Rainbow Six Siege: Halloween Event Gameplay 10/23 | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • What would it be like to play Siege without guns? Pretty spooky, as it turns out! Join the Ubisoft News team as they livestream the new limited-time Monster Hunt mode which transforms some of your favorite Operators into horrible monsters, and exterminators who hunt those horrible monsters. Doktor's Curse is the new limited-time Halloween event running through November 6 and bringing not just a new mode, but a bunch of creepy new headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms to Rainbow Six Siege.

    In Monster Hunt, the attacking team is five Sledges armed with only hammers and tracking gadgets borrowed from Jackal, Pulse, and Lion. The defenders are Ela, Frost, Lesion, Kapkan, and Smoke, who lay traps and use a new special ability to evade the attackers and survive. No guns, no drones, and no cameras make for a Siege experience unlike any other! Rainbow Six Siege players can get into the Doktor's Curse event for free on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and UPLAY+; more information at www.uplayplus.com.

    The Ubisoft News team keeps you up to date on the latest news and announcements from Ubisoft at news.ubisoft.com. Join Chris Watters and Youssef Maguid live every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00AM PT as they play the latest Ubisoft games, dive into the UPLAY catalog, and showcase special in-game events.
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Comments • 64

  • Thatcher
    Thatcher Month ago

    Disconnect every 2 minute on every Ubisoft game I play -_-
    Rainbowsix,ghost recon,and other

  • SAxoR
    SAxoR Month ago

    Csn we please get a Rainbow Six Siege movie? It would probably be a massive hit

  • The world Is Yours
    The world Is Yours Month ago

    Put aliens on your fucking games

  • R6 V
    R6 V Month ago

    Ubisoft PLEASE BUFF ELA Scorpion Recoil and nerf Cowardice in Game please UBI

  • EyebrowBandit
    EyebrowBandit Month ago +2

    "If lion scans you and you're running around invisible, its not gonna get you."
    Fake news

  • axe juggalo
    axe juggalo Month ago

    Really wish you can have those Halloween picture cards for multiplayer the Ella kapkan frost lesgion and smoke that be so cool

  • Jacob BallXD
    Jacob BallXD Month ago

    Boss acog

  • Isaac Mendez
    Isaac Mendez Month ago

    Couldve done better with the doc skin my opinion,but all looks good ;-;

  • very large dog
    very large dog Month ago

    bosg acog pls ubi

  • Banana Boy
    Banana Boy Month ago +1

    Bosg acog

  • Kim Menke
    Kim Menke Month ago

    Plz give nokk p90

  • Grant
    Grant Month ago +1


  • Cowzi
    Cowzi Month ago +2

    this event is so attack sided
    almost no time for the defenders to even get away, pulses make hiding impossible while lion can track you if you move...
    yes the defenders die really quickly if downed but that probably wont happen since you cant even set traps until you die...
    good gamemode at heart but needs to be balanced more

  • ToIcy4TheSnowman
    ToIcy4TheSnowman Month ago

    This mode is dumb asf. The attackers are clearly fucking favored. 3 different ways to find you, defenders have 1 way to hide

  • Keine Ahnung
    Keine Ahnung Month ago

    This game sucks righth now I cant play because I get a error code every two seconds. FIX IT UBI

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago

    I'm game 🕹😎

  • SuperZ04
    SuperZ04 Month ago +1

    Ok, ubi, can I have a word with you? 3 dollars per pack is way to much, just bring it down ok? Or offer more ways to get them, like Maybe you could replace them for alpha packs if you win the new game mode

  • Its_RJ
    Its_RJ Month ago

    Oh SHI........SNIEKEES”

  • Zerutso
    Zerutso Month ago +3

    Fun mode but Pulse can be too good in this mode. For some reason, his scanner has insane range now. I guess it's for "balance" but it makes Pulse a bit too good sometimes I feel

  • Abdullah Aslam
    Abdullah Aslam Month ago +1


  • anna cronin
    anna cronin Month ago +1

    ubisoft age restriction

  • Thanos Bear12
    Thanos Bear12 Month ago

    This is bad how do u expect us to spend 50 bucks on all the packs this is bullsh*t

  • ARKJ7 _
    ARKJ7 _ Month ago +1

    I opende 6 packs because i wanted to get at least one head gear and i got 2 charms, 2 gun camos and 2 outfits... fuk me

  • Henry Sleicher
    Henry Sleicher Month ago

    I can’t buy R6 credits but I want these packs pls help Ubisoft

    • Henry Sleicher
      Henry Sleicher Month ago

      Yeah but to get all that renown it takes over 90 hrs of play time

    • CommunistOtter
      CommunistOtter Month ago

      You can buy these packs with renown!

    THE SOVIET PUG Month ago +6

    In the new game mode instead of pre firing I call it pre sledging 😂

  • Kupsta
    Kupsta Month ago +2

    Can someone please explain how a silver 3 and gold 3 queuing together got into a plat match

  • Ali Janbay
    Ali Janbay Month ago

    Why is. This age restricted

    • Woop-.
      Woop-. Month ago

      R6 is Pegi 18

  • The HossXx
    The HossXx Month ago +25

    Make this a mode you can activate in custom games

  • tahsinrahman720
    tahsinrahman720 Month ago

    Can the challenges be faster for the alpha pack rewards

  • Sparda HR
    Sparda HR Month ago +1

    They are really on fire with rainbow and division one vid after another

  • Noble_ 180304
    Noble_ 180304 Month ago

    Es una mierda,los defensores no podemos hacer nada

  • TTV_fire_ninja or hulk2024b

    I luke lesions costume

  • Dikbut Flabberghaster
    Dikbut Flabberghaster Month ago +2

    Good thing I’ve been practicing my Belmont strut

  • Shane Brannen
    Shane Brannen Month ago +1

    So... Edgy hide and seek? But looks like a really good game mode, good job Ubi!

  • TheBloodOfSin
    TheBloodOfSin Month ago +2

    Yea, get that free cosmetic pack to get hooked into buying more.

    • Hekaro He
      Hekaro He Month ago

      @Vedran K that was a wish to put bandits legendary on his elite nothing to do with other stuff

    • Vedran K
      Vedran K Month ago

      @Hekaro He that has nothing to do with microtransactions. Their cosmetics time or whoever deals with characters appearance should make elite uniforms separated from elite headgears.

    • Hekaro He
      Hekaro He Month ago +1

      Don't u miss the good old days where if u bought the game u got everything (u have to earn it some times) like Halo but I can't say much cuz I still bought them just with I could put bandits new head on his elite but don't work

  • Tek Gaming
    Tek Gaming Month ago

    Are the halloween skins like elites

    • Sidnugget ODL
      Sidnugget ODL Month ago

      No they’ll just have thier own icon for this mode only

    • GBC
      GBC Month ago

      Problem not but they'll probably get their own decal just like last year's Halloween

  • Marcell Andrási
    Marcell Andrási Month ago +40

    Can we get more free special alpha pack?

    • Marcell Andrási
      Marcell Andrási Month ago +1

      @Banana Boy 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

    • Banana Boy
      Banana Boy Month ago +1

      Marcell Andrási bos g acog

    • ViZe ZiToRiX
      ViZe ZiToRiX Month ago +2

      @blaze 4594 This is bullshit. 300k for everything .... And 11k for just 1

    • blaze 4594
      blaze 4594 Month ago

      @wifebeater69 *ahem* Grind renown

    • Mim De Papai Oficial
      Mim De Papai Oficial Month ago

      @wifebeater69 you're right man I'm sorry

  • Dominic Ungaro
    Dominic Ungaro Month ago +4

    Reminds me of infected from Call of Duty and Halo

    ARMY GUY Month ago

    I'd pay to play this

      SILVERWOLF Month ago

      ARMY GUY don’t give them any ideas or it might be pay to play

  • Steve Kujo
    Steve Kujo Month ago +2


  • son's of TYR _
    son's of TYR _ Month ago

    Still waiting for that raid on Ghost Recon

  • McKözcü
    McKözcü Month ago +1

    Nice game mode

  • Tomopasta
    Tomopasta Month ago +6

    This mode is so cool!