Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • Margot talks about growing up in Australia, being around lots of venomous snakes, Outback Steakhouse, her first job at 10 years old, her new movie I,Tonya and she has a beer with Guest Host Chris Pratt.
    Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Pitch Ideas to Star Wars Director Rian Johnson

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    Guest Host Chris Pratt Interviews Margot Robbie
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Comments • 7 555

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 2 days ago

    Chris Pratt is a way better talk show host than Kimmel

  • Dani Renee
    Dani Renee 2 days ago

    my favorite insult to use

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 2 days ago


  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 2 days ago

    Somehow I find Chris Pratt annoying in this. Kind of pretentious in a way.

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 3 days ago

    Very sexy! How much for one night?

  • Nom1fan
    Nom1fan 3 days ago

    She's hot and nice but not a really good actress... or is it just me?

  • Epoch Fatalist
    Epoch Fatalist 3 days ago

    *Suck the tip end of my DIYOCK!*

  • BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    3 beers for 2 people. yes.

  • ruben howe
    ruben howe 4 days ago

    She is lone woman,making her way in this world?

  • Jimeth
    Jimeth 4 days ago

    I hope Chris Pratt starts his own talk show haha

  • alec rasmussen
    alec rasmussen 5 days ago

    Omg she’s perfect 😍😍

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik 5 days ago

    He has antmans mannerisms

  • Shakenstien
    Shakenstien 5 days ago

    Harley Quinn and Star Lord

  • redpanda gaming
    redpanda gaming 5 days ago

    is this suicide squad and guardians of the galaxy cross over or something?

  • Char Joudrey
    Char Joudrey 5 days ago

    Chris just ruined every chance he has with CHemsworth

  • chetan kolekar
    chetan kolekar 6 days ago


  • Naomi McIlvaine
    Naomi McIlvaine 6 days ago

    This is like Andy Dwyer hosting

  • jn
    jn 6 days ago

    What a charming guy lmao

  • MR.i. playgames
    MR.i. playgames 6 days ago

    The things I would do to that girl

  • Lord of Hackers
    Lord of Hackers 7 days ago

    There are snakes in our house but like hidden at least bot like that

  • Jarno Kooiker
    Jarno Kooiker 8 days ago

    Perfect comedic duo

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali 8 days ago +14

    If only she played cap marvel... someone with a personality.

  • GatoLightning
    GatoLightning 8 days ago +1

    It’s venomous not poisonous, they’re two different things. Venom is injected, and poison is inhaled, absorbed, or ingested.

  • AttilatheThrilla
    AttilatheThrilla 8 days ago +1

    Jimmy hasn’t had beer on tv since The Man Show..

  • Veo 16
    Veo 16 9 days ago

    Pratt is always shouting. "HELLO!"

  • Vijay Surya
    Vijay Surya 10 days ago

    For god's sake can you ask Australian celebs something else?? Everytime there's an Aussie celeb in the interview people be asking the same thing about snakes spiders kangaroos etc. Like wtf?? 🤷

  • Peter McGraw
    Peter McGraw 10 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel sucks

  • BradyBunch76
    BradyBunch76 10 days ago +1

    Chris Pratt is substantially better than Jimmy Kimmel at the interviewers desk.

  • Henry Parker
    Henry Parker 10 days ago

    I bet not many of you here know about Hinterland? Anyone..

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone 10 days ago

    Jaime Pressly is so hot.

  • Kristian
    Kristian 11 days ago

    Thats so cool

  • Isabella Dominitz
    Isabella Dominitz 11 days ago

    James Charles: I talk fast
    Chris Pratt: Hold my beer

  • M3mphis2008
    M3mphis2008 12 days ago

    she is just so straight and pure :-D

  • thanya fereira
    thanya fereira 12 days ago

    Matching couple

  • Jessica Scozzola
    Jessica Scozzola 13 days ago +2

    Chris Pratt should have his own talk show! He's real good at hosting. Very entertaining and engaging. He acknowledges well too.

  • Shumayel Khan
    Shumayel Khan 13 days ago +4

    Kimmel does this everyday. Pratt did it as a fun project. Can’t compare the two.

  • Adam Yuan
    Adam Yuan 13 days ago

    Spider is actually venomous not poisonous

  • D Z
    D Z 13 days ago +1


  • D Z
    D Z 13 days ago +1

    Starlord and Harley Quin man

  • MrTaquilleitor
    MrTaquilleitor 13 days ago

    Do you like to eat honey? Well its produced from margot V...

  • KidScipio
    KidScipio 14 days ago +1

    i would actually watch late night shows if chris pratt was hosting

  • Antonio Palestini
    Antonio Palestini 14 days ago

    Margot is the hottest woman alive

  • Mr. Tarp
    Mr. Tarp 14 days ago +1

    When jimmy kimmel showed up at the end, I forgot it was his show lol

  • eskreskao
    eskreskao 14 days ago


  • Spy Hero
    Spy Hero 15 days ago

    Lmao... What sort of crossover is this 😂

  • DeathToTheLeft DieDieDie

    Get rid of Jimmy and give the Job to Chris. Clearly he's more qualified and not a wet blanket...

  • Fazal Shakeel
    Fazal Shakeel 16 days ago +2

    When you first meet her : 😍😍😍

    When you get to know her : 😈😈😈

  • Adam Baum
    Adam Baum 16 days ago

    Well he kind of did get margo robbie......when she was younger and less used up.

    • Adam Baum
      Adam Baum 15 days ago

      @Daniel I said less used up...and what does her face have to do with the fact she has probably been pounded out by a plethora of weens.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 15 days ago

      There is nothing used up about Margot Robbie. Her face is flawless.

  • Sexy Chocolate Robbie
    Sexy Chocolate Robbie 16 days ago

    He’s so good😂

  • Adventures 4YourSoul
    Adventures 4YourSoul 17 days ago

    Pratt is not very good at this. He is too rushed.

  • Copuloxi Ranbooi
    Copuloxi Ranbooi 17 days ago

    I love Chris Pratt!! He's so just... himself!

  • Lazuru Storm
    Lazuru Storm 17 days ago +1

    Winter Soldier in a movie with Haley Quinn being interviewed my Star Lord.
    Nerds rule the world!!

  • Shafi Sediqi
    Shafi Sediqi 17 days ago

    I am ganna ask her mom about it just to make sure she is not lying lol

  • Sarah Michelle Gilligan

    Jesus - did they actually pay Chris Pratt to do this..

  • Eyes nTeeth
    Eyes nTeeth 17 days ago

    An interesting parallel dimension

  • Johnny Millar
    Johnny Millar 18 days ago

    She says she never ate at outback then tells a story of a date at outback hmmm

  • ArkusTheGreat
    ArkusTheGreat 18 days ago

    Better host I'd watch the show more honestly

  • RAUH Welt
    RAUH Welt 18 days ago

    Chris Pratt would have gotten her phone number easily.

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac 18 days ago

    i liked Chris in that runaway train movie and i like Margot naked in that other movie with the Titanic guy

  • Richard Engroff
    Richard Engroff 19 days ago

    One of the best looking women on the planet!

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 19 days ago

    There is dislike from JL

  • Gerhard van der Wildt
    Gerhard van der Wildt 19 days ago +1

    you do know that a snake is venomous and not poisonous right?!

    • Trev Mac
      Trev Mac 18 days ago

      First of all who are you asking the question too? If you re asking the people in the video they can't hear you.Secondly any snake expert *Herpetologist* always refer to snakes as poisonous/or not poisonous when describing the threat level. Apparently you don't know that.

  • Alexyt Man
    Alexyt Man 19 days ago

    Christ Pratt ads on Christ Pratt video... Nice

  • Law Licht
    Law Licht 19 days ago +10

    Having a beer with Margot Robbie =
    Opening a cold one with a hot one

    RANDOM 19 days ago +1


  • norton snale
    norton snale 19 days ago +5

    The only time I'll watch a Jimmy Kimmel RU-clip video, when Jimmy Kimmel is gone.

  • NGC 7635
    NGC 7635 19 days ago

    He kinda sounds a bit like Kimmel it’s weird.

  • mongo0606
    mongo0606 19 days ago

    I love me an aussie blonde

  • Micah Browning
    Micah Browning 19 days ago

    Give him a show

    MARTYDIGGITYDOD Z 20 days ago

    My mum

  • Romulino
    Romulino 20 days ago

    just hire him

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 20 days ago

    She's stunning

  • directtalk1
    directtalk1 20 days ago

    Chris Pratt’s lost his cool in the vain attempt to disguise the fact he’d clearly love to knock her back wheels off

  • Koda
    Koda 20 days ago

    Did anyone realize if you close your eyes it actually still sounds like Jimmy Kimmel?

  • kevin stermer
    kevin stermer 20 days ago +2

    I definitely like Chris pratt better as a host than Jimmy.

  • Diana M
    Diana M 21 day ago

    Guillermo, a real Mexican! 😂

  • Troy Jackson
    Troy Jackson 21 day ago

    It says a lot about Robbie, but I didn’t know the movie existed and now I kinda wanna see it

    SAIF AHMED 21 day ago

    I love her Smile 😭😭😭😭😭😭... so Adorable.

  • El Inextricable
    El Inextricable 21 day ago

    I think that Chris Pratt is so much better tv host than literally everyone else: kimmel, fallon, colbert, conan, ellen, craig, etc, etc. those are sh*t in comparison.

  • onlyarno
    onlyarno 21 day ago

    ugh. venomous snakes and spiders. 🤨

  • Dominic J. Gomez
    Dominic J. Gomez 22 days ago

    Chris Pratt did a great job

  • R.D.B
    R.D.B 22 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie? From now on the most loved accent Australian 😍🤞🏼

  • Grammar Soviet
    Grammar Soviet 22 days ago

    my face went dry when i saw kimmel at the end...

  • Eric Henry
    Eric Henry 22 days ago

    More Chris Pratt, less Jimmy Kimmel. I bet there will finally be enough time for Matt then

  • kyle white
    kyle white 22 days ago

    She looks so much like a young Jaime Pressley

  • emil engen
    emil engen 22 days ago

    I wish chris wasn't religious. Religious people are so stupid.

  • Dan Mahoniii
    Dan Mahoniii 22 days ago

    Yea Jimmy to answer your question I did like that. Let’s just go w/ Chris for now on

  • Beben
    Beben 22 days ago +1

    Harley Quinn and Star Lord

  • G.T.O. The Public Beta Test

    Chris Pratt is an infinitely better host of the Jimmy Kimmel show than Jimmy Kimmel.
    Chris Pratt is talented and honest.
    Kimmel is talented and a liar.
    The truth always, always makes the ultimate difference.
    It’s the difference between freedom and chains.

  • Nomad Quartet
    Nomad Quartet 22 days ago

    Классное интервью ❤️

  • Isaac William
    Isaac William 22 days ago

    “But he didn’t get Margot Robbie did he?“

  • Loser User
    Loser User 22 days ago +1

    I see...Joker might be angry!

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno 22 days ago

    Margot Hottie, yup best job ever

  • Tiocfaidh ár lá
    Tiocfaidh ár lá 23 days ago

    i wish my snake was in margots house.

  • Gustav Okpu
    Gustav Okpu 23 days ago

    Harley quinn?

  • Gustav Okpu
    Gustav Okpu 23 days ago

    Thats not chris pratt

  • Tucson Blue Skies
    Tucson Blue Skies 23 days ago

    Chris Pratt was good!

  • Aryan Jaafar
    Aryan Jaafar 23 days ago

    Jennifer lorance disliked this video

  • bethany x
    bethany x 23 days ago +2

    Margot seems so down to earth, she's so pretty and her personality is even more attractive, I love her😍

  • Sam Venable
    Sam Venable 23 days ago

    Chris Pratt should have his own talk show