Travel Hacks EVERYONE Should Know

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • So, you’re going travelling! How exciting! If you’re a seasoned traveller, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve to make the experience a lot smoother, and if you’re a newbie, than perhaps you can learn a thing or two from our video today!
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    11 - Make that call
    If you don’t want to be receiving several calls from your credit card company for suspicious activity, call your credit card company and inform them that you’ll be travelling abroad. If you can, use credit cards that don’t charge you the earth for using them in a foreign country. SuperMoney’s credit card search engine is a great place to search for cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.
    10 - Shop Local
    We know you’re tired when you arrive in a foreign country but take a few extra minutes to stop at the local store and shop for things like water and snacks. It will be so much cheaper than buying them from the hotel!
    9 - Mix it Up
    If you’re traveling with a partner or friend, a great idea is to pack half and half. So, in each suitcase, you have half of your clothing and half of your partners. That way, if a bag goes missing, you will not be left with nothing to wear!

    8 - Wash and Wear
    Packing a few items of quick-dry clothing is a great way to save money and avoid having to do laundry in the hotel laundry! By doing this, you can also avoid packing loads of clothing and attempt at travelling with just that travel on suitcase like we mentioned earlier.
    7 - Get Covered
    Insurance is vital when you travel, and it’s the one thing many people avoid as they try to save costs. But if you get sick or are in an accident in a foreign country, you’ll be so glad you did this. There are also other benefits, example, if you need to cancel your trip for whatever reason, you could get some of the travel costs back, or if a suitcase goes missing and is not recovered, you’ll be able to be paid out for that.

    6 - Keep it together
    We’re referring to your electrical items. Grab an old toiletry bag and use it to store all your electronics and chargers. Even better if you have a waterproof bag!
    5 - Inform Others
    It’s important to always let someone know your travel itinerary. We get it, you feel a sense of freedom knowing that people have no idea of where you are, but if something were to go wrong, you’d want people to know exactly where you are. It’s quick and easy to share your current location with your friends and family via WhatsApp. Or you can give them a rough idea of your plans for the day from the hotel, while you’re still connected to the free Wi-Fi!
    4 - Extend your journey
    Several airlines offer free stopovers, so, if you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere, take advantage of this offer and go and visit some new cities at no extra flight cost. Air China, Japan Airlines, Emirates and Thai Airways are just some of the lines that offer this great deal.

    3 - To Infinity and Beyond
    Travel anywhere with an infinity scarf. These scarves can do anything - depending on the fabric. They can be skirts, tops, scarves, dresses… or they can be squished into a pillow, used as a dust mask, a beach bag or wrapping breakables up in your luggage.
    2 - Free Parking
    Airbnb is great for travelling, but there’s something that is just as good. It’s a new start-up called GaragePointer, and this could save you a lot of time trying to find a parking spot in busy cities. You can look out for parking space available from people who may have extra. Makes a trip to New York City seem a lot more feasible, doesn’t it?

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  • J IJzer
    J IJzer 3 months ago

    All these tips are bullshit

  • Count Andre'
    Count Andre' 3 months ago +1

    Wonder how many travel or immigration workers have seen this?

  • Mallows
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    Iason Yannis Schizas 3 months ago

    From the site:
    Hi GateGuru fans -
    We are writing to inform you that we will be shutting down the GateGuru apps and service, effective January 18, 2019. On that date, opening the GateGuru app will just show an error message and no content will be available.

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  • Vickon Targaryen
    Vickon Targaryen 3 months ago +4

    Thank you! Headed to Colorado soon. It’s not far from Texas but still it’s travel. Most of these I learned from 15 yrs in the Army but you always have something new for us. 👍🏼😉