Titanium - หน้ากากมงกุฎเพชร | The Mask Singer 3 REACTION

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
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    Link : ru-clip.com/video/ueRc3hDSQE0/video.html
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  • เทพบุตร สุดเห่ย

    Very good video 😘

  • สุกิตติ แซ่ตี่


  • tyan tanjaya
    tyan tanjaya Year ago

    Thank you now i know this singer |^-^|

  • Nontakorn Atikdadmongkol

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  • Moya Kung
    Moya Kung Year ago +1


  • Rolando Jr Briones
    Rolando Jr Briones Year ago +2

    The vocals is great but she has to improve her english pronunciation. i.e. ricohet must be pronounced ri_ka_sha not rikached. The word fall was pronounced fool.

  • นักฆ่า ล่าคอมเม้น Thailand Club


  • The Keeper
    The Keeper Year ago +19

    2:53 โว้ววว ตกใจอะไร😂 เห็นผู้หญิงหน่อยไม่ได้เลย555

  • Jarupak Kongmuean
    Jarupak Kongmuean Year ago +2

    2.53เค้าตกใจอะไร 555

  • nataporn am nat
    nataporn am nat Year ago +1

    ต่อหน้าฉัน หน้ากากมงกุฎเพชร | The Mask Singer 3 ru-clip.com/video/j4WNlWnDTKQ/video.html
    ฉันจะรอเธอ หน้ากากตุกตา | The Mask Singer 3 ru-clip.com/video/RJHRu3n53h4/video.html

  • klovetik lovetik
    klovetik lovetik Year ago +1

    Gam I love you

  • Naphat Boonphairatsakun

    no Indonesian from Thailand!!!
    อิดอก อินโดหีแตดไรคะ เม้นไม่รู้เรื่อง!

    • Natapon D.
      Natapon D. Year ago

      นั้นดิ อินโดฯไหนกัน

  • カカシはたけ
    カカシはたけ Year ago +1


  • Pia Rujira
    Pia Rujira Year ago +1

    [Cover] Secret Love Song - Little Mix By แก้ม วิชญาณี ru-clip.com/video/S4m1BkvKxyU/video.html

  • TRINITY_9x9 twilight

    หน้ากากตุ๊กตา ฉันจะรอเธอ 😱😱
    This song tells the love story of a woman whose husband left her to go to the military, and at that moment she got pregnant and before he promised to return to her life and her husband waiting for her. She's honest, and that day came when she was sick, she was born, but her husband did not return, and when she was about to give birth, he was going to give birth to her. I do not know what to do with my life, but my soul is still waiting for my husband to return home until one day my husband returns. The house and living with her, without realizing that she and her baby have died, her devastating and frightening people have spoken to Phrakhanong about her horror. This is a great way to get to know each other. )

  • Ezra Stark
    Ezra Stark Year ago

    Please react to The Mask Singer Indonesia :) please

  • Angga Rosidin
    Angga Rosidin Year ago +1

    Dude. Me again... please react This Music Video on *PENGEN JADI VLOGGER* by Cameo Project

  • Chanai Pitt
    Chanai Pitt Year ago +1

    love your reaction m8 👊

  • Apirat Angkurasri
    Apirat Angkurasri Year ago +1


  • Ketchai Suavansri
    Ketchai Suavansri Year ago +1

    Please see “pancake mask” performing ‘Sometimes I cry’.

  • Agung Aswar M
    Agung Aswar M Year ago

    Please react Via Vallen NDX - Sayang - ROCK Version - Cover By Jeje GuitarAddict ft Shella Ikhfa

  • P'Wicky Narak
    P'Wicky Narak Year ago

    U can see her face.. ru-clip.com/video/3zhU9BCjOq0/video.html
    Gam Wichatanee 100%
    Everyone love her and remember her voice. Thx u so much from FC u.

  • Ann 201
    Ann 201 Year ago +3


  • นวภัทร สํารองทรัพย์


  • Dwi Prastio Priyadi
    Dwi Prastio Priyadi Year ago +1

    hey are you from indonesia?

  • tawan sandee
    tawan sandee Year ago +5

    ขำเอ็งง่ะ บักสีดา

  • Marinee Kanjana
    Marinee Kanjana Year ago +7

    Thank you so much from Thailand. I would like to recommend you to react to the pancake mask's performances as well. He performed both Thai and English songs very well, especially a Thai song. So, I would like you to react to the Thai song he performed because it was really awesome and there is an English subtitle for it as well. I am sure that you will like it. ru-clip.com/video/a1Vc9ySxbRg/video.html here is the link of his performance. Have a great day!

  • Rian jombang
    Rian jombang Year ago +1

    Pleace REACATIONS lagu ANJAY cool pisan euy

  • Djameen
    Djameen Year ago +1

    please react Aliando, Calvin J, Nikita Willy, Rassya ft. Agnez Mo - Jatuh Cinta Tak Ada Logika [ Official Video ]

  • samehadaku yt
    samehadaku yt Year ago +2

    Reaction yotube fanfest indonesia

  • Thara Anuyotha
    Thara Anuyotha Year ago +16


  • body 5649
    body 5649 Year ago +5


  • โอชิ ดีดี


  • ชื่ออะไร กูไม่รู้

    แก้มร้องเพลงไหนก็เพราะทุกเพลงค่ะ รักนาง

  • Farlis boy
    Farlis boy Year ago +6

    From Indonesian

  • iDekMaiDee KPP
    iDekMaiDee KPP Year ago +15

    Gam Wichayanee (the star) 100000000%

  • Rasya 0101
    Rasya 0101 Year ago +4

    Please play a game

    • AppieTube
      AppieTube  Year ago

      im always play games on Twitch.tv/appietube ;) most times live :)

  • Abay X Gaming
    Abay X Gaming Year ago +5

    Good boy

  • Muhammad Faiq Sulaeman

    Gak ada konten Lu ya Reaction Mulu Kerjaan Lu

  • Muhammad Faiq Sulaeman


  • reza oktovian
    reza oktovian Year ago +24

    From Indonesia

    • miku tv
      miku tv Year ago

      555555. อินโดร้องเพลงนี้เพราะอยู่นะ ไปดูดิในเดอะแมสอินโด5555

    • Tak Sin
      Tak Sin Year ago +3

      พอกันได้แล้ว อายคน

    • Natapon D.
      Natapon D. Year ago +1

      -No Indonesia
      -หน้ากากมงกุฎเพชร (Thai Language)

    • คุณนาย ติ๋ม
      คุณนาย ติ๋ม Year ago

      Naphat Boonphairatsakun 5555

    • Naphat Boonphairatsakun
      Naphat Boonphairatsakun Year ago +2