Strangest Things Found in the Middle of Nowhere

  • Опубликовано: 19 окт 2018
  • The earth is a large and mysterious place and the more we search, the random things we may uncover made by mother nature. Humans have left their mark in isolated places, assuming that no one may ever see it again. Until now. From random villages left behind to become dust in the wind, waterfalls where you might least expect it, here are strange things found in the middle of nowhere.

    14. Giant Hand of the Desert
    It almost appears as though a giant zombie is rising from the ground in the middle of the atacama desert in Chile. Located in one of the driest places in the world, it features a hand popping up in the middle of nowhere. This was built in the early 1980’s and apparently hands rising from the desert was an actual obsession from the sculptor. Luckily, it's not a giant zombie that was buried and is coming back to life. This is located near the Chilean town of Anto-fa-gasta and it measures 36 feet high from the ground. Dry desert places are already pretty creepy by themselves, but then when you add a zombie hand to the mix, you might start to have nightmares.

    13. Wav An Namus
    Libya is a fairly large country in Africa that appears to be the same color for miles and miles. But from aerial view, you’ll notice a large black dot that seems to stand out! This is Waw an Namus! It’s an oasis that formed in the middle of a volcanic crater and the change in color of the sand is from an extinct volcano that once spew lava in this area. It’s name is translated to Oasis of Mosquitos due to large amount of mosquitos here and it was unknown outside of Africa until the late 19th century, when a French soldier was kept prisoner here. It’s served as an important watering hole for caravans trying to make it across the vast Saharan desert and it kind of stands out if you’re in the area.

    12. UTA Flight Memorial
    A shocking plane crash took place by a French airline which was attacked by terrorists while flying over africa in 1989. The plane was flying to Paris, France from brazzaville in the congo when an unexpected event took place. In order to show respect to those who perished, a memorial that can be seen from above was placed on the location of the crash. The desert sands have covered up much of the memorial since then and you get an idea how isolated any survivor must have been. There are also 170 Broken mirrors and each one represents a victim of the hijacking
    10. Liza-cough Pentagram
    Located in Kazakhstan, not too far from the russian border is where you’d find this mysterious pentagram in the middle of nowhere. An isolated region surrounded by a lake is where you’ll find this mysterious symbol which is sacred to paganism, witches, and other secret societies. You could probably only tell what it was if you were looking down at it from a plane from above. The 5 sides of the star represent the 5 elements of earth, air, water, space and fire. It doesn’t really seem like there are any roads ready. Rumor has it, that it was built by a group of summer campers from a nearby camp who may have had a thing for satan
    9. Fort Boyard
    Located in the western part of france off the coast of the city known as Rochefort stands an extremely isolated fortress which was built in the 17th century and later upgraded by Napoleon. It was meant to protect the harbor and the nearby, Ile d’aix to the northwest. Enemy ships however would simply sail around it and avoid making contact, essentially making it useless. Walls of the tower measure up to 60 feet high and capable of garrisoning 250 men. Although it’s close to some cities, you really don’t see this kind of thing too often in the middle of the ocean.

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    SO excited about this video. Loved collabing with you American Eye!!

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      {TaeTaestic} Hi 24 дня назад

      People don't avoid fort boyard... A french game show is recording the game show there. A swedish game show as well. It's famous in Sweden and everyone knows about it. You can visit it too

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      call of duty map*? you mean.

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      Are you the one with the cute gentle voice?

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    Lmfao literally put half the script in the description

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    There are more places not found yet (just like species, animals etc.) Why? Because some people on this planet don't want 15 minutes of fame in a poorly narrated 15 minute RU-clip video. Just my 15 cents.

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    I see the petty whiners are in the comments section.

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    could hardly understand this bimbo

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    The one on the thumbnail is off a british kids show

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    I had a dream about number 5 before, I was on that pillar in that old house... Strange

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    Awesome...I live in Naturita, CO, which is 4 miles from your #3 Nucla, CO.

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    To the narrator. Please stop mumbling the names. I had no idea where most of the places were but surely wouldn't have had a clue finding them on a map since I coudn't tell what the name was.

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    thumbs down for the irritating noise in between places

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    Fort Boyard was also used for a tv show of the same name for a few years.

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    You stole it from mind boggler

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    Middle of Nowhere !!! Really ??? What is their zip code; I want to send a postcard.

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    Hey just want to let you know that mind boggler copyied your video they made the same video and they literally used your script said the same thing bout the wifi and earthquake on the house on the hill and I just think u should get more credit his video has millions of views but copied you just thought u should know u were 2 months ahead of him

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    Yooo yall word for word copied Chills on most of these narrations.... Smdh never watching yall again.

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    So since when did places in the middle of nowhere or not close to big cities become creepy? Some people spend a lifetime trying to find a place in the middle of nowhere to live! Otherwise how come each of these places has a population of at least one?

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    Mob01971 Месяц назад

    Ballarat in Australia, the T is not silent

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    The last one was a downer. Each item spoken about was quit interesting and you guys spent time on it. The rocks got 10 seconds and not that interesting

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    3rd time she called it a " zombie hand" I was like, f it. . . I'm off

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    Balleray? Is that how you pronounce it there? Bloody hell

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    georgia is not a country in europe but it belongs to west asia.....americans always mess up on geography.

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    My phone is at 3%

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    At least she don't sound like she had a rod up her arse as he does. Also Americans can't spell or even punctuate properly. It's not the American people's fault that their government works towards having a more illiterate country

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    BTW its pronounced Balla - rat NOT Balla-rae. Just saying :)

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    Lets do this the hard way...'Balla.....Rat'...NOT 'Balla...Rey'!!

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    Its said Ballarat not Ballaray

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    Fort boyard are actually a adventure pleace know with task rooms/escape rooms. I Think you can go there as a turist but its used by european tv show where themes of celibirtis compet against eachother. Sorry bout the spelling but im sick and english arnt my mothers thung and dont have the energy to care

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    You may think the raspy voice sounds cool, but it doesn't.

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    Good info

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    Fort Boyard 🙄

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    It's uncommon to find it difficult to listen to someone speak due to the unnecessary extra punctuation and pauses.

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    I live in sweden and That water fortress in place 9 we use for a tv program

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    really wanted to like this, but narration drove me away.

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    Is there a UFO above the Little AleInn ? At 6:03 is a perfect shot..

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    Fort Boyard is a television show in france

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    Ugh this is so dumb, 3:10 - a satanic pentagram? Yeah, either that or it's just your typical Soviet star, one of the most obvious symbols for communism, still featured today on China's flag. Kazakhstan was still a part of the USSR until 1990ish...

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      +Felix Nicholson Hahaha, womp womp

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      Poor thing, she probably doesn't know what the USSR was...

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    The star was built by the soviets as it was the symbol of communism

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    you keep saying the word "nucular" are you inventing words? what does this mean? did you in fact mean to say the real word NUCLEAR?

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    Fort Boyard has been hosting a huge french TV show by the same name since 1990 now. I think it would have been a bit important to precise it haha

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    It's called Balla rat unless you are a septic tank

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    I couldn’t listen anymore. Sounds like Barbies little sister squeaking

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    The music in the background is too loud and it is very hard to understand the speaker.

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    They may rarely punish their citizens for choosing not to own a gun, but their loose mandates are more about making a statement than enforcing a law.
    1. Kennesaw, Georgia
    Kennesaw has the most well-known gun mandate in the country. In 1982, a law was passed requiring heads of households to own at least one firearm.
    Other cities have used Kennesaw as an example for gun mandates
    2. Nelson, Georgia
    Nelson unanimously passed an ordinance making gun ownership mandatory in 2013.
    3. Nucla, Colorado
    Nucla became the first city to mandate gun ownership in Colorado.
    With just around 700 people, Nucla passed what they call the "Home Protection Ordinance" in 2013, but does not actually enforce it.

    4. Gun Barrel City, Texas
    Gun Barrel got its fitting name as a safe haven for outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde during the Prohibition era.
    The city's motto is "We shoot straight with you."
    5. Virgin, Utah
    In 2000, the city council passed an ordinance making firearm ownership mandatory. The mayor at the time encouraged this move because most citizens had already owned guns.

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    Its N-U-C-L-E-A-R. Where is the "U" that you imagine between the "C" and the "L"? Use your phonics, please. I had to stop watching.

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    Half of these things ARE NOT in the middle of nowhere...

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    THey literally just made most of that up

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    aleinn...the rare triple entendre, and all in the same word. well played

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    Lame. Pentagons have nothing to do with Satan. There are a lot of these types of channels on RU-clip. Moving on.

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    No 9 is on channle 4 on T.V in Sweden every year. We call the show "Fångarna på fortet."

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    area 51 is NOT a play were they have alins and ufos it a air force base were they nest new military plays and stuff like that and the camo dudes are there to stop people from getting to close becauseplanes can blow up

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    Also, what happened to video editing to make sure things are pronounced correctly, spelled correctly, information is correct, locations are accurate, and the person narrating can actually be heard and understood?......

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    Space is not an element... water, fire, earth, air, spirit are the 5 elements...

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    Nucla is not the only city that requires all citizens to own a gun.. Kennesaw Ga is a city where it is against the law not to own a gun. Just a fun fact.

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