The Halloween Costumes Nobody Wanted

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • Is it possible to sing the Purple People Eater song in a way that's sexy, like if Rihanna did it or something would it be possible
    Select your popular halloween costume this year:
    Sexy Ichabod Crane -
    Ironic emoji movie character -
    The Heath Ledger Joker, still -
    The Hocus Pocus witches, which were popular 3 years ago and are now Really Done -
    Unironic emoji movie character -
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  • Nick Powell
    Nick Powell Year ago +10024

    Can we please have a vampire movie played completely straight except they're all wearing the cheapest, most ill-fitting shitty halloween costumes the director can find

  • Regan Plunkett
    Regan Plunkett Day ago

    The first time I watched this video I was half-asleep and I swear I thought I dreamed the spaghetti costume 😂

  • Aoife
    Aoife 3 days ago

    i was drinking milk when you got to the spaghetti one and it came out my nose 😂

  • Kosh Naranek
    Kosh Naranek 3 days ago

    PLO: “the outfit is cool, I feel cool”....haha. You are cool kid, you are cool.

  • Gwyneth Mullins
    Gwyneth Mullins 9 days ago

    Okay but Plo Koon actually was my favorite as a kid :P

  • Xylophone T
    Xylophone T 11 days ago

    These are the eye candy of holloween costumes

  • Nerdy Bird
    Nerdy Bird 12 days ago

    Lol I wore a avatar costume when I was little

  • Hannah Penner
    Hannah Penner 14 days ago

    i unabashedly love that penguin costume so much

  • Hannah Overton
    Hannah Overton 15 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I lowkey like that Spaghetti dress. Cut off the shoulder noodles and I would wear that unironically.

  • Mychael Darklighter
    Mychael Darklighter 16 days ago

    Would, say, a French aristocrat costume be “racist” in the same way the Tonto one ostensibly is..? Or a Viking..? (Sincere question)

  • purple_sammich
    purple_sammich 16 days ago

    I know this vid is old but I used to work for a Halloween costume company (you were wearing some of their costumes actually lmaooo) and just keep in mind there is a licensing branch that works on these. Like, on the costume co end there's someone who sends the costume to Disneyy and says "What do you think of our costume? We mostly followed the style guide kind of" and then someone at Disneys like "This sucks fix it" and the costume co says "Ok we'll fix it" and then they don't fix it because that would be expensive and when they send the new version thats basically just the old version but with like slightly different fabric or a mask painted in house to look better than anything that will come out of the factory Disneys like "oh ok I guess that's approved" and basically the entire industry is a joke which is why Halloween costumes are terrible. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • temptationspiper
    temptationspiper 17 days ago

    The landfill of sexy Tonto costumes is beside the one filled with those old ET game cartridges.

  • Noah Hoyle
    Noah Hoyle 18 days ago

    Jenny struggling to close the last segment of the lightsaber is the most relatable thing I've ever seen.

  • Robert Cypress
    Robert Cypress 19 days ago

    As a Native American (Seminole from florida) i gotta say a female tonto giving the lone ranger shit like a pissed off penny/Inspector Gadget relationship would have been awesome!

  • Robert Cypress
    Robert Cypress 19 days ago

    The avatar costume is for the one person who remembers that jake sully had khakis on at one point. So ashamed but i would have got it.

  • Robert Cypress
    Robert Cypress 19 days ago

    Scorpion king costume, ok acceptable but what does animal print have to do with anything?

  • e rothstein
    e rothstein 19 days ago


  • autumn
    autumn 22 days ago

    13:25 I agree completely. I want to be spaghetti everyday of my life.

  • Sean Tovey
    Sean Tovey 22 days ago

    i couldnt see the penguin feet properly 😿

  • Simone Skerritt
    Simone Skerritt 24 days ago

    Oh I watched hi hi puffy ami yumi. I don’t think it was super popular though.

  • Jack Gude
    Jack Gude 26 days ago

    12:40 Damn giiirl

  • Colton Eisenhart
    Colton Eisenhart Month ago

    No one has seen the Scorpion King Movie...some day it doesn’t even exist.

  • Fiona Bitch
    Fiona Bitch Month ago

    As a kid who had to shop at goodwill for Halloween, yes. That’s exactly what it feels like. Hell, always had creative costumes tho...

  • Billy J. Sobolik
    Billy J. Sobolik Month ago

    I just gotta say it, you're so damn cute.

  • datadoggieein
    datadoggieein Month ago

    Plo Koon was always my favorite Jedi...

  • Angela Fortin
    Angela Fortin Month ago

    *I* know who Plo Kun is but, like, my favorite Star Wars character is Kreia so...

  • Claire Farron
    Claire Farron Month ago

    i need that fucking spaghetti dress rn

  • Fake Blood
    Fake Blood Month ago

    Hey! Plo-Koon WAS my favorite as a child!
    He and Kit Fisto.

  • Madison Clayton
    Madison Clayton Month ago

    8:55 next Met Gala theme: Public Domain Halloween Costumes

  • jakeunderwood9
    jakeunderwood9 Month ago

    Plo Koon genuinely was, and still is, my favorite. He looks so dope.

  • CanthusOfCandE
    CanthusOfCandE Month ago

    You didn't mention what that red and white costume was meant to be.

  • Paul Dee
    Paul Dee Month ago

    Jenny has functional legs confirmed

  • Sad Bird Lad
    Sad Bird Lad Month ago

    as someone who used to run a Lego camp thing for kids that often dealt with Star Wars, I can confidently say that there are a SURPRISING AMOUNT of kids who love Plo Koon thanks to The Clone Wars

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright Month ago

    Dat Dwayne Johnson mask.

  • Anty Bee
    Anty Bee Month ago

    Would you make an asmr video of you saying spaghetti a lot while eating a lot of spaghetti? Please :)

  • Anty Bee
    Anty Bee Month ago

    now i'm sad :(

  • ZimMan2
    ZimMan2 Month ago

    I had a dracula costume in middle school with that exact cheap plastic medallion.

  • Bennett Creech
    Bennett Creech Month ago +1

    I mean if Jenna marbles wants to be a toothbrush for Halloween I’m sure there’s someone who wanted to be spaghetti

  • No-man Baugh
    No-man Baugh Month ago

    Everytime I think of donating something I don’t like to a thrift store, I think of 16:59

  • turkeydinnerchewie
    turkeydinnerchewie Month ago

    Plo Koon is underrated. He was awesome in TCW.

  • patorikkudozzu
    patorikkudozzu Month ago

    God, you are so cute.

  • CrazyPangolinLady
    CrazyPangolinLady Month ago

    The spaghetti is probably supposed to go with a meatballs costume.

  • jerry whoomst
    jerry whoomst Month ago

    Where did you get the penguin?

  • Solyn Cassia
    Solyn Cassia Month ago

    That purple people eater costume was cuter than it should’ve been

  • Majic Omnivore
    Majic Omnivore Month ago

    the spaghetti costume feels like a dress that Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place would wear

  • BananaFaceB
    BananaFaceB Month ago


  • Maranda Ward
    Maranda Ward Month ago

    7:32 is that the vampire dad from “The Little Vampire”

  • graveyardguac
    graveyardguac Month ago

    I love blasting some Ed Sheeran music and drinking rat poison.

  • Lucy Alvey
    Lucy Alvey Month ago

    I wanna be spaghetti

  • The Brightest
    The Brightest Month ago

    I love the spaghetti one.

  • Eddie Lopez
    Eddie Lopez Month ago

    "Blasting some Ed Sheeran music and drinking rat poison." ... That may have been the best ending to a video I've ever seen.

  • SandyTheMaster
    SandyTheMaster Month ago +2

    A M I B E A U T I F U L N O W , M O T H E R ?

  • Brad Neece
    Brad Neece Month ago +2

    I like Plo Koon...
    I know who he is......
    I feel attacked
    Edit: Holy shit! I remember my brother wearing that Avatar costume one Halloween when we were kids.

  • Kelly Karjola
    Kelly Karjola Month ago +1

    The Honey bear costume on Jenny? wow!

  • Sharp Shot EFX
    Sharp Shot EFX Month ago +12

    Fun fact! I used to work at a costume shop, that black dust coming out of the scorpion King costume is the foam and polyester in the costume crumbling into dust after being shelved for over 15 years.

  • horror vacui
    horror vacui Month ago

    "I have a lightsaber!"
    Of *course* she has a lightsaber!

  • rawrberrys
    rawrberrys Month ago +1

    Recommended in April... good job RU-clip algorithm

  • Kelly Karjola
    Kelly Karjola Month ago +3

    Jenny is right, Capitalism does suck! It is great for the 1 % but horrible for everyone else..

  • T C
    T C Month ago +1

    Plo Koon is apparently 6’1, hot

  • Enfys Best
    Enfys Best Month ago +1

    Imagine a dystopian story where the MC stumbles upon a landfill just full of sexy Tonto costumes...

  • momentaryearjoy1
    momentaryearjoy1 Month ago

    youre like the female michael cera

  • UltimateBurstLP
    UltimateBurstLP Month ago

    The truth about the Tonto costume is that they only ever actually made one and now you own it
    Also, "I don't read the comments" is such a mood

  • Melodie Ladner
    Melodie Ladner Month ago

    I love that SPAGHETTI costume, it made me laugh and laugh, and PS: what made the Vampiro costume so great for me was that it was way too big for you, that should definitely be a thing.

  • Myan chan A terrible mi-steak

    17:46 It killed me holy feck (no swearing on this christian minecraft server)

  • dougangelscj
    dougangelscj Month ago

    I have the exact same vampire costume laying in my closet. Medallion and all lol

  • anonymousdratini
    anonymousdratini 2 months ago

    What if you wore the Jake Sully costume to Disney's avatar land? Would security escort you out for dressing as a character? Like if you wore an Elsa dress?

  • Kaco Dash
    Kaco Dash 2 months ago +2

    If someone asks me what my sense of humor is like I'm just gonna show them this video

  • rootisroot
    rootisroot 2 months ago

    I actually somewhat liked Plo Koon as a kid... :(

  • Greenpoptartover9000
    Greenpoptartover9000 2 months ago

    I remember the HiHi puffy Ami Yumi show! I only watched a few episodes though. I can’t remember much about it. But I remember that Kappa Mikey had a knock off duo in their show called “Ori & Yori”

  • TheGhostlyHusky
    TheGhostlyHusky 2 months ago

    I think I had that vampire costume in sixth grade. I remember that medalion .

  • Brandon Olsen
    Brandon Olsen 2 months ago

    As a kid I played a Phantom Menace original Xbox game and Plo Koon was one of the characters. I thought he looked really cool so he became my favorite Jedi. That has stayed true to this very day.

  • purple lavenders
    purple lavenders 2 months ago +3

    They just gave...all the way up

  • PavarottiAardvark
    PavarottiAardvark 2 months ago

    The moment you realise that, as a youtuber, these will have been Tax Deductable for Jenny....

  • BabyFace
    BabyFace 2 months ago +1

    my brother used to love plo koon. he and kit fisto were his favorite characters back when the clone wars show and movie was big. he had the little lego minifigs of them, and i think plo koon's jedi starfighter.

  • Eva McCray
    Eva McCray 2 months ago

    OR LESBIAN COUPLE, honestly ME

  • CassidyFlame
    CassidyFlame 2 months ago

    14.16 impastable

  • sabotenfighter
    sabotenfighter 2 months ago

    Hahaha the spaghetti costume

  • StorytellerOfTheDead
    StorytellerOfTheDead 2 months ago

    THIS *M Y S T E R I O U S P O W D E R*

  • Anne Silva
    Anne Silva 2 months ago

    Tonto means dumb in Spanish and honestly that’s how I feel about that costume

  • Real Human Being
    Real Human Being 2 months ago

    There's a Scorpion King movie, but it's absolute garbage... like the costume

  • lynn pehrson
    lynn pehrson 2 months ago

    Ok but couple costume idea, spaghetti and and sweater, or emimem

  • Andrew V.
    Andrew V. 2 months ago

    I think that scene where that dude turns to dust literally happened inside that Mummy costume

  • Liberty Fuchs
    Liberty Fuchs 2 months ago

    I like rewatching this and the porg review when I'm sad

  • Gilbert Lozano
    Gilbert Lozano 2 months ago


  • Isabella Morris
    Isabella Morris 2 months ago

    I really want that T shirt off the Puffy AmiYumi costume, not gonna lie... (Would also make life much easier for cosplayers if they could get it for cheap)

  • Peanhead M
    Peanhead M 2 months ago

    She freakin rocks that spaghetti costume tho

  • Jessika Austin
    Jessika Austin 2 months ago

    Jesus that exposure setting is high

  • R J
    R J 2 months ago +2

    Spaghetti on my shoulders... makes me happy...

  • A Quest Unending
    A Quest Unending 2 months ago

    The Plo Kun one looks pretty cool without the mask. Just get a lightsaber and don't wear the mask and then you're a cool jedi

  • Safersephiroth777
    Safersephiroth777 2 months ago

    I actually watched this video from start to finish. Don't know what else to say.

  • Michael Becherer
    Michael Becherer 2 months ago

    When I was a kid plo koon was my favorite prequel character.

  • Michael Becherer
    Michael Becherer 2 months ago

    Plo koon mask in a mask. Maskception.

  • wherethetatosat
    wherethetatosat 2 months ago

    If your kid picks the penguin costume they're a keeper.

  • Shnegithy
    Shnegithy 2 months ago

    Just for the record I had that exact plo koon outfit and he was definitely one of my favorite characters

  • ThatZommy
    ThatZommy 2 months ago

    excuse me i will not have this bashing of plo koon. when i was younger plo koon was 100% my favorite jedi.

  • cirmiz
    cirmiz 2 months ago

    Sorry I cannot focus on what you are explaining ... you are too cute :)
    You are making a loot good points but with those ridiculous costumes it's so hard to take you seriously.

  • Fer Lobo
    Fer Lobo 2 months ago

    You remind me a lot of Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99

  • Tawny Ventura
    Tawny Ventura 2 months ago

    If I ran into Jenny in her Pruge costume, I'd team up with her and go hunt One Direction together

  • E Burke
    E Burke 2 months ago +2

    this whole video had me in tears. where DO they genderbent sexy Tonto costumes go?????

  • Katie Shayler-Bethell
    Katie Shayler-Bethell 2 months ago

    oh hi hi puffy amiyumi. i only vaguely remember that show and up until today i just assumed i made it up