The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar Is a Swedish Sport Sedan

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
    The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar is an exciting sedan -- and today I'm reviewing the new S60 to show you what it's all about. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new Volvo S60, and then I'm going to drive the S60 Polestar to show you what the driving experience is like.
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  • Sam Aghel
    Sam Aghel 22 hours ago

    There is no AM in Sweden.

  • Christopher Mumper

    16:14 are you trying to tell me you sit with your feet on the middle thing in normal cars? What planet are you on

  • Jase 931
    Jase 931 Day ago

    dude you NEED to stop frowning

  • Yago Ceron
    Yago Ceron 2 days ago

    It's funny every time you list something saying that nobody will probably use it, it's a feature I'd like in my car.
    For example the function "record and send by email". I can see myself using it regularly, shame you don't explain if the email addresses stays recorded instead of explaining twice what it does.

  • G W Grote
    G W Grote 2 days ago

    Why is Doug so hard on this car?

  • Aphelion QuiickZ
    Aphelion QuiickZ 2 days ago

    Love the review

  • soppan96
    soppan96 3 days ago

    Handling 5/10? Thats a joke...

  • Ansez
    Ansez 3 days ago

    that volvo isn’t swedish anymore tough..

  • PauVau
    PauVau 3 days ago +1

    Doug jumping to conclusions without facts as often, the tunnel in the space for the feet of the middle seat passenger is not for battery stuff, it’s the same an al s60s also without hybrid... and in what competitor can you stretch out your feet like he says?! You kinda always have to spread your feet in the middle seat.

  • Norbert Ramitsch
    Norbert Ramitsch 5 days ago

    I prefer the S60 Volvo was producing until 2018.

  • Final Eminence
    Final Eminence 6 days ago


  • Quinten Ketelslegers

    Why isn't the Polestar logo that nice gold colour?

  • Jake Griffin
    Jake Griffin 7 days ago

    GPH is good when you are idling.

  • Jake Griffin
    Jake Griffin 7 days ago

    Since their is no AM radio I have cancelled my fleet order.

  • ForgedCarbon
    ForgedCarbon 7 days ago +1

    I would expect Cyan Racing (the racing part of Polestar) to race a modified version??

  • Fozters
    Fozters 8 days ago

    Thanks @Doug DeMuro I have older V60 with turning side mirrors (half year owned) and I've been wondering how manually turn them! Now I know!

  • Jasmin Karlsson
    Jasmin Karlsson 8 days ago

    I would just like to point out that there isn’t a seal on the gear lever, it’s a grouse (or “orre” as we say in Swedish) :3

  • Julian Addai
    Julian Addai 9 days ago +1

    We barely had time to admire the car. Most time spent on the infotainment

  • Carba 99
    Carba 99 9 days ago

    0:07 men,all people know that you NEVER want to mess with a Volvo,any from new to old,because is the Swedish Supra

  • Mark Webster
    Mark Webster 11 days ago


  • msi
    msi 16 days ago +1

    This car is so nice and so hideous at the same time.

  • Zen - Ryūsei
    Zen - Ryūsei 16 days ago

    Doug is Chinese.

    WALTER HUGO DE SOUZA 18 days ago

    I guess 73º F is an extreme summer temperature in Sweden

  • Busby StandUp
    Busby StandUp 18 days ago +1

    I’m just here for the pole star jokes

  • Javi Merlin
    Javi Merlin 19 days ago

    Faze Kay

  • Maxwell XL 1
    Maxwell XL 1 20 days ago +2

    I wish i had a Volvotainment system

  • NoNegotiations
    NoNegotiations 20 days ago

    Video begins at 3:02.

  • zul pro
    zul pro 21 day ago

    Why they keep the hideous tail light design

  • EvilCouncil
    EvilCouncil 22 days ago +8

    Interesting fact; pretty much every Volvo in history is designed so that you can push every button with gloves on, so they kept that legacy going with the touchscreen.

  • HappyMeal-Jackal
    HappyMeal-Jackal 23 days ago

    "no you don't" :D

    YOUTUBE TERMS OF SH*T 23 days ago

    Swedish power 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Rodin Yesil
    Rodin Yesil 23 days ago

    ITS A

  • John W
    John W 24 days ago

    My v60 runs great! Awesome on mountain roads

  • Señor Loco
    Señor Loco 24 days ago

    Oops I read Volvo S60 pornstar 🙄

  • Flipper
    Flipper 24 days ago

    Does you know you could adjust the suspensions ?

  • 12 34
    12 34 24 days ago

    So are not supposed to jumpstart this car? Is it because its a hybrid? If so can you not jumpstart all hybrids or just this car? Thanks to anyone who has any info.

  • Inbal Feuchtwanger
    Inbal Feuchtwanger 24 days ago

    The volvo polestar 2 looks intriguing, its still fast, good looking, and an EV.

  • Billy Wang
    Billy Wang 25 days ago

    Gph displayed in some tractors I guess

  • Robert white
    Robert white 26 days ago +1

    Volvo has gone all in on the snob game.

  • Yordan Yordanov
    Yordan Yordanov 27 days ago

    damn this car makes me horny ..

  • Ruben Fernandez parada

    I built that car :)

  • Golden 77
    Golden 77 27 days ago +10

    Doug the type of guy to bring 16 friends to the movies because the sign says "Under 17 Not Permitted".

  • Captain Brown beard
    Captain Brown beard 27 days ago

    You mean a Chinese sports sedan. (Geely)

    • D-Rabbit Jr
      D-Rabbit Jr 26 days ago

      Captain Brown beard Geely owns Volvo. That doesn't make Volvo a chinese car.

  • jack j
    jack j 28 days ago

    *pEwDiEpIe HaS eNtErEd ThE cHaT*

  • itz Musawer
    itz Musawer 29 days ago +3

    Oh I thought Volvo was owned by china

    • James Happell
      James Happell 8 days ago

      Correct. Well.... Zhejiang Geely Holding Group more specifically.... :)

  • Jermey Clarkson
    Jermey Clarkson 29 days ago


  • M
    M 29 days ago

    8:11 thanks!!!!!!!

  • Adrian Östberg
    Adrian Östberg 29 days ago +2

    It is said to be greener and cleaner. You can also get a vegan interior.

  • Alien Bros
    Alien Bros Month ago

    Volvo is Chinese now.... I work for them, we sold them the name. We only build Volvo/Mack semi-trucks now, along with Prevost luxury buses. We have nothing to do with the car brand anymore so the title is misleading.

  • Azurel777
    Azurel777 Month ago

    Getting bought by the chinese did good to Volvo.

  • Jonathan Bergh
    Jonathan Bergh Month ago

    check out my rare volvo 360gl

  • TheBIGJake111
    TheBIGJake111 Month ago

    Proudly made in Charleston South Carolina.

  • FB3 TV
    FB3 TV Month ago

    I'm cold ~Doug

  • paulo alexandre
    paulo alexandre Month ago

    Nothing about what Volvo brings

  • paulo alexandre
    paulo alexandre Month ago +3

    Funny that nobody values security until they lost their lives or legs in a accident . Worth every penny

  • sounddude47
    sounddude47 Month ago

    I think the shifter is designed the way it is so the driver never has to look down. If they're making multi-point turns, they can keep their head up and be more aware of their environment if something changes, like a kid running into the street or cross traffic.

  • Erin Soto
    Erin Soto Month ago

    Why are you reviewing a car trim that no one can get? How about reviewing the Momentum or Inscription trims?

  • Thad Meister
    Thad Meister Month ago


  • lelz
    lelz Month ago +8

    woulda been betta if all the "gold" accents were original Polestar baby-blue

  • hans T
    hans T Month ago

    Not impresive at all. 4,5 sec 0-60 ? A Mercedes C63 from 10 years ago was faster without turbo supercharged hybrid bullshit.

    • hans T
      hans T Month ago

      The new M5 that's impresive or the E63 AMG s.