Millennials in Medicine: Doctors of the Future | Daniel Wozniczka | TEDxNorthwesternU

  • Published on Jun 5, 2017
  • Millennials are contributing a lot to the world, and we're not just talking about Instagram photos of coffee. Dr. Daniel Wozniczka talks on how millennials are the key to the future of a better world for medicine.
    Dr. Daniel Wozniczka, M.D., is a Chicago physician with a passion for creating real world solutions which improve healthcare for both patients and physicians. Along with practicing medicine, he is currently completing his MBA and MPH degrees at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He believes the upcoming generation of physicians will completely revolutionize medicine as a whole both locally and globally. He has firsthand healthcare experience not only in Chicago, but also in Sub Saharan African, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • the last cookie in the jar;

    00:43-03:35 thanks for explaining what makes our generation far more beautiful than those before us.
    we are the future, and we cannot allow those before us decide or shape us how we want to be!!

  • Douglas W
    Douglas W 10 days ago

    Polish pride baby 🇵🇱

  • Eunice Nicolau
    Eunice Nicolau 12 days ago

    Awesome!! Am a GP studying health administration. I couldn’t not agree more !!!bravo!!

  • Majella Vito
    Majella Vito 13 days ago

    If the majority of the Millenials think the same way as Dr. Dan, then the world has a chance to be a much better place!

  • MrPhange Phange
    MrPhange Phange 20 days ago

    Just finished residency and I've never felt so hopeless and isolated. What kind of system is this? Who even benefits? It's certainly not doctors or patients.

  • Hana Gabriella B
    Hana Gabriella B 21 day ago

    I am a medical student that will start my residency program soon. I am from indonesia and this actually happens too in my country. Thankyou dr.Dan for bringing up this problem and persude us, the millenials, to fight and chance the system

  • Emilio Morales
    Emilio Morales 21 day ago

    Daniel literally has the exact career I want involving business entrepreneurship and medical/surgeon, this video shows so many things.

  • Lisa Rice
    Lisa Rice 25 days ago

    such a shame that the adminstrative burden, huge cost and difficulty of patient access to meds and care is uniquely related to the American system. Imagine being a Dr in another country - UK, Australia, France, Spain.. where you can practice knowing that you have no forms to fill, no risk of your patient not accessing meds? I feel deep sympathy for American physicians! great talk

  • Simran Nawani
    Simran Nawani Month ago

    Thought Chad Michael Murray _wanted_ to become a doctor..

  • love evynn
    love evynn Month ago

    Thank You sooooooo much 💛💛

  • Laura V.
    Laura V. Month ago +1

    I’m a Med student from Colombia and we also have troubles with our health care system, it’s hard to see patients coming back to the hospital to tell our professors that the eps (which stands for entidad promotora de salud in Spanish / it’s something like a health insurance) didn’t allow them to take a test, to get some medication, etc. and sometimes this kind of situations make you think about the career; also the long study sessions, those days when you barely have time to sleep, all the stress, feeling frustrated because things aren’t happening the way you wanted make you ask yourself, why am I studying this? But thank you, Dr. because with this talk you reminded me one of the many reasons I decided to study this career and that’s to make people’s life better. Thank you so, so much. God bless you for inspiring a generation of young men and women to change the world. ❤️

  • Onix Junes
    Onix Junes Month ago +1

    Yeah. Now imagine a commander in chief that has never been to war, making decisions for that nations military..wouldn’t that be a doozie?

    • Caleb Tifft
      Caleb Tifft Month ago

      Yeah cuz millennials never have gone to war right... Cough cough Afghanistan...

  • Languageholic
    Languageholic Month ago


  • Kamickolynn Bryant
    Kamickolynn Bryant Month ago

    I know this Ted Talk is a year old, but I am glad I found this video, I'm aiming for my associates in Medical Science and I found the quote "those of us that are crazy enough to think we can change the world, we are the only ones that stands a chance of actually doing it" inspiring and "Don't let anyone dissuade you from your dream of becoming doctor" very motivating. I would like to thank you Dr. Dan for providing some insight on today's medicine.

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon Month ago +1

    Soo pretenrious first 5 min gives his resume and is smug whole video as if he is just acting like a good person. Metrosexual also has to dress up like a doctor for talk

  • Sandra Graham
    Sandra Graham Month ago +2

    Makes me wish I was 20 and choosing careers again. I want millenials as my co-workers in medicine.

  • Niklaus Mikaelson
    Niklaus Mikaelson Month ago +2

    I will be a doctor someday!!!
    Aspiring doctors, always remind yourself that not all heroes wear capes, some are wearing white coat!

    • Juan Leon
      Juan Leon Month ago +1

      @Niklaus Mikaelson thank for the positivity never give up

    • Niklaus Mikaelson
      Niklaus Mikaelson Month ago +1

      @Juan Leon We belong to that 20%, always believe in yourself!!!

    • Juan Leon
      Juan Leon Month ago

      Med schools only take 20% of applicants

  • Ervin Santos
    Ervin Santos Month ago +1

    Thanks for this inspiring talk!

  • دودو فيفي
    دودو فيفي Month ago +3

    Blessed be He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things.2. Who has created death and life that He may test you which of you is best in deed.And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving;3

  • Dr.Respect Dis
    Dr.Respect Dis 2 months ago

    amazing speech and i feel motivated

  • Sarah Hess
    Sarah Hess 2 months ago

    Attempts by Doctors to maim,kill and infects patients are in the millions every
    year and another reason to find a way to replace all doctors with robots.

  • Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    Notice how it started in the 80s the modern system aka reaganomics like everything that changed for the worst

  • Amanda stephanie
    Amanda stephanie 2 months ago +2

    Awesome fellow millenial doc. Going for my mba in 2020. We are gonna bring back the respect for human life and our noble profession.

  • BinteBoston
    BinteBoston 3 months ago +1

    Dr. Dan, you're making greedy, un-ethical capitalists shake in their boots! People like you will change Earth into Heaven ...😊

  • Jejd Jsnsj
    Jejd Jsnsj 3 months ago

    هديت مصطفه

  • iamgemini 7
    iamgemini 7 3 months ago +1

    thank you for that speech , i literally had a mental breakdown before watching this and thanks to youtube for recommending me this video.When i first said i wanted to become a doctor the only thing i heard was why, you are going to study for 12 years? its mot worth it and everything else.And as much as i comprehend and understand thats being a doctor is mentally and physically draining I LOVE MEDICINE and want to become a doctor and devote myself to improving the system helping people,although some say that you live once and you should enjoy your life , i will enjoy my life by being a doctor!

  • Joel J
    Joel J 3 months ago

    I wonder how the doctor suicide risk in Canada compares to that in the U.S.

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly 3 months ago +1

    At 29, this bright physician is incredibly intelligent across multiple disciplines. His overall knowledge matches that of someone at least twice his age!!

  • pinkfrosting0
    pinkfrosting0 4 months ago

    this was golden

  • lyla ff
    lyla ff 4 months ago +2

    So good and so cool i hope together we can change the system.

  • Manuel Merino
    Manuel Merino 4 months ago


  • Robert Zehrung
    Robert Zehrung 4 months ago

    Can't help but think the next posts were gonna be, "Sadly this young doctor suddenly disappeared the following day and was never heard from again..."

  • ZIV J
    ZIV J 5 months ago

    In my country all hospitals are run by physicians, all hospitals suffer great deficits.

  • Iyat RS
    Iyat RS 5 months ago


  • the new man
    the new man 5 months ago

    he spent about 17 Minute to say a what he could have said in just 3 minutes

  • Sandeep only
    Sandeep only 5 months ago +2

    Want to meet you sir once in my life -a medical student from india🇮🇳

  • Journey of Self discovery
    Journey of Self discovery 6 months ago +1

    14:15 damn it felt like he was talking to me. I'm 18 and I aspire to be a doctor, I even share same thoughts of why I like medicine and most imp I wanna save lives. All the older doctors I met recommended me not to choose this field but I will. Thank you for motivating me.

  • Tom Ridey
    Tom Ridey 6 months ago

    It's heartening to see that millennials are now appreciating the importance of technological innovation in healthcare practices. They are expected to make the best out of the latest available healthcare devices, and their applications.

  • Lindsay Bachman
    Lindsay Bachman 6 months ago

    Dr. Dan, I am a pre med student. But more so, everything you mentioned I have been observing far before I started school. How can I reach out to you? I would love to work with you to make an impact, this movement is on the rise, but will take as many people as possible to make the true impact we all are striving for. Please let me know. Thank you for all that you do.

  • aaron4820
    aaron4820 6 months ago

    Millenials are up to 37 year olds as of 2018, to say adults between 22-37 will do anything but contribute to the world is just confused and doesn't understand how the passage of time works...

  • Enigmatic Truth
    Enigmatic Truth 6 months ago

    So the millenials are going to fight against the Obamacare law they love so much? They wanted this system and now theyre crying about it? He pointed out about the mid 80's when the USA was on par with other nations and that's about when the socialized medicine push started. Don't vote for politicians that want to destroy your healthcare system and then cry when they destroy your healthcare.

  • Mayory RN
    Mayory RN 6 months ago

    Amazing 💜

  • Mercedes Mendez
    Mercedes Mendez 6 months ago +1

    Thank you Dr Daniel! Great speech 😘

  • Noah Embry
    Noah Embry 7 months ago +2

    i got chills across my entire body as he told the story of bringing the patient back to life, seeing as that he got to walk his daughter down the aisle. certainly helps my MCAT motivation!

  • Polina Krasnopolskaya
    Polina Krasnopolskaya 7 months ago

    I love you

  • Lizzy Manansala
    Lizzy Manansala 7 months ago

    What is so freaking wrong about being a millennial? Didn't you know that this is the most wonderful time to be alive?

  • dradil khan
    dradil khan 7 months ago

    true for indian dr tooo ithink we should give up this american system of corporate hospital and insurance thing and we must prepare a system of 100% free cllinic hospital and medicine if we realy want to help

  • Resilient Knight
    Resilient Knight 7 months ago

    As a determined premed student knowing this, I've been fearful of all this. But my selflessness drives me to save lives whether or not business men are my bosses, because like our doctor here, I'm willing to change the system for the betterment of our healthcare system. Like a soldier going into battle, I cannot look back.

  • Ornella Gandini
    Ornella Gandini 7 months ago

    Excuse me, where could I download the transcript of this TedTalk? I have to practice it for Interpreting!

  • Red lightning 2832
    Red lightning 2832 7 months ago

    US really needs to sort out its healthcare system. Sick people die just cause their insurance doesn't cover their treatment and care. One of the very few countries that doesn't offer free healthcare. Shameful.

  • Royal X
    Royal X 7 months ago

    Why so arrogant?!

  • Abdul Manssour
    Abdul Manssour 7 months ago


  • TheZoeBig
    TheZoeBig 8 months ago +6

    How do you do 2 Masters while in residency?

  • Deirdre Humphries
    Deirdre Humphries 8 months ago

    Incredible video.

  • Anthony Stile
    Anthony Stile 8 months ago

    shut up

  • srusti dash
    srusti dash 8 months ago +2

    How very insightful

  • BritxBrat2Fashion
    BritxBrat2Fashion 8 months ago

    I'm impressed with all that he has accomplished at such a young age ! great video !

  • Camilla Da Silva
    Camilla Da Silva 8 months ago

    thank you

  • Joshua Clason
    Joshua Clason 9 months ago +1

    I talked to a physician a couple years ago how was heavily involved with his hospital administration and his state healthcare leaders. He spent so much time working on administration duties and comparatively less time with patients. He said something that impacted me. He stated to the effect of "the healthcare system is the way it is because we as doctors let it become this way." Doctors have 4 tenets that they strive to follow: autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence. I believe that becoming involved in hospital administration or in state legislature is fulfilling beneficence. I do believe that it is partly my responsibility to help change the current healthcare system, in fact, I think that all physicians now have a shared responsibility to fix this system. Its not that we need 1000 doctors doing big acts to change this system. We need 100,000 doing small acts which will lead to big changes. The thought of "I don't need to act because another will" is going against beneficence. We all need to act in order to bring about change.

  • Stephanie Tanner, RN
    Stephanie Tanner, RN 9 months ago +1

    I'm 2 minutes in and already know this guy has no children.

  • Shie M.N
    Shie M.N 9 months ago +3

    I am a business student planning to go into medicine and honestly? this video gives me goosebumps. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :)

  • Sam Hill
    Sam Hill 9 months ago

    Dr.’s have given their power away. They now have to answer to the insurance companies which are run by less educated business people, big pharma and political lobbyist who are not interested in the health of patients but the love of $. They use $ as a tool to keep everyone in line. I will only give X if you spend 4 hours filling out Y and if you miss dotting an I or crossing a T we will only give you Z. You wonder why patients no longer trust their doctors. What masters do they server, the pharmaceutical companies, big business, the insurance companies, or yourselves? It is a sad day when a Dr. has to fight for themselves and their patience while looking over their back to make sure a horde of barbarian layers aren’t ready to pounce. The greed of man knows no limits and this sickness is systemic in Western culture especially so in the USA. I hope Millennial's realize they have the power to say “NO” but $ is a strong narcotic when it comes to getting people to do what you want. It is the weapon of choice used in the west to enslave the people. A man has to eat. Millennial doctor's are going to have to take the brunt of the casualties if they want to win this war in order to unplug themselves and their patients from the matrix system. Great job Daniel, defining the problem is the first step. I hope what little time I have left in my lifetime I will be able to see the system changed because this exact same cancer has infected education and so many other areas outside of the medical system that left unchecked will collapse the system.

  • Shairrah Buñag
    Shairrah Buñag 9 months ago

    so much respect. 💖

  • Sarah Falcao
    Sarah Falcao 9 months ago

    Did he say 600 volts?

  • Jai Medicine
    Jai Medicine 9 months ago

    As a Med student, it makes me happy to see that our new generation is adhering to medicine’s devotion to the patient rather than succumbing to the pressures of capitalism. It’s a hard battle but one that needs to be fought.

  • Amaryllis Sanchez
    Amaryllis Sanchez 9 months ago

    Oh, yes! Couldn't agree more. As an advocate for physicians and patients alike, I recognize this generation stands at a unique crossroads. As a mother of inspiring, hard-working, visionary millennials, I agree the future of medicine is in good hands, and I can't wait to see how their contributions will change the healthcare system at the root of our troubles in medicine.

  • Karina Paul
    Karina Paul 9 months ago

    I am a nursing student. I always wanted to be a doctor. Meds schools are so expensive I can’t afford one :( I am seriously considering to become NP to aquire less debt

  • Josh Ross
    Josh Ross 10 months ago


  • themicoism
    themicoism 10 months ago +1

    Because the system is being maintained by the people who has "This is how we do it" mentality. They are not open for change. Just because it works doesn't mean it is efficient and beneficial.

  • Chelsea Hensbergen
    Chelsea Hensbergen 10 months ago

    Dr. Dan for President

  • julee hong
    julee hong 10 months ago

    The last line got to me.

  • Christina Cho
    Christina Cho 10 months ago

    Those last couple of sentences. YES!

  • Julia Morgan
    Julia Morgan 10 months ago

    I think you're talking about public health rather than med

  • Chana Batya Tatik
    Chana Batya Tatik 10 months ago

    talk to me!!!!

  • Wingman813
    Wingman813 10 months ago

    All of that great speaking and no credit to Steve Jobs for his quote at the end. Really? You didn't modify it enough to wiggle out of plagiarism.

  • Dr Sarah Nicholls
    Dr Sarah Nicholls 10 months ago

    Absolutely inspiring. You’re already making a huge impact, thanks so much for such a thought provoking speech. Hats off to you!

  • Matt Ars'
    Matt Ars' 10 months ago

    I am so proud of being Millennials and this video has proved me that the way that old Generations think about us Negatively was wrong. This speech inspired me more about what I believe in myself. Being Millennials is not bad at all but it is so powerful to change the world that we all are living in to be the better world.

  • Dan Freberg
    Dan Freberg 10 months ago

    100% it is a great honor and privilege to be at the bedside or in the exam room. If it is your passion and calling, always go for it! We need more passionate doctors to advocate for our patients.

  • Jedi 511
    Jedi 511 10 months ago

    Great video. I worked at Porsche for years selling cars to Health Care Administrators, who, to my memory, did not have names accompanied by MD. I have since left there and am now in my last year of pre med and applying to medical school next Spring. How did we get to a place where we allowed MBAs and politicians with no background in patient care to dictate how we administer patient care? This is why I always trust politicians such as Rand Paul on matters of health care and not a bunch of bureaucrats who have no interest in and never have administered patient care.

  • dianateabag
    dianateabag 10 months ago

    Hello fellow millennial doctor ✌️. Hahah it’s true I try to hide that on my job but I must come free

  • Nicola Hampel
    Nicola Hampel 11 months ago

    Thank you!

  • babymandrake
    babymandrake 11 months ago

    Maybe no white coat and stesthoscope during a presentation? Trying too hard?

  • Basant Hamdy
    Basant Hamdy 11 months ago

    awesome .thanks. inspired me as a medical student

  • Gabriel Martínez
    Gabriel Martínez 11 months ago

    fight the system....jeje

  • Ke La
    Ke La 11 months ago +1

    cheekbones for DAYS

  • Janna Lee
    Janna Lee 11 months ago +1

    My husband works for medical center for a long time as a Vice President. You’re absolutely amazing!!!

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 11 months ago

    How much student loan debt do you have

    • Matthew Johnson
      Matthew Johnson 8 months ago

      When done I had 5,00 in student loan. And that is because I went to a school that was cheaper and I worked a full time job while I was going to school.

  • The Admiral
    The Admiral 11 months ago +2

    I'm currently an MS1 and it's so motivational to hear how passionate Dr. Wozniczka is in his endeavor to improve the current state of the U.S. healthcare system!

  • John Le
    John Le 11 months ago +1

    I disagree with the whole astronauts analogy. I study engineering because I want to solve real world problem. I want to be apart of the group that is apart of the solution. Without engineers it would be difficult to create instruments and machines like an MRI or pacers to help save lives. It's one thing to diagnosis a paitent, but without engineers figuring out ways to deliver medicine or equipment needed to save lives during surgery, a doctor can only try their best to keep the patient comfortable.

  • peanut12345
    peanut12345 11 months ago

    Could at teaching the paitient/cattle in to a pharma product of the healthcare system

  • Sam Bana
    Sam Bana Year ago

    I’m getting goosebumps I can’t wait to complete my life goal my life dream of becoming a doctor

  • dil pagalho
    dil pagalho Year ago

    The latest is nurse practitioners (who are not real nurses but online degree quacks) and physician assistants replacing doctors. These people have little to no clinical experience and as treating patients "under the supervision" of a doctor. Young doctors are being forced to supervise these jokers. If the clowns mess up and the often do, the young doctor has to take the fall. Thanks to the heavy debt load young doctors are burdened with trap them into these situations... doctors need to unionize and push back before we're all relegated to McDonalds(tm) care.

  • Igor A. Savchuk
    Igor A. Savchuk Year ago

    I'm an Med student here to tell you that MD/MBA initiative is not a millennial's creation. This man took 15min of my life just to confirm another sad fact about my generation - egomania. He spoke, stated his credentials twice, yet said nothing ...

  • megan mai
    megan mai Year ago

    Truly inspiring!

  • meme youyou
    meme youyou Year ago +2

    do you really need to wear a stethoscope around your neck when you give this speech?

  • Justin Hollowell
    Justin Hollowell Year ago


  • Felix Bruyns
    Felix Bruyns Year ago

    Until medicine returns to the Hippocratic Oath, forbidding killing ones own patients, it is fundamentally corrupt and corrupting to society, as society places too much trust in people merely because they are doctors ("doctor's orders"). Are Millennials going to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

  • PeacesOfNiecy
    PeacesOfNiecy Year ago

    This is important.

  • Awo Mbrou
    Awo Mbrou Year ago +2

    WOW this was impacting!

  • E.M. Noah
    E.M. Noah Year ago +1

    Very insightful. Thanks.