10 Hardest Choices Ever (Personality Test)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2018
  • How to make the right choice? Here are 10 extremely difficult choices you will ever have to make! Throughout our lives, we are constantly bombarded with major choices. Our decisions determine your future and define you and shape your personality. In this video, Bright Side offers you to make 10 extremely difficult choices. At the end of the video, we’ll tell what kind of person you are!
    There are only two possible answers to each question. You need to choose between option A and option B. As you’re taking the test, keep track of how many times you chose A or B because you’ll need these totals at the end of the video to find out your results. You’ll only have 5 seconds to think about each question before we give the explanation. Don’t think too long, and go with your gut; you’ll get the most accurate results that way!
    ...be the smartest person or the most charming? 1:17
    ...you rather always have to tell the truth or lie? 1:47
    ...never have Internet or never take an airplane? 2:21
    ...find true love or win a million dollars? 3:04
    ...never be able to speak or have to say everything on your mind? 3:28
    ...have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you want? 4:09
    ...never have sex again or never eat your favorite food? 4:50
    ...be the only person to live a happy life or be the only person to live an unhappy life? 5:19
    ...be the first person to discover an inhabitable planet or inventor of a drug that cures a deadly disease? 5:58
    ...be poor but able to help people or get incredibly rich by hurting other people? 6:38
    If you chose A 1 to 3 times, you’re a pretty selfish person. Very few people would like to work with you on a team. It’s not that bad though; it just means that you prefer fighting for yourself to get exactly what you want.
    If you chose option A 4 to 6 times, it means that you’re moderately selfish. You’re like the Goldilocks of this list: not too much, not too little, just right. Pretty much most people would fall into this category. You can be selfish when you need to be.
    If you chose option A 7 to 10 times, you’re the type of person who is always ready to sacrifice your own interests for someone else.
    What results did you get? Do you agree with them? Tell us in the comments section below!
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Comments • 42 578

  • NamesAre Oldschool
    NamesAre Oldschool 34 minutes ago

    In question number 1 I chose b because if am finally rich I can start helping other people and pay back what I did wrong.

  • ARMY Lxsa
    ARMY Lxsa 2 hours ago


  • 148 IQ
    148 IQ 3 hours ago

    I got A 6 times.

  • Alex Alberto Cruz
    Alex Alberto Cruz 3 hours ago

    7a 3b

  • Pinkbluepurplepanda Chanelinhistory

    My results were “your the type of person who always is ready to sacrifice your own interests for someone else” I chose A from 7 to 10

  • Kaktu 3.0
    Kaktu 3.0 11 hours ago

    I have a photographic memory.

  • S&J Vlogging Channel
    S&J Vlogging Channel 11 hours ago

    For question 3 I picked B bc I always think about others before myself and if I know my emotional state is at risk well I wouldn’t care I would end up finding someone that is sad or upset and try to cheer them up bc there emotions come before my own... that’s just how I am

  • S&J Vlogging Channel
    S&J Vlogging Channel 11 hours ago

    If I say everything on my mind I would probably end up in jail bc I think the meanest/dumbest things and that could go down hill from there

  • Rae Pascopella
    Rae Pascopella 12 hours ago

    The forth question
    Me: I’m 13 so yeah A I don’t care

  • Aleksandra Arseva
    Aleksandra Arseva 17 hours ago

    "You're girlfriend asks you if she looks good and you say yes" i don't see what is bad here

  • Tarafdar Susmita
    Tarafdar Susmita 17 hours ago +1

    Million dollar

  • Davon joshua Gobel
    Davon joshua Gobel 19 hours ago

    And 6 B

  • Davon joshua Gobel
    Davon joshua Gobel 19 hours ago

    Just got 4 A

  • Hasan Imam
    Hasan Imam 23 hours ago


  • Amy Maskalenko
    Amy Maskalenko Day ago

    I got the selfless one

  • ZweMin Thu
    ZweMin Thu Day ago

    2B & 8A

  • Katie Davis
    Katie Davis Day ago

    Evidently I am Mother Theresa. hahaha it's true. Helping people is what I do

  • Artem Bentsionov

    6. Although the planet vs cure one is more about potentially saving humanity vs saving a subset of humanity. A tough choice, but I’d go with the longer-term option.

  • Miguel Black
    Miguel Black Day ago

    Question 8 is basically my life when i chose B😅😅😅

  • Cherry space cät

    Im 11 years old so most of these don’t matter right now-

  • Gergely Farkas
    Gergely Farkas Day ago

    If you never had an internet...BEACUSE IF someone had an problem in your family or they in danger...ah m8 A

  • ette_ braus
    ette_ braus Day ago

    I'm really confused about the results.

  • antoine coles
    antoine coles Day ago

    I chose b 4 times.

  • Dhruva Shah
    Dhruva Shah Day ago

    I always tell the truth, I just phrase it so that people get mislead sometimes

  • Xedie Javier
    Xedie Javier Day ago

    Very true.

  • Alexandra Lövdahl
    Alexandra Lövdahl Day ago +1

    I got 5-5

  • Riya Patil
    Riya Patil 2 days ago +3

    You are reading this in your mind, aren't you?

  • Boyan Tang
    Boyan Tang 2 days ago

    Got 5:5 without mistakes it would be 7:3

  • Aiden Pennington
    Aiden Pennington 2 days ago +1

    Bro I’m already the most smart person in my grade

  • Mantas Mcneil
    Mantas Mcneil 2 days ago

    B 1

  • TheRealLego
    TheRealLego 2 days ago

    Here is what I have chosen.
    B (But I would donate about 50% of it to charity, and another 50% to family)

  • Gachaverse skiittzz
    Gachaverse skiittzz 2 days ago

    My zodiac sign is libra so y’all already I can’t make decisions easily lol 😂

  • Spammy Redraws
    Spammy Redraws 2 days ago

    For question 3 i kind of answer that one at school before so i told them if im the only happy one i could get sad for all the sadness around me but if um the only sad one i can be cheered up by the happy people ( but it was more like if i don't try to cheer up anyone then ill just get sad from the others but if i try and give my happiness to others then they can cheer me up mostly its like somebody always being in a bad mood them grumping can make you feel bad for them or irritated at them so its the same for if somebody sad them crying and hiding can really affect other people cause if they try to help and they don't want it it can make that person feel bad tot he point of them being in the sadness pit see what see )

  • MrGmanmerritt
    MrGmanmerritt 2 days ago

    Me not having a favorite food 😂

  • Rackyt
    Rackyt 2 days ago

    i NEED JUST TO BE cHARM BECAUSE I am 13 years old and im going to be in class 3 of high school so i dont need to be smart :)

  • All in one
    All in one 2 days ago

    Please! Make your Hindi channel

  • J A
    J A 2 days ago

    nice presentation

  • noodles doodles
    noodles doodles 2 days ago


  • Angel'ss Demon Pa
    Angel'ss Demon Pa 2 days ago

    5a 5b @@

  • Sucram
    Sucram 2 days ago

    ive got 5 A's and 5 B's

  • malawma bawitlung
    malawma bawitlung 2 days ago +3

    Hardest choice: get Killed Or Get die.

    • armyonceuu
      armyonceuu 20 hours ago

      @L O V E act out act out😂😂😂😂

    • L O V E
      L O V E 23 hours ago

      Isnt that the same thing?

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I only picked a 2 times

  • Faizun Nessa
    Faizun Nessa 3 days ago

    Its a dilemma joke

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 3 days ago

    What if I chose A & B equal???

  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gacha _Cupcake
    Gacha _Cupcake 3 days ago


  • Gabby Robinson
    Gabby Robinson 3 days ago

    Me: * didn't count my option when going through the video so has to go back and count*
    A: 3x

  • Lazy-Emperor
    Lazy-Emperor 3 days ago


  • NuKe Em
    NuKe Em 3 days ago +1

    I like white Eminems

  • dariush zarei
    dariush zarei 3 days ago +2

    5:29 How is picking A in question 3 is being selfless?

  • Praneeth Shetty
    Praneeth Shetty 3 days ago

    im just right

  • Kristina Akasia
    Kristina Akasia 3 days ago

    I’m just right :)

  • Bailey Caboom
    Bailey Caboom 3 days ago +1

    For Question 6 if u know sign language it's not speaking sooo