Dope D.O.D. - Psychosis ft. Sean Price (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 30, 2012
  • Dope D.O.D. - Psychosis ft. Sean Price (Official Video)
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    Beat produced by: Peter Songolo
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    Scratches by: Dj Friss
    Video by: Anton van der Linden

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Comments • 1 628

  • toluen sick sniffa
    toluen sick sniffa 11 days ago

    Dopey looks so healthy in this video

  • Жыргал Шоу
    Жыргал Шоу 4 months ago

    Love from Kirgizstan

  • olivier chaffard
    olivier chaffard 4 months ago

    C est nul

  • patricia arcebal
    patricia arcebal 4 months ago

    Hancock ❤💋

    BURZUM 5 months ago

    RIP P!

  • ЯшКа _
    ЯшКа _ 5 months ago

    Ну у него и еблет,а так норм

  • Kougou
    Kougou 5 months ago

    Grove str 4 Life!

    ONE DAE 5 months ago +1

    P! The GOAT. Peep the unreleased heat by the God! @GEp0

    • ONE DAE
      ONE DAE 5 months ago

  • uliman24
    uliman24 6 months ago

    when i watched this fist time on lsd. sean price threw that cigarette off, i thought i cached it. but it was my homie giving me a blunt whitout me seeing it. lol

    DIERAPPER 6 months ago

    de best track plus P

  • Phone Fakkers
    Phone Fakkers 6 months ago

    Sean P rest in power. In my opinion one of his best tracks was with Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold

  • VideoPat _ P van der Weerd

    Dope D.O.D. video's are amazing!

  • martin
    martin 7 months ago

    Billie Eilish - bury a friend merry you dod like terminator smoke sado maso

  • Vasil Vasilev
    Vasil Vasilev 7 months ago +1

    The official video of the fucken song is more than ridiculous!

  • Christos Antonopoulos
    Christos Antonopoulos 8 months ago

    psychosis and insanity is nothing once you get used to it, coming out of it is the trick......the only way to do it is to clarify your reality on 100% facts that are 100% true with proven statistics and evidence to back up your concluding truth.

  • WastedZymbol
    WastedZymbol 9 months ago +1


    LOPE DOD!!!!!!!

    • WastedZymbol
      WastedZymbol 9 months ago

      It's the firth year arrow!
      I love your lyrics, !d love to see you in Swed

  • Lightbulb Head
    Lightbulb Head 9 months ago

    Press P to Pay respect.

    DIERAPPER 9 months ago


  • Christos Antonopoulos
    Christos Antonopoulos 9 months ago

    Psychosis I'll give you psychosis now but just another mechanism to silence truth and create work for 5.0

  • Sam Seed
    Sam Seed 9 months ago

    R.I.P. Sean Price

  • Sam Seed
    Sam Seed 9 months ago

    need new producers ...shit sounds same ...boring

  • StarX
    StarX 10 months ago

    *Очередной раз убеждаюсь в правильности своего выбора* РЕСПЕКТ !!! мааа фака

  • Christos Antonopoulos
    Christos Antonopoulos 10 months ago

    Reality is just a perception of how much knowledge is applied to the sight and environment, fucking narrow minded psychiatrists.

  • Костя Евстигнеев

    True scotland my hero in heroin

  • gang shit 99
    gang shit 99 10 months ago


  • Kimmo Koponen
    Kimmo Koponen 11 months ago

    100.000 Tr.€ Dope D.O.D. - Psychosis ft. Sean Price (Official Video)

  • Kimmo Koponen
    Kimmo Koponen 11 months ago

    500.000.000 Tr.€ PUNALASERI

  • Lucazx
    Lucazx Year ago

    Som legal !

  • famixrap
    famixrap Year ago

    psychosis is not funny. i had about 4 psychosis between 10 years =(

    DIERAPPER Year ago

    Goodz soundz

  • mario sarkozi
    mario sarkozi Year ago

    well in 2018 .. Hello from Slovakia

  • xXRoPrXx
    xXRoPrXx Year ago

    moja pesma

  • Max Frolov
    Max Frolov Year ago

    Шел 2018 год

  • Vladislav Tsochev


  • Paweł Rzońca
    Paweł Rzońca Year ago


  • Skilzki Boykins
    Skilzki Boykins Year ago

    Heroin needle with wings , fly drop shit.. P..!!! Rest easy big bro..

  • İsmail Mirac
    İsmail Mirac Year ago

    Hiphop felonies dawn with a gentle.... respect from TURKEY...yakarsa dünyayı garipler yakar.. Müslüm Gürses 🇹🇷

  • stonedkm
    stonedkm Year ago

    cuz i'm way to thick like i'm jayzs lower lip

  • Andrew Phillion
    Andrew Phillion Year ago

    Fkkkkkiiinnnnn iiiinnnsssaaannneeee 💯🔥

  • Petar Petrovic
    Petar Petrovic Year ago

    Sean killed this, RIP!

  • Arem Krotov
    Arem Krotov Year ago

    *New album, released on March 31, 2018!* ✋😈🤚

  • youness alanova
    youness alanova Year ago

    crazy music

  • johnny Rotten
    johnny Rotten Year ago

    rip price 1 of the greatest that's fore shore dun dogga

  • Russ Man
    Russ Man Year ago

    I watch this video a lot. Been watching it since it came out. This song is sick as fuck. Come to Seattle guys!

  • Dope Watch
    Dope Watch Year ago

    Sick song ever dam!

  • Henk Henkssen
    Henk Henkssen Year ago

    Psychoses are NOT COOL!!!

  • Zaefnyr
    Zaefnyr Year ago

    wait where's dopey rotten

  • Monika Zárecká
    Monika Zárecká Year ago

    Greetings from Slovakia And Czech❤❤

    WET WILLY Year ago

    I have psychosis.

  • Matthew Burns
    Matthew Burns Year ago

    Sean Price was a great guy, R.I.P to that cool guy.

  • Bryan Morales
    Bryan Morales Year ago

    Dope af

  • Matthew Bryant
    Matthew Bryant Year ago +1

    Sean p!!!!!

  • Ivan Raskovic
    Ivan Raskovic Year ago

    Rip captain price..wait what?

    BURZUM Year ago


  • Mehtap Doğan
    Mehtap Doğan Year ago


  • 2sdd
    2sdd Year ago

    anyone knows what is this dope jacket that sean is wearing?

  • Stephen Donatelli

    RIP - Sean Price!!!!

  • Spodderman Sweg
    Spodderman Sweg Year ago

    the war within myself with myself, i feel this one

  • Soren The Architector

    who from oxxxymiron?;)

  • eusicumine oneheart
    eusicumine oneheart 2 years ago

    The part with the eye ...seem like the saw scene