Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test!

  • Published on Apr 5, 2017
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Drop Test VS iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S8 Gorilla Glass 5 Compared To 7+?
    S8+ vs 7+ BEND Test:
    S8+ vs 7+ WATER Test:
    S8 Liquid Nitrogen FREEZE Test:
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  • Abo karas
    Abo karas Day ago +1

    U r destroying the best kinds of phones and my wish is to buy one😂😂.

  • Chanell Yt
    Chanell Yt Day ago

    in the description says "S7 PLUS" and this isn t fair this is Galaxy win

  • Midhun Vatkala
    Midhun Vatkala Day ago

    I don't have any phone give mee a phoneee

  • Aleks Pretashi
    Aleks Pretashi 2 days ago

    This is why im android team

  • Cr7 Gb11
    Cr7 Gb11 2 days ago

    But the glass does look better 😎😎😎

  • Anca Panait
    Anca Panait 3 days ago +1

    do you really think we're going to drop our phones 25 times like 9 feet?

  • kermit da frog
    kermit da frog 4 days ago

    I honestly hate those people that say "iPhones are better y'all broke. Omg Samsung are trash" like they're fucking phones . Y'all need a life💀 and I hate these people in the video purposely dropping Samsungs harder to make them look bad. Smh

    • kermit da frog
      kermit da frog 2 days ago

      @Cr7 Gb11 uh huh

    • Cr7 Gb11
      Cr7 Gb11 2 days ago

      I mean the channels name is literally apple everything pro

  • Rena Cook
    Rena Cook 4 days ago +1

    U can't compare glass to metal

  • Vagyok oszt cs Rákos

    I bet if i did that with my iphone, it would break into 10000000000 pieces

  • ali Al bayati
    ali Al bayati 5 days ago

    Umm i think the s8+ is fake..

  • Jahmal Anderson
    Jahmal Anderson 5 days ago

    The I phone had water in check

  • b a h i r a
    b a h i r a 5 days ago

    I mean.. i've unaccidentally dropped samsung about 10 cm high and it's shattered wtf

  • b a h i r a
    b a h i r a 5 days ago

    Name : everythingapplepro
    Shirt : *samsung*

  • Gayan Dushmantha
    Gayan Dushmantha 5 days ago

    එක පට්ට හොදේ මං හිතන් ඉදියේ 7plus එක හොදයී කියලා

  • Erik Salinas
    Erik Salinas 5 days ago +1

    I mean you were comparing glass to metal

  • David Jecel
    David Jecel 9 days ago

    Stop destroyingthat expensive phones you s9i*

  • Susan Hendrix
    Susan Hendrix 9 days ago

    Everything apple nuts hear
    Like if funny

  • Susan Hendrix
    Susan Hendrix 9 days ago +1

    8:11 satisfaction

  • Rayden Recollet
    Rayden Recollet 10 days ago +1

    Im sorry but what!!! The iphone gets dropped we see a bunch of glass go flying off then when he goes to check it out " oh nothing to but but some scuffing"

  • Rayden Recollet
    Rayden Recollet 10 days ago

    That iphone looks like it bent on the first drop!!!

  • Avengers tmg
    Avengers tmg 10 days ago

    Haha Samsung can't compare iPhone

    • Cr7 Gb11
      Cr7 Gb11 2 days ago

      Hahaha glass vs metal glass looks better it can charge wireless its heavier dumbass stfu retard

  • Don't mind me
    Don't mind me 11 days ago +3

    "EverythingApple here"
    Continues to wear Samsung shirt

  • Kasey Gaeta
    Kasey Gaeta 11 days ago

    do a luniacris drop

  • Sereen
    Sereen 11 days ago

    Tbh people won’t really drop their phone from 25ft maybe even 20ft

  • Asraf Sakil
    Asraf Sakil 12 days ago +1

    Pleas giv me phon my phon is hanging evry tim

  • Keaton Henke
    Keaton Henke 12 days ago +6

    The Samsung S8 has a 5.8 inch LCD display covered by a layer of thick Gorilla glass which isn't invincible but with that layer of protection, if you crack your front glass, the LCD display still works. So in that case, the S8 completely dominated the iPhone 7.

    • Aeon Co
      Aeon Co 4 days ago

      So basically, the iPhone 7 Plus completely dominated the S8 Plus PERIOD

    • Aeon Co
      Aeon Co 4 days ago

      AND in the water test, the iPhone 7 Plus beated the S8 Plus even though the S8 Plus has a higher IP rating, S8 Plus: IP 68 iPhone 7 Plus: IP 67

    • Aeon Co
      Aeon Co 4 days ago

      BTW, the iPhone 7 Plus has already been in a water test, it survived underwater more than 20ft,
      and as what you said, “GLASS IS GLASS, AND GLASS IS FRAGILE”
      - Jerryrigeverything

  • Keaton Henke
    Keaton Henke 12 days ago +1

    This is an unfair test from the start because the S8 on both sides has glass. The iPhone 7 does not. You need to compare one phone of the same quality of build to another one. This is just unfair.

    • Keaton Henke
      Keaton Henke 12 days ago

      Besides with a case on, you cant really tell about back glass damage.

  • Harry Steel
    Harry Steel 13 days ago

    8:48 iPhone screen spazzed out 😒 :3

  • BB inc.
    BB inc. 13 days ago

    Apple is better

  • Mrc Kabinsor Kabinsor
    Mrc Kabinsor Kabinsor 14 days ago

    I phone 7 good phone and lucky

  • Rx123
    Rx123 15 days ago

    My iPhone 7+ breaks so easily

  • Thanea Aktar
    Thanea Aktar 15 days ago


  • Brandon Campos
    Brandon Campos 16 days ago +2

    The s8plus is beter

  • M U L
    M U L 16 days ago

    I sink that sumsung is winner 😁😁😁

  • M U L
    M U L 16 days ago +1

    Iphone hed no glass at behind

  • i hid the divorce papers

    *Triggered samsung fans have entered the chat*

  • Robert Muniz
    Robert Muniz 17 days ago

    Wait, how did the iPhone win? The iphone was glitching out but the s8 just had the screen and back glass crack. The iphone even sprayed water. It literally was falling apart while the s8 stayed together. That iphone wouldnt even be useable. The s8 would be. I'm confused haha.

    • Cr7 Gb11
      Cr7 Gb11 2 days ago

      Yeah this videos is pretty stupid

  • Dashka Julien
    Dashka Julien 18 days ago

    Just tell us how much apple paying you?😕😒

  • Nicolae with TMT
    Nicolae with TMT 18 days ago

    Well normal people use a case and that avoids the glass from cracking

  • Dashka Julien
    Dashka Julien 18 days ago

    U got too muucchh money for your own good, send me some

  • Макс фан
    Макс фан 18 days ago

    Даун у айфон крышка не стекло

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan 18 days ago

    Apple is best

  • iLia
    iLia 18 days ago

    8:37 look iphone 0_o

    MARCO VLOGS 18 days ago

    The s8 Is obviously gonna crack bc the back is glass and the iPhones is plastic

  • Strider whiston
    Strider whiston 19 days ago

    samsung s8 plus was named the must breakable phone at the time.. lel.

  • Radhakrishna Lamichhane

    From a height of my short tripod s8 plus cracked

  • DeathAngel
    DeathAngel 20 days ago

    My healt

  • Lentsiamang7004
    Lentsiamang7004 20 days ago

    I dropped mine alot and tiny cracks

  • landons youtube chanel

    Anyone else wondering why everything Apple pro is wearing a Samsung shirt

  • Happy Sketch
    Happy Sketch 21 day ago

    Phone case and a screen protector and you'll be fine

  • Alex& Gaming
    Alex& Gaming 22 days ago

    I have the s8+ but it does crack very well ,
    Example; I dropped it on carpet from lower bunk bed height and it was just wow . So I might get a iPhone then use my Samsung for like fortnite or something

  • Nicolas O'Connell
    Nicolas O'Connell 23 days ago

    Samsung gang

  • Zenilda Chedeliski
    Zenilda Chedeliski 23 days ago


  • rania kanaan
    rania kanaan 23 days ago

    The apple won bc the samsung is made out of glass

  • Thanas Tilko
    Thanas Tilko 24 days ago

    9:30 3 metra samsumg s8+ 10:45 10 metra iphone7+

  • DitIsNiek
    DitIsNiek 24 days ago

    the samsung back is glass and the iphone isn't

  • Jasminecrafty309
    Jasminecrafty309 24 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants a red iPhone 7 plus

  • Paras Acharya
    Paras Acharya 25 days ago

    U didn't throw Samsung properly
    So basicly u can't compare them.

  • xo_.amina
    xo_.amina 25 days ago +7

    S8 should be fine if you put a case on it righttt?

  • xo_.amina
    xo_.amina 25 days ago +1

    M a y b e b e c a u s e I t s m a d e o f g l a s s ?

    MY DREAM 27 days ago +1


    • gurnoor kaur
      gurnoor kaur 26 days ago +1

      MY DREAM boiii you even edited and still couldn't manage to spell

  • Siham Shek
    Siham Shek 27 days ago

    I dropped my j3 from 4th floor and it never cracked or had a scratch there was a cover but the cover did come of after drop

  • Siham Shek
    Siham Shek 27 days ago

    Even the ones that glitch

  • Siham Shek
    Siham Shek 27 days ago

    Can i have both those phones pls

  • Siham Shek
    Siham Shek 27 days ago

    Can i have the broken phones the ones that u can still turn on

  • Nat plays_YT 200
    Nat plays_YT 200 28 days ago

    7:57 spiderman

  • ThunderGodYT
    ThunderGodYT 28 days ago

    Xd watching on my Samsung galaxy s8+

  • Semra Alageyik
    Semra Alageyik 28 days ago

    Sessfher ı ton of

  • savaged when eating
    savaged when eating 29 days ago +1

    Hmm I could use an iPhone 8 as it would be fair for both phones to have a glass back

    But I'm alright

  • Clash of Clans Pas de vidéo

    Best=SAMSUNG Lose=IPhoNe

  • gamer star7764 what up yalll

    Do the flop bitch

  • odded
    odded Month ago

    Samsung class

  • Bupe chikonde
    Bupe chikonde Month ago

    Dead screen wow 😂😂

  • _KriS69_
    _KriS69_ Month ago

    i using a case for my s8 so......

  • Team MTB
    Team MTB Month ago


  • ISuck AtDriving
    ISuck AtDriving Month ago +1

    iPhOnE iS wAy BeTtER

  • Malvage
    Malvage Month ago +5

    "I gotta give the win to the iPhone"
    Meanwhile: the LCD has backlight issues, glitches out and the chassis is coming apart

  • Fanboy Bro
    Fanboy Bro Month ago +1

    Shut up 🤐

  • Fanboy Bro
    Fanboy Bro Month ago +1

    Shut up

  • liên minh mobi
    liên minh mobi Month ago

    how much that iphone and samsung

  • James McLawhorn
    James McLawhorn Month ago

    I had an S8 and with an Otterbox case and tempered glass screen protector the screen spiderwebbed out from the edge with a 3 ft drop.
    Upgraded to an S10e and love it.
    Team Samsung.

  • Amanda Buggay
    Amanda Buggay Month ago

    Apple is way better than Samsung

  • Nesh - Gaming Official

    Samsung:I will be the strongest
    Iphone:I will be the strongest
    1st round
    2nd round
    3rd round
    Samsung:I think i will lose
    4th round
    8:44 Iphone 7+.exe has stop working

  • wsjakndmdjdnd
    wsjakndmdjdnd Month ago

    Samsung: Cracks on the first drop
    iPhone: Cracks at 25ft drop
    Phillip: That's a win to the Samsung!

  • Thomas Leitinger
    Thomas Leitinger Month ago

    why did the iphone win?
    it dont work anymore

  • Thomas Leitinger
    Thomas Leitinger Month ago

    the ophone isnt glass at the back!

  • Ioana Komartin
    Ioana Komartin Month ago

    I did not see you dropping the Samsung from 25 feet

  • Trini Gyal
    Trini Gyal Month ago


  • Lyndell Potot
    Lyndell Potot Month ago +2

    Unfair he doesn't dropped the samsung s8+ from 25 feet
    Even i use samsung i still prefer fair

      MAX_CARNAGE 27 days ago +1

      Lyndell Potot yah thats because the s8’s front glass already broke the iphone didn’t so he had to break it somehow

  • crazynateguy 909
    crazynateguy 909 Month ago

    And this is also why I only have apple and only apple and maybe 2 rca and no Mac LOL

  • crazynateguy 909
    crazynateguy 909 Month ago

    Why did they have my parents EXACTLY same iPhone 7+ LOL

  • seek Music
    seek Music Month ago

    s8 plus wyn

  • Uck U Bungie
    Uck U Bungie Month ago

    I new he would drop that

  • Shamy Afesh
    Shamy Afesh Month ago

    I think Samsung Galaxy s8 plus is fake

  • LopexG
    LopexG Month ago

    1:02 wow great performance

  • Natalia Moses
    Natalia Moses Month ago +1

    S8 clearly wins c cause it's glass but the main point it still working the iPhone is malfunctioning

  • IT Semih
    IT Semih Month ago

    just buy a case on the s8. the case+ the s8 is still much cheaper than the iphone 7.

  • arafat chowdhury
    arafat chowdhury Month ago

    Why is he worried about breaking the glass when the entire freaking phone is about to die while Samsung Is working just fine with the entire thing done

  • witney and Britney
    witney and Britney Month ago

    I'm sorry to say but the I phone did not win the galaxy did

  • Tee Jay Horness
    Tee Jay Horness Month ago

    Oops he accidentally dropped it on purpose