• Published on Mar 21, 2019
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    JACK HARTE Day ago

    what year is your subaru cause im looking to save up for one as they look amazing if you mod it up right

  • Tomas Higareda
    Tomas Higareda 25 days ago

    What fender flares are those???!! Pls help!!

  • H.Cruzz10
    H.Cruzz10 25 days ago

    So is this nigga rich?

  • Chris Busch
    Chris Busch 25 days ago

    What's the cost difference in having the car dipped versus painted?

  • Synk
    Synk 26 days ago

    I was looking g forward to seeing it like the thumbnail. Thumbnail looks bimb but classic blue is still bae

  • Akira One
    Akira One 26 days ago

    are you from the church of Jesus christ of ladder day saints?

  • Fire
    Fire 27 days ago

    RICE 🍚

  • time
    time 27 days ago

    my sti have 550 hp

  • Jeff Boretti
    Jeff Boretti 27 days ago

    Nice build like the stance of the car

  • Peyton Boyle
    Peyton Boyle 27 days ago

    Not even widebody

  • Tr Vlogs Car Life
    Tr Vlogs Car Life 27 days ago

    I want to touch it!

  • Amit Mangat
    Amit Mangat 27 days ago

    lmao i saw it being worked on when I went to go pick my stuff up, dang it looks great now! Bret is a miracle worker lmaooo

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 27 days ago

    AHHH you're a little 5ft5 far Sean Astin dude! heh, never would have thought it.

  • defyingtheodds1987
    defyingtheodds1987 27 days ago

    MORE than ANYTHING! I want your Garage !

  • Fastlane racing co.
    Fastlane racing co. 27 days ago

    Kinda wish it was black or grey but looks good blue too

  • nightmareforall
    nightmareforall 28 days ago

    Damn that wrap looks good

  • Neon lrg
    Neon lrg 28 days ago

    I never knew you played piano 😂

  • Stagnant Alarm
    Stagnant Alarm 28 days ago

    'Wide body' it only has fender flares 😂

  • JAHSEH •
    JAHSEH • 28 days ago


    TheMrTNASTY 28 days ago

    I’m in the area... where did you go for the dip?

  • boomerd513
    boomerd513 28 days ago

    Stone cold said so!

  • Sam XV00
    Sam XV00 28 days ago


  • Plain n Shrimple
    Plain n Shrimple 28 days ago

    what wheels and tires are you using ?

  • Kenneth Spencer
    Kenneth Spencer 28 days ago

    buy something from Collier Motors the Last AMC dealership in the world!

  • tobsaias 1
    tobsaias 1 28 days ago

    brooo ship this beauty to me, i love the subaru impreza

  • Striking Hunter
    Striking Hunter 28 days ago

    Evan you good you forgot to place videos at the end 😂

  • Kydon Nicholson
    Kydon Nicholson 29 days ago

    Love how he says tomorrow, r33 exhaust, its been 3 days :/

  • Hamish Caldwell
    Hamish Caldwell 29 days ago

    gang gang

  • savages yo
    savages yo 29 days ago

    Finally got a real car

  • Jacob Amusten
    Jacob Amusten 29 days ago

    So you went with a knock-off world rally blue?

  • juicednissan88
    juicednissan88 29 days ago

    If you would have used glaze putty and fine sanded it would have taken the dimples out of the body work

  • matthew johnson
    matthew johnson 29 days ago

    So happy for you man! It’s awesome seeing how far you’ve came not only in YouTubing but in life! Keep on doing you!

  • dadadadankable
    dadadadankable 29 days ago

    Between you and almost every other automotive RU-clipr these days, I'm pretty sure we've redeemed the Dollar Shave Club promo. And you're uber late to that so you probably won't get that much help. Lol. Get something new like BisForBuild. At least he brings new sponsors for us to use.

  • Neo Incognito
    Neo Incognito 29 days ago

    Are you circumcised?

  • Drew Martinez
    Drew Martinez 29 days ago

    Woulda loved to see the grey

  • Alex Bjarki
    Alex Bjarki 29 days ago

    Ebay fender flares is not widebody.

  • Pablo Jesus
    Pablo Jesus 29 days ago

    Did you say an oral kit?!?

  • Jorge Ontiveros
    Jorge Ontiveros 29 days ago

    Keep up the good vibes, channel, life, and inspiration to other keep doing the positve advise out there people need to stay positive and happy now dayz!! 👏💯👍

  • Jorge Ontiveros
    Jorge Ontiveros 29 days ago

    Dude its so cool what u have accomplished like you me too have come up far down the line in life but now im so happy with my kidos and wife next is a big house and that lift dough haha take care god bless from Southern California imperial valley shout out to the evo!!!

  • Irving Andrade
    Irving Andrade 29 days ago +1

    are you going to sell the car after?

  • Fitness Gym
    Fitness Gym 29 days ago

    How much was the lift

  • SlayRoxParty
    SlayRoxParty Month ago

    That intro was on point 👌

  • Breen E
    Breen E Month ago

    Dude you have done a sick job on that looks amazing

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    This closer hit really close to home for me. Its a big suprise to me that you went through that too with how successful you are now.

  • David French
    David French Month ago

    Can't believe that's dip. Amazing results.

  • SWParenteau123
    SWParenteau123 Month ago

    Tell me why the thumbnail looks better than the color it actually is

  • VanMeter Racing
    VanMeter Racing Month ago

    evan i need you're help how can i fix my messed black paint on my 2016 mustang gt it has swirl marks from the dealer i bought it from ????HELPPPPPPP

  • Alvish Lakhoa
    Alvish Lakhoa Month ago

    Amen bro. Yes we can.

  • ryan Hodson
    ryan Hodson Month ago

    you should get some nice side skirts and do some monster upgrades to the engine like forged pistons and new fuel rails and get a nice carbon fibre hood

  • Month ago

    Why do you dip instead of paint. It looks like crap way faster than paint would.

  • stealth350rc
    stealth350rc Month ago

    fender flares is not wide bodied

  • Jordan Leo
    Jordan Leo Month ago

    My favorite car ever is the 350z you better take care of it😤

  • Cole Kelsall
    Cole Kelsall Month ago


  • Rokas Bytautas
    Rokas Bytautas Month ago

    Just buy a sti rear bumper

  • Christian Herrero
    Christian Herrero Month ago


  • Ben Bruce
    Ben Bruce Month ago

    Piano intro 👍👌

  • iMel
    iMel Month ago


  • Trip Fifteen on Twitch

    Put a beautiful lip on her and a phattt rear diffuser and some side skirts


    What size spacers Evan?

  • Gixxer Drake
    Gixxer Drake Month ago

    I love your videos so much. Keep doing the time lapse of u working. It is awesome to watch, also in this video u talk about polish for the headlights, can u maybe say what the product is? Idk it would be cool to buy what u use.

  • young gunner
    young gunner Month ago

    Jesus.. you really are gay

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    "do your Lexus like that"
    *Cuts clip*
    You better be hinting towards something Evan. That'd be a sick wrap

  • Ethan Partain
    Ethan Partain Month ago

    Ricer gang

  • Theodore Lavoie
    Theodore Lavoie Month ago

    the amount of dings on the car had me cringe a lot

  • cliff g
    cliff g Month ago

    That's some small garage tho and boy you talk to much

  • Shelby Clouse
    Shelby Clouse Month ago

    Dude i love the piano work it sounded awesome

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark Month ago +1

    “We still have to go home and do a bunch of body work, cut the panels”
    Bruh no one ever should say this shit AFTER their car has been painted. And no you can’t polish your shitty body work. It’s shitty body work. That’s it. You can’t polish that shit. That’s pin holes in your body filler

  • Rogelio Cabrera
    Rogelio Cabrera Month ago

    By far the best build so far

  • brokenlegz
    brokenlegz Month ago

    It ain’t perfect but it’s a damn achievement doing it yourself! Well done Evan. When you started I was overwhelmed for you. But you dadgum did it!

  • Suda 1320
    Suda 1320 Month ago

    Where did you took your car to get dipped?

  • Manuel Cobian
    Manuel Cobian Month ago


  • 1992Hoffman
    1992Hoffman Month ago

    Man that looks really good for dip!!!

  • SamWiseAgape
    SamWiseAgape Month ago

    Yo evan, you need to have less highlights clipping on your videos bro. roll back the ISO, or use a smaller aperture like f/8. Shutter speed is fine, but damn it's painful to see those clipped highlights.
    Great content though regardless, just some helpful tips.

  • Chiva
    Chiva Month ago

    Nigga you know nobody told you that you couldn’t and wouldn’t do it lol. It ain’t that hard when you got the money and equipment.

  • Theawesomebeck
    Theawesomebeck Month ago

    Yo Evan! Just wanted to say Ive been loving your content recently! Just wanted to extend an offer to do any headlight restorations you could want! I work at a shop that has a kit that does an amazing job and I'd love to help your cars headlights look brand new for cheap/free! Just lemme know if you ever want some spicy lookin headlight enamel! Love ya bro keep goin!

  • Keith Raymond
    Keith Raymond Month ago

    It's looking 🔥 the subie

  • ItzBishop
    ItzBishop Month ago

    *gets a drop of gas on the dip* *has to re paint the entire quarter*

  • dxma 777
    dxma 777 Month ago

    The F on the windshield tho😂😂😂Somebody really paid respects😂😂😂😂

  • QipilafTV Dank
    QipilafTV Dank Month ago

    This channel deserve's more subs

  • Otis Horne
    Otis Horne Month ago

    Those wheels look badass on the subi

  • Otis Horne
    Otis Horne Month ago

    Window facing the street in ya garage bugger

  • Metro
    Metro Month ago

    who cares if it's not 100% like a new car, its a wrecked car you rebuilt your self! and thats amazing! respect to U Evan, love the look =) came out sooooo gooood =)

  • Keiran Pingiaro
    Keiran Pingiaro Month ago

    The thumbnail metallic colour looks dooooope though!

  • Rayyan Hyder
    Rayyan Hyder Month ago

    All this needs is a fire splitter and ur gucci

  • ZSchenkel
    ZSchenkel Month ago

    I'm getting my first Subaru soon, and seriously considering making the body gold and the wheels world rally cross blue...

  • Shaunn Flannery
    Shaunn Flannery Month ago

    What polishing compounds do you use to clean up headlights

  • Abu Elmi
    Abu Elmi Month ago

    Honestly you really motivate me

  • Elija Sviridov
    Elija Sviridov Month ago

    Bruh the intro was smooth af

  • Angelo Ferradas
    Angelo Ferradas Month ago

    sup chubs

  • Raymond Korang
    Raymond Korang Month ago

    What does a dip job like this cost?

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    Is it just me who can see the minor imperfections in the rear panel. it looks 100x better though

  • Will R
    Will R Month ago

    DollarShaveClub ROCKS!!

  • Eliu Espinoza
    Eliu Espinoza Month ago

    This car is such a nut

    o0BLOODBROTHERS0o Month ago

    Best vid I seen from you in over a year good shit bro 👌👌👌

  • Bryson Boles
    Bryson Boles Month ago

    Why did the start of the piano should like a juice wrld song

  • sam baker
    sam baker Month ago

    Is the rear dif out of alignment? Could that be causing your toe to point to the right?

  • Trauma Ponçon
    Trauma Ponçon Month ago


  • James Vesely
    James Vesely Month ago

    👏🏻 well done to you for the amazing job! I’m glad you put your mind to it and kept your heart in it! Looks so good!

    REEL SIXX Month ago

    Can you even polish or buff that dip?

    REEL SIXX Month ago

    Can half this audience even shave yet?