I found a bot farm nobody knows about

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Nobody would ever think bots would go here but it's actually one of the best F2P money makers and no one even knows about it
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  • Felrin Kirla
    Felrin Kirla 6 hours ago

    Do you collaborate with SirPugger often? He's dedicated to rooting out bots.

  • dennis martinez
    dennis martinez 11 hours ago +1

    ???? A lot of people know about these bots and those people that know are the botters

  • Hippie Joe
    Hippie Joe 19 hours ago

    you never really noticed the rune spots? they've been there since rsc lol i use to camp there and gather enough runes for fire bolt after like an hr back in 2004

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen Day ago

    Oou mah days I stumbled upon it

  • andy lawson
    andy lawson Day ago

    Go ironman mage so you maintain the level through pking and you have tele block.

    • andy lawson
      andy lawson Day ago

      Lmao, i commented before watching of course :p Ironman ftw though.

  • Williemay100
    Williemay100 Day ago

    >nobody knows
    >makes a video

  • Dub King
    Dub King Day ago +1

    What’s that meme called on 5:56?

  • Samuel Grahame
    Samuel Grahame Day ago +1

    If you have 200 accounts doing all at once

  • C.O Phazon
    C.O Phazon 2 days ago

    make a 65 atk leafbladedbattleaxe 1def 99 str acc

  • AndyYourBrother
    AndyYourBrother 2 days ago

    How long does it take to get to 82 mage wtf. I haven't played this game in years but I remember leveling was tedious as fuck did I miss something?

  • Hammond Soul
    Hammond Soul 3 days ago

    So they’re the reason why chaos tubes have dropped 25% in the last month

  • John Fortier
    John Fortier 4 days ago +1

    I used to collect the runes there 10 years ago before I got a job to buy gold lol

  • Darren R
    Darren R 4 days ago

    i use to bot here years ago. its nothing new?

    • Paba ksss
      Paba ksss Day ago

      Shut your bitch ass up kid

  • Mark
    Mark 4 days ago

    82 mage for 1k chaos, love it

  • altoid345b
    altoid345b 4 days ago

    0:40 Nice

  • MicoOnTheTrack
    MicoOnTheTrack 5 days ago

    give it hereeeeeee 82 mage

  • sean coast
    sean coast 6 days ago

    I go there all the time

  • VØID
    VØID 6 days ago

    Realy enjoyed this vid Torv. Lots of layers.

  • Rotton gamer
    Rotton gamer 7 days ago

    I use to come back in the day choas rune coast alot magic was expensive to lv up

  • The man to scared to get a tattoo

    that was cool following the bot all the way from lumbridge... also jagex get these bots under control.

  • Man Fred
    Man Fred 7 days ago +1

    I used to do this in 2004 to make money 🤣

  • ProjectHappyWay
    ProjectHappyWay 9 days ago

    if you throw a gnome ball at them does that delay there tellying by any chance?

  • blackdedo93
    blackdedo93 9 days ago

    You are 13 years late @Torvesta

  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods 10 days ago

    Just wanna point out that DatSweetcorn died in the Dwarf Cannon quest as a HCIM, I feel like i need to point this out as you said you were the first person to die!

  • noallpro
    noallpro 10 days ago

    You're a sell out lmao

  • BrutalOS
    BrutalOS 11 days ago

    Why would u kill a hcim

  • R0KURU
    R0KURU 12 days ago

    Dude! I was walking home from work with it lightly lightening over head.. 5:05 scared the shit out of me

  • Ash Blade
    Ash Blade 13 days ago

    A lot new about it its just too small for any one to try but u hahahahaha Gg

  • Alexis Valentine
    Alexis Valentine 14 days ago

    No lie I had almost the exact same build! I am going ags fire surge rusher!

  • Potato Bag
    Potato Bag 14 days ago

    i laughed so hard.

  • Bastian Alexander Heß

    Killing hardcore ironmans. wow. qualtiy content.

  • zezizarjaars
    zezizarjaars 15 days ago

    Maybe you can drop a lot of trash on the spot and then he might pick up that trash instead of the chaos runes, or drop chaos runes at a different spot nearby (trade over 5 chaos from your main account and drop that somewhere else, maybe you can lure him to a different room.

  • zezizarjaars
    zezizarjaars 15 days ago

    At least you wasted a lot of their time

  • Frilent
    Frilent 16 days ago

    3:34 The Dumbshits Guide To Dark Souls intensifies

  • matrix alfred cheese
    matrix alfred cheese 16 days ago

    # mad defence

  • Seven7een
    Seven7een 16 days ago +1

    You should make an ironman for this low level stuff so you can stay low level in the wildy.

  • zTTHeoRYY
    zTTHeoRYY 17 days ago


  • MrGef30
    MrGef30 17 days ago

    lmao i was botfarming this before the hop limit got introduced

  • Chemical Oof
    Chemical Oof 17 days ago

    "nobody knows about this bot farm" releases video and gets seen by about 400k people.

  • Jawdii
    Jawdii 17 days ago

    disliked for the hcim

  • TheIcecreamtaco
    TheIcecreamtaco 17 days ago

    Around 2004/2005 this was actually used quite frequently

  • Ahhelp
    Ahhelp 17 days ago +1

    god you're so fucking boring, stop talking and just do

  • DJ Hasta
    DJ Hasta 17 days ago +2

    RIP 10 min of my life, but RIP 100 hours of your life making this vid. You get a thumbs up for that

  • XfrenkynatorX
    XfrenkynatorX 17 days ago +1

    ''First real player'' so I guess the Hardcore Iron Man wasn't a real player hahaha

  • bradley warwick
    bradley warwick 18 days ago

    time to abuse this

  • Justin Tallent
    Justin Tallent 18 days ago

    Has anyone told him he could have used f2p where they are level 6 LOL

  • OG Fishing
    OG Fishing 18 days ago +2

    i have a good idea for the acc give all your bank to me fam

  • francios dauteuil
    francios dauteuil 19 days ago

    why not use that account over by moss giants on f2p? i see a lot of low levels and bots over there when i train new accounts on the mossy's but my wifi is too slow to pk on but might be good loot! Best of luck and love the content Torv!

  • Kyle
    Kyle 19 days ago

    How did you just learn about this LOL I did this for my runes before I knew I could buy from shops and before I figured out how to RC

  • Toyota Incorporated
    Toyota Incorporated 19 days ago

    you need to turn up mic/voice volume in your vids

  • pang de18
    pang de18 19 days ago

    Tell me why I click on this video and the ad is spitting out that it will take another 208 years for gender equality. Then they use the example of women in the technology industry. Only 19% of women earn a technology degree? I just wanted to see some runescape dog no politics.

  • Steven Sakhov
    Steven Sakhov 19 days ago

    Only tbing lvl 3-s with 82 mage account and killing them with range account.

  • stephen henson
    stephen henson 19 days ago

    this is a bullshit video

  • [][][]{}[][][]
    [][][]{}[][][] 19 days ago

    I've seen someone doing only 1 time and came back with my pk account and couldn't find a single one.

  • Trinity
    Trinity 20 days ago

    I uh, I don't know what this is or why it was recommended to me.... so.. guess I'll just leave

  • Joni Niemelä
    Joni Niemelä 20 days ago +1

    1m GIVEAWAY. Message me in osrs and i pick random winner. Acc name: GredyX

  • Jay Amin
    Jay Amin 20 days ago

    you have ur public on hide...you have no idea what they are saying which would tell us if they are even a bot

    • Primo Antonius
      Primo Antonius 18 days ago

      shhh, it's a bot farm no one knows about!!11!1

  • Jamal Tehrani
    Jamal Tehrani 20 days ago

    you are a king

  • Viktor Andersson
    Viktor Andersson 20 days ago

    You're not the first one to die to that fence, there was a hardcore acc that died2afence ;D

  • Landon Turner
    Landon Turner 20 days ago

    U fell off my algorithm but I found u lol long time no watch torv