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  • Sunny Sunday
    Sunny Sunday Day ago +1

    This is how many times Jamie said chair:

  • Brezze Salcido
    Brezze Salcido Day ago

    I didn’t know Jamie was the boss

  • TypicalXx Productions

    Danny is SNEAK 100

  • Hashir Malik
    Hashir Malik 2 days ago

    "there doing things that help the company" isnt hidding in plain sight helping the company😆

  • SehunTheOfficial OPPA

    I just realised that how would Danny eat, pee or maybe poo?

  • R.A. Sosa
    R.A. Sosa 3 days ago

    i love these episodes and it would be sooo funny if danny hid as the camera man

  • Connor Quilitz
    Connor Quilitz 3 days ago

    It’s a chair

  • WAKA Dominationz Gaming

    Professional grade hide and seek.

  • Kirbzy
    Kirbzy 4 days ago

    *I watched through every episode of hidden in plain sight and at the beginning of every one Danny talks about how he hates working*

  • Dana Puska
    Dana Puska 4 days ago

    Danny | Professional Slacker |

  • Elijah Da gamer
    Elijah Da gamer 5 days ago

    Where is hiding in plain sight 12

  • Evan Haney
    Evan Haney 5 days ago

    Jamie: finds a katana
    This is a great poking stick!

  • EggyAnimations -
    EggyAnimations - 5 days ago

    Are you looking for Danny, or your chair?

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn 5 days ago

    January 25 2020
    Jamie tps Danny’s chair
    2 months later that was a waste of good tp

  • Coach Potatoes
    Coach Potatoes 5 days ago

    Technically Danny is doing work because he is making a video because he is hiding. To make the video.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 5 days ago

    The background music reminds me of full metal Alchemist for whatever reason

  • Merani :D
    Merani :D 6 days ago

    Danny: on a hunt for danny but looks for chair

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 6 days ago

    STOP SAYING CHAIR 🪑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Throned Knight0
    Throned Knight0 6 days ago

    You guys make money out of these videos so Danny is working

  • Emily Carey
    Emily Carey 6 days ago

    Who’s taking iPads in the restrooms😂😂 5:39

  • Konstantinos Panagiotakis

    3:30 imagine danny being there

  • Lilli Braun
    Lilli Braun 6 days ago

    "Don't put your baby in this box"
    *Gerber Ad*

  • EliAwesome
    EliAwesome 6 days ago

    their shude be WHERES MY POCKING STICK merch

  • Smriti Kedia
    Smriti Kedia 6 days ago

    Does Jamie know he can easily fire Danny…

  • It is Toco time My dudes

    Keep doing what you doing

  • It is Toco time My dudes

    I loved the giant gummy worm so much man

  • Vanilla Cream
    Vanilla Cream 7 days ago

    The man wants his chair

  • Mr Kaye
    Mr Kaye 7 days ago

    Jamie saying Danny belongs in the trash... me too.

  • Boxer Christo
    Boxer Christo 7 days ago

    Is it just me or is his nose like ponochio's

  • Mouse
    Mouse 7 days ago

    danny should hide as jon istg

  • Awab Ahmed
    Awab Ahmed 7 days ago

    All the poking stick jokes are


  • hi people
    hi people 8 days ago

    I ordered something once and it came broken and now I know why he hit everything with that dam* poking stick

  • såmmï_music
    såmmï_music 8 days ago +1

    Why so many dislikes?!

  • Dolan G 12
    Dolan G 12 8 days ago

    This is just the office but it’s just a mentally unstable person looking for a man that outsmarts him repeatedly

  • I T S E E M
    I T S E E M 8 days ago

    6:22 I got that for Christmas...

  • Julia LaMontagne.
    Julia LaMontagne. 8 days ago

    “You all helping me look from home” this isn’t Dora.

  • Green.B.Red
    Green.B.Red 8 days ago

    Jamie next episode: this is a good poking stick
    Also jamie: pulls out a katana

  • Greg Marler
    Greg Marler 8 days ago

    He passed a literal turning table an air hockey/ what ever table that turns

  • Jack O'Leary
    Jack O'Leary 9 days ago

    Jamie: nice poking stick
    episode 345: why don’t ya use a grenade launcher
    episode 345 Danny: oh shoot Jamie got phsyco

  • Dominic Gillotti
    Dominic Gillotti 9 days ago

    What the heck Jamie

  • Michael Lam
    Michael Lam 9 days ago +1

    I think they missed some times when Jamie said chair

  • Amy de Boer
    Amy de Boer 9 days ago

    Jamie is kinda obsessed with his *chair*

  • Carson Elias
    Carson Elias 9 days ago

    Poor editor had to find every time Jamie said chair

  • Amy Stokes
    Amy Stokes 9 days ago

    steel a chare!

  • Amy Stokes
    Amy Stokes 9 days ago

    Go danny

  • Amy Stokes
    Amy Stokes 9 days ago +1

    Go jamey

  • Avree Crooks
    Avree Crooks 9 days ago

    I don’t really wanto freez to death

  • Footy7 Productions
    Footy7 Productions 9 days ago

    Points at woman: this is what helps us earn money!
    So now millions of views doesn't pay you?

  • The eye Lord Jack
    The eye Lord Jack 9 days ago

    You have to do at least 19 of these

  • TpOsE qUeEn
    TpOsE qUeEn 9 days ago

    *danny laughing*
    Jamie:fine imma play this the same *gets tape*
    Dannys chair:at least im chilling.
    Tape:imma ruin the things career

  • Julanar Albayati
    Julanar Albayati 10 days ago

    There was a room that said hint video

  • The Night Ranger
    The Night Ranger 10 days ago

    Is it purposeful that the places that seem like ad breaks all have ads in them for me?

  • Ali Samaan
    Ali Samaan 10 days ago

    Episode 120:
    Jamie: Hey guys I found the best poking stick *pulls out bazooka*

  • Ali Samaan
    Ali Samaan 10 days ago

    Did Danny vacuum the building?

  • Grace Hong
    Grace Hong 11 days ago

    Stop bullying Danny is not funny 😡😖

  • Christopher Coren
    Christopher Coren 11 days ago

    when will he find him by hiting him with a stick

  • Roy Blunt
    Roy Blunt 11 days ago

    This series doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I don’t believe that they are rigorously filming until 5 PM

  • SUPmaster 21
    SUPmaster 21 11 days ago

    He keeps complaining about money but honestly he probably makes the company more money making these videos than working normally.

  • Rocco's channel
    Rocco's channel 11 days ago +1

    Your alarm clock:ddaannyyyyyyyyy

  • Jamie Maxwell
    Jamie Maxwell 11 days ago

    *the sun blows up causing the whole population to die*
    Jamie:ThAtS A rEd hErRiNg

  • вruh — Roblox
    вruh — Roblox 11 days ago +1

    Maybe the end is episode #918271927291928371928283719283736192736354

  • Amelia Dela alto
    Amelia Dela alto 12 days ago

    Danny: I'd do anything than work

    Danny the next day: ok guys I'm going to give a manicure to the gummy bears

  • Amelia Dela alto
    Amelia Dela alto 12 days ago

    Danny is just a LAZY BOZO that doesn't want to work so he comes up with an idea of hiding for a you tube video. Jamie why don't you have another employee hide instead of Danny I cant even say how lazy that Bozo is.

  • Sleepy Sheets
    Sleepy Sheets 12 days ago

    Jamie probably said chair a 30 extra times off-camera.

  • Alison Mehra
    Alison Mehra 12 days ago

    Danny you so dead

  • Daylight Bloodlight
    Daylight Bloodlight 12 days ago

    Jamie:WHERES My chair

  • Tai Mavintorn
    Tai Mavintorn 13 days ago

    2:34 It's more of a good smacking stick than a poking stick.

  • A person with a google account

    Plot twist: cameraman is danny

  • Emma and Cute Milly Doggo

    Ep 95:
    Jamie:found me poking stick!
    ( Pulls out katana sword ⚔️ 🗡)

  • Rylee Tyler
    Rylee Tyler 14 days ago

    I got the snow ball but it popped do u know how to fix it please help me

  • Finau Mapa
    Finau Mapa 15 days ago

    Is that in Utah. 😶😶😶😶😶

  • Angeline Lababidi
    Angeline Lababidi 16 days ago +2

    He's saying chair so much its starting to not sound like a real word

  • シRay-RayTheGamer_53 シ

    2:48 what is that under his head. It looked like feeeeet’

  • 4 Struwberry
    4 Struwberry 16 days ago +1

    I’ve forgotten the meaning of chair now.

  • Paniniasg
    Paniniasg 17 days ago

    Sniff sniff

  • Paniniasg
    Paniniasg 17 days ago


  • Audrey Herz
    Audrey Herz 17 days ago

    When Danny introduces himself it says his name then under that it says professional slacker lol

  • SkippZz
    SkippZz 18 days ago

    technically hes working because these video are pretty popular, and views=money

  • Alyssa Kaye
    Alyssa Kaye 18 days ago

    Is it just me or Jamie is fucking hot 😍🔥

  • Zulysa Nique
    Zulysa Nique 19 days ago

    Danny does help the community company, I mean, make money because he's making good content