• Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Let's take a first look and walkaround of the brand new Toyota GR Supra! We can explore in detail the flagship A90 Edition version of the 5th generation Supra, but not only that I can also announce that I have ordered one too! Mine is also the very first one to be allocated in the UK, and will arrive later in 2019, more to come soon.
    The long-awaited A90 Supra has been a decade in the making and as it has arrived ever-closer there has been tremendous buzz around it with various concepts, racing versions and even the camoflagued car running at different events. However now released upon the world at the Detroit Motorshow, NAIAS, it has arrived in full for us to take in.
    The new car is based on a platform share with BMW and sits as the Coupe to its sister in the form of the soft-top BMW Z4. It's powered by the 3.0l inline-6 with 340PS and 500nm, which thanks to an 8spd auto means 0-100km/h (62mph) in 4.3 seconds. It's a 2-seat format with a large rear hatch and is positioned very much as a sporty driving experience with rear-wheel-drive.
    The "900 Club" represents the first round of cars for Toyota with 900 allocations primarily to the UK and Germany as well as other European countries. Within those, there will be an opportunity for 90 customers to purchase the A90 Edition; which comes in the matte Storm Grey paintwork along with other distinct characteristics.
    With regards to my decision to place a deposit for a Supra; I've found it a fascinating story as the car has gone from the FT-1 Concept through to reveal now. I've been looking for a new 'daily driver' and it fits the bill as well as being a very interesting product in its own right to get to know and experience. I followed the process behind the scenes and ensured I was in the correct place during the day sales started so that the moment it went live I could lock in my deposit in which has turned out to be the first one for the UK market! Further information will come in due course which will establish if that certainly makes it possible to choose the A90 Edition specification, but I will update you when I know more.
    Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • Khirro Toribio
    Khirro Toribio 3 days ago

    Lowered it to be better

  • Alex Richards
    Alex Richards 7 days ago

    Stadman’s retarded cousin

  • Ksha
    Ksha 9 days ago

    I dont like it . SO WHAT . ??!!

  • Bruno Pisca
    Bruno Pisca 10 days ago

    Toretto: You owe me a 10 Second car.
    Toyota: No u

  • TheMoonchild1969
    TheMoonchild1969 13 days ago +1

    Turbo and only delivers 340 hp ... I was expecting more like 425 or 450...I'll go for a test drive anyway. Toyota engineers are too conservative, but those performance numbers sound impressive.

  • - Larsonious
    - Larsonious 14 days ago +2

    How would you like to wake up to this guy staring at you in the middle of the night?

  • Alex Durst
    Alex Durst 15 days ago

    Why didn’t they just put in a slightly tuned up 2jz

  • Steven Macdonald
    Steven Macdonald 17 days ago

    That is grotesque, one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen.

  • Southern Nevada offroading and back country

    It's not a Supra, swap in a 2jz make Supra great again!!

    • WezkkerXLIM
      WezkkerXLIM 15 days ago

      tell me i'm curious, in what aspect is the 2jz better than the b58? weight? output? efficiency? emission?

  • César Nobre
    César Nobre 21 day ago

    BMW GR SUPRA 🙄 🤔 😒

  • Vinsmoke Sanji
    Vinsmoke Sanji 22 days ago

    Hipsters ruined Marvel and now a new generation of money hungry Japanese men who know nothing of the culture and love we had for that car ruined it

  • Ashton S.
    Ashton S. 24 days ago +1

    Please stop hating.

  • From The Edge Of Darkness

    I sold my Supra years ago, I waited for a long time for a replacement, they kept showing us the FT1, then this Abomination. I certainly will not be an owner.

  • paulg
    paulg 25 days ago

    This car does not even have a dual clutch 8sp. WTF

  • abdul hafiz
    abdul hafiz 25 days ago

    To. Much talking - _-

  • 스바루호주SubieKossie

    supra was one of the fastest jdm cars with gtr and nsx..
    But now it should be a rival of a WRX.. not gtr or nsx ...
    It sholdnt be named supra.. Lexus LFA should be named Supra and tjis supra should be something else.. too slow to be Supra

  • monstersince
    monstersince 26 days ago

    electric cars need a vast amount spent on nuclear energy to run the boring things.
    asparation over reality for govts.

  • monstersince
    monstersince 26 days ago

    if its as good as my old supra turbo i did over 200k in, i'm happy.
    described as one of the last of the petrol engined practical sports cars it had to be done.

  • Dandre Davis
    Dandre Davis 28 days ago +4

    The intro scared the hell outta me😱😱😱😂😂😂

  • Ryan Lum
    Ryan Lum 29 days ago

    That thing desperately needs some lowering. The wheel gap is horrendous.

  • Leo Barbato
    Leo Barbato Month ago

    What a joke from these barstool automotive experts, since when can anyone think Toyota engineering might can possibly match BMW. This Toyota will be one of the best cars Toyota has been fortunate enough to have their badge placed on.

    • nils holgerson
      nils holgerson Month ago

      I'm not so sure the mark 4 Supra would have been better, funnier and more succesfull with BMW parts. If you buy a Supra, you don't think about how often you need to change the engine belt. Usually Supra owners don't want a "reliable" car if you know what I mean. Toyota missed their target market to put it simply. If you want a reliable car, you don't buy a Toyota with BMW parts, you buy the BMW.

  • Andres Holliday
    Andres Holliday Month ago

    European Auto Group out of San Antonio Texas is bringing a 6 Speed Supra to fruition. These guys built the Manual 6 Speed Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Check out there videos on that @europeanautogroup should be epic to see a 6 speed new supra!

  • MrDaniAND
    MrDaniAND Month ago +6

    Supra loser edition 😂😂😂, next... Porsche TypeR..

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Month ago


  • MrDaddy740
    MrDaddy740 Month ago

    Why u sound so girlish

  • MrDaddy740
    MrDaddy740 Month ago

    Looks like a jeep

  • Hemel Arefin
    Hemel Arefin Month ago

    Option 1: He was paid by Toyota to say good stuff about the new supra
    Option 2 : he is doesn't know the difference between a BMW and a Toyota Supra

  • Syaiful Azreen
    Syaiful Azreen Month ago


  • krionic
    krionic Month ago

    this is the Supra for the 'me' generation. Too lazy to put in the effort to own a real Supra and too dumb to know they are buying a Z4. They heard all these cool things about the Supra, they loved the movies that featured them as kids and now that they got their first job out of college they are throwing their money down the drain buying something that is further from a Supra than the Celica branded versions in the 80's. I cant wait to laugh at the first poser I see with this junk in my town.

  • First Name Last Name

    'll be the first to dub this the ---- ZUPR4

  • Lahmacun
    Lahmacun Month ago

    Thats not a supra, thats a bmw and thats worsened supra's history

  • Moodymize
    Moodymize Month ago +2

    Finally! A nice fast reastable priced car from Toyota

  • tarta exe
    tarta exe Month ago

    I feel like this guy likes kids... a lot

  • Kobe Devera
    Kobe Devera Month ago +1

    All of the technology from this car is from BMW and also the gear shifter.

  • singhizm
    singhizm Month ago

    BMW interior

  • FRWrench Guru
    FRWrench Guru Month ago

    what a shame :( toyota forget how to make sport car.... cant believe people actually pay for this crapy rebadged car

    CARZILLA Month ago +6

    I hate how everyone thinks fast and the furious made all JDM cars famous

    • Alex Durst
      Alex Durst 15 days ago

      CARZILLA I mean they helped

  • Allen S.
    Allen S. Month ago

    Damn its ugly. Hate the nose and all the damn fake vents.

  • Andys
    Andys Month ago

    is the Supra sold? no videos of it

  • Aj Seuol
    Aj Seuol Month ago +1

    Which dealership do you take it to when it has a major mechanical problem?

  • M Hagax
    M Hagax Month ago +1

    beautiful car. great job Toyota/Bmw

  • Cryptonian
    Cryptonian Month ago +6

    I work in toyota distribution center in belgium. Yes...we litteraly have bmw parts in our hands all the time...just saying

    • Constantinos Mallios
      Constantinos Mallios Month ago +1

      Cryptonian It’s a Toyota that uses BMW parts. Toyota had their hand in developing the engine to suit their standards. Everything else besides the engine and platform was designed by them. You’d know that if you worked for Toyota. Toyota shares parts with Subaru for the BRZ, Toyota shares parts with Mazda for the new Yaris, Fiat/ Fiat Abarth shares parts with Mazda for the Miata/124 Spider and so on. Toyota are not doing it to take the piss - it’s a smart business decision. Why spend millions developing a brand new motor and platform when there is a company (BMW) who make I6’s and are willing to collaborate on the platform. GR have also had a hand in developing the performance of the car and they’re a proven race winning Toyota team so I think it’s safe to say that this car is fine and it’s time to let go of the nostalgia of the A80 and welcome the A90.

  • StreetScene254 _
    StreetScene254 _ Month ago

    It's a BMW trapped in a Miata, badged as a Toyota. Smh... What a huge disappointment. Calty designer's wouldn't have wanted this. They knew consumer's wanted the FT-1, that's what the people anticipated on. The hell with GR, give the people what they want! WTH Toyota?👎👎

  • Simon Moi
    Simon Moi Month ago


  • A Littlefin
    A Littlefin Month ago

    Steering wheel is horrible

  • Airbag1010674
    Airbag1010674 Month ago

    Ugly AF

  • Matto
    Matto Month ago

    Why just why? I would think that you as a car guy would hate this thing. Its an abomination. Its Toyota cashing in on a legend and doing it so poorly... Its a bmw z4 rebadged. its half arsed and its shit

  • GRRB
    GRRB Month ago

    I dont mind the Bmw partnership, specially if you understand how it worked out. BUT, the fake intake and vents! Thats tacky. They are trying hard to make you think this is a serious sports car, then its covered in gimmicky fake vents, WHY!?

  • Super C
    Super C Month ago

    Hopefully in 2021 they make a manual transmission for it. They also should've went with a mid engine style also. Can't wait to see a nice body kit for it.

  • nathan ettienne
    nathan ettienne Month ago

    9:04 aint that the same chime a bmw makes when you open the door?

  • Caleb Sowell
    Caleb Sowell Month ago +5

    Idgaf, The new Supra looks sick af

    • tarta exe
      tarta exe Month ago +1

      Looks sick, the people complaining can't afford it probably

  • jayr122001
    jayr122001 Month ago

    That’s a bmw supra

  • Willy Q
    Willy Q Month ago +1

    inside basically looks like a bmw

  • 5aminbrooklyn
    5aminbrooklyn Month ago +1

    Manual please and you can take my 50 G's.

  • Jonathan O' Neill
    Jonathan O' Neill Month ago +1

    Shhhme sounds like a viral infection

  • Billy Nordqvist
    Billy Nordqvist Month ago

    I like this car more and more every time i see it. Imagine lowered with aftermarket wheels, libertywalk bodykit, akrapovic exhaust and singleturbo etc. OMG cant wait

  • The Legend Racer
    The Legend Racer Month ago

    Other haters of supra told the news that there are fake vents and many more

  • Gas Pedal Media
    Gas Pedal Media Month ago

    looks good. 👍

  • Walt Van Court
    Walt Van Court Month ago

    Terrible looking on film.
    Like an older BMW z3/4.
    Porsche cayman much better.

  • Alex Corv
    Alex Corv Month ago

    That shit looks horrible..... what a way to kill a legend.. fuck you toyota/BMW
    How could you just ignore 2jz engine....

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez Month ago

    Damn sexy af what an amazing and awesome car! Fuck the haters

  • OXNARD 805
    OXNARD 805 Month ago

    I rather buy a faster 4th gen supra with mods for less then a new one

    • OXNARD 805
      OXNARD 805 Month ago

      Still cheaper than a new one

    • The Legend Racer
      The Legend Racer Month ago

      The 1999 supra is that slow but the 2020 supra is now fast

  • Nik Min
    Nik Min Month ago +2


  • Orion spur
    Orion spur Month ago +3

    I want a new rx7, but the supra has a different build, they share alot though with the Z4.
    But saying its the same car, ...they never drove one. The only thing stupid about it that it has no manual gears..lol..

  • Dustin Andrew
    Dustin Andrew Month ago

    To each their own, looks ridiculous to me. High quality materials and components used but it looks like a kids toy. It isn't what i was expecting when i heard that Toyota *Cough* BMW were making a new Supra. Good video though and Congrats on your purchase.

  • npc
    npc Month ago

    hAhaA gUys A Z4 hAhA

  • booyakashaboy
    booyakashaboy Month ago

    Introducing Toyota's New Fake Ass Supra! It's what the Dodge Stealth was to the 3000GT. Only worse. At lease the Stealth wasn't pretending to be or steal the name from such a legendary vehicle. If they had named it something else it would have been fine. I say we boycott the car until Toyota renames it Toyota Zippy or Peppy or whatever just not Supra. It's such a slap in the face to every dyed-in-the-wool Supra fan.

  • For your sake Believe


  • J NO
    J NO Month ago

    Smee like Captain Hooks assistant?

  • Edmund Alailefaleula

    The FR-Z86

  • irmist
    irmist Month ago

    Nice bmw

  • Slow Scat 392
    Slow Scat 392 Month ago +5

    Interior is BMW, dash, gear knob, everything is BMW lol

  • Reaper Technique
    Reaper Technique Month ago

    Pathetic excuse for a supra. Very disappointed shmee...😢😔😔😟😟

  • Nikø Vee
    Nikø Vee Month ago

    9:03 what the heck!?
    Also, is that an iDrive imfotainment?

    • Chuck Weatherman
      Chuck Weatherman Month ago

      Nikø Vee yeah, that’s an iDrive system. This car was built by a company in Austria called Magna Steyr. They build some cars for BMW, and took most of the parts for this car, right out of their BMW parts bin. But for some reason, when they plucked the engine for the Supra and the Z4 put of their parts bin, they detuned the Supra engine so it would have 50 hp less than the Z4. The Supra really is the Z4’s ugly, weaker little brother.

  • Devraj Shakhaka
    Devraj Shakhaka Month ago

    I can’t drive car I don’t know how to drive but whenever I see Toyota this car I feel so excited.

  • Devraj Shakhaka
    Devraj Shakhaka Month ago

    Congrats dude

  • Hobbit Hood
    Hobbit Hood Month ago

    Courageous and aggressive erm nope it’s just fugly as hell yuk

  • James Gaskin
    James Gaskin Month ago

    It is a convertible with a roof
    I'm out
    Toyota claim a low center of gravity. That will be the strengthening in the chassis needed for the z4

  • takz07
    takz07 Month ago

    Perhaps it's just me, but it looks like the "driver zone" / "passenger zone" layout would be right in a right-hand-drive car, but not in this one.

    I COME FROM SUN Month ago

    A lot of old 80 year old impotent idiots complaining about new technology. they always do

  • smaz eleu
    smaz eleu Month ago +2

    Toyota did a great job !

  • wilsmits66
    wilsmits66 Month ago

    How many cars this dude got in his garage

  • kobra x
    kobra x Month ago

    I like it it looks nice. Looks like my FRS all Pimped out. Wait a minute!! It is my FRS all pimped out.

  • ben mazor
    ben mazor Month ago +1

    Why the fake vents? Failed in my eyes. Can't believe in a car that faking it's way.

  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ Month ago


  • shinrips
    shinrips Month ago

    For some reason, it still feels like Toyota is cheating the public with this car. The Bimmer engine, many fo vents, and basic rear view mirrors = disappointment and I really wanted to love this car. They should have kept the sexy mirrors from the FT-1and upgraded the old Supra engine,... at least. I was expecting a "super car" or at least an excellent GT.

  • james owens
    james owens Month ago

    Get a TT 8J looks X100 better X100 cheaper 🤣

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes Month ago


  • Frank
    Frank Month ago +2

    Introducing the 2020 BMW Supra!!!!

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans Month ago +1

    This looks nothing like a z4, no idea what them comments are about.
    Old supra is ugly as sin, this is much nicer. Its unique.
    B58 engine is great and sounds very nice. I think a vq v6 4l 400bhp engine would of been much better and leaves far more room for upgrading and sounds better. B58 is good but not much room for upgrades without it costing an absolute fortune.
    People wanted a 2jz? In 2019? Those engines are dead now so not sure why people were expecting that. This car does screem BMW so thats annoying. Seems toyota probably had very little to do with this car.
    Theres one real question here, why the fuck is this an automatic?
    Thats the biggest joke here. Yes they are faster on drags but this is not a good drag car! Round the bends we want MANUAL! What is with that. Rally cars are manual for a very good reason.

      I COME FROM SUN Month ago

      Exactly. These poor idiots are too old to like anything new

  • Reginald Burnbridge

    It's not a supra, only two seats. BMW...........

  • Zangeef Fangsteen
    Zangeef Fangsteen Month ago

    Those fake side air vents are one of the dumbest things I've seen on a car. It's actually *anti*-aerodynamic. This is not even a Supra, this is a FAKE Supra

  • Jackson Barinowski
    Jackson Barinowski Month ago

    That's one expensive "Toyota."

  • Phil Abovethelaw
    Phil Abovethelaw Month ago

    nice bmw

  • Captain FALKEN
    Captain FALKEN Month ago +2

    It's the FT-1 Concept's down-syndrome little cousin.
    Seriously, buy a Corvette or Viper, a much better looking and faster car.

    • Karol Bała
      Karol Bała Month ago

      Captain FALKEN not faster around the twisties

  • mojostrat58
    mojostrat58 Month ago

    Nope...A Dog/

  • ChipZilla69
    ChipZilla69 2 months ago

    If they were going to put a BMW engine in they should have used the S55 and tuned it to 600 bhp. Then you would have a reason to trade in your old BMW. As things stand if you already have a hot hatch / saloon there's not a good enough reason to change.

  • ChipZilla69
    ChipZilla69 2 months ago

    How is this not an M240i with no back seats?

    • CheetahSpeed
      CheetahSpeed Month ago

      ChipZilla69 because it's made by Toyota..... jsuk Toyota helped make BMW engines and parts since 2014 so, No. it is not a BMW. this engine can be tuned to make 1000hp+ with a rebuild and probably over 600 on the factory internals. Which trust me. IS ENOUGH... it is a Toyota Supra not a BMW please stop spamming the comment section with this bullshit

  • B-Change
    B-Change 2 months ago

    Nice Z4

  • TJ FromReno
    TJ FromReno 2 months ago