5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • 8 Mason Jar Gadgets Put to the Test - ru-clip.com/video/Gc9i9tiqaAI/video.html
    7 Butter Gadgets Put to the Test - ru-clip.com/video/sdcN8sJiAi8/video.html
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Comments • 3 417

  • Heidi Hunt
    Heidi Hunt Day ago

    The Diablo is for cutting your crusts off (like peanut butter& jelly uncrustables)

  • James Summers
    James Summers Day ago


  • Maria Meijer
    Maria Meijer 5 days ago +1

    I love your you tube videos and all the gadgets you test, but the round one is for English muffins. Keepem coming!👍

  • helen terwellen
    helen terwellen 18 days ago

    is there anyway we can get some of these things you put to the text?

  • Hairy Sniper
    Hairy Sniper 19 days ago

    “Gajicks” 😂

  • Donavin Caballero
    Donavin Caballero 21 day ago

    The diablo thing that makes the sandwich a circle , u could just use a cup to make it ,

  • Hue Mungus
    Hue Mungus 21 day ago +1

    Am I the only one bothered he dident butter the outsides of his grilled cheese

  • Saskia Fernandez
    Saskia Fernandez 23 days ago

    in the black toastie bags you should put cheese in the two slices off bread and it makes a toastie

  • Skank Hunt42
    Skank Hunt42 24 days ago

    Did anyone notice the diablo one had devil horns

  • Magic Hands man
    Magic Hands man 24 days ago

    8:26 cheese uncrustabull

  • Pietro Smusi - Official
    Pietro Smusi - Official 25 days ago +1

    3:51 бутерброд? 🇷🇺

    PETER DEE 26 days ago

    You have to put butter on each side of the grilled cheese that the way I do it.

    JULIA JACOBS 26 days ago

    The round one I know as a yaffle iron, they work really well.

  • Well That’s Constant
    Well That’s Constant 28 days ago +1

    I like your Russian accent❤️

  • daliOtter
    daliOtter Month ago +1

    You need to put more than one slice of cheese my man :)
    ok i was only 50 seconds in when i made that comment

  • Teamgriznes
    Teamgriznes Month ago

    One qustion do you eat all of youre food after testning

  • Mark van Driel
    Mark van Driel Month ago

    4:00 this thing you can find in probably every house in the Netherlands. Here it’s called a ‘tosti ijzer’. Literally translated: ‘toasting iron’.

    • SLuGze
      SLuGze Month ago

      This is a regular sandwich maker and almost all ppl that like sandwitsh in Germany have that too

  • Mike Franklin
    Mike Franklin Month ago

    Put a bit of butter on the outside of the bread slices because that's how Mama did it.

  • Broderick Tate
    Broderick Tate Month ago +1

    What the f***American Jesus bear den y'alls

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King Month ago

    2:10 put some butter on that toast before microwaving that sandwiches

  • Christopher Bmx
    Christopher Bmx Month ago

    You have to put the butter on the outside of the bread first

  • Franco Palumbo
    Franco Palumbo Month ago

    Guarantee that bread is like leather from the microwave - Great Vid!

  • JD
    JD Month ago

    That Accent though!!!

  • Tailor Bobby
    Tailor Bobby Month ago +1

    I just click on all of his vids for the first 10secs when he says:”Were saf’ty is nambr van pio’iity”xd

  • Yhue Asakura
    Yhue Asakura Month ago

    boom i love him so much😍😍😍

  • the mountain man
    the mountain man Month ago

    Boom boom boom Tara’s say wayhoooo

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards Month ago

    You gotta flip the grilled cheese halfway through

  • iDoNotHateMyLife
    iDoNotHateMyLife Month ago

    what is my profile picture?

  • Cheryl Ebbing
    Cheryl Ebbing Month ago

    He's a "Genius".

  • Tori Madden
    Tori Madden Month ago +1

    Who else got the chills when he broke open that round grilled cheese. Mmm. I want one.

  • Patricia Dollin
    Patricia Dollin Month ago

    where's the butter on outside

  • kinetic blues
    kinetic blues Month ago

    didn't he butter the bread in the first one? 🤔

  • Irene Rodríguez
    Irene Rodríguez Month ago

    Oh yeah

  • jack vangiggle
    jack vangiggle Month ago

    the round one say's DEVIL

  • Tonton des Bois
    Tonton des Bois Month ago

    if you want to have joy with cheese, just put a camembert in the oven then dip it with bread...

  • jack vangiggle
    jack vangiggle Month ago

    put butter on the outside.

  • Speedy
    Speedy Month ago

    look for HoBo pie maker. :) used those many times

  • AdroitWaterBear
    AdroitWaterBear Month ago +1

    Now if I visit Russia I can ask for toasted "fleb". Spacibo.

  • sherry a
    sherry a Month ago

    Prices ?? Where to Buy ??? Anyone know name of second one ???

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear Month ago

    Microbafegla 2:31

  • Oddette Pross
    Oddette Pross Month ago

    butter the bread b4 putting in samich griller over stove

  • MGz zZz
    MGz zZz Month ago +4

    My favorite Gadjiks is the DIABLO...

  • musaad felton
    musaad felton 2 months ago

    Try spreading some baking butter on the outsides of the bread and then grill it and witness the difference in toast and crunch

  • Spootie Music
    Spootie Music 2 months ago +1

    I wonder how many gadgets he got in his lab

  • William Kreh
    William Kreh 2 months ago

    Mixing Russian and English was kind of cool but I was he would tell the Russian word for lots of items as he reviews things. We could all learn a little Russian without even trying.

  • JDKeeling
    JDKeeling 2 months ago

    Micranavoca- the new word for microwave

  • Pure Ace23
    Pure Ace23 2 months ago

    I heard buterbrod. BORIS! Let’s get a Tarus and Boris collab, now that would be amazing

  • Sizzel TV
    Sizzel TV 2 months ago

    for the love of god put some butter on your bread

  • Hemanth Reddy G
    Hemanth Reddy G 2 months ago

    B oom

  • Buck Zero
    Buck Zero 2 months ago +3

    Me: I have a Problem

    Taras: Dude, i have Gadjik

  • maheesha Buddhika
    maheesha Buddhika 2 months ago

    3rd one is named as Diablo right? I would buy ivt totally for the name and how it looks like Diablo . That hinges are nice horns!

  • sutharsan sadhasivam
    sutharsan sadhasivam 2 months ago

    Last gadget is trimmed from other video

  • Killerbat 10
    Killerbat 10 2 months ago

    8:57 I have that gadget

  • Guru ji’s Kaur Let’s change the world

    if your from the uk he is making toasties

  • Sprytez
    Sprytez 2 months ago

    Whats that

  • Narek T
    Narek T 2 months ago +1

    Why you saying bread in Russian 😂

  • Caleb Dingman
    Caleb Dingman 2 months ago

    Меня зовут калеб

  • Caleb Dingman
    Caleb Dingman 2 months ago

    Такое-то количество участников

  • Caleb Dingman
    Caleb Dingman 2 months ago

    El viernes pasado la noche de ayer en una zona confusion right?

  • Caleb Dingman
    Caleb Dingman 2 months ago +1

    You said microwave in Russian