#Blexit President Trump Signs Exective Order for Urban Revitalization with Ben Carson & Tim Scott

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • #Blexit President Trump Signs EO Establishing the White House Opportunity & Revitalization Council

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  • Chief Ryback
    Chief Ryback 5 months ago

    Hoodrats will have those places trashed within a year. Waste of my tax dollars. Smdh

  • You Need Jesus
    You Need Jesus 5 months ago

    What’s the catch?

  • J Clint
    J Clint 5 months ago

    Thanks for your videos. I know it takes a lot of work, and I appreciate your dedication

  • J Clint
    J Clint 5 months ago +3

    If successful you'll hear about gentrification and pricing out minorities. If it fails it will be just another example of the government wasting tax payer money

  • J Clint
    J Clint 5 months ago +4

    Executive orders are unconstitutional. We have no King but Jesus

    • J Clint
      J Clint 5 months ago

      +Willful Ignorance Warrior you're right. And I agree. That would be good but I don't see it happening. I'm just sick of all the Presidents acting like kings with proclamations we must follow..

    • Willful Ignorance Warrior
      Willful Ignorance Warrior  5 months ago +1

      you wont get any argument from me on EO's being unconstitutional but Trump certainly didnt invent them. And he has used them pretty sparingly so far. Id like to see him use more of his executive power to erase the NDAA, The Emergency Food Act, and the Waters Act. But I dont expect we will see any of that.

  • Little Squirrel
    Little Squirrel 5 months ago +2

    I wish I could run my household finances like our government!!! Then I could waste money that I don't have and distribute it to whoever I want. Btw....giving money to corrupt Democrat towns to "fix" their "opportunity zones" is ignorant and a complete joke. These towns would be better served having the stray cats in these "opportunity zones" distribute the money and have complete oversight of the National urban strategy. What a joke. Having grown up in a blight ridden area it's desperation, lack of high school degrees, drugs, gangs, children not having fathers, mismanagement of funds, lack of employment, and to be honest NO BUSINESSES WANT TO MOVE INTO THESE AREAS BECAUSE OF CRIME AND THE OBVIOUS FACT THAT THESE AREAS SUCK. That's why people work their ass off to get their families out of these shit holes. These problems are too deep to just throw money at. It is a waste of taxpayer money,but sure.......it makes everyone feel good that they're doing something. Ben Carson knows better. It was his own education and sheer determination of his mother to get them out of these opportunity zones. POVERTY ISN'T FIXED BY THROWING MONEY AT THE POOR.

    • Willful Ignorance Warrior
      Willful Ignorance Warrior  5 months ago

      I am not exactly for this kind of stuff but I wanted to put it up here because Trump is constantly called racist.