4 Levels of Hot Dogs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - an amateur, a home cook, and a professional - to make us some hot dogs. After each of them had offered up their creation, we asked a food scientist to review their work. Which one looks like the most fun on a bun?

    Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/lamb-hot-dog-recipe
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    4 Levels of Hot Dogs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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  • Lox World
    Lox World 36 minutes ago

    A brat is not a hotdog level 2 chef!

  • Bookem325
    Bookem325 59 minutes ago

    lmao, he says 'it feels familiar to a hot dog'

  • Bookem325
    Bookem325 Hour ago

    lol, big dog didn't make a hotdog. nah brah, you didn't fulfill the task

  • Omar Mohamed
    Omar Mohamed Hour ago

    3:59 Michael Scott: Marry Me

  • Charly
    Charly 2 hours ago

    frank just made a fancy bunnings snag, its not a hotdog its a snag

  • Cookies World
    Cookies World 2 hours ago

    Why would a school teach Emily how to make a school hotdog

  • x 7Inferno
    x 7Inferno 3 hours ago

    As a german it is very offending that this lady called this a bratwurst

  • bethania pereira
    bethania pereira 3 hours ago

    As brazilian, its sad to see hot dogs without tomato sauce, batata pure, corn, peas, vinaigrette salsa and shoestring potato on top of everything (you can also add chicken, cheese, quail egg ot lettuce, depending from which brazilian city you are from).

    ATINYxNCTZEN 3 hours ago

    9:27 i thought he said jimin

  • XeeroBliss
    XeeroBliss 4 hours ago

    The lvl one cook looks like she is trying real hard to sound cheap lol.

  • Nicholas Saulnier
    Nicholas Saulnier 5 hours ago

    Since when do brats count as hotdogs

  • DarkMaster
    DarkMaster 5 hours ago

    Emily: everything is cheap and I bought it at the store
    Julie: I making my dishes with love and time 4
    Frank: First we go to to the mine to collect coal to power the train to get to the Swedenborg to collect float copper to build my grill and pots to cook my hot dogs the find a wild hog and slaughter it for some beautiful chops to mix with my lamb I got from a wild Ram then I go to 4 years of college to study mechanical engineering to build a boat to ride to France to get the ingredient to make a fresh baguette then ride home to make my hot dogs then realize I forgot the plum tomatoes and have to wait 11 months till they are in season then make fresh tomato paste in Sicily then enjoy your hot dogs.

  • Fin films
    Fin films 6 hours ago

    I hate that food scientist.

  • MxghtyDxcky
    MxghtyDxcky 7 hours ago


  • MxghtyDxcky
    MxghtyDxcky 7 hours ago


  • MxghtyDxcky
    MxghtyDxcky 7 hours ago


  • MxghtyDxcky
    MxghtyDxcky 7 hours ago


  • MxghtyDxcky
    MxghtyDxcky 7 hours ago


  • MxghtyDxcky
    MxghtyDxcky 7 hours ago


  • Pauly Paul
    Pauly Paul 7 hours ago

    Thumbs up for Julie. I'm European and I love her mix of Irish stout, English Colemans mustard, and German bratwurst. Interestingly Julie uses powdered Colman's mustard - this is even quite rare here in the UK where it is made and where people have gotten used to the pre-made stuff. Powdered Colmans is pretty hard-core. Also, the Heinz cucumber relish is very close to Northern European cucumber pickle (known as agurkesalat/gherkin salad/cucumber salad). Julie, are you sure you're American, or have you spent some time in Northern Europe?

    BTW, Frank, that is NOT a ficelle. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it would be unrecognisable to a Frenchman. It looks like it is Walmart's idea of what French people eat. It's kinda embarrassing, and I'm not even French (France is next door to us - so I know what they should look like).

    Frank tried too hard. Julia nailed it. Emily - please don't cook any more.

  • Barbara Kyttaroudy
    Barbara Kyttaroudy 7 hours ago

    9:27 ''human''?! What..?

  • tee-tee
    tee-tee 7 hours ago

    I'm surprised Frank didn't make his own buns

  • Julez Santana
    Julez Santana 7 hours ago

    These hot dogs ain’t got nothing on the ones in L.A tho

  • Felipe Bruno Herve
    Felipe Bruno Herve 8 hours ago

    Os cara n tão preparados pro dogão brasileiro

  • Natalie Chan
    Natalie Chan 8 hours ago

    When she said bacon bits aren't bacon i left the chat(ik this isn't funny pls don't hate on me i was just really surprised)

  • B Al
    B Al 8 hours ago

    Having a science lesson is not cooking so how is she lvl 4 ?

  • Medamr LCC
    Medamr LCC 8 hours ago

    He said, he will make a Harrisa 8:30 ...But in the end it was a kitchup sauce

  • AdiSiPunct
    AdiSiPunct 8 hours ago


  • Ahmad Alghannam
    Ahmad Alghannam 8 hours ago

    This is not Hareesa at all. I think it's just a thickened tomato sauce with some spices and it is totally made out of his head

  • Cole Gerberface
    Cole Gerberface 8 hours ago

    Anyone else REALLY want a hot dog after this??

  • Labored
    Labored 9 hours ago

    Frank: *Before we get started cooking, we need to make a pan. We are going to travel into the mines in Siberia because the iron you get there is very strong and conducts heat well, so it will give your hot dog a nice crispy texture.*

  • E Gamer
    E Gamer 10 hours ago

    Honestly , if I had to choose , I would choose Emilys

  • Tăchel
    Tăchel 10 hours ago

    You dont need to be a level 3 chef to cook like that , its about the way you like the food cooked

  • Queen Wejden
    Queen Wejden 11 hours ago

    Harissa is Tunisian 🇹🇳 spicy paste

  • Gus Spencer
    Gus Spencer 11 hours ago

    the level 1 cheff really pissed me off

  • Cocoa Gaming
    Cocoa Gaming 11 hours ago

    Frank: “A little bit of sugar”
    *fills entire bottom of pot with sugar*

  • ScratchMeen
    ScratchMeen 12 hours ago +1

    Level 1000: Chilean COMPLETO.

  • urr88
    urr88 12 hours ago

    I personally like to make my own sausages, minced meat and so on. And sometimes my own bread. I think it's cheaper at times and a lot more healthy than half of what you buy (high end products included). So I like Frank's recipe a lot more and it takes a few minutes honestly why the hate?

  • Banana Slip
    Banana Slip 12 hours ago

    Julie: I like hotdogs because there *fun*

  • Lola IsStillLearning
    Lola IsStillLearning 12 hours ago

    I just put my hotdog on a fork then turn on the stove and just watch it cook from the fire :) feels like I’m camping

  • Adrian Borinsky
    Adrian Borinsky 12 hours ago

    Chef: So let's start making our hot dogs, and by tomorrow we should be able to have the perfect hot dog

  • Adrian Borinsky
    Adrian Borinsky 12 hours ago

    Level 0 : Hot dog in the microwave, bun in the toaster

  • Blake Logan
    Blake Logan 12 hours ago

    Anyone else notice frank said burger bun? At 6:48

  • Adin Mučić
    Adin Mučić 13 hours ago

    Raw onions.......It reminds me of baseball games.

  • Tameem
    Tameem 14 hours ago

    My father once told me “if epicurious had a level less than 1,they would give it to Emily”

  • ƑȐǮD
    ƑȐǮD 14 hours ago

    Frank is a cool dude. Even though he always takes so long to actually finish the food. I would really like to try this hotdog - Looks delicious. 👍

  • JStrider
    JStrider 15 hours ago

    I don't know where the person who wrote this title learnt to count but,
    there is 3 levels not 4 fml :D

  • hantke1989
    hantke1989 17 hours ago

    Try: Avocado, tomato and (homemade) mayonnaise, also know as an 'Italiano' (for the colours of the Italian flag). You will not regret it.

  • Synthesis Mate
    Synthesis Mate 18 hours ago


    EZET YT 18 hours ago

    Everyone is paying attention on level 3

  • BluBlue
    BluBlue 20 hours ago

    I love the level one.

    Littral college hours.

  • vic
    vic 20 hours ago

    we can all agree on this

    *it is not a hotdog if the bread is not attached together*

  • Iamjustherek
    Iamjustherek 21 hour ago

    Yeah, I’m gonna go with level 2 lol

  • Fabian Soto
    Fabian Soto 23 hours ago

    Absolutamente nadie:
    Yo: *COMPLETO*

  • Greyer '
    Greyer ' 23 hours ago +1

    Amateur be looking fresh doe

  • Mohammad Gagat
    Mohammad Gagat 23 hours ago

    Lv 1 chef: use sausage bought from local grocery store.
    Lv 2 chef: use sausage bought from big supermarket.
    Lv 3 chef: build pig farm from ashes, breed pigs, select high quality pig, then slaught it, chop it, wash the meat, shear and put it with seasonings into food processor and case it.

  • Estella Peterson

    YaLl🙅🏼‍♀️*HOeS*😡Are just JEALOUS🙊of ouR KinG👑FRANK🌭*from the institute🍾of culinary🍔education👩🏽‍🏫 *

  • drahciruohz
    drahciruohz Day ago

    Ngl. The level 1 hotdog made my mouth water the most. Probably because I know exactly what its going to taste like. But I bet that level 3 hotdog is going to melt my mind if I ever got to try it.

  • John Ocobachi
    John Ocobachi Day ago

    Did the "level 3 chef" say burger bun instead of hot gog bun?🤔🤔

  • Garrett_ YT
    Garrett_ YT Day ago

    Did frank say he was adding human to th3 sauce at 9:29 my bad 9:28

  • Chris Vontricya
    Chris Vontricya Day ago

    None of these are hotdogs

  • Reggaeman YO
    Reggaeman YO Day ago

    But the level 3 chef got a grill...unfair

  • Enzo Pascucci
    Enzo Pascucci Day ago

    Lol, i was watching and i completely forgot in america you guys dont usa mashed potatoes in hot dog

  • Nabih Mousharbash

    behind the scene of buns:
    Emily: so I bought this bun from the store
    Director: CUT ! no make it more complicated.
    Emily: How it's just a bun
    Director: action!
    Emily: so I will steam my hotdog bun in the microwave
    Director: good good !!

  • Tisha Richardson

    so Americans just dont use ketchup

  • plntx plntx
    plntx plntx Day ago

    Im from germany and i love how she said Bratwurst 😂

  • jennifer norman
    jennifer norman Day ago

    Most definitely... I'm with level 1 on making hot dogs... Throw it in the pot and watch it boil... LOL

  • Austin Banuelos
    Austin Banuelos Day ago

    Frank: For my recipe, I’m gonna use a nice 50 spice blend

  • Wesley Ren
    Wesley Ren Day ago

    level three was the worst

  • terr0rwolf
    terr0rwolf Day ago

    Love hotdogs, but I had to end this video after seeing a bratwurst being boiled.

  • capcyvasile
    capcyvasile Day ago

    frank on the crank

  • Samantha STATHAM

    emily: has to wait 15 seconds and complains about it
    farnk:am i a joke to you

  • lkuhhdsfgasdgvdadfg

    Only good one was level 1. 2 and 3 were gross.

  • YunYi Zhang
    YunYi Zhang Day ago +1

    I was very proud of Emily for not saying the word "ketchup", but then she said it. I KNEW IT.

  • 99
    99 Day ago +3

    Emily: boils her hot dog "It's the easiest"
    Me: puts hot dog in the microwave for one whole minute "DoNe"

  • Orange Ball
    Orange Ball Day ago


  • Gabriel Brunet
    Gabriel Brunet Day ago

    As a french I'm offended by the expert level hot dog one does not simply use baguette bread it ruins both the flavor and the texture (trust me that's how we eat it in france)

  • Le haineux enragé Qui crache son fiel nauséabond

    Where is the sauerkraut?

  • Jorge Muñoz Pimentel

    a hot dog should have smashed avocado, tomato and mayo to make a completo italiano, classic chilean hot dog

  • Avidan
    Avidan Day ago +4

    Emily: Makes normal hotdog
    Julie: Makes a grandma hotdog
    Frank: YoU UnDeReStImATe My PoWEr