Texarkana Phantom Killer - Q+A

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Did the Texarkana Phantom Killer inspire the Zodiac Killer?
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  • DoubleDDos
    DoubleDDos 2 days ago

    lol i live there

  • Team OP
    Team OP 3 days ago

    As far as their booby traps go, Shane is practical and Ryan is childish.

  • Shelby Rainwater
    Shelby Rainwater 4 days ago

    Ryan really wanted to make sure he said hypothetical when Shane said he was a serial killer

  • Elyza Perry
    Elyza Perry 5 days ago

    I just want to know what is happening with Ryans shirt

  • TogunsuaXx
    TogunsuaXx 5 days ago

    Free range grass is my idol

  • Appollos Harris
    Appollos Harris 9 days ago

    Inspiration comes from EVERYONE regardless of PROFESSION

  • bush baby
    bush baby 9 days ago

    10:41, Shane is very passionate about shooting people through the peephole

  • bush baby
    bush baby 9 days ago

    Me and Ryan thought the same thing that what FreeRangeGrass wrote sounded like the Hot Daga. I don't think Shane wrote that though. I don't think Shane is FreeRangeGrass but he could be. Who knows

  • CrazyUnicornLover Xxx

    You know both of you always laugh in EACH videos

  • Gabi Rodgers
    Gabi Rodgers 9 days ago

    Ryan looks like the manager of a failing bowling alley in a small town in this ep

  • 20Little Princess04
    20Little Princess04 10 days ago

    It was a group project

  • Mark M
    Mark M 10 days ago

    All hail free range grass

  • Hannah Free
    Hannah Free 10 days ago

    For post mortem: about 12:19 "shane: boi ya basic" I am creasing up!!

  • tifbug93
    tifbug93 11 days ago

    I miss the hotdaga.

  • mrs worldwide
    mrs worldwide 11 days ago

    ryan,,, your shirt

  • Chloe Hepperle
    Chloe Hepperle 12 days ago +2

    I love how they give freerangegrass it's own little mini segment and theme music😂😂

  • Crazelord91
    Crazelord91 12 days ago

    Funny how people's tastes can vary incredibly. That guy wants more paranormal videos, but I couldn't care less for them. I love the True Crimes that take events that actually happened and try to decipher the mysteries aspects of it
    The supernatural episodes just feel like wild speculation and superstition with no basis in reality, as the events themselves even happening are often questionable.
    But then there are some that do overlap like the Phoenix Lights that is a mix, bc it is a real event but it also seems paranormal, so for me it's worth them taking time to also make the supernatural episodes to deal with events like those

  • Leilani H
    Leilani H 12 days ago

    shane wasn’t stuck in chicago- he was creating his free range grass ideas

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila 13 days ago

    Serial killers actually do in fact some times copy others. If they have that part of their brain broken that compels them to want to kill, sometimes they study other famous killers to see what kind of killing they enjoy the most. There was a whole episode of Criminal minds about this.

  • Chiara Serrano
    Chiara Serrano 13 days ago

    Wanna be detectives? that was TRASH. Two of the victims were raped, so it had to be a male.

  • Autumn Doss
    Autumn Doss 14 days ago

    Most serial killers are thought to be similar to addicts. They can't just stop without help or getting caught.

  • Alligator Tears
    Alligator Tears 15 days ago +2

    Ryan: "In this hypothetical."
    *looks at camera like he's in the office*

  • Kat Khan
    Kat Khan 15 days ago

    Free Range Grass is the west coast version of the Watcher

  • Kat Khan
    Kat Khan 15 days ago +4

    Free Range Grass is my favourite part of the show!

  • BuffaloBen
    BuffaloBen 15 days ago


  • Rainbow Mender
    Rainbow Mender 15 days ago


  • Helen Myers
    Helen Myers 16 days ago

    Binge re-watching these postmortems and really enjoying seeing all the times they say the same thing at the same time one after another #BESTFRIENDSFOREVER

  • FazzzPlays
    FazzzPlays 16 days ago


  • Nyboul
    Nyboul 16 days ago

    But why did Shane not address the demon thing 👀👀

  • Alex Fischer
    Alex Fischer 17 days ago

    #roastmortem Ryan are you even a real Pokemon fan if you don't realize Magikarpenterr is not a play on magic carpet, but a play on Magikarp?

  • Eric McNeil
    Eric McNeil 17 days ago

    Shane said gun through peephole. I immediately thought of the trap in Saw 2 where Gus was shot through the eye through the peephole

  • SeriousGamingNetwork
    SeriousGamingNetwork 17 days ago

    That alternate theory makes no sense since the victims were attacked by a 6 ft Male, not a 5 ft something female

  • J. Sears
    J. Sears 17 days ago

    Nguyen is Winn

  • Threesweetbrownies
    Threesweetbrownies 17 days ago

    I love you guys and all but Ryan that is the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen

  • Sarabeth Marie
    Sarabeth Marie 17 days ago

    I’m from Texarkana! Born there at least lol

  • Jami Ward
    Jami Ward 17 days ago

    Shane saw the watcher in the beginning there

  • MargaritaMolly
    MargaritaMolly 18 days ago +1

    We love you too, Sofia and Mikaela. Fantastic theory!

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 18 days ago

    These guys are just great. By far, my favourite thing to watch 💓

  • Seasons124
    Seasons124 18 days ago

    What happened to JJ horsely ?????

  • Marissa Garton
    Marissa Garton 18 days ago

    Let's not forget @grassincaptivity and @freerangedeadgrass, down with the government.

  • Magui Rozan
    Magui Rozan 18 days ago

    i miss the hotdaga

  • Liambrownz
    Liambrownz 18 days ago

    There are copycat killers so your wrong...

  • maddie e
    maddie e 19 days ago

    Wait a minute, did Ryan say he named his dog....Ricky???
    Oml his dog is secretly Ricky Goldsworth

  • Andrea Konkoly
    Andrea Konkoly 19 days ago

    Actually there was, probably still is, been inspired by other serial killers. It’s pretty common. Of course they getting the inspiration because they are just as twisted. Most of them want to be even better than their idol.

  • Anthony Granata
    Anthony Granata 19 days ago

    Go to the haunted museum in Vegas for a supernatural episode

  • Just A Happy Pillow Person

    For the mask one, I was actually thinking that the dude might’ve worn a mask because he knew the victims in person and didn’t want them to recognize him for that reason. Like the guy who was the usher at the movie theater thought maybe they’d recognize him? Idk

  • Lenee Ochsner
    Lenee Ochsner 19 days ago +1

    Don't forget the dexter copycat serial killer wannabe!

  • Lanna Hopkins
    Lanna Hopkins 19 days ago

    One other theory is that the serial killer simply died. Possibly while committing an unrelated crime, in an accident, or died by natural causes. Could that be why so many remain unsolved, and why the murders inexplicably stop?

    MVP SGTV 20 days ago

    Aye 903 where ya at?

  • Artemis Bach
    Artemis Bach 20 days ago

    4:57 is so calming to me what

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 20 days ago

    Every time I saw Ryan here, I kept thinking he was wearing a safety vest

  • Samantha Milburn // The Southern Sooner

    freerangegrass is the hero everyone needs.

  • Oscar M.Limon
    Oscar M.Limon 20 days ago

    The watcher replaced Shane! All Hail The Watcher.

  • Samantha Mahoney
    Samantha Mahoney 20 days ago

    But what if freerangegrass is the Watcher? All hail the grass, I guess...

  • Alexis Maestas
    Alexis Maestas 20 days ago

    10:51 Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

  • Melissa
    Melissa 20 days ago

    The Free range grass bit is way better than the hot dogs thing

  • Rin Delamater
    Rin Delamater 21 day ago

    M I N D H U N T E R

  • Rebecca Rubio
    Rebecca Rubio 21 day ago

    Ryan’s wheezing is everything 😂😂😂

  • changtastic
    changtastic 21 day ago +1

    We need one more guy with a patchy beard to make 1 nice beard!!

  • Muhammad Rafiuddin Safaruddin

    can shane and ryan react to videos from Dunia Nyata? it's an Indonesian channel where this guy goes and search for ghosts.

  • pizzaa queen
    pizzaa queen 21 day ago

    what episode or season did the ROASTing of Shane and Ryan start?

  • Maria R
    Maria R 21 day ago

    For a whole minute I thought Ryan had an apron on

  • ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    I do not at all enjoy this Freerangegrass bs each episode. It's not funny or entertaining in the slightest.

  • Whitney Waters
    Whitney Waters 21 day ago

    Listen here ghoul bags!!! WATER WORLD IS A GREAT MOVIE!!!!

  • melissa alsteen
    melissa alsteen 21 day ago

    yes, please less is more, takes away from others who has questions.

  • Grumpychiken22
    Grumpychiken22 21 day ago +1

    Dose anyone else feel like free range grass is kinda like the stig from top gear

  • marysxc1
    marysxc1 21 day ago

    Hi ghoul boys, what are your favorite colors? It's for research. Also please bring back the hot daga we all miss it. #shitfish #postmortem

  • Marina Tognoli
    Marina Tognoli 21 day ago

    serial killers go "dorment" only for 2 reasons, 1 - they get caught for other petty crimes, 2 - they find a new way to satisfy their need, but its ever only temporary.

  • The Daily Big G
    The Daily Big G 21 day ago

    For the @postmortem, why does Shane's face look photoshopped onto his body at @3:28. Maybe he is actually an alien? Actually it is much more likely that if aliens were to exist they would be microorganisms. #Shaniac Shane's body is probably just too lanky for his big fat head. Speaking of microorganisms though... Hi Ryan. #roastmortem

  • Riza
    Riza 21 day ago

    This freerangegrass person is giving me the Holly Horsely vibes

  • The Lady Spies
    The Lady Spies 21 day ago

    On the subject of "Home Alone" there's an episode of the podcast "Sawbones" the doctor that is a co!-host on the podcast talks about the various injuries those guys would have sustained from the pranks

    THE BATMAN 21 day ago +1

    Itheth mair

  • Megan Mercado
    Megan Mercado 21 day ago

    that 'mr. squat factory' or 'mrs. cutie factory' thing made me laugh way more then it should have

  • Caitlin Carney
    Caitlin Carney 22 days ago

    I just want to know if anyone else has noticed Ryan says February differently since somebody pointed it out. I miss it

  • King Crazy
    King Crazy 22 days ago

    If you live in Texarkana currently you are the best

  • Dëedee
    Dëedee 22 days ago

    But why did I get a impeach trump add🤣🤣🤣

  • Zulphur
    Zulphur 22 days ago

    Marilyn Monroe died of barbituates

  • klayton larson
    klayton larson 22 days ago


  • Jack Lefton
    Jack Lefton 22 days ago

    Bring back ruining history

  • pluiedecerisier
    pluiedecerisier 22 days ago

    I think that, since these murders started around the 1940s, it is very possible that the killer didn’t really stop, but actually moved somewhere else. This is especially factible considering that the police investigative forces at the time were not so connected from state to state, and it would only be until the 1970s, with the investigations of Ted Bundy’s murders that police started sharing information about cases across states.

  • Heather McGair- Cook
    Heather McGair- Cook 22 days ago

    That is not Shane. Or he's dyed his hair

  • chillchillpill
    chillchillpill 22 days ago

    Why does Shane always look like he needs a good night's sleep, breakfast, a shave, a haircut, a bath, clean clothes and a 12-step programme?

  • Scifikimmi
    Scifikimmi 22 days ago


  • Sydney Ford
    Sydney Ford 22 days ago

    If you’re feeding goldfish to a ghoul, would that make them “Ghouldfish”?

  • Jordie Parks
    Jordie Parks 22 days ago

    8:46 Did he just say Ricky? Is Ricky Goldsworth named after Ryan's dog?

  • Andrea Hernández
    Andrea Hernández 23 days ago

    10:27 (wheeeeeeeeeeze)

  • mysticdef
    mysticdef 23 days ago

    BTK stopped killing for a few years twice I believe because he was busy with work or/and with his family.
    So if killings stopped,it doesn't mean they caught the right guy.

  • Laura
    Laura 23 days ago

    "I'm gonna feed him little goldish." Guys I think I figured it out, Ryan's just lonely.

  • heather fielder
    heather fielder 23 days ago

    I totally am disappointed I didn’t get a shout out because this ep was my idea dudes, I love ya but come on and Virginia Carpenter was involved I know it lol

  • Tamara
    Tamara 23 days ago

    10:41 👀👀

  • Sarah Sawka
    Sarah Sawka 23 days ago

    one time i was serving at church, and i passed out. they had to carry me to the back room. not a great time...

  • paint draw
    paint draw 23 days ago

    Who else thinks that Shane looks like Andrew burlinson?

  • Sherry Landry
    Sherry Landry 23 days ago

    One of the greatest episodes ever!!!!!

  • diamond penguin
    diamond penguin 23 days ago

    bring back the hotdogga

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 23 days ago

    Of course it’s real *Veritaserum anyone*

  • Rosamund Schmidt
    Rosamund Schmidt 23 days ago

    Please do the mystery about the people in France who started to dance and didn't stop!

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 23 days ago

    the new detective horsley

  • James Grimshaw
    James Grimshaw 23 days ago

    You should do an unsolved true crime episode on William Tyrrell from Australia as a bit of background he was a toddler when he suddenly and strangely disappeared from his foster grandmothers house wearing a Spider-Man suit and sandals at the back of the property was just one sandal mark in the ground he went missing in 2014 and police are still searching for him it is pretty much a cold case because there has been lots of different leads but most have lead nowhere. There are a few main suspects such as a neighbor, his biological mother and a few others. I think it would be good to have a break from murders in this series and have a focus on a missing persons case

  • Gabriela Avina
    Gabriela Avina 23 days ago

    Idc if Ryan has a weird shirt on! He still looks handsome 😍

  • trash
    trash 23 days ago

    But tbh, if I was going to kill somebody in open space, I would wear a mask as a precaution even if I intended to leave nobody alive