2020 BMW M760Li 6.6 V12 BiTurbo PURE! Exhaust SOUND Onboard & REVS by AutoTopNL

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • 2020 BMW M760Li 6.6 V12 BiTurbo PURE! Exhaust SOUND Onboard & REVS by AutoTopNL
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Comments • 646

    GOLTURBO555 10 hours ago

    Ugly car... the BMW grill its pathetic...

  • Rachid Saidani
    Rachid Saidani 19 days ago +1

    Ah balisima

  • Peroo
    Peroo Month ago

    0:30 sexiest thing ever

  • colla 555
    colla 555 Month ago

    It sounds better outside than inside.

  • Emil Schaller
    Emil Schaller Month ago

    Freude am Fahren. 😎👌🏻👍🏻🇨🇭🇩🇪

  • Алекс ХХХ
    Алекс ХХХ Month ago

    Эта Дура ещё и 4WD🤔🤔🤔

  • little123456788
    little123456788 Month ago +1

    This V12 would sound a lot better if it was naturally aspirated!

  • Fabricio Cardoso
    Fabricio Cardoso Month ago

    what is this, is not a car, this a Monster....

  • Arsen Akopyan
    Arsen Akopyan Month ago

    bye m5 or m3 4 seriese even 7 sucks

  • Arsen Akopyan
    Arsen Akopyan Month ago

    bmw is a peace of shit car this days look at the ugly ass interior all stifff like ur sitting on cardboard i had x5 i hate it drives fast no comfort whats so ever i rather buy a huyndai insted of this xar dont wait your money on this garvage peace if shit cars this days chevy is nice honda even fuck bmw fuck that german bulkshit cars i only love older models on bmw 740s or 5 seriese this new generation of bimmers are like fake ass looking ugly as hell do joke just go drive one and they all brake

  • marco baula
    marco baula Month ago

    00:52 the gearbox is for GAY only

  • Grill & smoke
    Grill & smoke Month ago

    Der Kühlergrill ( Nieren) ist / sind echt übertrieben dimensioniert vom Design. Gefällt mir nicht so wirklich, davon abgesehen ein schickes Auto.


    Pretty 760Li

  • Marex Kai
    Marex Kai Month ago

    All new BMWs look like pigs.

  • DonJuanDeLaVerga
    DonJuanDeLaVerga Month ago +1

    Tell me again how a 1.9 or 2.0 TDI bad for the environment...

  • DonJuanDeLaVerga
    DonJuanDeLaVerga Month ago

    Ohh soooo ugly

  • Arie A. De Jong
    Arie A. De Jong Month ago

    Best car ever!@🤛🏼

  • Petr Tomášek
    Petr Tomášek Month ago

    I'm curious about the new Alpina B7. I hope you test it.

  • Pussy Cat
    Pussy Cat Month ago


  • Jay Dias
    Jay Dias Month ago

    Outstanding car, but the weight of that beast is properly visible

    RETROCAR STYLE Month ago


  • Vadim Don
    Vadim Don Month ago +1

    All I see is grills

  • SoFxLuky
    SoFxLuky Month ago

    That or a S63 Sedan ?

  • Uzm. Dyt. Umut Gürler

    Ali Can kasa yenilendi.

  • Unk Now
    Unk Now Month ago

    a v12 6.6 bi turbo and only 585hp wtf just a stage 1=1000hp

    • Unk Now
      Unk Now Month ago

      @Morten Rasmussen :/ I'm sure it's the same turbo as the 335i otherwise she would be a hypercar

    • Morten Rasmussen
      Morten Rasmussen Month ago

      More like 700+, the turbos are small.

  • Johan steyn
    Johan steyn Month ago

    I had garage on n 1 -- 95. O/ o of cars that got problems were b m w ?????

  • footbagogden
    footbagogden Month ago

    Pretty boring for a v12.

  • zoledz
    zoledz Month ago

    damn, what an awful sound 😖😨😰🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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  • DIYluver
    DIYluver Month ago

    no paddle? lol shifting the gear? wtf

  • themobbkillas
    themobbkillas Month ago

    After all of those hard accelerations, off to the mechanic shop the 760li went

  • afrikali ali
    afrikali ali Month ago

    Kopuk uçurtma beeeeee... bas lan bass yaksın aq :D :D :D

  • Barabus Shibooboo
    Barabus Shibooboo Month ago

    That launch control was dying to let go!!

  • Caner Guener
    Caner Guener Month ago

    Sounds like a oversized V4

  • AJyfm700R
    AJyfm700R Month ago

    When you spend 277K but still own a BMW 🤣

  • spearPYN
    spearPYN Month ago

    rs3 sounds better lol

  • Sergio Jippy’s
    Sergio Jippy’s Month ago


  • hg
    hg Month ago

    6.6 engine in 2019

  • Carsten Wandt
    Carsten Wandt Month ago

    Kommt ja nicht so in die Hufe

  • Michael Warren
    Michael Warren Month ago

    That grill is hideous 😂

  • Yazeed
    Yazeed Month ago +2

    In two years it will be worth $7,000

      GULLY GOD Month ago

      Yazeed I live in the USA and that’s bullshit

    • Yazeed
      Yazeed Month ago

      DaretoZlatan in the US , you can buy a 2006 bow 750iL for $3500 , but a 2006 Lexus LS460 is $9000 . An s class around 4-5 K , an Audi you can take to the junk yard because it’s worthless.

    • DaretoZlatan
      DaretoZlatan Month ago

      according to my knowledge Audis Bmws do not lose their value through time compared to other brands , not that much at least

  • Sasha Nevsky
    Sasha Nevsky Month ago

    they ruined the car with these terrible gills of the radiator grille

  • huhu
    huhu Month ago

    Badass but fucked up the new front with the XXXL kidneys.

  • ozcan hasan
    ozcan hasan Month ago

    THIS CARS 2 000 000 - 3 000 000 €

    TURKOGLU 06 Month ago +3

    He changes gear like a gay.

  • Robinho's Left Foot

    0:08 Why do the rear lights flick left and right?

  • Burak Demircc
    Burak Demircc Month ago

    Vay be Alican abi hayatta olsaydın şimdi bunu sürerdin be

  • Robinho's Left Foot
    Robinho's Left Foot Month ago +2

    0:40 that grille reminds me of Gerard Depardieu's nose

  • Benjamin Gadais
    Benjamin Gadais Month ago

    Un monstre une berline trop puissant

  • Justice California
    Justice California Month ago

    Bull shit

  • Davie Sobrie
    Davie Sobrie Month ago +2

    tbh….not impressed :(

  • nickor23
    nickor23 Month ago +2

    Miserable sound for a V12... A lawnmower sound better.

  • Demi berretti
    Demi berretti Month ago

    My 325TDS sounds like that!!! hahahah

  • park laminus
    park laminus Month ago

    wow fantastic

  • Hung Pham
    Hung Pham Month ago

    This car has a bigger engine than an F1 car 😂

    • goindeep
      goindeep Month ago

      Well the thing is F1 engines arent even that big their cilinders are Just 1.6L

  • J Marie
    J Marie Month ago

    Too nice

  • Arca D
    Arca D Month ago

    omg !!!! loool

  • Branko Vukovic
    Branko Vukovic Month ago


  • massimo muccinelli
    massimo muccinelli Month ago

    Strano che bmw non abbia copiato da Audi per le frecce posteriori 😁

  • Mike R.
    Mike R. Month ago

    I have an erection.