Julia Roberts - Letterman - 2015.05.13

  • Published on Aug 2, 2015

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  • Emily Valdes
    Emily Valdes 15 hours ago

    Is this just pretend? Are they actually interested in one another? I need explanation lol

  • kevin Cee
    kevin Cee 7 days ago

    You’d think after appearing 26 times she’d wear her out coat or sweater, knowing the studio is kept cool. Lol
    I was an extra in Mystic Pizza, three days work. Oct and Nov 1987. Film opened a year later. Some extras were asking her questions between takes. She seemed a little stand off ish at the time, as compared to Annabeth and Lily.
    As we’ve both grown older,in opposite worlds of course, I like her more since she’s older.

  • PineTree
    PineTree 8 days ago

    Over-rated actress.

  • bella2019
    bella2019 9 days ago +1

    She wanted him but he didn’t go for it for relations for some reason - he likes non famous people

  • April Mae
    April Mae 17 days ago

    What stupid looking shoes she's wearing, something a troll would choose. YUCK.

  • NothingMaster
    NothingMaster 19 days ago

    She is lovely lady and very intelligent and entertaining.

  • Zeke Man
    Zeke Man Month ago

    Humm she's a porno star ...Dave loves porno stars and strippers like Julia Roberts.. she's trash , dont build her up ..

    • d r
      d r 22 days ago +1

      Fucking moron.

  • Timothy Lewis Bullock

    I never liked Julie Roberts. This arrogant bitch used to tell her half sister how ugly she was all the time. It led to her sister taking her own life. At her funeral she stood up and said I'm glad she had the courage to take her own life because she would never be pretty like her. Screw this whore. I can't stand her ugly ass. Pretty woman my ass. Hideous on the inside. Ugly through and through.

  • Debra  Russo
    Debra Russo Month ago

    She looks dumpy frumpy- awful! She’s not all that pretty

  • Brayden Fletcher
    Brayden Fletcher Month ago

    She looks so adorable when tearing up and hugging Daves arm. You can tell she really avlues him as a man and as a friend. She seems like a real sweetheart

  • viquar husain HUSAIN

    I admire you Julia

  • James LePage
    James LePage Month ago

    That is a stupid set of clothing she is wearing...a sport-related jock jacket...with ridicules high-heeled shoes...and a black silk shirt

    • d r
      d r 22 days ago +1


  • Kenneth Weis
    Kenneth Weis Month ago


  • Kenneth Weis
    Kenneth Weis Month ago +2

    That jacket makes her look hot n young

  • Peter Picallo
    Peter Picallo Month ago

    What's with the number of views?...

  • Research0digo
    Research0digo Month ago +1

    awww Julia... I LOVE that song.

  • iwantthetruth andnothingbut

    Love love love how she diverted the personal question about her children away quickly by turning the tables on to him... very smart Julia!

  • nkryptchn 02
    nkryptchn 02 Month ago

    God she's fkg Gorgeous, just fkg Gorgeous. I think if I ever met her I wouldn't be able to speak because I'd be so starstruck

  • Marcinha Honorato
    Marcinha Honorato Month ago

    Que roupa fora de contexto. Mal vestida para o programa

  • George Zuleta
    George Zuleta Month ago

    Oh Julia..left a guy at the alter and ran off with his best friend. dated 2 guys named Dylan that were married at the time. and paid/harassed the ex wife of her current husband to leave him (see Lo vera). btw, her sister blamed her in her suicide note

  • Vyselink
    Vyselink 2 months ago +2

    Julia Roberts has always been beautiful and still is. But.......my god...........10:03...................holy shit.

  • Dtrain
    Dtrain 3 months ago

    She could smoke a cigarette in the shower with that blower.

  • MGTOW_ Beto
    MGTOW_ Beto 3 months ago +3

    The West now values actors and sportsballers, and not scientists, artists, or philosophers. That's what an empire in decline looks like.

    LANDONS POV 3 months ago

    Dave was such a creep

  • Devang Kankaria
    Devang Kankaria 4 months ago

    What song was playing in thr background while she entered?

    • Annie Anonymous
      Annie Anonymous 10 days ago

      @Theresa Greene Julia was John Lennon's Mum. His Aunt Mimi raised him.

    • Theresa Greene
      Theresa Greene 3 months ago

      Julia sung by John Lennon about the aunt that raised him!

  • Laurapilar T
    Laurapilar T 4 months ago +1

    Wow! She's gorgeous!

  • s a
    s a 5 months ago +3

    Julia Roberts it's a pure heart

    • George Zuleta
      George Zuleta Month ago

      yeah. that is why her sister blamed her in her suicide note

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King 6 months ago

    Julia is pretty generous with the kisses. And the good kind too, not the compulsory guest kisses. I need a talk show.

    • Leopard-King
      Leopard-King 6 months ago

      @Patrick Keating The depths of my depravity! How dare I be sexually attracted to Julia Roberts! I need counseling, maybe you can schedule me in with every straight male in America from 15 to 85. Dummy!

    • Patrick Keating
      Patrick Keating 6 months ago

      Wow you are really creepy

  • Jet Set
    Jet Set 6 months ago +2

    Always loved her laugh!

  • iringa77
    iringa77 6 months ago

    Julia was not on his last show. I was surprised and disappointed. I wonder if they had a falling out or was it something less innocuous?

  • Joseph Svennson
    Joseph Svennson 6 months ago +3

    Thank god he quit before #timesup

  • Joseph Svennson
    Joseph Svennson 6 months ago +1

    I was 4 months old when she was on this show for the first time.

  • jbscotchman
    jbscotchman 6 months ago +1

    She totally wanted Dave.

  • Marquisha Jerry
    Marquisha Jerry 7 months ago +1

    Wasn't she still married then Danny Moder?

    • Kaylon Centers
      Kaylon Centers 5 months ago +1

      From what it seems, fidelity is not important to Julia.

  • Freddy Jefferson
    Freddy Jefferson 7 months ago

    you can tell there a genuine like and admiration felt between the two

  • radkid06
    radkid06 7 months ago +2

    Always loved their chemistry...Julia sure loves him, it's so sweet.

  • Paul Polpiboon
    Paul Polpiboon 7 months ago

    @5:21 "Because I think stupid people annoy you" LOL

  • Josh
    Josh 8 months ago +1

    Those two definitely banged back in the day

  • 2018 Vit
    2018 Vit 10 months ago

    Ok so Julia Roberts is a transgender woman and this sort of stuff is what steers evolution. ‘Natural’ selection is manipulated from top of society downwards via ‘celebrity’ which is transgender people demonstrating like salespeople favourable characteristics; tall ‘intelligent’ Women that we’re born male, sociability, sexuality etc. Letterman is just a fraud, it’s manipulation

  • samyj78
    samyj78 11 months ago +7

    Beyond lovely, well said Mr letterman

  • philglassfan
    philglassfan 11 months ago +9

    A rare star that is down to earth.

    • sawadee
      sawadee Month ago

      @George Zuleta wow I didn't know that. I love reading about celebs' dirty laundry

    • George Zuleta
      George Zuleta Month ago

      yeah. that is why her sister blamed her in her suicide note

    • sawadee
      sawadee 2 months ago

      I like that she is not dressed up for the appearance

  • Giovanni Sanseviero
    Giovanni Sanseviero Year ago +1

    Great talents.

  • Crimsonphilosophy
    Crimsonphilosophy Year ago +40

    I always have loved their chemistry, she seems like a nice person. Haven't really seen her in a movie in a while, but of course there are only super hero movies now.

    • Exodus Pessoa
      Exodus Pessoa 4 months ago

      Ha Ha Ha Well Said Ha Ha Ha

    • QualeQualeson
      QualeQualeson 7 months ago +1

      August: Osage County (2013) If you haven't seen it. It's great.

    • Paul Polpiboon
      Paul Polpiboon 7 months ago

      She would beat up all these fake marvel superheroes.

    • Simone Rose
      Simone Rose 11 months ago +1

      Crimsonphilosophy ??? She was in Jodie Foster’s Money Monster with George Clooney. Also she was in a gem of a film called Wonder in 2017. She also doing Homecoming what I’m really looking forward too, a tv show on Amazon set to be released At the end of the year.

  • Karen Delcher
    Karen Delcher Year ago

    Big Libtard but i like her govt shinanigans dont effect her only the working poor

  • Zelek Uther
    Zelek Uther Year ago +35

    I was never jealous of Letterman... until now.

  • Rieksfier
    Rieksfier Year ago +7

    5:20 This so brings into focus the Paris Hilton jail interview.

    • Sam Galea
      Sam Galea 4 months ago

      I watch those interviews every now and then 😂😂 such iconic moments. Now hosts don't dare roast anyone it's so boring.

  • J S
    J S Year ago +4

    Julia is like one of those sportsperson who is living on their past glory and hasn’t done anything good lately. But i love her

    • George Zuleta
      George Zuleta Month ago

      yeah. that is why her sister blamed her in her suicide note

    • Federica B.
      Federica B. 7 months ago +1

      Well, have you seen "Wonder"? or "The normal heart", or "Homecoming" or "Osage County"?

    • Shaun King
      Shaun King 9 months ago

      What have you done?

  • alkdkfjjaflk akllkjfk
    alkdkfjjaflk akllkjfk Year ago +10

    David letterman is the best at handling narcissists. Nearly every guest is one and they try so hard to beat him but they can't. Every fault David has is a trap for them to attack and he snares them everytime. If you binge watch him you will see him master them. It's beautiful.

    • Melissa Thwaites
      Melissa Thwaites 2 months ago

      With the first comment..not with the douchebag nike lol

    • Melissa Thwaites
      Melissa Thwaites 2 months ago


    • John
      John Year ago +1

      You must have absolutely no life and no friends, your useless comment is as useless as your existence. Go blow your brains out

  • Kevin Shaughnessy
    Kevin Shaughnessy Year ago +2

    Hollywood Phoney

  • ρhιl Ιδγυταrυ

    This comment will probably go unseen due to the year its been posted but i just have to point out , how lovely the way she looks at him and listens to him are …!

    • him the guy
      him the guy 6 days ago

      new phone,,who dis

    • Brian McInerney
      Brian McInerney 5 months ago

      ρhιl Ιδγυταrυ Adam Sandler talks about the same thing in his song about Letterman

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker Year ago +7

    Dreaming of a 3-some with her and Sandra Bullock

  • Remy Zuki
    Remy Zuki Year ago +6

    Love you Julia

    PENNY LANE Year ago +4


    • George Zuleta
      George Zuleta Month ago

      yeah. that is why her sister blamed her in her suicide note

  • F E
    F E Year ago +43

    Love these two together. There really is such a genuine connection and I think that's rare for him.

    • andy purugganan
      andy purugganan 3 months ago

      @Robert Haskell I never missed each of her appearances on Dave's show, for the reason you just pointed out.

    • Robert Haskell
      Robert Haskell 3 months ago +1

      Yes, I think you're right. And Julia's inner beauty is really visible when she's with him. She glows. I didn't know that she was a beautiful person until I saw her with him. It is a genuine connection, and it's deep. It's inspiring to watch.

  • tacomargb offrode
    tacomargb offrode Year ago +1

    Julia is a hag

  • Kaivalya Nathan
    Kaivalya Nathan 2 years ago +7

    her laugh is really crazy...and it was really creepy on that oscar acceptance speech of hers...really scary...she should get all the witch roles like cruella...

    • John Candy
      John Candy Year ago +1

      Kaivalya Nathan its because she's a man. A tranny

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 2 years ago +7

    Doesn't get any better than this :-)

  • productplacementads 24/7
    productplacementads 24/7 2 years ago +22

    Hope they still talk

  • Alan Lloyd
    Alan Lloyd 2 years ago +9

    Holy fuck! I forgot how sexy Julia is. At 10:00 , I almost had to take a bathroom break !!!!! Yikes!!

    • comanchio1976
      comanchio1976 Year ago

      +Alan Lloyd I never really found her all that attractive. I understand why a lot of people did, but I never felt it myself.
      Well it's taken almost 30 years, but I finally get it...

  • Ron Alansalon
    Ron Alansalon 2 years ago

    what's with the standing ovation

    • Isa Cece
      Isa Cece 8 months ago

      @Bibbabble lol...legand

    • Isa Cece
      Isa Cece 8 months ago

      Exactly...what's the big deal.... maybe they all wanted to please Dave since he's so hot for her

    • Bibbabble
      Bibbabble Year ago +1

      Because she's a legend?

    • F E
      F E Year ago +6

      Hutch said it best. She's beloved on Letterman. Its nearly 30 years since her first appearance and this is her last. She loves and supports the show. It's nice.

    • hutch
      hutch 2 years ago +22

      This was Dave's final couple of weeks and thus her final appearance on the show, so it was all kind of a big deal. Also, she is one of the most frequent and admired of his guests.

  • CorvusOfMellori
    CorvusOfMellori 2 years ago