REAL Mind-Reader! Oz Pearlman The Mentalist on America's Got Talent | Magicians Got Talent

  • Published on Oct 25, 2018
  • Watch real mind reader Oz Pearlman The Mentalist on America's Got Talent 2015 (AGT). Check out all his magic auditions as he reaches the final. What did you think about his magic audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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  • Biff
    Biff Hour ago

    This Ryan Reynolds

  • Roberto Alcordo
    Roberto Alcordo 3 hours ago

    I need to talk to him for thursday’s Lotto 6.

  • Nam Cong
    Nam Cong 14 hours ago

    He shouldve kept the gumball trick for the final . In my opinion was his best performance

  • Arjan Prajapati
    Arjan Prajapati 15 hours ago

    What happened to Mel B

  • Ms Anneknown
    Ms Anneknown 20 hours ago

    01/20/2020 😍😍😍😍

  • Dark strider
    Dark strider 22 hours ago

    Either extreme knowledge of there lives and some of these things are online like social media, he’s a near genius, or truly his premonition is insane

  • Prince A23 Gaming

    @21:07 The stage looks like something, have anyone figured it out.. its funny when u do figure it out..!!

  • Liza Marie Borja
    Liza Marie Borja Day ago +8

    Must be really tough being this guy's girlfriend.
    Her: Honey, guess what...I'm pregnant. Yay!
    Oz: Yeah, I know. I also know, for a fact, that you keep on thinking of Chris Evans everytime we're making love. Must have been his child, not mine.
    Her: ...

  • Mr Edmond
    Mr Edmond Day ago

    hey why are you watching it 2024 already

  • Destiny
    Destiny 2 days ago

    "If there is someone want to know the secont trick."
    For the second trick, those books are his trick. The trick is the position your fingers opeing those book. If you lay your finger on the middle bottom of the book, it will show you a set of word. But! If you open it by lay ur fingers on bottom left or right,it will show another set of word(*my opinion* it will show u with same name all of the pages,so he tell the commentator to open just one page). I've played it before when I was a kid.😂😂

    • Destiny
      Destiny 2 days ago

      In the color chair magic, i think that while he walk back to the chairs after talking with the commentators, he was writing down 4 names on that paper and also changed those 4 letters from the first set of them to a new one that is only X letter on that. So where did his poster come from? For me, i think he change the last letter(existing an X) with another letter(his poster) in his clothes. It was incredible! What a clever is he!!

    • Destiny
      Destiny 2 days ago

      I appreciate his talent to make those shows for us. He made me and lots of people surprised,even there is no real magic in the world. He performed that such great shows.

  • K Steve
    K Steve 2 days ago

    5:31 That’s what she said

  • Jomon Johny
    Jomon Johny 3 days ago

    All the judges are in the game..... its all planned.. just for the viewers sake... just entertain...

  • Arron Jules Gallardo

    Am I the only one who thinks he look like adult Jack Dylan Grazer from the movie IT?

  • Life Coaching
    Life Coaching 3 days ago +1

    Out of this world

  • Pewdiepie Followers
    Pewdiepie Followers 3 days ago

    I brother sell Dwriter 042 and 03000 pen for 250$ same as OZs pen pm me

  • ZiX x
    ZiX x 3 days ago

    Watched again this 2020💚

  • HAPBilgi
    HAPBilgi 3 days ago +1

    18:17 this is not mind reading , it is like forecasting :) same trick is tried in turkey, almost same :(

  • shadowslayer054 thank you for watching

    Howei crack me up😂😭😭😭

  • Sarthak Adgaonkar
    Sarthak Adgaonkar 4 days ago

    This is manipulated

  • N.A. Jean
    N.A. Jean 4 days ago +1

    Is it me or do he sound like Ryan Reynolds

  • Arthur Vol
    Arthur Vol 4 days ago

    375 are you kidding me? That was my number

  • aiko jenn acodile
    aiko jenn acodile 4 days ago

    I'm a real mentalist too, I guess you're reading my comment now 😎🤪

  • Tanay Kewalramani
    Tanay Kewalramani 4 days ago

    5:22 oh well.

  • ganjar nurestu
    ganjar nurestu 4 days ago +3

    Ill guess you will watching this in 2020

  • Laurence Tarroza Arias

    Time traveler?

  • Art Santiañes
    Art Santiañes 4 days ago

    2020 everybody...??

  • Nista Tamu
    Nista Tamu 4 days ago

    2020 anyone??

  • Rachel Arebalo
    Rachel Arebalo 4 days ago


  • Snifty
    Snifty 5 days ago

    When he told her to think of the number under 100 I was like she goin do 57 big bey

  • mark joseph Odiamar
    mark joseph Odiamar 5 days ago +1

    2020 who still watching?

  • Syed Naqi
    Syed Naqi 5 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Human Being
    Human Being 5 days ago


  • Alvin Garcia
    Alvin Garcia 5 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the first song?

  • ann carreom
    ann carreom 5 days ago

    the first act was wack tho. that should be more cool if he write it, righter after the black woman judge wrote it.

  • Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos

    Oz: Amazing....but
    Heidi: Butt?

  • Aamod Paudel
    Aamod Paudel 5 days ago

    And i guessed 237

  • Aamod Paudel
    Aamod Paudel 5 days ago

    I thought of 67

  • Anju Gupta
    Anju Gupta 5 days ago

    How does he do it?

  • Sun Ray
    Sun Ray 6 days ago


  • Kristy T
    Kristy T 6 days ago

    I'm quaking because I actually did get it right

  • Jaime Dizon
    Jaime Dizon 6 days ago

    It's so amazing

  • stan bangtan sonyeondan

    it can't just be me in 2020

  • sakina b
    sakina b 6 days ago


  • sakina b
    sakina b 6 days ago

    if yall have seen cloud colin yk hes better

  • Anne Cabatbat
    Anne Cabatbat 6 days ago

    2020 here

  • Leirhsoj Zuproc
    Leirhsoj Zuproc 6 days ago

    Idk but why the drummer of The Script is a mentalist now?

  • Dwight Delacruz
    Dwight Delacruz 6 days ago

    After watching this🤔🤔🤔 I want to kidnap Oz to help me to win in lotto😂😂😂

  • donex gametime
    donex gametime 6 days ago

    why is it only the judges always the assistant when the magic act is perform? why not the audience sometimes?! just asking!

  • ice fox
    ice fox 6 days ago

    Lowkey sherlock holmes true identity 😎

    GRAY WOLF 7 days ago

    laughes in collins

    DUASATU 7 days ago

    21:09 gosh, he knows what I'm thinking, the 2018 video, but he can still read my mind

  • Lewis Oscar Fotografía

    Now I know how to say wine in english “ vino”

  • R M Mir
    R M Mir 7 days ago

    Mind blowing

  • Aljon Maro
    Aljon Maro 7 days ago +9

    Whatever it is he is doing, if it's magic, or it's mind reading or if it's trick, he is doing it well😱😱😱

  • bogart pogi
    bogart pogi 8 days ago

    did he win?

  • allan rajab
    allan rajab 8 days ago +6

    I swear on everything i taught of 57 too omg

  • Neetu Jain
    Neetu Jain 8 days ago

    It was similar to the one on Britain's got talent

  • Nazeer Qazi
    Nazeer Qazi 8 days ago +3

    16:24 he was writing that number

  • Loyd tellis
    Loyd tellis 8 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is a mentalist?

  • Zainab A
    Zainab A 8 days ago +3

    He didn't actually give them the envelopes they asked for but the one he wanted them to have. You can see him switching them around as he gives it to them. However the rest of it completely baffled me. Anyone care to explain them?