19 HILARIOUS Instagram Beauty Trends

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
  • Instagram proves a powerful tool in terms of accessibility--but also in terms of how to spread a trend as fast and far as you can on the internet. Here’s some of the most unusual beauty trends Instagrammers have been trying out as of late.
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    8. Wet Your Hair
    Remember the wet hair look from the 90s and 2000s? Perhaps it was to combat the more dry and frizzy look from the 70s and 80s. Whatever the reason was, it’s a hairstyle that has momentarily come back. Thanks to the Kardashians, fans everywhere are trying out the look where your hair looks like you just rose up from the pool. Often times, the hair gets pushed back and then fixed with styling products to make it look wet complete with a sheen. Dry hair is a big beauty no-no. Wet hair makes your mop appear slightly healthier. You’ll see it more frequently on the runway or at special events.
    7. Mermaid Eyes
    Okay so while there’s some that are opting for more natural makeup, you also have those that want to keep their makeup lowkey but still colorful. That’s where the classic combination of green and blue eyeshadow comes in. For the last 3 years at least, more rosy and brown eyeshadow was considered the best option for eyeshadows. Lately, however, more Instagrammers have been trying out the mermaid eye, mixing blues and greens and aquamarines. It looks like you put more effort, but this look is relatively easy to replicate. Another trend includes adding eyeshadow beneath your lower lash line, kind of like a smokey eye but not with black eyeshadow.
    6. More And More Highlighter
    For a few points on this list now, we’ve stressed that people love their shiny and dewy makeup. That doesn’t just apply to isolated areas on the face or head. If Instagram proves anything, people love putting highlighter on anything they can. Typically, highlighter comes in powder or more of a cream stick form. You use it to accentuate things like the middle of your nose and your cheekbones. However, some have opted for putting it all over their face so that you look like a walking piece of glass. Yea or Nay? You decide/
    5. Red Lipstick Concealer
    Who would ever think of to put red lipstick on anywhere else but your face? A lot of people, actually. From using red lipstick as a primer to even a concealer, it seems the classic makeup must-have isn’t just reserved for date night. Red lipstick as a primer has the danger of just making you look like a tomato, so be sparing with it. It seems weird to hear at first, but when you think of it as a concealer, it kind of makes sense. Lots of times, dark circles and green tints plague our faces, making us look washed out or sick. To combat that, you pick a red that’s the right shade for your skin tone and use a eyeshadow brush or your fingers to press against it and blend. Then you apply regular concealer and you’ll see how much less green you look.
    4. Monochrome Pink
    When it comes to makeup, you’re always trying to figure out what shade of blush or eyeshadow goes with this or that shade of lipstick. A way to speed up the process and know it’s going to be a good choice? Some have gone for the monochrome pink method, where you just have the same or similar shades of pink. Unlike red, pink is a lot more natural-looking on the skin, so having it everywhere will more often than not look fine rather than over the top.
    3. Crazy Shaped Eyebrows
    We’ve discussed the emphasis on the brow in in this past decade. As of late, some people are taking it to a new level. “Feathered” brows consists of eyebrow gel and some clever shaping with the brush to get some crazy shapes to make the brow look more like a bird’s feather or in a ridged pattern like this. Others have gone so far as creating “squiggle” brows, shaping the brow so that it takes on an s pattern.
    2. The Tampon Tool
    Eggs and fidget spinners aren’t the first items that come to mind when it comes to makeup, yet people have went ahead and tried it anyway. The same can be said for a tampon. Yes, that’s right, for a hot second in March of 2017, it was quite trendy to use a tampon to apply your foundation. If you think about it’s it’s basically a dense cotton ball so of course it will work to some degree. One of the first known to try this for a wider audience is Ashley Bluedef, who posted a clip of her using the tampon applicator on her Instagram page.
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