Short Story Books You MUST Read!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • Short Story Books You MUST Read! I hope you are excited to get short story book recommendations every month now onwards 😊
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Comments • 267

    SABYASACHI HALDER 13 days ago

    Say something about O Henry short stories

  • Riya Walker
    Riya Walker 17 days ago

    Hey Helly..
    I wanna improve my reading skills but i do not have any interest in reading so i js strt looking how i can improve. I found ur videos n these are helpful but i dont knw about my interest n i dont have idea about short stories much. The books ur recommending they are definitly good but i did not find them interesting. Help!!!

  • Shareq Ahmed
    Shareq Ahmed Month ago

    World best book is 366 and more things to know. Thiz boook

  • Shareq Ahmed
    Shareq Ahmed Month ago

    Ap na bohath bade bade video Bana te hai

  • Prosenjit Sarkar
    Prosenjit Sarkar Month ago

    Please suggest a short story guide book which explains very well (for West Bengal School Service Commission - English)

  • Aman Jindal
    Aman Jindal Month ago

    I really want to read novels but my english is not so good. So c Helly or anyone can you pkease tell me how to read a book....

  • vattem shekar
    vattem shekar 2 months ago

    Hey this is my first comment......i am gng to start reading books......could u please recomend a intresting short story book for beginers.....but..which does not contain love stories

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh 2 months ago

    I love you u are so beautiful 😚

  • Arka Biswas
    Arka Biswas 2 months ago


  • Sanjay Kumar Singh
    Sanjay Kumar Singh 2 months ago

    hey Helly which audio book we should learn to improve our english

    KP BROS 2 months ago

    You looking very gorgeous👍

  • Arijit Saha
    Arijit Saha 2 months ago

    Projapoti also has a complete Guy de Maupassant-The Complete Short Stories collection. U guys can go for that one. It's available on Amazon.

    • Arijit Saha
      Arijit Saha 2 months ago

      @Helly Ya, that's the problem with cheap books, but they are the only publisher with a complete collection of Guy de Maupassant. I think Penguin or Collins publication should have a complete collection of these masters.

    • Helly
      Helly  2 months ago

      Updatd: their books I've bad binding

  • Satvik Khare
    Satvik Khare 2 months ago

    Short stories are bad, ah, you're a CBSE kid. I am from ICSE and we read some amazing literature.

    • Helly
      Helly  2 months ago

      Lol I am icse

  • Malki sehgal
    Malki sehgal 3 months ago

    Hi Helly....Loved The Video By The Way...I Recently Read Ruskin Bonds Books And Definitely Fell In Love. By the Way Can You Recommend A Good Short Story Collections If Possible Considering Real Events ( I Personally Don't Usually Find A Lot Of Such But Read Recently Time For All The Things By Ruskin Bond And Loved It....)

  • abhishek kolape
    abhishek kolape 3 months ago

    HEY Helly u doing goodamn gr8 job...Plz make video on best love stories (short)

  • puja chakraborty
    puja chakraborty 3 months ago

    Really helpful

  • Bishal Thakuri
    Bishal Thakuri 3 months ago

    Why does she look so much like my girlfriend?

  • MR for humanity
    MR for humanity 4 months ago

    Hey ,,, please talk about babys story book in next video...

  • Yunk S
    Yunk S 4 months ago

    Hey Helly you inspired me to reading and make
    Me reader after that everytime I finish any book I felt like I fed my brain with knowledge
    Thnx Helly
    I know that's small words cannot pay your debt
    But thanku to make me a reader now I read 1 book a 3dqys

    UDAY VAMSI KRISHNA 5 months ago

    i have read it in my regional launguage its really great stories maupasa

  • Sunanda Goswami
    Sunanda Goswami 5 months ago

    Bengali author short story, please!

  • Sonu Sahani
    Sonu Sahani 6 months ago

    Aap hindi bolengi to jyada cute lagengi🤗

  • tausif akhter
    tausif akhter 6 months ago

    Dont take it otherwise ..........

  • tausif akhter
    tausif akhter 6 months ago

    All good, but please dont wear your spects for any one of your upcomming video.....please its a request.............. for a change.........only..

  • HORROR 13
    HORROR 13 6 months ago

    I read Jules Vern full works..
    I want to read mopasa...

  • Radhika Singh
    Radhika Singh 6 months ago

    I've read Jules Verne and trust me it was one of the best decisions I'd taken .😃
    Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Mohd Sameer
    Mohd Sameer 6 months ago

    Hindi nahi aati kya

  • madhu sharma
    madhu sharma 6 months ago

    Can you please tell us the must read true stories...

  • chandrakiran Derangula
    chandrakiran Derangula 7 months ago

    I love you

  • subham roy
    subham roy 7 months ago

    Projapoti hmm? I see.

  • Bikash das
    Bikash das 7 months ago

    Good good

  • Prahallad Mahunta
    Prahallad Mahunta 7 months ago

    Hyy... Helly please make a video on some mythological novels.

    ASLAM KHAN 7 months ago

    You are so beautifull

  • Shreya Chatterjee
    Shreya Chatterjee 8 months ago +2

    Among Bengal authors, my personal favorite is Satyajit Ray, not only his works of Feluda or professor Shanku but also the short stories are quite enjoyable reads for any age. :D

  • Sardar g
    Sardar g 8 months ago


  • suhelahmed 188
    suhelahmed 188 8 months ago

    Hello friend can u explain. this book the hundred influency man

  • sumit rora
    sumit rora 8 months ago

    Your glasses is very cute.

  • Wasim Begg
    Wasim Begg 8 months ago

    Dear Madam,
    Do you teach English in any institute?
    If so, how could I join there?
    Thank you.

  • Udita das
    Udita das 8 months ago

    You should include roald Dahl also. His stories are mind absolutely blowing. 😊

  • M S
    M S 8 months ago

    Wow your voice very nice I like it....

  • Porkodi Sridharan
    Porkodi Sridharan 8 months ago

    Pls prefer some books on Ruskin bond

    NIKHIL SHUKLA 9 months ago

    Beauty with brain👍keep it up

  • Tech Lovers
    Tech Lovers 9 months ago

    5 am club review

  • manasa rai
    manasa rai 9 months ago

    Do read Satyajit Ray's One Dozen Short Stories if you haven't already

  • sudhan D
    sudhan D 9 months ago

    Can i pls request you to give links of every book u discuss abt. Like if u discuss ten books..pls give a link of al those books below. It will help

  • satyajit mohapatra
    satyajit mohapatra 9 months ago

    Any prominent app that all book found that?? Or purchasing is only option. Suggests free app ,if any one have

  • Nirali Thakkar
    Nirali Thakkar 9 months ago

    Please review Amish tripathi's ramayana series

  • Himanshu Angira
    Himanshu Angira 10 months ago +2

    Have you tasted GB Shaw????
    Plz write about it??

  • Swayambhoo Manu
    Swayambhoo Manu 11 months ago

    Even I had the real durwan in my isc syllabus of +2. Btw, nice vedio.
    Keep up the good work.

  • pushpendra kumar
    pushpendra kumar Year ago

    Hi helly, have you read all books? Which you do review,

    CLAP TRAP Year ago

    HOW CAN YOU MISS OUT OF ROALD DAHL??? He is the master of making a twist in the tale / tail. lol

      CLAP TRAP Year ago

      Also note that I subscribed to your channel. :-)

      CLAP TRAP Year ago

      omg someone is offended. GIRL its a way to express the desire to include . did u read 'lol" at the end . Sorry

    • Helly
      Helly  Year ago

      Did you even listen to every thing I said? :/ You don't sound cool at all by demeaning others.

    CLAP TRAP Year ago

    liked it

  • Ashish Aryan
    Ashish Aryan Year ago

    U r so beautiful.... and ur way of talking conjure me up....

    GUITAR TEACH Year ago

    hey can you make video on novels

  • subhadip sadhukhan

    Nice HeLLy 😇

  • Ankit Keyal
    Ankit Keyal Year ago

    Hi.. Please make video for Sidney Sheldon

  • Mitul Sharma
    Mitul Sharma Year ago

    Can you pls recommend good psychological thriller books or short story books. Thanks

  • Jing San
    Jing San Year ago

    How can we buy the book in the amazon link ?

  • Saumya Garg
    Saumya Garg Year ago

    Sutha murthy short stories worth a read..especially gently falls the bakula😊

  • Manan Mahajan
    Manan Mahajan Year ago +1

    I just love you !! Hey do you recommend reading on Kindle?