$150 Walmart TV FAIL!

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    So you like Walmart PC videos… and cheap display videos… how about their ugly cousin, Walmart TV videos?! Let’s see if this 43” 1080P TV is even worth its every day low price of $158.
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Comments • 80

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Year ago +872

    I know it's been a while, but this video was not uploaded at 16:9 4K. The source file is 2:1 4096:2048. However, we had to do an edit at some point to remove a piece of content within the video and it's caused it to be reprocessed by the RU-clip Editor at 16:9. We've reported the issue to our rep.

    • LVL3TV
      LVL3TV Month ago

      its 150 bucks come on !

    • On Op
      On Op 3 months ago

      Linus Tech Tips 666 likes here

    • joshua branovsky
      joshua branovsky 3 months ago

      should do an updated video that includes their new onn smart surround sound system!

    • Landrew0
      Landrew0 6 months ago

      Chinese reasoning: 3 HDMI ports costs the same as 1 HDMI port, but helps to sell more TVs.
      American reasoning. Sell the base model with 1 port and upsell the customer to a more expensive model with 3 ports.

    • Odog Gow
      Odog Gow 6 months ago +1

      you guys are such perfectionists, why can all companies not take a leaf outa ur book!!! linus tech tips even if the content is not your cupa tea oh the quality and pride u boys take in your work is outstanding (all while keeping it real and OC'n the comedy, LOVE IT)

  • randy smith AKA Lamper fox

    Here you guys are pretty pathetic looking down your nose at people because of the choices they make a whole lot of people buy TVs like that because they don't want to spend a s*** ton of money and have to turn around and get a different TV because they've changed some kind of format on us so yeah and or they just don't make a lot of money and they'd like to come into the new century

  • Chanel Smith
    Chanel Smith 12 hours ago

    I found this video VERY condescending. You didn't do a review. You just ridiculed. shameful

  • Adrian Colon
    Adrian Colon Day ago

    "OnNnNNN." 😂

  • big b0ss
    big b0ss Day ago

    Imagine if ALL the TVs on the entire market were like this piece of shit... WELCOME TO BRAZIL.

    • big b0ss
      big b0ss Day ago

      Ps: we also pay double/triple/quadruple for EVERYTHING here.

  • Danky Dank Doc the MurMeow

    5:56 holy shit Limp Bizkit! Yes!

  • Official T0RA
    Official T0RA 2 days ago

    "So this is the OnnnnNNNNnnnNNnN!"

  • Schardt Cinematic Productions

    LOL I had that tv hooked to my pc for almost a year. It was a quick cheap replacement for my 32 inch 10 year old hd tv that died on me. I've now got a 40 inch Vizio 4k smart tv as my monitor. That 43 inch onn tv really sucked.

    BRAXTON TAYLOR 4 days ago

    some guy tried to trade me one of those for my vintage Sansui speakers worth about $350. i obviously didn't even reply.

  • Bjeffert
    Bjeffert 7 days ago

    I bought a 43;inch led tv 10 years ago. 1400dollars. Sold it 6months ago. 150 dollars

  • Bjeffert
    Bjeffert 7 days ago

    I dont know about TVs in US. But in Norway you dont go under 400dollars for a tv. Thats when u get Netflix looking like VHS .

  • Stuntcat5000
    Stuntcat5000 8 days ago

    Are you guys joking!?!? 1080p is NOT bad! I grew up with DVDs at 480p and I still enjoy them. Heck, I even enjoy watching VHS tapes with frickn' 240p in 2020. You even said that you had a friend with a tv that was 720p, and you described it as terrible. 720p isn't bad either! The funny thing is, you guys are older than me, and you're acting like 720p is terrible, when I'm younger than you, and I grew up with 480p. I personally think this is a good tv for people, but you're acting like its for peasants and boomers.

  • Perry Sy
    Perry Sy 9 days ago

    here in the Philippines, as long as we can watch and see things, it's good.

  • Vincent Argomaniz
    Vincent Argomaniz 9 days ago

    Do a Sceptre 50 inch for 200

  • Rich samuel
    Rich samuel 10 days ago

    I got that tv. Had to get a soundbar. Great tv for the price

  • Michael
    Michael 11 days ago

    This is my daily driver... 😕

  • Frieda Shepherd
    Frieda Shepherd 11 days ago

    The ONN tv is garage my tv isn't a year old .it is blinking off and on. My autism son love this tv and it has went out please didn't buy.

  • gruesome
    gruesome 12 days ago

    bro who cheaps out on a tv I can get a 4k 43 inch tv from a reputable company for 229$.

  • skywarp5150
    skywarp5150 14 days ago

    This voice....I think the TV has a learning disability.

  • J Nagarya
    J Nagarya 15 days ago

    You don't know what an antenna connector is -- and as result you mok old people? I had hope that young people would be less bigoted than prior generations Less, in a word, stupid -- and unaware of the stupidiity.

    Are you also into vinyl?

  • MultiTelan
    MultiTelan 16 days ago

    I wouldn't sell these TVs short. I have a Dynex flat panel from ten years ago that's still going strong. Got it for like $70 new.

  • Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson 16 days ago

    This looks like a stripped-down Hisense TV. Makes me wonder if Walmart didn't ask Hisense to produce a cheaper version of their (already) budget-displays.

  • Renderance
    Renderance 17 days ago

    Kind of funny that i watched the review for this tv on this exact tv that i got for $75 from a pawn shop. my experience hasn't been that bad honestly

  • smokehead313
    smokehead313 18 days ago

    lol old people connector? not in europe

  • Jenny Perez
    Jenny Perez 18 days ago +1

    Wonderful. Entitled rich white men making fun of a tv. Some people don’t have money and need this kind of tv. You guys are jerks

  • anonymoushyphen
    anonymoushyphen 19 days ago

    I loved the limp bizkit duet there lmao

  • entertainment-knone
    entertainment-knone 20 days ago

    ONN just like Blackweb, are pieces of shit merchandise. Blackweb products have a tendency to catch fire and ONN is just a Walmart owned generic brand. What's that old saying? You get what you pay for. If you go cheap, then you deserve exactly what you get.

  • Johnny sins
    Johnny sins 21 day ago

    I got a 360 16in broken tv
    And your talking like a bitch

  • tyler grimmett
    tyler grimmett 21 day ago

    Honestly it's only like a $20 gap for a hisense TV so I'd go with that instead

  • David Solomons
    David Solomons 22 days ago

    Making a tv for Walmart that gets reviewed by Linus is like cooking a meal for your family and discovering that Gordon Ramsey is coming for dinner.

  • Justin's World
    Justin's World 23 days ago

    Why do white people always slam tech down on tables to prove that it's disposable??

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan 25 days ago

    You don't buy a TV like this to use it with a computer, and you don't stand that close to it. From normal viewing distances, 1080p is plenty of resolution at 43 inches. I love my 40" Sony 1080p TV from about 2010. It still looks great...it's our main living room TV because we literally don't have room for anything larger with all the other stuff in there.

    My 32" Westinghouse 720p TV from about the same time also looks fine at normal viewing distances, but it's nowhere near as good as the Sony for reasons other than resolution.

  • Black-Zombie13
    Black-Zombie13 26 days ago

    I seen them in Wal-Mart but not use them yet...
    But now I think I'll get something better...

  • Aquarius Inc.
    Aquarius Inc. 28 days ago

    Orrr they’re for broke people idk if you’ve ever heard of broke people but broke people buy cheap items

  • Tyler Bisso Tylerdmini

    i have the 32 inch onn tv from walmart i mine for 90 dollars

  • Endless 1995
    Endless 1995 29 days ago

    when your hisence is better

  • 100%WOOD peckerwood
    100%WOOD peckerwood 29 days ago

    That's a free tv coax port lol

  • Brad D
    Brad D Month ago

    the ui and remote is identical to my element. onn brand the same as element?

  • Skeleton Games
    Skeleton Games Month ago

    its great seeing Linus in the ad before a Linus tech tips video

  • LAVIN20
    LAVIN20 Month ago +1

    I really think these guys are missing ther point on this tv. You can get a large tv for 125. This is not for connoisseurs its just a screen middle America can afford

  • Mark Joke
    Mark Joke Month ago

    ive bought 2 of these tvs and they both broke in about 4 months never agian

  • Munkyboots Jave
    Munkyboots Jave Month ago

    I love ya Linus, but its clear, the money is coming in and you are getting flat out arrogant. 1080p is GREAT for most of us. While you mock it, its better then what I can afford to watch today. I thought the tv looked pretty good actually.

  • Ignacio Fuentes
    Ignacio Fuentes Month ago

    Dam that TV sounds depressed.

  • CozyKyler Vallee
    CozyKyler Vallee Month ago

    That tv has the same firmware as my tv my tv is a proscan bandit was on eco

  • Screen Share
    Screen Share Month ago

    It's good tv for kids room for sure ! That's about it...

  • Justin Reagan
    Justin Reagan Month ago

    Hey Linus, the voice guidance is called a screen reader. It is software for the visually impaired to use Electronics such as TVs, laptops, and computers, and gaming consoles

  • Johnadude3
    Johnadude3 Month ago

    This man listens to limp bizkit

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell Month ago +1

    Idk what this man on? That’s a nice tv for $150.

  • Tommy Baker
    Tommy Baker Month ago

    Got the Spectre 50"4K about 3 years ago. Use it as a desktop monitor with a mid range video card. Sitting 2' away, no apparent pixels or blur. Don't game, so I can't critique that aspect. Sound is crap, but cheap extension speakers with a boomer takes care of that. Would buy again and recommend to anyone.

  • Timmii Gaming Channel

    I still have my Sony Bravia even though it bleeding in the right corner I still watch in 1080p that's all I need.

  • WaZy Savage
    WaZy Savage Month ago

    Funny thing is, I actually had this same exact tv but it got broken. I clicked this vid to find a new one after mine was broken. It wasn’t bad imo

  • Stiffy55 channel
    Stiffy55 channel Month ago

    I was just learning to love........

  • DuoDude
    DuoDude Month ago +49

    "1080p is a bad experience"
    Me, who had to use a 4:3 monitor for 4 years: ok.

    • T J
      T J 4 days ago

      @Two Eye Depending on how you view the progress of technology, sure I guess you could say it's new. It's actually quite old now.

    • Two Eye
      Two Eye 23 days ago +1

      I had a 4:3 for so long dude, widescreen is a relatively new development for computer monitors.

    • DuoDude
      DuoDude 26 days ago

      @Kerstkrans Ya-Mian i also had to deal with a 2006 imac (those really shit plastic ones) for a long time until it decided to die.

    • Kerstkrans Ya-Mian
      Kerstkrans Ya-Mian 26 days ago

      Only 4 years?
      ( _my memories of playing Midtown Madness 2 on my mum's Windows 98 PC are probably oversaturated with rose tint, but they're in any case glorious_ )

  • Sherry hartin
    Sherry hartin Month ago +1

    What punks ya'll are.

  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson Month ago

    wow you know these guys are old when they make a Limp Bizkit reference LUL honestly im probably the only one who even got that...

  • Brian Gay
    Brian Gay Month ago

    They allow anyone to upload videos these days. I'm surprised you two can even tie your shoes in the morning.....

  • Hello Mine
    Hello Mine Month ago

    0:27 oonnnnn :)))

  • Videos From Elsewhere
    Videos From Elsewhere Month ago +1

    I got a 1 year old mint condition Insignia 42" LED TV at a thrift shop for about $14 just last month. Support your local thrift and consignment stores and reduce, reuse and recycle. Walmart can keep their units ONN the shelf.

  • I'm Shook
    I'm Shook Month ago +1

    I feel so stupid for being proud of my 720 tv I hate being poor

  • xbox fan
    xbox fan Month ago +1

    F××king mint

  • Dom Laki
    Dom Laki Month ago

    You get what you pay for. I bought a 43" Samsung 4k HDTV 3-4 years ago and it hasn't let me down. Around $400ish.

  • Achraf Achraf
    Achraf Achraf Month ago

    You did the same think,
    When I bought my new Hp elitebook pc,
    I went to mkbhd channel to test audio quality of those B&O speakers.

  • Jasper Janssen
    Jasper Janssen Month ago

    The voice guidance is probably important for the demographic being targeted.
    PS: yes, of course graphic mode is about overscan, wtf did you think it was blacklevels....

  • Yorick Hunt
    Yorick Hunt Month ago

    I can't believe it took nearly 14 minutes for them to finally turn off the sharpness, it's literally the first thing I disable on any non-CRT display because all it does is apply a Photoshop-style sharpness filter to the image and make it look like garbage.

    ZIRG4M3R MC Month ago

    the old people connector is for public tv connection in some countries you can put even a copper wire inside and you get signal .

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh Month ago

    This TV sounds depressed. I hope it's ok, emotional wise.

  • MD Lahey
    MD Lahey Month ago +1

    Uh, "...some type of 'old people' connector"? As an "old people", myself, I think it would be great if a less-dismissive term could be found. Just sayin'...

  • NielsW124
    NielsW124 Month ago

    Philips makes great cheap 4k tvs. Even fine for gaming like this one philips 43pus6504.... great reviews and cheap to. I love mine👌

  • Billy West
    Billy West Month ago

    Of course not. Number one rule in tech is you get what you pay for.

  • Bryan Bundy
    Bryan Bundy Month ago +1

    Wait, what’s wrong with loading video on a USB thumb drive and pluging it in the tv?!?!

  • Zeldon567
    Zeldon567 Month ago +1

    Cheap TV with okay cheap external speakers can do wonders.

  • StrokeMahEgo
    StrokeMahEgo Month ago

    So if your goal is to replace a shitty old tv with a shitty new tv, this might be the option for you.

  • NextWorldVR
    NextWorldVR Month ago

    My $700.00 AKAI ADVANCE-61 Smart Midi Controller came in that bad foam packing! The first one from Amazon had busted up box and foam, and a broken key! They said I could throw it away, and sent me a new one. I OF COURSE THREW AWAY THE ONE WITH THE BROKEN KEY (UV GLUE BABY...) AMAZON WAS GREAT until about 2 years ago LoL

  • Carston 101
    Carston 101 Month ago

    13:16 As a console gamer I resent that.

  • ILikeToBeWithPeople

    L O O K A T T H A T F L E X

  • G W
    G W Month ago

    As soon as you guys started singing, the video got a instant like

  • Ravenplume
    Ravenplume Month ago

    That voice. That TV must have had a lengthy conversation with Marvin the Paranoid Android, and Marvin's ways rubbed off on it.

  • Ravenplume
    Ravenplume Month ago

    It looked like the big foam pieces provided more than enough of a stand off to effectively suspend the TV in the middle of the box, possibly negating the need for any further padding.

  • Aiden
    Aiden Month ago

    its kinda impossible for me to take this vid for serious with that tv voice

  • Darcy Bowyer
    Darcy Bowyer Month ago

    It's not a JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGG but an ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! 🤔But that voice guidance had me losing my shite. It's so bad it's great.