Ferrari 458 Wiring DISASTER! This will Make or Break it....

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
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Comments • 882

  • jack thelad
    jack thelad Month ago

    shut the fuck up its like you trying to chat up a bird just do the work MAN

  • Abesss
    Abesss 2 months ago

    I don’t know anything about Ferrari wiring but.. I do know every single wiring harness is made to specific lengths. So unless your AC plug is the exact same shape and pin as another plug right beside it your chances of put a plug in the wrong spot are pretty damn low.

  • Brian Philip
    Brian Philip 2 months ago

    Good job guys major moves on the progress with the car!

  • Adam May
    Adam May 3 months ago

    Made that wiring 20 times harder than it needed to be hahahahahaa

  • Mauro Mozzarelli
    Mauro Mozzarelli 4 months ago

    Why did you fit parts to the bumper before painting it? And why did you leave the front frame partly not painted and partly yellow? That red vinyl sucks, you should have kept the original white colour, you knocked 20% off the value by not painting it properly in the original colour.

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 4 months ago

    I feel like Calvin buys all the clothes that everyone else who sees them in a store thinks "who would ever buy this stuff, they ain't even gonna sell a single thing" xD

  • Pixel Dust
    Pixel Dust 4 months ago

    eye protection, Calvin, eye protection.

  • BWF Artz
    BWF Artz 4 months ago

    Great work! :)

  • Chris Ordway
    Chris Ordway 5 months ago

    Fixing that wiring mess is my idea of hell

  • bioches
    bioches 5 months ago

    omg please focus better. watching the airbag part was so frustrating

  • Luis Brito
    Luis Brito 5 months ago

    great job

  • LiNingAir
    LiNingAir 5 months ago +1

    Half the profits you get from this car should go to Calvin.

  • Michael Butterfield
    Michael Butterfield 5 months ago

    Would have taken the time to replace the entire harness. Piece of mind. It's future proof. My experience is mostly muscle cars. Now let me watch the rest of the video and see how you guys made out. Best of luck. Love the videos.

  • tracycolorado
    tracycolorado 5 months ago

    when you disconnect the battery to work on Air Bags / Safety Restraint , Touch /Connect both Negative and Positive Cable terminals , together , for a minute to deplete any stored Power in the System , so Air Bags wont accidentally go off in Your Face

  • BlankStudioTV
    BlankStudioTV 5 months ago +2

    Those overalls have never seen grease in there life

  • Cyber Is Live
    Cyber Is Live 5 months ago +1

    Stradman viewers like this

  • Trent Risetter
    Trent Risetter 5 months ago


  • Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham 5 months ago +1

    Can't wait for tavarish to buy this ferrari after it burns down from the splices being on top of each other

    • BiG Cheese
      BiG Cheese 5 months ago

      Im sure hes itching for that to happen.

  • spark
    spark 5 months ago +1

    No legitimate Ferrari buyer is going to want a car with thus much of a hacked up harness. He might as well keep the Ferrari.

  • Adrian Carrillo
    Adrian Carrillo 5 months ago

    We all need a friend like Calvin. Protect him at all cost!

  • N G
    N G 5 months ago

    Great rebuild

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 5 months ago

    Hey you please follow me on instagram nemanja.katanic.587 i need it because instagram delted my 300 followers

  • Willem P
    Willem P 5 months ago

    Chacky.....A....K....A....Calvin,you did well....!!

  • Adrian Hill
    Adrian Hill 5 months ago

    What a bunch of complete MORONS

  • Raed Eid
    Raed Eid 5 months ago

    Next video

  • William Dredge
    William Dredge 5 months ago

    Well done kids, I would of staggered the soldered wires because when you wrap them there wouldn't have a bump and would look more factory

  • Tee Richardson
    Tee Richardson 5 months ago

    Calvin is a fucking beast to the 💯 x 💯

  • cbdude9
    cbdude9 5 months ago

    Best car you tuber I fw this guy

  • Jeff Hale
    Jeff Hale 5 months ago

    What a WATERFALL of wires!

  • Antwaune Harris
    Antwaune Harris 5 months ago

    Calvins isTHE MAN!!!!!

    GEORDI Is BACK! 5 months ago

    Here’s a blurry view of the airbags... the focus issues in these videos are such a joke.
    Fix your shit.

  • Tony Welch
    Tony Welch 5 months ago

    Future resto project Ferrari.

  • Johnny Gibson
    Johnny Gibson 5 months ago

    Great video guys!

  • Mr Boy533
    Mr Boy533 5 months ago

    When are you instaling the engine?

  • Capitalistic_Commy
    Capitalistic_Commy 5 months ago

    You need a Canon camera for your videos man, the auto focus goes crazy plenty of times on what you are currently using.

  • Supernøva
    Supernøva 5 months ago

    12:00 is what you came for.
    Thank me later.

  • Destination Offroad
    Destination Offroad 5 months ago

    Loving the build guys, keep it up.
    Wish we could do things like this back in Australia.
    Mind you I would be more inclined to build a full on offroad rig capable of taking the whole family out in comfort.

  • NqkafLUD
    NqkafLUD 5 months ago

    Tj and the other guy... U both just suck....

  • Swapnanjali Andore
    Swapnanjali Andore 5 months ago


  • 아빠가놀자TV
    아빠가놀자TV 5 months ago


  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 5 months ago

    #35 on trending

  • CapSSon
    CapSSon 5 months ago

    12:00 is what you're here for, thank me later.

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence 5 months ago

    I totally unsubscribe from your channel because you ignore the comments and the fact that you need to paint those damn frame rails they look so shitty

  • Isaac Pezqueda
    Isaac Pezqueda 5 months ago

    #31 on trending!!! Great stuff tj!

  • Khaoz Dreamz
    Khaoz Dreamz 5 months ago

    Get it brother! Goals “Don’t stop dreaming”

  • Jay Way Spec
    Jay Way Spec 5 months ago

    Vlog are slowing down

  • Marshall Miller
    Marshall Miller 5 months ago

    Please make a t shirt design with a mad scientist in the front compartment of a Ferrari!

  • Shell650
    Shell650 5 months ago

    Yooo #31 on trending!! LETS GOOO!!!

  • bramick
    bramick 5 months ago

    What's up with the camera focus...

  • Thanos
    Thanos 5 months ago +1

    Goonzquad Has Entered The Chat 🚘

  • Slow_Blown_ Ek
    Slow_Blown_ Ek 5 months ago

    Bro when that horn went off... forget about it, I would’ve been running around that entire shop going ham! Good freaking job Calvin. All that work and time was well worth it.

  • Tanner
    Tanner 5 months ago


  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago

    Hello, Humans. “I see dead people.” The Sixth Sense, 1999
    Fun fact: When Haley Joel Osmet says this line the camera goes to Bruce Willis's face. This is a cinematic clue that Bruce Willis's character is dead.

  • Roy Martinez
    Roy Martinez 5 months ago

    Great work it gives me motivation to continue working hard like I do and continue to be patient you guys are awesome hard work pays off young and steady mentally ready

  • Edgar Molina
    Edgar Molina 5 months ago

    Imagine that the wire horn got put on a air bag crash sencer and he on the driver side that would of been the video 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Donotgotohypnoalthamaleskillsrepeat

    Sexiest man alive go to hypno alpha male skills yt now!!!

  • Matt M
    Matt M 5 months ago

    Wearing a respirator to solder.....
    because everything causes cancer in California

  • ProHairSvc
    ProHairSvc 5 months ago +1

    Hey man. Nice build but lots of things being rushed and corners cut
    Splices should be staggered
    Why are you doing wiring and wrapping without property etch priming sanding and then painting that frame.
    And then you bolt all of the hardware to the front bumper which is gonna be wrapped?
    I’m interested in who’s bankrolling this escapade.

  • MiChaEl lEe
    MiChaEl lEe 5 months ago

    The thumnail looks like a videogame

  • kevin vu
    kevin vu 5 months ago


  • Sinbad Eatin' A McRib
    Sinbad Eatin' A McRib 5 months ago

    Resale value of this car? $450.00

  • BrainFreezzzzz
    BrainFreezzzzz 5 months ago

    Wait, what kind of rari?

  • Simperino
    Simperino 5 months ago +1


  • Kadarie Mayers
    Kadarie Mayers 5 months ago

    More surpa vlog's

  • DxCBuG
    DxCBuG 5 months ago

    Teeg calm your audio please. Its literrly crunchy / oversteered when you talk.

  • Garfi3ld
    Garfi3ld 5 months ago

    good work, but your camera has some focusing issues!

  • paul nosam
    paul nosam 5 months ago

    Go Calvin go Calvin.. xx

  • Rob2018Si
    Rob2018Si 5 months ago

    Congratulations! Calvin is the man!

  • Joshua Kleine
    Joshua Kleine 5 months ago

    Damn you on trending

  • Joe Diamond
    Joe Diamond 5 months ago

    12:06 that moment

  • Joe Diamond
    Joe Diamond 5 months ago

    U guys are mad ,awesome job Calvin & teej 👏👏👏

  • Yvng_ Cinnamon
    Yvng_ Cinnamon 5 months ago

    Beat lowkey went hard with the video👀🔥

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller 5 months ago

    Can’t wait for the Ferrari to be finished

  • ptv genius
    ptv genius 5 months ago +1

    Not gonna lie... Calvin be kinda cute 🙄

    **Cough** No Homo 😉

  • Andy Torrez
    Andy Torrez 5 months ago


  • cautiontext Text
    cautiontext Text 5 months ago

    Hell ya!

  • Pmoney
    Pmoney 5 months ago

    I’m dying for these Ferrari videos...

  • Ryan Bertoldi
    Ryan Bertoldi 5 months ago

    So I guess no longer painting the (yellow) new subframe white to match...since the wrap is temporary?

  • Unexist12
    Unexist12 5 months ago

    videos are great but buy a new camera..always focusing wrong directions..faces are blurry very often in all videos... it is so annoying

  • Jonathan Deleon
    Jonathan Deleon 5 months ago

    Everyone needs a calvin in their life:)

  • P.Bak
    P.Bak 5 months ago

    Kid got skills! 😃 great job cal!

  • joe Orozco
    joe Orozco 5 months ago +1

    He's Asian ..... asian people are smart ....he will get it done

  • Cocoy Rivera
    Cocoy Rivera 5 months ago

    Salute to you calvin!

  • Amer Khan
    Amer Khan 5 months ago

    Calvin needs a raise

  • Stephen Charles
    Stephen Charles 5 months ago


  • Stephen Charles
    Stephen Charles 5 months ago

    Don’t they all go back when the car has been sprayed?

  • TaoHK
    TaoHK 5 months ago

    I should bring my Ferrari over to you guys to help me fix it

  • Dutch Focus ST
    Dutch Focus ST 5 months ago

    Tell Calvin to retwist those wires together that were twisted into eachother cause they are can-bus wires and they are twisted together to prevent interference

  • Kj Stewart
    Kj Stewart 5 months ago

    The joy on Calvin’s face when the horn went off is unbeatable hahah

  • Michael Peralta
    Michael Peralta 5 months ago

    Looking awesome. Keep it stock please!! Original beauty & perfection 🤙

  • kunaldeep singh jassal
    kunaldeep singh jassal 5 months ago

    U should buy a new camera or lens dude 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Church
    Church 5 months ago

    Anyone else notice how half the video is out of focus

    WRX_ESTEBAN 5 months ago

    Calvin’s slide at the beginning of the video lmaoo

  • Gunhawk
    Gunhawk 5 months ago

    Wouldn’t it be easier to put that stuff on the bumper after it’s wrapped?

  • Big Mitch
    Big Mitch 5 months ago

    Salute to you both, watching this video gives me anxiety...too many wires!!!

  • Joe Smartballs
    Joe Smartballs 5 months ago

    TJ is going to get stuck owning this salvage titled Ferrari.

  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown 5 months ago

    guess calvin is only one can read a wiring diagram gj brother ,maybe tj go night school get some knowleeeedge

  • Alejandro Kant
    Alejandro Kant 5 months ago

    Have you guys heard Michell? They are expensive but they specialize in wiring diagrams for all cars.

  • Vincent Giuntoli
    Vincent Giuntoli 5 months ago

    Did Beckerman remove the throtl wrap on his e36