Girliest Christmas ever! Christmas decorate with me! vintage & girly! Emelyne

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • Today we're decorating for Christmas! This is my last single Christmas before I get married, I wanted to go full out this year and decorate the house all pink! I used a lot of vintage 1950's ornaments! I love watching Christmas decorate with me videos so I film one every year!
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  • SweetEmelyne's
    SweetEmelyne's  Year ago +4

    my Christmas house tour is live!!

  • Trina Marino
    Trina Marino 2 months ago

    Boring just white wash it leavening some of the red brick showing though . Then it will fit in .

  • Maria Teresa Acevedo Suarez

    Muy lindo pero no deja ver como quedan los proyectos además no pone subtitulos en español y todo lo pone en cámara rápida y no hace una toma de como quedo la pared de la chimenea

  • Brenna Webster
    Brenna Webster Year ago

    I just came across your channel. I love all your style and hope my 16 year old daughter will decorate like this too some day. 💗😊

  • Eva Fabian
    Eva Fabian Year ago

    The swoopy things are called scallops!

  • liltiger
    liltiger Year ago

    where is that record book at the beginning of the video from?

    • liltiger
      liltiger Year ago

      also ur record player too lol

  • florence cavallaro

    if you guys have children somedayyou are going to be like the best mom ever

  • florence cavallaro

    love your dog so much

  • florence cavallaro

    you are great//love your home

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro Year ago +1

    i love your home

  • Patty Hernandez
    Patty Hernandez Year ago +1

    You had me at vintage!! LOL 💖💖

  • Patty Hernandez
    Patty Hernandez Year ago

    I love that tree💖💖

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia Year ago

    It's called trim.

  • A K. Cobain
    A K. Cobain Year ago +1

    I seriously love christmas so much! I put up my tree on thanksgiving day and drove to 4 stores looking for a stand for the tree cus mine got lost in storage. My family made so much fun of how crazy I looked running around at 6 am to my local Walmart to buy tree parts but Im so dedicated I didnt care lol

  • MyCrazyLifeAsMeadow
    MyCrazyLifeAsMeadow Year ago +2

    Omg I'm obsessing over your decorations 😍

  • Abby Armstrong
    Abby Armstrong Year ago

    You are so creative, Emelyne! I absolutely adore your style and the way you decorated. So dreamy and whimsical💕✨

  • Courtney Noir
    Courtney Noir Year ago

    love everything about this!!!

  • cookies kayla
    cookies kayla Year ago

    Such beautiful decorations I love your style so much

  • dottie erickson
    dottie erickson Year ago

    What happen to the full view of everything you put up in your house? We missed the brick wall event!

    • SweetEmelyne's
      SweetEmelyne's  Year ago

      The house tour will be up in m house tour video! I want it to be a surprise until then!

  • Kitty Love
    Kitty Love Year ago

    Yay! I can’t wait for all of the Christmas videos this year.

  • Wanda Majette
    Wanda Majette Year ago

    Scalloped edges is what it's called.

  • Lizabetha Elizabeth
    Lizabetha Elizabeth Year ago +1

    They are called scallops love.

  • Fanouvvi
    Fanouvvi Year ago

    The best girlie Christmas décor, I am huge fan of vintage ornaments, I have a difficult time finding vintage ornaments. Besides, your décor Rocks! I cannot wait to see the finish results.

  • Sonia Galambos
    Sonia Galambos Year ago

    Scalloped edge.

  • Michelle Lopezs
    Michelle Lopezs Year ago +1

    Loved this video! Love the vintage ornaments and theme.

  • Annie Giovannucci
    Annie Giovannucci Year ago +3

    OMG my dog has the same coat as your dog lol

  • always4ever68
    always4ever68 Year ago

    You are so lucky to have some beautiful vintage ornaments! So So Cute!

  • Stephanie Simmons

    Beautiful! I especially love the gingerbread wall!🍨🍭🍰🐩🦄🧚‍♀️💖

  • Rebecca theFam
    Rebecca theFam Year ago

    I love your videos plus if anyone has a flea markets you can get vintage ornaments

  • Marie M.C.
    Marie M.C. Year ago

    LOVE your decorations. Very clever about the ginger bread house. Happy Thanksgiving

  • BlueEyedRedhead
    BlueEyedRedhead Year ago

    I always put my Christmas tree up on December 1st. Not too far away!!!

  • BlueEyedRedhead
    BlueEyedRedhead Year ago

    I love all your decorations, everything is so pretty!! I wish I could find vintage décor like that around here. You did a great job on decorating the brick wall, so cute.

  • Melinda Fekete
    Melinda Fekete Year ago

    I missed Brianna from this video 😌

  • littlecrowley
    littlecrowley Year ago

    my house is decorated except for the trees, thaw will be going up on friday

  • Stephanie Sweet
    Stephanie Sweet Year ago +1

    You had me at girly and vintage Christmas!

  • Imogen Bowlt
    Imogen Bowlt Year ago +2

    Omg this is so you!! Honestly reasons to live in your own place! I’m still sure your style will be just as gorgeous next year though!!💕

  • Maria Ilyusha
    Maria Ilyusha Year ago

    Love the gingerbread house idea! So cute! 💕

  • Sierra Slytherin
    Sierra Slytherin Year ago

    Ugggg I subscribed to you months ago, and I thought you just didn’t make RU-clip videos often anymore! Anyway it turns out that the notification bell wasn’t on! I’m pretty sure I did have it on! This has been happening to a lot of channels I’m subscribed to! All the videos that I missed out on ☹️

    • SweetEmelyne's
      SweetEmelyne's  Year ago

      Oh nooo!! I just got someone else saying the EXACT same thing! This is so frustrating! 😭 I swear RU-clip messes with subscriptions

  • Nyla Davis
    Nyla Davis Year ago

    I love the wreath so much!!! 💖

  • Nyla Davis
    Nyla Davis Year ago

    So pumped for Christmas!!

  • Cloudydumpling
    Cloudydumpling Year ago +2

    So does this mean when you move in with Conner you're not going to be vintage and girly anymore?

  • Hannah Morgan
    Hannah Morgan Year ago

    Hey does anyone know where she got her large storage containers that she had her decorations in from? I love the patterns but can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  • zombie cow
    zombie cow Year ago

    where did you get that record player stand?

  • filledwithlumos
    filledwithlumos Year ago

    So beautiful!

  • AnnaGlance
    AnnaGlance Year ago

    I'm in love with your Christmas tree! I'm so excited to see more Christmas videos on your channel this year:)

  • McKenzie Jeanne
    McKenzie Jeanne Year ago

    Love this video so much!😍🎄💞🎀 You inspired me to decorate pink and vintage for Christmas!

  • Manya Suhag
    Manya Suhag Year ago

    Your house is perfection 💕💖

  • Hevynly1
    Hevynly1 Year ago +1

    Everything looks beautiful so far!! And yes, my house is all decorated, except for the tree. I love Christmas!!

  • Nafisa Usha
    Nafisa Usha Year ago +1

    I wish I could decorate my room like this but there is no such cute n girly decorations in my country😞

  • molly
    molly Year ago +1

    this is soooo cute! love the girly Christmas theme

  • Alea Matuskova
    Alea Matuskova Year ago

    so exciting ♥♥

  • Gina Guerra
    Gina Guerra Year ago

    I loved it!! I need that wreath!!

  • liv5776
    liv5776 Year ago

    Can’t wait to see the full house tour!

  • liv5776
    liv5776 Year ago +2

    You know it’s Christmas when em’s cotton candy comes down and wreath goes up

  • Leslie Worthy
    Leslie Worthy Year ago

    You have the sweetest taste in decorations! Looks great , can’t wait to see the finished video! We decorated yesterday!

  • Caroline Monte
    Caroline Monte Year ago

    Scalloped edge

  • Cassie J
    Cassie J Year ago

    Aaahhh.... I thought you were gonna show the finished decorated house I this video. Now the anticipation is gonna kill me! Lol. I can't wait. I just know it's gonna be gorgeous!! We have the exact same taste, so I get such good ideas.

  • SoCraftastic
    SoCraftastic Year ago

    The longer I watch the more I can't choose which thing is the cutest!! Also love the ski print bedding.

  • jengrenko
    jengrenko Year ago +1

    Oh! I can't wait to see the tour! You have the most charming collections! I love seeing young people collect vintage things! I hope you will not give up too much of your girlie style!!

  • maritza alvarez
    maritza alvarez Year ago