Eagles vs. Saints Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints during Divisional Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.
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Comments • 9 743

  • Christian Juneau
    Christian Juneau 6 hours ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Brees getting old if this was 2010 that pass to Hill is a touchdown

  • Martell Ruffin
    Martell Ruffin 3 days ago

    Man that first quarter I was so hype

  • M47theduck
    M47theduck 3 days ago

    I was glad when this happened
    -Vikings fan

  • White Fang
    White Fang 4 days ago

    Yeah cant lie, kinda shocked we lost to the Saints in the playoffs. I really thought it was 100 percent obvious it was gona be Cowboys vs Eagles.

    But its looking more like thats going to be this year.

  • Lord of Autism
    Lord of Autism 4 days ago

    Aints fans will always use the no call as an excuse for not beating the Rams. In reality the refs also missed an easy facemask call for Jared Goff that would've made it 1st and goal Rams but instead it was 3rd down and they also had to settle for a field goal like the PI no call. Then Brees threw a dumb INT in overtime

    • Lord of Autism
      Lord of Autism 4 days ago

      @Jaedon Reeder tell me what of what I just said is wrong and why. Also that's a really original comeback, 10/10

    • Jaedon Reeder
      Jaedon Reeder 4 days ago

      Lord of Autism your name says it all

  • geejr
    geejr 4 days ago

    See the Saints lose the NFC Championship game was so satisfying.

  • Lyric X
    Lyric X 5 days ago

    During the season I didn't give props to the defense because the offense wasn't scoring points alot but looking back at it the eagles D was pretty good.

  • alien priest
    alien priest 6 days ago

    Saints fans were shitting they pants..forgot cox got hurt. Doug P can coach very damn well took Saints coach off his game plan early. Cant wait to face them again.

  • Moist Napkin
    Moist Napkin 8 days ago

    Am i the one who thinks drew brees is better than tom brady statistically

  • Mega
    Mega 9 days ago

    Ahh I remember this

  • Brett Koneski
    Brett Koneski 9 days ago

    This game is reidcoulous the Eagles should beat the hell out of Drew breeze

  • Rashai Sherman
    Rashai Sherman 10 days ago

    Michael Thomas a baaaaaddddd man

  • Bl Sg
    Bl Sg 14 days ago

    Too bad my team lost

  • Guardians of Gold
    Guardians of Gold 18 days ago

    hate the saints. Worst moment in football.

    • Guardians of Gold
      Guardians of Gold 9 days ago

      @Mega I know but the Eagles would have beat the Rams, then they would simply beat the Pats.

    • Mega
      Mega 9 days ago

      Guardians of Gold They lost the next week. They were never going to be champions that year.

  • Big Ben Smith
    Big Ben Smith 19 days ago

    I wonder what CAM had to say to him kmsl

  • Dennis Jeanpierre
    Dennis Jeanpierre 20 days ago

    As a Bears fan, this couldn’t have happened to a better person. Punk ass Alshon Jeffrey.

  • Matthew Joseph
    Matthew Joseph 21 day ago

    I’m an Eagles fan but if u blame this game on Alshon Jeffery u are out of your mind, the offense played terrible after the 1st quarter and the defense held the Saints to 20 points, football is a team sport, not a single person, and Foles should’ve waited for the 2 minute warning or else that play never happens

  • One Clip
    One Clip 24 days ago

    I’m horrified of what happened to us eagles what happened?? I don’t understand

  • neetrab
    neetrab 29 days ago +2

    Can't wait til the saints don't make the playoffs next year.

    • RinkyDink Productions
      RinkyDink Productions 28 days ago

      The rest of the South is trash tho I don't think anyone else will take the division from them

  • Cody G
    Cody G Month ago +3

    At 12:21, a f*ggot can be seen standing by itself in the open field.
    You're welcome.

  • MrStradia
    MrStradia Month ago +13

    Philly gave them all they could handle. Just came up a bit short.

  • Suffering
    Suffering Month ago +3

    When I first started watching I knew it in my heart that throw was gonna be a pic this game had me so pissed

  • John Vales
    John Vales Month ago

    I feel bad for the eagles player who lost the game for them

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. Month ago +1

    You just know Alshon Jeffrey didnt sleep that night

  • One CRAZY Who Dat!
    One CRAZY Who Dat! Month ago +1

    Saints own Philly. Won 7 out of the last 9 games against them, and 3 of those wins were playoff games.

    • One CRAZY Who Dat!
      One CRAZY Who Dat! 29 days ago

      @neetrab I can't wait till your mother swallows another load mine. She's such a good blow pig. In the meantime your sister will do.

    • neetrab
      neetrab 29 days ago

      I can't wait til the saints don't make the playoffs next year.

    • neetrab
      neetrab 29 days ago

      @telsa roadster LOL right?

  • Mr. King
    Mr. King Month ago +1

    One of the reasons we lost was Brees went at Josh Hawkins constantly. Especially 1st touchdown. Poor guy, 9th CB of the year injuries are a killer.

  • The NFL Gamer Kid
    The NFL Gamer Kid Month ago +3

    Drew breese is trash what are you talking about nick foles is really good he won the super bowl be quite saints fans the saint barely got any points to so why are you trash talking about the eagles

  • Kras 4
    Kras 4 Month ago

    I can't even be mad at Alshon. Dude made clutch catches throughout this game. It was Philly fault for not scoring all of the second half. Great playoff game though.

  • Nora Collins
    Nora Collins Month ago +13

    Anyone else notice the random football flying up in the bottom right corner at 0:29?

  • Mega
    Mega 2 months ago +1

    As an Eagles fan, this game felt pretty epic at first

  • Beast October
    Beast October 2 months ago

    Thank you Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints for not letting the Eagles win another Superbowl yours sincerely New York Giants fans

  • cliff a
    cliff a 2 months ago

    Sean Lattimore pick 😝😫💥

  • Joe N
    Joe N 2 months ago

    Sad thing is were better I'll never be able to be mad at these guys love my eagles and the fans let's go yous guys

  • DANNY 3
    DANNY 3 2 months ago

    Go to 12:43 and realize that the announcer is yelling intercepted at the verry moment Lattimore catches it not even a fraction of a second late
    A conspiracy theorist could have a field day with this
    A logical person could poke several holes in that conspiracy
    Feel free to call me a genius or and idiot

    • DANNY 3
      DANNY 3 2 months ago

      @Evan Kerr my mind is blown

    • Evan Kerr
      Evan Kerr 2 months ago

      DANNY 3 he anticipated it most announcers do a bit

  • ILLxst GG
    ILLxst GG 2 months ago

    eagles vs michael thomas

  • Mitchell Miller
    Mitchell Miller 2 months ago +1

    My only question is how on Earth did the ball slipped from the guy's hands in that Saints interception

  • Big BIck Nick Torralba
    Big BIck Nick Torralba 2 months ago

    Damn political games! Eagles got trumped 😥

  • N O L A N M I L N E S
    N O L A N M I L N E S 2 months ago +3

    Eagles should've won this game. They beat themselves.

    • darth rabid
      darth rabid 12 days ago +2

      The saints didnt win this game, the eagles kept on shooting themselves in the foot for 3 quarters.

  • sound wave6
    sound wave6 2 months ago

    Damn I was Salty then a mutha 😪

  • Supperdude9
    Supperdude9 2 months ago

    Watching the Eagles fail always brings a smile to my face.

  • PonyTail Gitty Up
    PonyTail Gitty Up 2 months ago +1

    PA.MTNs for l am Eagles fan all my life and will always be Eagles fan best thing Eagles ever did got rid of McNabb and worst thing they did got rid of Garcia.Gitty Up 2019 2020 season

  • KillerX30582
    KillerX30582 2 months ago +1

    “You blew it!”

  • Juan Santana
    Juan Santana 3 months ago

    We could have been up 21-0 if nick foles didn't throw a pick

  • BigDrewISBOSS
    BigDrewISBOSS 3 months ago +9

    I remember after this game I called my best friend and congratulated him because I knew the patriots were going to win the Super Bowl. The eagles were the last team left at that point I thought had a chance to beat them. I wish I commented that when this video came out cause I know nobody will believe me now. I wish the saints had a chance to play them just to see but I don’t think they would of beat the patriots

    • Dark Aura
      Dark Aura 4 days ago

      darth rabid your bias makes your point very unconvincing. Sean Payton as a coach has nothing on Belichick and you know that. Sony Michel is a great running back, and Julian Edelman is an insane WR. The Saints defense wouldn’t be able to do much against arguably the best QB of all time, Brady. Now don’t get offended like the rest of them by me saying Brady is arguably the greatest. Aaron Donald was helpless against the Pats O-line

    • darth rabid
      darth rabid 9 days ago

      You got sean payton which is a good coach. You got the all time passing leader drew brees which is way more experirenced then goff. You got argubuly the best runningback in the league alvin kamara. You got michael Thomas. And finally, marshon lattimore and the saints defense. I think the pats were good but the saints were clearly the better team.

    • darth rabid
      darth rabid 9 days ago

      @Cooterbrown i doubt it

    • Cooterbrown
      Cooterbrown 10 days ago +1

      @darth rabid they wouldv'e coached scared just like the rams and lost the super in similar fashion

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz 3 months ago +1

    Damn, alshon Jeffery must feel so bad

  • Sean Fulton
    Sean Fulton 3 months ago +11

    Damn if Jeffery make that catch i think we win

    • Pualoa Aspero
      Pualoa Aspero 15 days ago +3

      Sean Fulton yo frl bro🤦🏽‍♂️this could be our next chance to the SB🦅

  • mr. ram
    mr. ram 3 months ago +2

    Eagles should of won

    • Will McAnurn
      Will McAnurn 28 days ago

      I definitely agree, because there could have been a possibility of him going to another Superbowl.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 3 months ago +1

    I love foles but im a Cowboys fan he a beast tho

  • Denis Rodriguez
    Denis Rodriguez 3 months ago +1

    Nick foles is like the big brother to help you win fights that you can’t

  • TU nguyen
    TU nguyen 3 months ago

    seem many the stars players injured everyti.e they play this team in playoff warner farve now this still habe bounty gate mentality

  • MVP Simmons
    MVP Simmons 3 months ago +1

    What happens if we just let the 2 minute warning happen 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez 3 months ago +2

    The moral of the story is that the eagles gave the back the ring to the Patriots who would yet again be the king's...
    Cough.. (SB Frauds) #DontPlay TheVictimJeffery

  • The NFL Gamer Kid
    The NFL Gamer Kid 4 months ago +1

    Thank you rams that you beat the Saints I hate them

  • The NFL Gamer Kid
    The NFL Gamer Kid 4 months ago +1

    Well y’all bragging and Alston Jeffery is amazing and Nick Foles to Drew Brees sucks how do you like it like this comment eagles fans

  • Borderlandsurvivor
    Borderlandsurvivor 4 months ago

    This was the saddest moment for me all season. I love the eagles so much and the last quarter I whole heartedly believed they’d clutch it. I’m not mad at jeffereys but dang I was depressed

    • Mega
      Mega 4 months ago +2

      Borderlandsurvivor It was so painful clicking on this video! I just want Eagles football back.

  • Para Dice
    Para Dice 4 months ago

    12:43 the lion sleeps tonight

  • Aidan got that for christmas Pagan

    Eagles fan
    here the better team one and the story

  • One CRAZY Who Dat!
    One CRAZY Who Dat! 4 months ago

    1.7k butthurt Eagles' fans

  • TheAmazing
    TheAmazing 4 months ago

    Good announcers, good game, good qbs, good wr's, you know this game was a comeback 😎

  • InsanelyHighAsianBoy
    InsanelyHighAsianBoy 4 months ago +1

    Did Mailata play?

  • Mega
    Mega 4 months ago

    The Saints weren’t spectacular. Everyone was just scared of em’

  • Mega
    Mega 4 months ago

    Ugh. I’ll miss Foles so much.

    • Game Dancer
      Game Dancer 4 months ago

      I’m a Pats fan TLYN

    • Mega
      Mega 4 months ago

      Game Dancer I just think of the possibilities if we win the game. We would face the Rams in the NFC championship game. We would probably beat the Rams because we beat them in the regular season and Todd Gurley would be hurt. Then, it would be a rematch of super bowl 52. I guarantee you the Eagles would perform better than the Rams did. Eagles could have been back to back champions.

    • Game Dancer
      Game Dancer 4 months ago

      They should’ve kept him as qb next year. He’s been killin’ other teams

  • Connor The Star Wars fan
    Connor The Star Wars fan 4 months ago +1

    #PhuckPhilly #ByeEaglesBye #🖕🖕🖕

    Sincerely, a Patriots fan

  • Siya Parwani
    Siya Parwani 5 months ago

    I am a patriots fan and I hate the eagles so go saints

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt Month ago

      @John Gotti how the saints were gonna win the super bowl? you still had to go through new england to win the lombardi trophy!

    • Siya Parwani
      Siya Parwani 5 months ago +1

      I know I am a patriots fan at least the patriots won

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago

      Siya Parwani the Saints lost, bub. Good thing to cause they most likely would have won the Bowl as they had all the experience. The Rams didn’t.

  • Eddie Edris
    Eddie Edris 5 months ago +2

    Foles lost saints by 6 and wentz lost by 42 I rather foles

  • Theloneliestsavage
    Theloneliestsavage 5 months ago

    I like many other eagle fans called this game a win after the 1st quarter because the eagles were in such a good rhythm and they played a perfect quarter but then they just pissed it away

  • SuperEaglesFan92
    SuperEaglesFan92 5 months ago


  • angellaR
    angellaR 5 months ago

    Nice Eagles choke.😂😂😂😂

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago

      angellaR you must be young

  • Gaming Sports Highlights
    Gaming Sports Highlights 5 months ago +4

    Saints Fans Where you at

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago

      Eli Saints Fan For life rioting apparently

  • Danny Cooper
    Danny Cooper 5 months ago

    Right next to that bum Seumalo as well. Haha Eagles suck.

  • s10wcheetah
    s10wcheetah 5 months ago

    The Patriots and Rams are lucky, that The Saints got lucky.

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt 5 months ago

      s10wcheetah still. The 2018 postseason wasn’t kind to the nfc conference :P

    • s10wcheetah
      s10wcheetah 5 months ago

      Erroneous! Cody Parker's kick was tipped by Treyvon Hester. Not luck, but skill and precision; Pride and Poise: The Eagles way. @1990Thunderbolt

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt 5 months ago

      the rams got lucky "missed penalty call", the saints got lucky "alshon jeffrey missed catch" and the eagles got lucky "cody parkey missed the game winning field goal attempt". at the end the patriots won the super bowl :P #gopats! xD

  • nicidilas
    nicidilas 5 months ago

    oh yeah nahui

  • You date oppose me mortal Brother

    Eagles are overrated

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt 4 months ago

      @John Gotti how's it ironic? it was pretty much obvious. brady's undefeated against the bears.

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago

      Big Chungus’ Brother they’re right where they should be. Being the only team to win in LA this year, and being just the second team to win in Chicago. Ironic, the first team to win in Chicago was New England!

    • Giants Crazy
      Giants Crazy 5 months ago

      Big Chungus’ Brother how? They were 9-7 and counted out half way through the season.

  • Ádám Nagy
    Ádám Nagy 5 months ago +9

    Thank you Saints!!
    From a die hard Pats fan!!!

    • bruce lee
      bruce lee Month ago +1

      anotherway18 6 rings tho. Brady has more than your fav player

    • anotherway18
      anotherway18 Month ago

      Stfu you mad the eagles waxed the patriots

  • Dajo Sco
    Dajo Sco 5 months ago

    look Saints no call lol ya shouldn't have been in the NFC Champs no way!!!! 9:36

  • Jacob Hawkes
    Jacob Hawkes 5 months ago

    looked like dez

  • 20MDM
    20MDM 5 months ago

    7:52 fav play

  • AlienatedPotato
    AlienatedPotato 5 months ago +6

    Saints couldn't beat karma.

    • darth rabid
      darth rabid 12 days ago

      @Dill Pickle Pittsburgh. They got robbed and it gave the saints the 1st seed. If it wernt for that, the NFC conference would of been in LA and not in New Orleans

    • Dill Pickle
      Dill Pickle Month ago

      AlienatedPotato karma, for what????

  • Vince Costa
    Vince Costa 5 months ago

    Who else cringed everytime Kevin Burkhardt said incomplete like IIINNNcomplete

  • 野狐禅花嶋
    野狐禅花嶋 5 months ago

    That is important topic in also Japan ru-clip.com/video/E4rH6LNjlEU/video.html

  • FuriousMan226 Videos
    FuriousMan226 Videos 5 months ago

    Joe Buck wanted the Saints to win since he is excited when Foles is intercepted at the end of the game

  • kmg4life
    kmg4life 5 months ago

    That 4th down touchdown saved the game for them. 48 had no business on defense and checking thomas at that the play was horrible and defended just as bad as you would expect from a 4th string special teams player 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Kevin Bielat
    Kevin Bielat 5 months ago +2

    Thank you Saints
    GG Eagles
    We need a new kicker
    - A bears fan

    • Mr. Big Chest
      Mr. Big Chest 5 months ago

      It's like the bears and the Seahawks have something in common

  • Nicholas Wade
    Nicholas Wade 5 months ago

    Great call

  • hulagan808
    hulagan808 5 months ago

    Saints won in spite of themselves.
    Philly beat themselves.
    Sloppy , shitty game all the way through .
    Saints just need a fork stuck in them, they're done.
    Eagles suck.
    Saints actually suck worse.

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago

      Sohan Patel does it have any likes?

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago

      hulagan808 far from logical. This is why your absurd comment has no replies until now.

  • SquidParty
    SquidParty 5 months ago +1

    12:40 bears fans rejoice

  • Dorian
    Dorian 5 months ago +2

    the double doink has been avenged

  • Len Halz
    Len Halz 6 months ago +32

    No superbowl for the Saints. Brees threw and INT in OT. oops

    • BlockBusterPlayz
      BlockBusterPlayz 22 days ago +2

      @Andrew Miller the saints had a winning record every year until 2014 after their super bowl win.. they made a deep playoff run too... I think you're retarded

    • Andrew Miller
      Andrew Miller 24 days ago +1

      DJ DOMI - 1 OFICIAL I just saw this, but you’re acting like the saints aren’t also one hit wonders 😂😂 y’all only won your super bowl because of bounty gate

    • J Lewis
      J Lewis 4 months ago +21

      When Brady has more rings than points scored by the Rams offense in Super Bowl 53.

  • Thafreshway Wayfresh
    Thafreshway Wayfresh 6 months ago +2

    That play @9:40 came back to haunt y’all 😂 #whodatblewdat

  • Christian K. Curran
    Christian K. Curran 6 months ago +1

    Rams Vs Patriots "Whatever It Takes" Super Bowl 53 Trailer" ru-clip.com/video/9u1_5vP_GE0/video.html

  • Juicy TV
    Juicy TV 6 months ago

    this game was almost the same as the one the saints played last year vs the vikings because Brees threw a pick in the 1st qauter to a guy that was number 34 and his intented target was ted ginn just like last year

    ILOVELATINAS 6 months ago


  • Overseer Lemoine
    Overseer Lemoine 6 months ago

    Boycott the Superbowl. The officials handed the Rams and the Patriots the wins by fixing the game. Let us send the message to the NFL that we will no longer allow this kind of crap.

  • Joe
    Joe 6 months ago

    "Brees has time" is all i heard in this game

    • TheLocalLt
      TheLocalLt 5 months ago

      Joe that’s all the Eagles pass rush hears too

  • Seven onSere
    Seven onSere 6 months ago

    A would have been catch for 3yards but the saints almost lost why do ppl hate the saints so much ?

  • Canada
    Canada 6 months ago +4


    Eagles vs Saints
    20-14 and the saints were playing home
    Rams vs Saints
    26-23 again they were playing home

    • Kavron
      Kavron 3 months ago

      Hey sometimes you get beat at home nothing to do about it

  • Mike Russo
    Mike Russo 6 months ago +15

    Buh bye Aints
    ty LA Rams
    feels so good

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt Month ago

      @Mike Russo 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 how am i salty?

    • Mike Russo
      Mike Russo Month ago

      @1990Thunderbolt salt much???

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt Month ago

      @Mike Russo one hit wonder lmfao

  • GetReal
    GetReal 6 months ago +3

    time to break out those ski masks. saint nation. WHODAT?

    REEM BCM 6 months ago +4

    Philly eagles .. let’s gooooo rams