One In A Million Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Have Actually Happened

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
  • Coincidences baffle the mind and make you wonder just what exactly is going on with this strange universe of ours. Coincidences don’t come around every day, so when some nice one’s appear it’s worth taking a moment to ponder them.
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  • asadadon
    asadadon Year ago +485

    That's Amazing!

  • A Huddleston
    A Huddleston 9 hours ago

    I definitely took that wrong turn in Alberquerque.... 😉 Bugs Bunny cartoon

  • Doctor Konrad
    Doctor Konrad 13 hours ago

    I think the couple on nr 11 are the masterminds of all attacks

  • House Naude
    House Naude 2 days ago

    my first birthday party was 10th october 2010 and startedat 10:10

  • *shruges shoulders* 101

    I have this wierd power like everywhere I go when I least expect it BAM coincidence like just a few weeks ago a friend and I were singing old town road and a shop with a guy riding a horse as its logo passes by its werid it's like I have this curse and it happens almost everyday

  • The SooloTwin
    The SooloTwin 3 days ago

    My mom and I both got flat tires from nails in the front right tire

  • Parker Kozminski
    Parker Kozminski 6 days ago

    I saw this Santa Fe warbonnet on bnsf train and then it came by on a different train that was weird because they did not bring it back the opposite way

  • Sverre Tømmerdal
    Sverre Tømmerdal 6 days ago +1

    Mikel dick?

  • vijay Roberta
    vijay Roberta 6 days ago

    Mh 17 was shot down..bever crashed by itself lol..

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis 7 days ago +1

    my late wife had a cusin in the hospital years ago 80's doctors screwd up thaught she had died and put her in a morge. Hilda was her name. She woke up fealing cold with a tag on her toe. the nurse almost fanted. She said im not dead yet.
    My wife Shirley (1953-2011) in the 2000's had the exact same thing happen to her.

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis 7 days ago

    there is a man with the same name as me and was born on the same day. I have to add my middle name to my drivers licence to tell us apart.

    GACHA FANN00 8 days ago

    The cab thing was definitely a murder

  • Derp boi Joye
    Derp boi Joye 8 days ago

    Who names their dog toy

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang 8 days ago


  • Ryan Badgett
    Ryan Badgett 9 days ago

    Some of these aren’t that hard to believe when u think about it but AMZING

  • destroyer1111122 yt
    destroyer1111122 yt 9 days ago +1

    OMFG when i was watching this video in my room my dad called me to do he laundry and he was watching the robin williams family guy episode at 5:02 on the tv

  • Uuli Benn Nikolajsen Petersen

    all my birthday numbers are odd number. my name is Uuli, and in danish, it sounds like ulige, which means odd numbers.

  • purple beast ender
    purple beast ender 9 days ago +1

    Da last won waz crasy

  • Mr.Belles D
    Mr.Belles D 9 days ago

    #15 should have been 17th!

  • Reba La'Maestra
    Reba La'Maestra 9 days ago

    AHHHMAZING!!...te amo!!💖

  • bitty_f
    bitty_f 11 days ago

    that cab driver was sent by someone

  • Mark Deane
    Mark Deane 12 days ago


  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt 14 days ago

    It should be a crime separating twins at birth

  • Ian Kammerman
    Ian Kammerman 14 days ago


  • Ostrich
    Ostrich 15 days ago

    1:54 is that a real name

  • Keith Monson
    Keith Monson 16 days ago

    Once on my way to work I decided to leave early so I could cross the street and get McDonald's food. Now walking on the side I normally don't walk on I heard a crash. Iooking over I saw a radio station van on its side on the sidewalk. I looked at my watch and had I not decided to get food I would have been standing on that exact spot. I was so freaked I went home and called in sick.

    THE ENLIGHTENED ONE 16 days ago

    Number 17, Amy, she's my ex, he's my ex mate to, now that's a coincidence a haha haha true story folks.

  • Mr.noobish slayer Lucien

    Micle Dick hahahaha

  • AngelinaAsAWut GalaxyPlayz


  • Toxic
    Toxic 17 days ago

    Hey bro I have a picture on my mom's car that had the same everything even the dent as my mom's car in the same size and same spot

  • mad-in-wonderland
    mad-in-wonderland 17 days ago

    Yall wanna hear something crazy
    Well I'm from Belarus and I had a best friend in the same orphanage. I was adopted by an American family. A year later my best friend from the orphanage was adopted by an American family from the same city (these families never met each other)

  • pkaffe
    pkaffe 19 days ago

    Hmmm... So you call Malaysia Airlines a crash when the rest of Europe knows that it was actually shot down... Amazing...

  • Notti
    Notti 20 days ago

    Nr 5. The plane didn't crash it got shot down. stupid cunt.

  • MaS PaTrOn
    MaS PaTrOn 21 day ago

    Some of these stories have to be fabricated, tweaked, or completely made up! Ex: the 🚕 how would they still let him drive?? BS!

  • SpinosaurusSnake
    SpinosaurusSnake 22 days ago +1

    I was in a swimming pool, I had my hand in a u shape on its side and a sinky fell into my hand and it was the exact same width as the gap in my hand

  • Da Gamer
    Da Gamer 22 days ago

    Micle dic****

  • Abandoned Three
    Abandoned Three 24 days ago

    2:33 the plane got shot down not crashed

  • Dean Charles
    Dean Charles 26 days ago +1

    There is a animal that puts it’s pray on a cactus for mating

  • Skull Killington
    Skull Killington 27 days ago

    Okay I heard about the unfortunate cab driver before. Its unusual.

  • Ambili R
    Ambili R 28 days ago +1

    I have seen same dream 3 times

    • Darter Game
      Darter Game 23 days ago

      @Ambili R I'm pretty sure some people have even more repeating dreams. I wouldn't be surprised if I knew someone who once had seen the same dream maybe 7 or 8 times.

    • Ambili R
      Ambili R 25 days ago

      @Darter Game omg!

    • Darter Game
      Darter Game 26 days ago

      I have seen one dream atleast 5 times

  • Sarah Fauth
    Sarah Fauth 28 days ago +1

    This video was posted a day before my birthday

  • Madi Kytta
    Madi Kytta Month ago

    I’m 22, and I remember in HS am I ancient?

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen Month ago

    0:01 the kid is t-posting

  • markiemarkVII :]
    markiemarkVII :] Month ago

    As a kid, I always wondered if I ever ran into or walked passed my future husband yet, and if it was somebody I already know or haven't met yet. I always thought about that stuff. I wonder how many coincidences happen like the ones in the video that don't actually ever get noticed by people or caught on camera.

  • artiomas melnikov
    artiomas melnikov Month ago

    lol you said micheal dick 1:53

  • Light of Heaven
    Light of Heaven Month ago

    #15 the flight didn't crash. It was shot down by some so called "chechen freedom fighters". They mistook it for a Russian airplane that they believed Putin was traveling on. A case of wrong time/wrong place,that the deceased never got the justice they deserve.

  • Brodie Tyler
    Brodie Tyler Month ago


  • Ruthie Fojas
    Ruthie Fojas Month ago

    i got a coincidence that i met my crush at mall

  • Brodie Tyler
    Brodie Tyler Month ago

    15 cardiologists are a lot

  • lopinghotshot788 64

    micheal dick

    my coOl DiCk😎

  • J d
    J d Month ago

    my sister had a panic attack on our way to arizona on a plane, and 6 doctors were aboard...

  • vertex vision coolbird

    Jeff bazos is the richest man in the world not the third

  • D Springer
    D Springer Month ago

    That is Amazing.. YOu don't know the difference between a Moped and a MOTORCYCLE wtf do i keep watching your shit when you can't even get things right. Do some fucking real research.

  • Thunder Gaming
    Thunder Gaming Month ago +1

    Hey guys in 1:56 he said micheal dick look in the caption its funny

  • Geter Gods
    Geter Gods Month ago +1

    8:25 Hey! That looks like a Mercedes BENDS

  • Ashton Morgan
    Ashton Morgan Month ago

    I think this car was a transformer that's why it bend the tree

  • Adnan Ameen
    Adnan Ameen Month ago

    Correction: Jeff Bezos is now the richest person.

    ENRICO PUCCI Month ago


  • Christine Battaglia

    The lottery was 666 xd

  • Jim Flores
    Jim Flores Month ago

    It's picture, not pitcher...ughhh.

  • Charlie Lejon
    Charlie Lejon Month ago

    1:55 Michael Dick. LOL😂😂🤣🤣

  • Fae Terran
    Fae Terran Month ago

    My sister is exactly ten years older than me, and her son is exactly ten years younger than me.

    • Rylen Cason
      Rylen Cason Month ago

      Sierra Clark bullshit, meaning you gave birth at 10 yrs old. this is the dumbest lie I've ever heard.

    • Rylen Cason
      Rylen Cason Month ago

      you're a young ass parent then... goddamn.

  • Marc a
    Marc a Month ago

    back in school me n a girl were best mates for years. when our parents met, they realised that they were next to each other in hospital during our births.

  • Mr.garbage farm
    Mr.garbage farm Month ago

    4:37 maybe they were the tyroyyrests

    TWOEP Month ago

    2:46 *my birthdays on 7-17*

  • Dave Thomas
    Dave Thomas Month ago

    Yeah that's amazing.😱

  • Sol Knipp
    Sol Knipp Month ago

    Michael dick... Interesting name

  • Me and my pet guacamole

    For Christ sake the devils number is 616 not666

  • Cat girl11
    Cat girl11 Month ago

    That a bend tree 😧

  • Arl Sim Orit
    Arl Sim Orit Month ago

    No.16 Micheal dick

  • Jet Fire
    Jet Fire Month ago

    The guys that killed by the cab was on purpose

  • Bazooka Rainbow Juice

    I always tend to do crazy ass trickshotes when I don't have my phone to capture it

  • Georg Friedrich Händel

    5:11 My brain saw something else

  • Adil Hamzah
    Adil Hamzah Month ago

    Michael dick lmao