Ramis aka The Great Egon.

  • Orson Jarrett
    Orson Jarrett 25 days ago

    It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 25 days ago

    The Zionist media labels everyone who disagrees with them as "haters" to shutdown debate.

  • Alien-Snail-Dinosaur-Turtle

    19:49 Now that is an avengers level threat

  • Studio 38
    Studio 38 26 days ago +2

    This is what happens when you put a cuck in the director's chair.

  • Isobel Watters
    Isobel Watters 26 days ago +2

    It’s now September 2019. Ivan Wrightman, I hope you now can sleep peacefully knowing that your son is making Ghostbusters 3

  • Anton Spletstoser
    Anton Spletstoser 27 days ago

    For me, "Ghostbusters :The Video Game" is "Ghostbusters III". The new Ghostbusters, while it had it's moments, fell flat more than it hit the punch line with it's jokes, but the FX were pretty. This is just my opinion.

  • RobinNJ1963
    RobinNJ1963 28 days ago

    if it wasn't the "dance" routine, it was the "ghost aliens, bored dead monsters looking for something to do" that clinched just how bad this movie is! I've not seen, and won't see it, even out of curiosity.

  • Liz P
    Liz P 28 days ago

    They didn't want the females to just had the tech &business "handed to them" by their predecessors, in the movie, bc....feminism. Yet, in REAL life, they literally had this franchise, recognition, &its original fan base HANDED TO THEM by their predecessors🙄 yay, feminism.

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043 29 days ago

    Personally I thought the original Ghostbusters was just OK. I'm glad there were 99% vaginas used in this movie. I'm glad the vaginas killed anymore remakes.

  • jaredontv
    jaredontv Month ago

    the 2016 Ghostbusters was the biggest slap in the face to 80s kids everywhere... not because of the female cast.. but because they completely ignored the original history all together...

  • Wild Side
    Wild Side Month ago

    Ghostbusters 3 is literally a live action version rip off of extreme Ghostbusters. It will be interesting to see if they have a young gothic female Ghostbuster named Kylie Griffin. I never had a problem with an all female cast. It was the whole movie script and jokes that never landed with me. The movie looked like what would happen if Joel Schumacher attempted to do a Tim Burton style movie with Ghostbusters. All the movie did was gender swap the characters. Thor was literally Janine's character. Ghostbusters 1 actually was more grounded in reality while keeping the fantasy. Hence there was a scene with the explanation of the ghost containment process.