Smoke Brisket on 14 Inch WSM? | Tuesday Chat Ep 100

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • I answer viewer questions in this Q&A Tuesday Chat.
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    Ep 100 Questions
    Skinners Farm
    2:21 What do you think of the charbroil offset?
    OneGun Salute
    3:13 Hey T-Roy and cheers! I've got about five cooks in on my WSM 22, it seems when I use water in the water pan it steams and accumulates in the charcoal bowl, have you experienced this? And, are you a firm believer in debarking wood chunks? Does it really make a difference?
    Brandon H
    6:09 Do you grill or smoke those Flanken cut ribs? Whats the best way to cook them?
    The Root Boy Cooks
    8:22 I have an off topic question for you. Do you play any instrument? If so what?
    eric portillo
    10:15 How can I quickly grill whole beef ribs and have the meat be tender? Thank you!!
    Abraham O
    12:50 Hi what do you think about M Grills, specifically the M1 grill?
    Craig Sweet
    16:34 My wife got me a 14.5 WSM for my birthday. I really want to try my hand at Brisket, but there are some size restrictions with the 14 inch. Would you recommend I split the brisket and do the flat on one grate and the point on the other, or stick with smoking just the flat until we get more room for a bigger smoker? Cheers Troy!
    Bobby Miller
    18:52 You talked about WSM and Primo recently and said the ceramics run on not much low heat and smolder as opposed to the WSM burning a hotter fire. Would you compare the brisket/pork butt coming off each and which do you think is best? Love for the show brother T-Roy!
    Oli Biddles
    23:09 Hey all the way from the UK, mate had a bit of nightmare with my new Pit Barrel cooking ribs, in that I burnt them. These were around a 1 pound per rack and I cooked these for around 3 hours but when I checked were running at 210 + degrees! Would you pull these at 165 or 175? I also used 2 medium chunks of hickory and made the food too smokey - what do you recommend as the guru....
    25:33 Troy, can you explain to us newbies when and why you Spritz meat and explain the possible choices of apple cider vinegar, apple juice, etc?
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Comments • 120

  • RWC Campbell
    RWC Campbell 6 months ago +2

    Troy, loved your question and answer video. I was going to ask you what I have been doing wrong because I have such a difficult time in getting the thin blue smoke on my 18.5 WSM and Weber Kettle. You answered my question and now I don't feel so bad. I have noticed that in about the third hour of a cook, if add a wood chunk I do get some blue smoke but by that time the meat is probably not going to absorb any more smoke flavor. Sort of a catch 22 I guess. Anyway love your videos and your time and effort in making them. Cheer from Las Vegas, NV

      T-ROY COOKS  6 months ago

      Hey Robert, glad I was able to help a brother out!!!! Keep that smoke rollin!!!

  • Meat Butt
    Meat Butt 4 months ago

    A good brewery out in Ft worth is Rhar and sons 👍

  • Robert D. Stickney
    Robert D. Stickney 5 months ago

    T-Roy, I recently found your videos when I was getting ready for this years Meat-a-paloosa that I host at my house every year on memorial day. With your laid back style and toasting others, you would fit in perfect up here in Wisconsin where beer goes with everything. Looking forward to any videos you might do on smoking sausages, brats or other great tailgate food. From some of the best tailgating territory in the country, cheers.

  • GatorMan Ruth
    GatorMan Ruth 6 months ago

    T-ROY , I just retired from 46 years of trucking and have always enjoyed all sorts of BBQ and smoked dishes all across our beautiful country and love me some Cajun food as well. My word to you is that your style is so cool like hanging out with a friend that you've known for years. I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago and have already done a few of your teachings such as smoked pork butt/ pulled pork that I took over to my next door neighbor on Memorial Day for a lunch with a bunch of retirees that are mostly Veterans. Let me just say, there were no leftovers lol. I will be checking your channel out every time the little bell alert shows you got a new one and will be catching up with your past video. Sorry about being long winded but that's how I roll. God bless and two thumbs up 👍👍

      T-ROY COOKS  5 months ago +1

      Hey Paul, Thanks for the kind words and I truly appreciate the support!!! Cheers brother!

  • OneGun Salute
    OneGun Salute 6 months ago +1

    Thank you for the input T-Roy I've found the gasket kit prevents air from coming into the door preventing my temps from rising closer to 275 . Now I can fine tune my temp all based off the vents

  • shawn matsuda
    shawn matsuda 6 months ago

    Have you ever tried dry or wet brining, a brisket before smoking?

  • Dale Lawrence
    Dale Lawrence 6 months ago

    Hey T-ROY.
    Big hello and a bigger Cheers from us here in London UK.
    Recently found your channel and I'm a big fan ALREADY, Man you certainly know how to work the grill.
    I am just starting out and would love to know your recommendations as to what would be a good Smoker/Grill to start out with. Looking forward to hearing back from you thanks in advance buddy.

      T-ROY COOKS  6 months ago

      Hello from Texas!!! Thanks for the support! I would suggest you get a Weber Smokey Mountain if you’ll be smoking more than grilling. You can remove the midsection and cook directly over the coals if you want to grill something. If you’ll be grilling more, then I’d suggest the Weber Kettle which you can also use as a smoker, but smoked meat won’t have as good of a flavor as that smoked on The WSM.

  • smoking razor
    smoking razor 6 months ago

    Yeah we almost drowned here in oklahoma and more rain still coming

  • - Hilbert -
    - Hilbert - 6 months ago

    Hi Troy, love the chats (live and recorded)! Do you really need to spritz the meat in a WSM? Doesn't the water pan already ensure there is enough moisture?

  • stacy holland
    stacy holland 6 months ago +1

    Hey T-Roy. Love your videos. My question is. I just got a webber kettle iev been doing some off set cooking and grilling. I want to attempt a brisket but I don't think iev figured out temp control quite yet can you give me some tips.

  • Rusty BBQ
    Rusty BBQ 6 months ago

    Great chat Troy ! To whoever asked about the spritzing I believe Troy , Justin and James have a video or two about the subject. Hope you see this and it helps. Cheers

  • grillmaster07
    grillmaster07 6 months ago

    Tomorrow is D-DAY! You should do a T Roy salute!!! Would be cool. Just like you cook.. Cool and smooth!! Love you man!

  • Fishpig65
    Fishpig65 6 months ago +1

    Hey T-Roy great video. I’ve been smoking meat for a few years now on an old school pit ( concrete blocks and plywood, build a fire and shovel coals) and a Weber kettle. Got me a cheap smoker (dynaglo) as a gift. And it does ok. The old block smoker tastes better in my opinion. Any thoughts? No briquettes wood only!

      T-ROY COOKS  6 months ago +1

      Thanks for the question brother!!!! And thanks for watching!!! Cheers

  • denis daurer
    denis daurer 6 months ago +1

    I always enjoy the questions and answers. They really help me. You deserve more than 200,000 subs. Great channel. CHEERS.

  • Blue Smoke BBQ
    Blue Smoke BBQ 6 months ago

    Cheers to you Brother! Stay cool this summer in Texas! -Parker

  • Zack Maxwell
    Zack Maxwell 6 months ago

    Hey T-Roy! Awesome channel and congrats on 100 episodes of your Tuesday chats. I have a question for you. I recently bought a Weber kettle. What accessories or gadgets would you recommend to buy next for that specific grill? I've already smoked some baby backs on it and I'm looking forward to trying some new meats on it. Keep up the great content my man!

  • ChrisO
    ChrisO 6 months ago

    Hey T-Roy, another nice Q&A. Question; What do you think on layering rubs? Does it really make a difference compared to one rub with all in one? Cheers

  • EightTicks8
    EightTicks8 6 months ago

    You're in Austin, right? Any video tailgating plans for LSU - UT in September? I'll watch you.

  • Daniel Hawkins
    Daniel Hawkins 6 months ago

    Hey T-Roy cheers. I have a Oklahoma Joes off set smoker with gas combo grill. I’m new to smoking meat and learned some valuable lessons from your videos. Question, sometimes the food taste too much like smoke, any advice?

  • Harold Robinson
    Harold Robinson 6 months ago

    T-Roy! You are my inspiration! I live up by Lake Texoma, in Denison. I got a 14 inch WSM, in January and totally enloy it. My question is would I benifit more from upgrading to a larger WSM, or step up to an offset, or maybe a pellet smoker?

  • BlackAckCL
    BlackAckCL 6 months ago

    Happy Belated Birthday T-Roy! Love the weekly chat videos, cheers brother!

  • Craig Sweet
    Craig Sweet 6 months ago

    T-Roy, thanks for answering my question, I really appreciate you taking the time! I watch a lot of BBQ smoking videos and I would say your success is attributed to your great advice, relaxing knowledge filled videos, and being a genuinely nice guy. Cheers to you, your continued success, and another 200k subscribers! Happy belated Bday!

  • King Rook
    King Rook 6 months ago

    Pre congrats on 200k...ill be here for that. Im going to be getting a highland offset soon. I know im going to seal the gaps with high temp silicone. But i was wondering if i really needed to get the gasket for the door. But i agree i dont think ill need too. I have a chargriller barrel grill with out the smoker box attachment. Ive had it for 7 yrs now and i use it as a smoker and for grilling and smoke has always come out the doors and never thought twice because my food still came out great. Least my family and friends say so. Cheers TRoy. Have a beer on me bud.

  • sheoop lasios
    sheoop lasios 6 months ago

    "Breaks my heart to see all that" ""CHEERS""
    haha good ol t roy.

      T-ROY COOKS  6 months ago

      Yeah, I reckon that shouldn’t have gotten a cheers.

  • Bark N Bite BBQ
    Bark N Bite BBQ 6 months ago

    Hey T Roy! Cheers To Ya!!! I’m getting ready to build an offender with a 500 gallon tank. How do I figure how long the stack should be? If you don’t know for sure who can I ask. Thanks. Keep on cookin!

  • Maciek Tosiek
    Maciek Tosiek 6 months ago

    I love intro song :D I watched all of WSM series and its great!! greetings from Poland

      T-ROY COOKS  5 months ago

      Thank you very much!!! Cheers from Austin, TX!!!!

  • Richard LeMaster
    Richard LeMaster 6 months ago

    Never brag about your success .

  • John Connor
    John Connor 6 months ago

    Tuesday chat with T-Roy .. the T C Dub T .. Brisket Master? Yes .. yes he is .. let's do us a smoked turkey next vid brother and make that Mama Jean dressing .. PBR is cold mang, waiting on y'all, cheers!

      T-ROY COOKS  5 months ago +1

      Sounds great John!!! Cheers brother!

  • Tabey Loccs
    Tabey Loccs 6 months ago

    Congrats on 100 QandA

  • 24 Frames/Sec
    24 Frames/Sec 6 months ago

    Hello Mr. T-Roy. Tried my 1st brisket on the Weber kettle. The point was juicy and nice but the flat was a bit dry. I saw a technique where a guy foil wrapped the flat when it was at wrap temp and then brought the point up. When the point was at wrap temp, he wrapped the whole thing. What do you think?

  • ltsergvader
    ltsergvader 6 months ago

    Hey t-Roy I love the videos and all that you do. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain 22 and an offset cooker and I was wondering what are your thoughts on the kamado Joe 18 in

  • Nicole Dill
    Nicole Dill 6 months ago

    Been wanting to start my own YT cooking channel. You aspired me to do so. I like your style . But I want to do both cooking in the kitchen and the backyard. What advice would you give for me to be successful on RU-clip ? Should I stick to in house or outside or a combination of the two? Or keep it one focus? Your thoughts?

  • Leopards Spots
    Leopards Spots 6 months ago

    I have stick burner and barrel now. My LSG meat tastes like fine wine. The smoke/meat flavor is smooth and clean. The meat on my Barrel House tastes like the greasy corner diner grill hasn't been cleaned in forever even on my brand new barrel. It is still a savory flavor from the Barrel House and not disagreeable at all. It just hits your taste buds harder and heavier than the offset.

  • Nick Blevins
    Nick Blevins 6 months ago

    Just pull the flat earlier. Duh lol

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 6 months ago

    This is probably a stupid question but what if you were wanting to cook your beef ribs fast could you boil them first then put them on the grill with some smoke

  • Turn It Up World
    Turn It Up World 6 months ago +1

    Great video T -Roy. Always a pleasure enjoying your chat and food dishes. By the way we just did our recent video at Franklin's BBQ. Could you check out that video and let us know your thoughts. Thank you and as always can't wait til your next video.

  • Jason Oman
    Jason Oman 6 months ago

    Hey Troy,
    Do you notice if the cook time changes with the amount of meat you have on the smoker? I did 7 full packer briskets on my reverse flow and they were done in less time than it usually takes for me to do 1.

  • Tyrel Morris
    Tyrel Morris 6 months ago

    Debating between the WSM 22.5 or a Pit Barrel Cooker. My only concern with the PBC is not having the space for a whole brisket. What are your thoughts?

    • Wayne Swicegood
      Wayne Swicegood 6 months ago

      Tyrel Morris A 15lb one will fit tight but remember that it’s going to do some major shrinking pretty quickly. Obviously you can hang as large of one as you want and them place it in the rack as soon as the shrinkage occurs. I bet even the largest one wouldn’t have to hang more than an hour before it shrank to easily fit the grate. I have the PBC and my son in law has the WSM. For whatever reason the PBC will keep a steady temp a good bit longer than the WSM. For a backyard cook who wants something that’s going to do ribs, butts, chicken & beef without constantly tending a fire the PBC is hard to beat. My only gripe is that they’ve stopped building them here in the USA in favor of Communist China. That’s a non issue for many but it matters to me.

    • Tyrel Morris
      Tyrel Morris 6 months ago

      And that’s what I want, to lay it on the grate. But 12lbs seems small and I usually find briskets from 15-18lbs.

    • Wayne Swicegood
      Wayne Swicegood 6 months ago +1

      A whole packer about 12lbs will fit on the PBC. I just don’t try to hang them. I lay them on the supplied grate.

  • Tim Hiemer
    Tim Hiemer 6 months ago

    Question T-Roy. What is the one cook that always seems to give you a hard time and what is the one cook you can nail every time? Cheers man.

  • Papa C’s BBQ & Kitchen
    Papa C’s BBQ & Kitchen 6 months ago +1

    Hey T-Roy, question, have you done a brisket on the PBC, I know you have done several rib videos and pork butt videos,but was wondering about brisket! Cheers T-Roy!

      T-ROY COOKS  6 months ago

      Great question, thanks for watching and asking the question!

  • Smoked Reb BBQ
    Smoked Reb BBQ 6 months ago

    Love the shades, I had a pair of some nice sunglasses which were lost in the waves of Hawaii.... sad day. Cheers Troy, I love your chats!!

  • JB the SA Pepper Man
    JB the SA Pepper Man 6 months ago

    Hey T-Roy, Cheers Brother. I am a new subscriber and really enjoy your channel. I have a question about types of wood. Would recommend using more than one type of wood at one time for brisket? I've used oak and Mesquite together because I have a lot at my disposal but id like your opinion on what wood is best for low and slow brisket. Thanks and be safe.

  • Sideyard Barbecue
    Sideyard Barbecue 6 months ago +4

    Hey Troy, I know Harry Soo is a great bbqer ( not sure if that’s a word) but I hear so many people talk about true bbq is cooking with wood in an offset. How do you think he’s done so well cooking with the wsm? Cheers t-roy

  • M D
    M D 6 months ago

    Happy Father's Day!

  • josh tremble
    josh tremble 6 months ago

    Hey T-Roy. Cheers! Love all the videos. I've never seen you use a blower system on your WSM. Have you ever used them? Had good or bad experiences? If you haven't would you? Why or why not?

  • Charles Phillips
    Charles Phillips 6 months ago

    Another great video, thank you sir.

  • James Boo
    James Boo 6 months ago

    Cheers Troy, How many days a week do you eat BBQ

  • mjfnh70
    mjfnh70 6 months ago

    I know I have a ton of questions for you, but right now I only want to say thank you for spreading all your knowledge about BBQ and cooking. I used a Weber kettle last summer and winter just because of your videos. I just recently bought a 22.5" Smokey Mountain, and have done ribs, chicken, baked beans and my very first brisket jut last week. All came out amazing! Thanks brother, you're the best! If you can teach me to do it...anyone can learn it HAHA!! I also try to cook responsibly! haha

      T-ROY COOKS  5 months ago +1

      I'm glad you're having fun cooking up some fine BBQ!! Thanks for the kind words too! Cheers!!!

  • Tim Travasos
    Tim Travasos 6 months ago

    What is WSM?

  • Louis at R shack BBQ
    Louis at R shack BBQ 6 months ago +1

    Happy late Birthday brother Troy- 52 and retired-boy did I ever take the wrong fork in the road....Question - what do you do with the left over meats and what is your process for freezing them?

  • Rob Ayers
    Rob Ayers 6 months ago

    Hell yea t Roy u r Kick-Ass my favorite food and a cold one get r done hoss yep need do a bear meat clean and cook a stew be great I no u probably make it badass yep .....

  • Matthew LaBorde
    Matthew LaBorde 6 months ago

    If you want some good aviators look at American Optical. They are what the astronauts use. Also are polarized and are cheaper.

      T-ROY COOKS  5 months ago

      Thanks for the info Matt!!! I'll check them out!

  • Greg Swartz
    Greg Swartz 6 months ago +1

    Still watching... we should talk. We are about 85-90% agreement, mostly on cooking. Smoke types and sources, I need to share a liquid-infused argument with you. I think it would be educational, for both of us.

  • Cory Liles
    Cory Liles 6 months ago +3

    Thanks for the great videos!!! My 4 year old walks around singing your intro song!!!😎😎😎😎

      T-ROY COOKS  6 months ago

      Awe, that's too sweet!!! Much love!!!

  • ComebackShane
    ComebackShane 6 months ago

    Brother can help me outty, I'll go for a Blonde beer that loves you long time...BooYaaaaaaa.....hAAAAAAAA.....Cheers brother!

  • poormofo1
    poormofo1 6 months ago

    What are you thoughts on the new Webber kettle master touch premium. They released it first in UK.

  • poormofo1
    poormofo1 6 months ago +1

    My WSM (18.5)is a rock at 250 all day. WBU T-Roy?

  • Nathan Edits
    Nathan Edits 6 months ago

    great video man

  • Mike Ruiz Esparza
    Mike Ruiz Esparza 6 months ago

    Hi T-Roy, your videos are excellent congrats for the good job! My neighbor said those flakes falling from the kettle’s dome to the barbecue help to get a tasty meat. To my knowledge that might be polluting the meat. What is your opinion on this?

  • Greg Swartz
    Greg Swartz 6 months ago +2

    Hey T-Roy, commenting wile watching (I’m behind reality by 20 min to an hour...) but on WSM being leakproof, nope (agreeing with you). I’ve got the 18 and while it is wonderful to cook on, it has always leaked. I can still control the heat with the vents, but it does leak . Anyone questioning this should serve on a submarine. They are “water tolerant”, not water-proof. Just sayin’!
    And while watching, am +2 on you, year-wise. Still need to say “Hi” personally sometime, since you’re right up the road. I understand your general reluctance.