Strike Pro TV - A tribute to Buster Jerk

  • Published on Apr 24, 2013
  • In this series of fishing different pro anglers show techniques, news and amazing catches. Strike Pro Europe & CWC AB bring you Strike Pro TV on the network.
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Comments • 49

  • Alvinpiker -
    Alvinpiker - Year ago +2

    ”Is strong one!”

  • Edvin Löf
    Edvin Löf 2 years ago +1


  • Albert Fredriksson
    Albert Fredriksson 2 years ago

    Skitmörten och hot pike är de hetaste färgerna

  • 池田有輝、
    池田有輝、 2 years ago

    very good baster jerk

  • Mattias örtoft
    Mattias örtoft 3 years ago

    speciellt Stefan.

  • Mattias örtoft
    Mattias örtoft 3 years ago

    kan jag få följa med och fiska gädda med er. om de blir så kan in prata svenska då?

  • Jokke KBH
    Jokke KBH 3 years ago +3

    Gotta love Trumman.

  • John Griffiths
    John Griffiths 3 years ago +2

    terrible acting. terrible English. some nice fish. lol

    • August Staf
      August Staf Year ago +1

      I bet their English skills is better than your Swedish ;)

    • Janne
      Janne 2 years ago

      it doesnt take years, only months. Why buster jerk is so popular? Many colors, selling many places, low price compare to others. Hype video from place where isnt allowed fish without speciallicence. Ive done about 120-150 jerks and those doesnt lose to buster jerk.

    • guitaroidman524
      guitaroidman524 2 years ago

      buster jerks are built solid as fuck mate, it would take years of constant abuse to wear one away

    • Janne
      Janne 2 years ago

      Making or designing? I think Buster Jerks are made in Taiwan, only desing in Sweden. Only matter is how good quality Taiwan factory can produce.

    • John Griffiths
      John Griffiths 3 years ago

      @guitaroidman524 D U H

  • TheHookandTheCook
    TheHookandTheCook 3 years ago

    Great looking fish the Pike.
    THE HOOK AND THE COOK check out this you tube channel all and subscribe today, you will enjoy our Fishing & Cooking clips.
    Thanks Regards Scotty & Paul

  • River Piker
    River Piker 4 years ago +8

    Love it! Beautiful pike, great video.

  • Eddyannn
    Eddyannn 5 years ago

    It really is very good bait!
    Recommended to all ..)))

  • Piotr Piskorski
    Piotr Piskorski 5 years ago +4

    Great movie! But Salmo Slider was first anyway ;o)

    • ilya scherbakov
      ilya scherbakov 2 years ago +1

      Piotr, don't get me wrong. You're doing good quality lures.And believe me I know how tough is to sell fishing stuff these days, especially in the big game market. The more choice we have the better so I am looking forward to your new products

    • Piotr Piskorski
      Piotr Piskorski 2 years ago

      Yeah - Slider is to small for musky. Thats true.

    • ilya scherbakov
      ilya scherbakov 2 years ago

      I am not talking about lures in general. I know you're selling lures in NA. If you read serious musky and pike fishing boards in US and Canada you will see that nobody mentions Salmo slider as their favorite jerkbait for musky. And the simple truth to it is that its too small. And you know it.
      I am looking forward to try your larger version of the slider

    • Piotr Piskorski
      Piotr Piskorski 2 years ago

      You are wrong Ilya. We sold a few milions of lures in US. About size? Yes - we will have a bigger Slider soon ...

    • ilya scherbakov
      ilya scherbakov 2 years ago +1

      Salmo slider is too small for the big fish, IMHO.
      Nobody knows about Salmo in Canada or US

  • pikefisher1000
    pikefisher1000 5 years ago

    fucking lovey big bitch on a pike nice one form ireland

  • RajuRosvo PikeFly
    RajuRosvo PikeFly 5 years ago


  • Gianluca Demontis
    Gianluca Demontis 5 years ago


  • LP- Ling Productions
    LP- Ling Productions 5 years ago

    Själva engelskan i sig är inte dålig, bara uttalet ;p

  • Alexander Fellbom
    Alexander Fellbom 6 years ago

    It´s really nice fish! haha trumman å hans sköna Engelska

  • Samuel Rautapalo
    Samuel Rautapalo 6 years ago


  • Jyrize
    Jyrize 6 years ago

    Great film! make more like this with english!!

  • Dmean94
    Dmean94 6 years ago

    Var det bara jag som märkte att Jimmy har 4 fingrar på ena handen ? 1:27

  • Stephen welham
    Stephen welham 6 years ago

    love the video,try beechy99 if you like tying your tying your own pike flies brilliant
    best reguards steve

  • teamflytwest -GUNKI
    teamflytwest -GUNKI 6 years ago

    Buster jerk är riktigt bra!

  • TheNu121
    TheNu121 6 years ago

    Bra det ända jag gör är att fiska med jeark baits hela tiden.

  • Team Dalmasarna
    Team Dalmasarna 6 years ago

    Fiske är mit liv3

  • Zen Drums
    Zen Drums 6 years ago

    Älskar svensgelskan de pratar! Speciellt trummans!!

  • erikcarle
    erikcarle 6 years ago

    haha, jimmys är inte mycket bättre precis!

  • BajenSimon89
    BajenSimon89 6 years ago


  • misterheikka
    misterheikka 6 years ago

    kärlek, kärlek och återigen kärlek.

  • Simon Johansson
    Simon Johansson 6 years ago

    Älskar att Trummans engelska är värdelös xD Men han är grym!

  • mrkringlan
    mrkringlan 6 years ago

    Ni har grymma serier på gång alltså!

  • mrkringlan
    mrkringlan 6 years ago