High School Musical 4 - SNL

  • Published on Aug 14, 2013
  • In this High School Musical spoof, Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) returns to East High to tell the graduating class that no one sings or dances in college and Walt Disney (Darrell Hammond) invites Troy back to High School Musical. [Season 34, 2009]
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Comments • 2 320

  • Later Feraligatr2

    Kenan made me cry...wtf was that voice 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  • chloe sipes
    chloe sipes 4 days ago

    Loved the guest star Zack Efron

  • Jordan Sweet
    Jordan Sweet 6 days ago

    Leave it to SNL to provide a gritty deconstruction of the High School Musical franchise.

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson 7 days ago

    that’s ted bundy what are you talking about

  • spook200
    spook200 8 days ago

    I always thought hsm should have had a scene where everyone just started making out and that erupted in to a long hot violent butt fuck session.

  • Catherine Schroeder
    Catherine Schroeder 8 days ago +1

    Ima marry Zac Efron

  • Jadyn Blackmon
    Jadyn Blackmon 9 days ago

    Troy's Back is my favorite song now

  • Joe Northstar
    Joe Northstar 11 days ago

    They need to make a College Musical.

  • Kyra Beautiful
    Kyra Beautiful 11 days ago

    I died when he said Right Troy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mat Ferrer
    Mat Ferrer 13 days ago


  • Josh Bengil
    Josh Bengil 13 days ago

    Bobby Moynihan: "yeahhhh, yeahhhhh" 😂😂😂😂

  • Apostolia Γκολφινοπουλου


  • Larry King
    Larry King 14 days ago

    I'd be happy to shoot up this school.

  • Matto21
    Matto21 14 days ago +5

    "Do you think this isa good idea Troy--"
    "BACK OFF"
    That part always gets me!

  • Cem Teak
    Cem Teak 15 days ago


  • cat big fat
    cat big fat 15 days ago

    wow...how much did you pay for that mouse logo at the begining?

  • Wonder’s world !!!
    Wonder’s world !!! 16 days ago +1


  • Anna Sanjuan
    Anna Sanjuan 16 days ago

    I hope Vanessa Hudgens was there.

  • Deshara Love
    Deshara Love 16 days ago +3


  • jay jay Turner
    jay jay Turner 17 days ago

    Kenans facial expression is funny

  • I suck at video games
    I suck at video games 19 days ago +12

    Jake Peralta went to Eastside
    NO wonder he's so dumb and loves singing

    • Alison Lazarus
      Alison Lazarus 3 days ago

      One two three four AIIIEEEE AAAIEEA (guitar)

  • Ali Dangou
    Ali Dangou 19 days ago

    that's not a happy ending

  • AnAbundanceofFoxes
    AnAbundanceofFoxes 20 days ago

    _The real Truth Talk_

  • moroz98
    moroz98 21 day ago

    It's funny. I'm Russian, and I worked in the university. My office is on the floor below the student cultural center. So, I want to say: students sing and dance almost every week, I hear them clearly. They are singing, they are dancing, again and again, above my head. Don't give up, Troy.

  • Lemar Floyd
    Lemar Floyd 21 day ago

    This was mad funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christine Sussman
    Christine Sussman 22 days ago

    Wait...how are they your friends??? All your friends graduated!

  • Christine Sussman
    Christine Sussman 22 days ago

    "Disney characters aren't supposed to grow up, just ask Mickey Mouse or *pause* Lindsey Lohan" lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Red reaper
    Red reaper 22 days ago

    One of the only disney channel actors that can give good act but disney is pulling them down. along with Zendaya and more...

  • Christine Sussman
    Christine Sussman 22 days ago +1

    Andy and Zac😍😍

  • Stephanie Cabrera
    Stephanie Cabrera 22 days ago

    What Ashley Tisdale Look Andult

  • LightMind MSP
    LightMind MSP 23 days ago

    “Are you sure this is a good idea Troy?” “Back Off!”

  • Hana Minima
    Hana Minima 25 days ago

    Lol Jake from Brooklyn 99

  • Zoe Rae
    Zoe Rae 26 days ago

    I hate Zac bc I don’t like his personality or his acting but he’s still cute

  • Fran Sherrie
    Fran Sherrie 26 days ago

    Just ask, Mickey Mouse or, ..... LinDSay LohAN

  • Lisa
    Lisa 26 days ago

    Who are you talking to?

    COOLEST. KYOCHA 26 days ago

    Best one yet idc idc😂😂😂

  • olivia paege
    olivia paege 27 days ago

    R I G H T T R O Y ?

  • Jennifer Acrey
    Jennifer Acrey 27 days ago

    Walt Disney is an Anti-Semite, LMAO

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar 28 days ago

    Wiig's what what what is so unnecessarily hilarious

  • Duct Bands YT Channel 2


  • Master Farr
    Master Farr 28 days ago

    I heard Zac didn’t like these movies

  • Benjamin Dada
    Benjamin Dada Month ago

    university school music

  • Dejan Weaver
    Dejan Weaver Month ago

    This is America High School get it

  • Blue_Lapis
    Blue_Lapis Month ago

    honestly, I didnt watch that movie...

    Would someone tell me whats the name?

    Also I died of laughing

  • Galahad
    Galahad Month ago

    ive been replaying that "right troy" over and over cause its so hilarious😂

  • Kohaku River
    Kohaku River Month ago +2

    "Disney characters aren't supposed to grow up"
    actually Disney: "Announcing High School Musical 4 taking place 10 years after graduation"...

  • Erika Arianna
    Erika Arianna Month ago

    *back off*

  • Almighty Emoji
    Almighty Emoji Month ago

    the HAIIIRR 😂

  • Incanticle 666
    Incanticle 666 Month ago +1

    Okay.. this was great.. hahah. really really great.

  • Kyle Dawson
    Kyle Dawson Month ago

    Definitely the jews

  • Ernest Fox
    Ernest Fox Month ago +4

    "Extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile", brought me here.

  • A.C. B. ART
    A.C. B. ART Month ago +1

    Texas Village, where the horsie guys do the.......things..

  • Bri Cord
    Bri Cord Month ago

    I felt that

  • hell no
    hell no Month ago

    Yikes zac efron really isnt fit for comedy

  • shawnice richardson


  • human !
    human ! Month ago +1

    This is the best skit I've seen so far

  • Reyna Mendez
    Reyna Mendez Month ago

    And now we are getting HSM 4...

  • Cole Sprouse
    Cole Sprouse Month ago

    Ok but Walt Disney wasn’t frozen nor was he a nazi

  • Sullivan French
    Sullivan French Month ago +3

    I love how zac Efron is aware of the crap he was involved with

  • Blessing Adusei
    Blessing Adusei Month ago

    But doesnt he go to a college for performing and basketball in the movie this is off

  • Timothy Foster
    Timothy Foster Month ago

    Something is wrong with Keenan...😊

  • Lgbtq Emerald
    Lgbtq Emerald Month ago +1


  • Lucas Mittison
    Lucas Mittison Month ago

    That is one awful wig

  • Spooky guy
    Spooky guy Month ago


  • Maria Takahara
    Maria Takahara Month ago +10

    That’s why, he became a showman for

  • Alxyah_ Thxrne
    Alxyah_ Thxrne Month ago +2

    Am I the only one that was waiting for Bill Hader to come out the whole time :(

  • Jourdan Nance
    Jourdan Nance Month ago

    Texas town

  • Redds JA GT
    Redds JA GT Month ago


  • Jay Archer
    Jay Archer Month ago

    And this what made him wanna go home drink afterwards.

  • Gwendolyn de Ashborough

    He is Tooooo Handsome. He has a Bright career ahead of him.!!

  • Jim Butter
    Jim Butter Month ago +4

    Wait so High School Musical isn't accurate to how high school really is?!?

  • Aaron Hixson
    Aaron Hixson Month ago

    How have I never seen this skit before? LOL

    • venom5552111
      venom5552111 Month ago

      Snl used to post all their skits on hulu when it was like RU-clip ,like 2007 or 2009 ,I guess 10 years ago ,feels wired saying that

  • Robin Parker
    Robin Parker Month ago

    okay but zac is such a great actor holy shit we stan

  • senhdat12plz
    senhdat12plz Month ago

    How was he able to get into college with bad education? Don’t they have SAT or some test?

  • David
    David Month ago

    Just ask mickey mouse or Lindsay Lohan😂😂😂

  • Milkshaker
    Milkshaker Month ago

    4:29 Andy from toy story, TROY, Gabriella, and can keep going

  • Javier G.
    Javier G. Month ago

    RiGhT tRoOoOoYy?

  • Alexa Wall
    Alexa Wall Month ago

    My favorite parts are with Walt Disney. Funny skit!

  • Kewtie LPS
    Kewtie LPS Month ago

    The tone-deafness is killing meeee!

  • Dark knight 864
    Dark knight 864 Month ago

    This people is reality

  • Hxshxt
    Hxshxt Month ago

    omg such a twink then

  • Lily Calderwood
    Lily Calderwood Month ago

    The fact that Zac is in this makes it cannon

  • Steve Kyle
    Steve Kyle Month ago

    Kel the only black man in the comedy

  • Terrence Harris-Hughes

    Back off

  • Terrence Harris-Hughes

    One of the best sketches from this run

  • mohan raj
    mohan raj Month ago +4

    Kenan s "right Troy!!!!" Get me big time but Kristen s"what,huh!!What,what" is so funny .

  • Jack Dunleavy
    Jack Dunleavy Month ago

    Uh Texas city? Texas town!!!

  • AlexandraEdits
    AlexandraEdits Month ago +18

    I actually think it’s so funny that they got Zac Efron back 😂 makes it even better

    • Dr. Manhattan
      Dr. Manhattan 27 days ago +1

      AlexandraEdits I’m pretty sure he was the host

  • John H
    John H Month ago

    Jdjimsdjkmdskoomx ko

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Love when actors are able to make fun of their movies

  • Sam Soderlund
    Sam Soderlund Month ago +4

    "science says global warming, but I can't help thinking that it has something to do with jews....."
    *Ohhhh boyyyy*

  • Kels K
    Kels K Month ago

    He’s so fucking fine dude

  • Camille
    Camille Month ago +14

    I love how you hear someone yell OH MY GOD @ 4:02

  • y though lol
    y though lol Month ago +13

    He looks dead inside as he recited this...

  • Sarah Imam
    Sarah Imam Month ago


  • Abigail G
    Abigail G Month ago +4

    I can't believe he took part in this xD
    Now where's Vanessa?!

  • kbh prinsesse
    kbh prinsesse Month ago +1

    From before he ruined his face with surgery and his body and voice with steroids.

  • Toria Adams
    Toria Adams Month ago

    kenan Thompson dammit 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Amanda Hunnicutt
    Amanda Hunnicutt Month ago +1

    Ok first off the title High School Musical 4 well the graduration scene was in high School Musical 3 Four doesn't even exist so they should went with High School Musical 3 not go with 4

    • Kitkatkittycatlover
      Kitkatkittycatlover Month ago +1

      1. This is a skit so it OBVIOUSLY doesnt exist! It a parody for comedy. Why would they use the third movie?
      2. This is a new senior class as in the juniors from the year the seniors High School Musical 3 are seniors and graduating so it is technically accurate

  • smol little zella
    smol little zella Month ago +2

    is that andy samberg