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Lil Yachty Shows Tee Grizzley $100K Custom Pieces & Talks New Alternative Album!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2022
  • Lil Yachty is back at the world-famous Icebox showroom for another episode!
    In this week’s episode, Lil Yachty picks up his brand new custom ‘Concrete Boys’ and ‘Working Man’ pieces from Icebox!
    Watch as Lil Yachty Drops hints at an upcoming album, which we find out is an alternative rock album versus the traditional hip-hop/rap.
    Yachty also FaceTimes with Tee Grizzley and gives us a lot more!
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Comments • 491

  • Icebox
    Icebox  4 months ago +78

    What is your favorite Lil Yachty song?

  • Konamtbdjc1k
    Konamtbdjc1k 4 months ago +307

    When he places the $3,500 hat gently on the holder 🧐 distinguished gentleman, Mr. Boat.

  • Ivan Gallardo
    Ivan Gallardo 4 months ago +260

    “Materialistic things don’t matter” this is my hat btw there’s only 2 made 😭

    • Jqpser
      Jqpser 10 days ago

      @Antonio Montana nah he’s right “materialistic things don’t matter but i like them”

    • m2x
      m2x 10 days ago +1

      he said he loves them jus bc he said there is 2 made doesnt mean they matter do u see how u sound 😭

    • Antonio Montana
      Antonio Montana 4 months ago +10

      I don't think he understands what he says he just thinks it sounds good

    • Ty Bills
      Ty Bills 4 months ago +20

      Exactly 😂

  • Lukaz 7oh7
    Lukaz 7oh7 4 months ago +44

    We need more Boat and Tee Grizzley FsFs🔥💯

  • charles chase
    charles chase 4 months ago +58

    I love lil Yachty man! Such a cool dude.

  • Isiah Lozano
    Isiah Lozano 4 months ago +96

    Most humble man ever bro

    • Gabriel Stanley
      Gabriel Stanley 2 months ago

      Most mumble man ever bro.

      KADOWORLDSAM 2 months ago

      @Isiah Lozano 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Isiah Lozano
      Isiah Lozano 3 months ago +1

      @RETROSPECATIVE what am i supposed to do with with information 😂

    • Thomas Collier
      Thomas Collier 3 months ago +6

      @RETROSPECATIVE and repeatedly says "how much you think this is" and hes done it before. Like people understand you're rich,no need to go that far to show it.

      RETROSPECATIVE 3 months ago +4

      You dont know what humble means. First lilboat says he doesnt care about jewerly.but then buys more. Humble people dont spend crazy money on useless stuff and paint their nails and wear a huge hat for everyone to see them.

  • MoTown-KicKs
    MoTown-KicKs 4 months ago +61

    Yatchy on $265k concrete along with grizzly the 2 biggest inspirations in the game 💪🏽💯

  • NAB
    NAB 4 months ago +42

    3:12 lmaoooo he rocking the “Bigfoot 5’s”😭🤣

  • Rick Flacco
    Rick Flacco 4 months ago +20

    That hat is horrible but the Concrete Boys chain is one of my favorites I have seen.. Applause to Icebox!

  • Konamtbdjc1k
    Konamtbdjc1k 4 months ago +34

    5:00 that was 🔥 great quote very inspirational the way he said that!

  • J J
    J J 4 months ago +51

    These shoes got me 💀

  • NAB
    NAB 4 months ago +11

    2:31 does this mean we could be having the old back?!? Boat doin big money moves. Glad he’s getting more recognition nowadays.

  • N Aiden_is_first
    N Aiden_is_first 4 months ago +22

    Yatchy: I don't really care about materialistic things
    Also him: ten thousand shoes feelin Like hoarders

  • Luciano Silva
    Luciano Silva 4 months ago +6

    Muito.. Top demais...👆..💸💎💸💎

  • Eddie Savage
    Eddie Savage 4 months ago +1

    I love lil yachty and his mindset is on a different level. Gotta respect that. 💯

  • Eda Mane
    Eda Mane 4 months ago +16

    Respect! It seems like the more saturated the net gets that the chances of anyone with talent or chasing their “dreams” on the internet is farfetched rather than say back when RU-clip had the OLD algorithms!! So much has changed!

  • robert szoradi
    robert szoradi 4 months ago

    Real motivation right here for real

  • shawn white
    shawn white 4 months ago +9

    This man boat has the most insane fashion sense… I enjoy seeing it

  • Eddielamarca
    Eddielamarca 4 months ago +1

    I’m excited to hear lil yachtys alternative

  • Johannes W.
    Johannes W. 4 months ago +2

    Unlike other rappers yachty really is a smart person

  • Quirky Gamesta
    Quirky Gamesta 4 months ago +1

    imagine finding all of boats lost jewelry ong I would keep it lmao😂

  • D. Dyke
    D. Dyke 4 months ago +3

    Icebox low key turning these into interviews. I peep game!!

  • Ryder Williams
    Ryder Williams 4 months ago +2

    Ice box did again fire 🔥

  • Bernard
    Bernard 4 months ago +28

    Shoes clearly the best part of this video

  • CardiUno
    CardiUno 4 months ago +5

    When Yachty said Ted talk I instantly thought of naming segments like this Ice Talk 🥶💎

  • Patia Chapman
    Patia Chapman 4 months ago +2

    Yachty: “materialistic things don’t matter”, “by the way, this is a $3500 hat”🙄

  • 4way Snow
    4way Snow 4 months ago +3

    I learned something fs needed to hear this 🙏🏾

  • William Dawson
    William Dawson 4 months ago +1

    I love the new into ice box 📦

  • Ty Bills
    Ty Bills 4 months ago +10

    Say materialistic things don’t matters then talks about his 3500 dollar hat😂😂😂😂

  • NBA Jaydee😈
    NBA Jaydee😈 4 months ago +1

    Yatchy should have been on concrete cowboys 😇

  • Paper Boi
    Paper Boi 4 months ago +11

    Lil yatchy be way too humble bruh🔥❤️

  • Live Love Laugh
    Live Love Laugh 4 months ago +1

    Lil Yachty Hustles Hard, Celebrate King.

  • low low
    low low 4 months ago +2

    Icebox should start doing interviews 😏

  • Benj.G
    Benj.G 4 months ago +2

    yo lil yachty speaking facts

  • justarandomvideochannel
    justarandomvideochannel 4 months ago +6

    I love how he looks disgusted when he holds the chain

  • Lord
    Lord 4 months ago

    Lil Yachty is the most humble flexer ever lmaoo like he be slick popping his shit

  • Twoin ss boss
    Twoin ss boss 4 months ago +2

    Yachty is a rock star

  • Logan Sandlin
    Logan Sandlin 4 months ago +4

    Lil yachty that chain looks fire

  • ladyblu
    ladyblu 4 months ago +1

    Love the new intro yall

  • Montague Flips
    Montague Flips 4 months ago +6

    I could’ve swearin yatchy said he was done buying ice in that jewelry documentary

  • Kai Adams
    Kai Adams 4 months ago +2

    Goat in the game, time for respect

  • TheyEnvyStan
    TheyEnvyStan 4 months ago +6

    I’ll say that’s a quarter mil in his hand for the guess

  • Emmanyoul
    Emmanyoul 4 months ago

    Ion Even Care For Jewelry But Yachty Make It Look So Cool

  • Samuel-Joseph Parry
    Samuel-Joseph Parry 8 days ago

    bro them creps had me dying, even set it as my cover photo on facebook air hobbit 1s

  • Jose Lito
    Jose Lito 4 months ago +1

    Love is love kings lift kings 💙

  • More Draco
    More Draco 4 months ago

    Yachty certified a *”Diamond Boy”*

  • Sake Bomb
    Sake Bomb 2 months ago +2

    Seems like a cool dude. Why do they call him "boat", did he sell; or build boats before becoming an artist?

    • Shehahn Efan
      Shehahn Efan Month ago

      It’s a part of his brand. He came in with an alter ego named Lil Boat. Yachty is the one that sings and Boat is the one that raps

  • Rkku
    Rkku Month ago

    not goona lie this video shed new light on Yachty. He's not the braindead tool I thought he was. Cool Dude

  • dubblyew
    dubblyew 4 months ago

    Looks at a diamond catalog: oh no I want the nice one 😐

  • Lil Kojack
    Lil Kojack 4 months ago

    @5:17 aint no way boat jus walk past that🤦🏾‍♂️

  • James Willliams
    James Willliams 4 months ago +1

    I like to put the working man in front 😂😂

  • SunnshineStatee
    SunnshineStatee 4 months ago

    Yachty might be the most stylish rapper out right now

  • Reek HD
    Reek HD 4 months ago

    It’s a simple design but it’s nasty ❄️

  • Hugh Jones
    Hugh Jones Month ago

    The GameStop tee at icebox love it

  • Julius Batali
    Julius Batali 4 months ago +6

    man lil yachty shoes hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Fullplate Stamp
    Fullplate Stamp 4 months ago +1

    Bro tee grizzly ones of the best chains out

  • Hewn Dawg
    Hewn Dawg 4 months ago +3

    🛶: wears literal feet shoes
    6:48 - “this is fashion” 🤥

  • 💫FamousLinkzTv💫
    💫FamousLinkzTv💫 4 months ago

    6:32 what’s the beat that plays in the background

  • Geoid Suave
    Geoid Suave 4 months ago

    Yachty a real one!

  • Wait, what???
    Wait, what??? 4 months ago +1

    He don’t even need to stack those chains. Those are stand alone pieces.

    JOSEPH JR. 4 months ago +5

    “Excuse my elbows” 😂😂😭

  • Milli Saginashvili
    Milli Saginashvili 4 months ago

    I dont think I could put on my customers chain before he put it on out of respect of what he paid for but thats just me

  • Quentin Sosa
    Quentin Sosa 4 months ago +1

    Lil yacht just be spending 💰 he been paid 💯

  • Phantom _
    Phantom _ 4 months ago +3

    Man boat is the best LEGEND

    GEEKER GAMING 21 day ago

    i wanna wear a 2012 gamestop shirt whilst jewelry shopping too

  • CardiUno
    CardiUno 4 months ago +1

    There’s 125 grand he’s holding 💎

  • lil trap
    lil trap 4 months ago +2


  • Louis Vespia
    Louis Vespia 3 months ago

    In the end I noticed how they stopped the beat once they got another potential sale off yachty

  • Daniel Leeson
    Daniel Leeson 4 months ago +2

    Yatchy the only man who paint their nails. And still can get respect in trenches all over the world

  • Josh Brazil
    Josh Brazil 4 months ago

    Tee grizzley got the best pendant out there

  • Hehe
    Hehe 4 months ago

    I wanna see the piece you guys making trippie redd

  • Portia Jumawan
    Portia Jumawan 4 months ago +6

    Wow so nice to watch again

  • Jason Supra
    Jason Supra 4 months ago

    Cool guy, amazing chains…not sure about the feet’s 😬

  • yxngheart
    yxngheart 4 months ago

    his nails go hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • Fel Aguirre
    Fel Aguirre 4 months ago +2

    IceBox should do some giveaways on some small gold jewelry to subscribers who guess or answer questions...

  • NeXuS_4TL_YOOS232
    NeXuS_4TL_YOOS232 4 months ago +8

    shi look clean af

  • Brighton Kimbrough
    Brighton Kimbrough 4 months ago

    A stack big bro keep doing u

  • VapeKing
    VapeKing 4 months ago +1

    I take it he on the Game Stop 🛑 meme stock 🚂 Train! 🤔

  • Darius X
    Darius X 4 months ago

    Yachty been eating good 😅

  • KBquan_yt
    KBquan_yt 4 months ago +2

    I’ll say that’s 80 k in his hand

  • Mr. Prush
    Mr. Prush 4 months ago

    The worst thing to ever put money in…. Diamond jewelry!

  • Mr Money maker
    Mr Money maker 3 months ago +1

    💅 on fleek

  • gphillimo
    gphillimo 4 months ago

    I paused at 10 seconds. I think it's $200,000 that he got in his hand. Lemme see if im right

  • Rodney McCracken
    Rodney McCracken 4 months ago

    This shit is made for you boat he is hiphop

  • Cars And Kicks
    Cars And Kicks 4 months ago

    Rockin the GameStop tee shirt

  • SLIMM901
    SLIMM901 3 months ago

    I thought he was done with jewelry

  • FertileMaple
    FertileMaple 4 months ago

    Why bro made that horse sound for the piece🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

  • R. Porter
    R. Porter 4 months ago

    I ain’t see tee grizzley not one time 😂

  • Always-Aloneforawhile
    Always-Aloneforawhile 4 months ago +1

    At 6:40 you can tell that the “diamond chains” are plastic 😳

    • Always-Aloneforawhile
      Always-Aloneforawhile 3 months ago

      @ACEKING also what’s on your playlist bud? Are you ok?

    • Always-Aloneforawhile
      Always-Aloneforawhile 4 months ago +1

      Yes perfectly fine! You? If you didnt agree then that’s because that’s my opinion. 🙂

      ACEKING 4 months ago +1

      You ok?

  • Breesh 2K
    Breesh 2K 4 months ago +1

    yachty lookin like “why is dis nicca wearin my chains”

  • Mehdi B.
    Mehdi B. 4 months ago

    Yachty's small stach = $190,000

  • Unverseau
    Unverseau 4 months ago

    Cordae is laughing rn saying I know they don’t have 30 million

  • Speedy Pete
    Speedy Pete 4 months ago +1

    I learned materialistic things don’t matter … this is a 3,500$ hat by the way . Cool

  • Norm Spruill
    Norm Spruill 4 months ago

    $45K...all day !!

  • Levelusion
    Levelusion 4 months ago

    yachty lookin like my red dead character with that hat on

  • harrison Turner
    harrison Turner 4 months ago

    Yacht x tee Grizzley 🙌

  • Take Over
    Take Over 4 months ago

    Yacht got that kayne check ✌🏿

  • Jacob Hosler
    Jacob Hosler 4 months ago

    I'm guessing $20k

  • Kani Tollette
    Kani Tollette 4 months ago

    That’s bout $350,000 at least

  • P. O.M.N!!
    P. O.M.N!! 4 months ago +2

    So know no one gone talk about his shoes??🤦🏽‍♂️😒💀