• Published on Jul 27, 2018
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  • Timothy Rinaldi
    Timothy Rinaldi 2 months ago

    Lol it not youno it call dyno like dieno

  • Richard NZ
    Richard NZ 5 months ago +1

    its a desktop for things being worked on

  • fly wayne
    fly wayne 6 months ago

    w h a t ??

  • volarelogs
    volarelogs 7 months ago

    is there more value than a proboost street kit for a gen 2 busa?....no there is not . I have an 08' with that exact kit and my ecu was programmed by jaarmo at proboost (mine is at .7 bar) which they told me should be around 270hp AT THE WHEEL!! based on this video I have no reason to doubt that!! all in I paid $5500 cad. that's the kit and the spacer installed and tuned. I am on my third season of daily pounding and it still annihilates anything I've come up against!!

  • volarelogs
    volarelogs 7 months ago


  • ML Racing
    ML Racing 8 months ago

    What is top speed??

  • Chris 929RR
    Chris 929RR 11 months ago

    Love that sounds when he backs the throttle off. Sounds mean as hell.

  • Jere
    Jere Year ago


  • Aaron Ditchfield
    Aaron Ditchfield Year ago

    Ghost riders was 499hp

  • Scott Dermott
    Scott Dermott Year ago

    Sorry dude, I know English is not your first language but it's pronounced "Die-No" (Dyno) :-)

  • Kimmo Kuu
    Kimmo Kuu Year ago

    Paljo huiput

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago


  • Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump Year ago +4

    I don't understand most of these comments. Lol

  • SundayRide1204
    SundayRide1204 Year ago +7

    I Love how the geometry of the busa changes under power!

  • swagmaster69
    swagmaster69 Year ago

    "turbo busa tooda duno"

  • Ozzie Peck
    Ozzie Peck Year ago

    Of course you’re German.

  • Bumbsi
    Bumbsi Year ago

    Doesnt look like no hayabusa no more

  • Monkey is the think
    Monkey is the think Year ago +2

    Oon tilannu teitä jo kauan (mut eri kanaval) oon iso fani ja oon jopa ostanu teijän vaatteita viidenkympin edestä ja arvostaisin jos vastaisitte kommenttiini👌😇💪👍👍🤘

    • Tarnis
      Tarnis Year ago

      No ei sulla hyvin mee

    • Monkey is the think
      Monkey is the think Year ago

      meeröi no se sentään tarkottaa jotain toisinku sun nimi💪👍🤘

  • jonnenne
    jonnenne Year ago

    It is about 60% increase in torque and power without actually doing anything to the pistons, cylinders etc. They didn't even adjust the timing afaik. Honestly ppl thinking this is small? You would need to do more work to be able to increase boost past 0.5 bar.

    • Taekwon Crawfish
      Taekwon Crawfish 7 months ago

      they decreased the compression and did change the timing lol not sure what else you could do with forged pistons and internals.

  • Yarik Ostapenko
    Yarik Ostapenko Year ago


  • ANTWAINify
    ANTWAINify Year ago

    My friend told me to do a dyno run on my 2018 v8 charger. I have no idea what that is or what improvements itll do to the car can someone explain please.

  • Stephen
    Stephen Year ago

    I want that bike :p

  • Æ Æ
    Æ Æ Year ago

    Jukulauta et repii

  • martijnvkk
    martijnvkk Year ago

    Do a rebuild engine, make it stronger and put more boost in it. Might be a cool serie

  • Ch Chand Tanha
    Ch Chand Tanha Year ago

    Top speed?

  • Kïd Flïp
    Kïd Flïp Year ago

    horse power is 246.27...and you always say 330hp hayabusa (hayabusa is my fav bike but don't lie????)😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Leon
    Leon Year ago

    What did he spray on the tyre at 3:00 ?

    • martijnvkk
      martijnvkk Year ago

      Leon for not slipping, i forgot what its called

  • tomi
    tomi Year ago

    onks täs 70cc ja turbokit?

  • dhoyt902
    dhoyt902 Year ago


  • Samuel Sippola
    Samuel Sippola Year ago

    Ai saatana naukasee mukavasti dynos 😍🔥

  • E P
    E P Year ago +1

    Voitteko rakentaa mailman äkäsimmän golfkärryn

  • autistiorava22
    autistiorava22 Year ago

    no helmet no respect

  • Chandan Soren
    Chandan Soren Year ago

    246.27 whp n 202.77nm of torque

  • TToni
    TToni Year ago

    FOR SALE: Turbo Hayabusa
    271 HP at the wheel. 302 at the engine

  • BeamRider100
    BeamRider100 Year ago

    Not 300, but still a beautiful torque curve. What boost PSI was it ?

    • blidzer
      blidzer 11 months ago

      1006.5 mBar is the atmospheric pressure. Not the boost.

    • Minty Fresh
      Minty Fresh Year ago

      The dyno sheet read 1006.5 mBar, converting that is about 14 psi

  • wawan epic
    wawan epic Year ago

    Please subcribe back

  • Basso Talli
    Basso Talli Year ago

    Vääntöhän näissä turbokoneissa on se juttu.

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_Above Year ago

    That's a pretty torque biased powerband. Nice for what it's for.

  • flappye
    flappye Year ago


  • Kimi Kalliomäki
    Kimi Kalliomäki Year ago


    • foktorrr
      foktorrr Year ago

      Kimi Kalliomäki vähän kuria viilasin

  • Emppe vaa
    Emppe vaa Year ago

    Onko noi 4 punasta pankkaa kaupan ?

  • H M
    H M Year ago +3

    247hp at how much boost?, 0,5 bar or 1,0 bar?

    • H M
      H M Year ago +1

      Gibbon yeah ok! 😃😃😃but my text was a little bit long and unnecessary

    • Gibbon
      Gibbon Year ago

      H M
      Omg my humour isn't very good and i wasn't expecting that reaction.
      I was just joking, have fun with your machines, i can drown myself in shame.

    • H M
      H M Year ago

      Sorry, not my intention

    • Gibbon
      Gibbon Year ago

      H M
      You talk too much, this is an RU-clip COMMENT SECTION.

    • H M
      H M Year ago +1

      Ok! Then it was some serius power you got there!

  • Toyota Ukko
    Toyota Ukko Year ago

    manki jättää

  • hung low
    hung low Year ago

    How much boost on that run?

  • HardSpaghetti
    HardSpaghetti Year ago

    the dinno

  • Meemi Meemu
    Meemi Meemu Year ago

    Teipatkaa seuraavaksi joku tunturi super sport tai Honda gromi

  • Marius Nymoen
    Marius Nymoen Year ago

    Hmmm, not tuned?

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green Year ago +1

    I really want a turbo bike now .Just to go to the shops on 🚀😎💥👍🏽😥👍🏽

  • enti era
    enti era Year ago

    Eikös kannattais laittaa turbo niin sais enemmän tehoo?

    • tomi
      tomi Year ago

      1234 56 ei kiihy tarpeeks kovaa ni tarttee 57 takarattaan

    • tomi
      tomi Year ago

      1234 56 älä raivostu

    • E J
      E J Year ago

      vitun turha ja paska kommentti

    • tomi
      tomi Year ago

      1234 56 aijaa :Dddddds

    • E J
      E J Year ago

      isompaa takaratasta? sittenhän se kulkee vähemmän

  • Stephen Stephen
    Stephen Stephen Year ago +10

    Can only imagine what the destruction would be like if that chain were to snap, esp if there wasnt a chain guard.

  • Graphite
    Graphite Year ago


  • Vihainen Ykäsonni
    Vihainen Ykäsonni Year ago +10

    2:10 :D

  • Broo_sh
    Broo_sh Year ago

    teipit uusiks ja pientä säätöä sit laulaa HevosTeippiVoimat reilusti 300

  • Topias Lahtinen
    Topias Lahtinen Year ago


  • Simon Wells
    Simon Wells Year ago +105

    I bet the bike has less horsepower than the number of icons on that guys windows desktop.

    • Prithak Shrestha
      Prithak Shrestha 3 months ago

      @Chris 929RR rip

    • Chris 929RR
      Chris 929RR 11 months ago

      My fiance does the same with her work laptop then complains its too slow! The amount of times ive told her too. But what would I know with my measly 15 years in IT support.

    • Frehgin
      Frehgin Year ago +2

      Sad thing is most of them aren't even shortcuts, 90%pdf I would say

    • oechikr
      oechikr Year ago +3

      some people just dont know how to organize a computer, or their lives.

  • Jorma ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Antilla ei tällä kertaa huulessa 😉

  • James Cates
    James Cates Year ago

    Cool vid. More than a motogp bike!

  • jacko g
    jacko g Year ago


  • Danny Tabanji
    Danny Tabanji Year ago


  • Karl Badkin
    Karl Badkin Year ago +30

    New name... TURBUSA