Hand Grenade Compilation (M67, RGD-5, DM51, etc.)

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • Real grenades thrown by amateurs, militias and trained soldiers.
    ➥ Messing with Hand Grenades: ru-clip.com/video/byfeRhBW70w/video.html

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  • zetto one
    zetto one  29 days ago +6

    Messing with Hand Grenades: ru-clip.com/video/byfeRhBW70w/video.html

  • Breza Illyria
    Breza Illyria 10 days ago +5

    3:17 a man with low testosterone level be like.....😁😂🤣

    • Breza Illyria
      Breza Illyria 8 days ago

      @DimensionStudios . Go get a hug from mother then....

    • DimensionStudios
      DimensionStudios 8 days ago

      Breza Illyria its really not funny tho

    • Breza Illyria
      Breza Illyria 8 days ago

      @DimensionStudios ...oh, so it's more of you guys out there... ftw.

    • DimensionStudios
      DimensionStudios 8 days ago

      Breza Illyria not funny

  • AJ Blogs
    AJ Blogs 12 days ago

    Demolition ranch-!!!

  • SANAY Rsssdorn
    SANAY Rsssdorn 13 days ago


  • Jedidiah Daniel
    Jedidiah Daniel 16 days ago +2

    3:15 Did that guy know that he was throwing a grenade? Strange reaction. It was as if he didnt expect it to do that

    • zetto one
      zetto one  16 days ago +1

      RGD-5 grenades make small bang, when the fuse is activated. This fella probably wasn't expecting that and thought there was a malfunction.

  • Kyudo Kun
    Kyudo Kun 16 days ago +1

    1:56 Poor Teddy. You guys have no hearts!!!

  • Ashley Oasis
    Ashley Oasis 16 days ago

    Allah Akbar

  • ghj Mohammed
    ghj Mohammed 26 days ago

    7:02 iraqi general manager abd al wahab al saady "isof "

  • Phixiq
    Phixiq 26 days ago +1

    Why do I feel like I’d drop it while trying to throw it ?

  • Shadow God
    Shadow God 26 days ago +2

    5:59 and 6:17 The sparks from these grenades, is that shrapnel?

    • Valentijn Litjens
      Valentijn Litjens 10 days ago

      yeah it is and it is really dangerous if u throw a grenade u always need cover

  • FullMetalChicken
    FullMetalChicken 26 days ago

    If you wonder what's going on with those random people tossing nades into pound, just go to Thailand and you will know what I'm talking about.

  • rudy mckenzie
    rudy mckenzie 26 days ago

    Just go to Thailand, you can do just about whatever you want there.

  • GhostlyPirate_
    GhostlyPirate_ 26 days ago +1

    If your gonna throw a grenade make sure to have a pit for bad throws to get into or to run away from and then hit the deck if the grenade is in the hole
    I’m not too sure on using a wall as cover

    • Phixiq
      Phixiq 26 days ago +1

      GhostlyPirate_ nah walls don’t do much. My dad was clearing a building in the early 2000s and suffered brain trauma as a enemy threw a grenade into the room beside him. Grenades are noooo joke

  • Koke Joke
    Koke Joke 26 days ago +1

    6:34 🇮🇶 iraq

  • Mezars Snw
    Mezars Snw 26 days ago +1

    In6:32 it whas in mosel northern iraq ....

  • ملک توقیر اعوان

    Pakistan forces great

  • Lё
     27 days ago

    Багато відео з України!

  • Justin Reyes
    Justin Reyes 27 days ago +6

    I wonder if soldiers get anxious just carrying something like that on their person

  • king suliman
    king suliman 27 days ago

    fire in thr haallllll

  • ❶Ali Basrawi
    ❶Ali Basrawi 27 days ago +4

    هاذ عبد وهاب ساعدي 6:32

    • ❶Ali Basrawi
      ❶Ali Basrawi 26 days ago +2

      @إبراهيم الطرفي اي والله زلمة ويستحق كلخير

    • إبراهيم الطرفي
      إبراهيم الطرفي 26 days ago +1

      اي والله أم بين خوش زلمة شايفينة أو حاطينة وياهم

  • Jeff
    Jeff 27 days ago

    Alot of them seemed pretty weak

  • Kick ass
    Kick ass 27 days ago

    I am disappointed

  • Gil Villa
    Gil Villa 27 days ago


  • Francisco Vera
    Francisco Vera 27 days ago +1

    Why does it appear like grenades are inefficient???

  • SF TV
    SF TV 27 days ago

    So a real grenade is no that strong to take a life

    • romel ron
      romel ron 25 days ago

      what the fuck are you talking about dude...
      i should throw a grenade at you

  • Ud Madeiro
    Ud Madeiro 27 days ago

    Br em todo lugar, é de fuder kkk

  • Chris Reddy
    Chris Reddy 27 days ago +2

    press F to pay respects to Mr Bear that is no longer with us anymore :( 1:50

  • ابو حيه الطائي

    6:32 iraqi specil forse in mosul

  • الكناني الكناني


  • Isaac Salo
    Isaac Salo 28 days ago

    The dumbass that dropped the grenade and tried to run now has shrapnel in is thigh. Learn Your Lesson

  • Alpha Eagle
    Alpha Eagle 28 days ago

    Some of these make me nervous

  • marko Helenin
    marko Helenin 28 days ago +1

    I fooking LOVE Thailand! RPG-7 200 bucks a boom etc..

  • Kilroy's Omen KO Entertainment


  • anderson silva
    anderson silva 29 days ago +2

    5:26 o malandro fala português '-'

  • [DFNT]GrandMaster Mex
    [DFNT]GrandMaster Mex 29 days ago

    Lowkey tho dying to a gernade must be scary af, you gotta either run for your fucking life or something that I see that I don’t believe in, throw it back. Doubt that will happen tho, I know real life war ain’t nothing like the movies but from seeing victims from it, lowkey gives me the chill 😬

  • Taylor Martinez
    Taylor Martinez 29 days ago +6

    Russians throw like girls lol

    • Taylor Martinez
      Taylor Martinez 16 days ago

      @Cropper US is a capitalist country lol if we were socialist we would be broke like Russia. We have white, black, latino, Asian, Polynesians, Indian, middle eastern and etc. We have the most diverse and best athletes. What does Russia have? Just regular white dudes that suck at sports. I'll give you wrestling. I've always respected Russias passion for wrestling

    • Cropper
      Cropper 18 days ago

      Taylor Martinez
      No dumbass, there are dozens of different forms of socialism. The US is economically socialist. You basically can’t have a giant welfare industry and not be socialist.
      Also your argument for the US being a multicultural shithole is that at least they have black athletes for you to fawn over? How much of a pathetic boomer toolbag could you be?

    • Taylor Martinez
      Taylor Martinez 20 days ago

      @Cropper Socialism is just communism in disguise. That's why we have the best athletes and fighters on the planet right

    • Cropper
      Cropper 20 days ago

      Taylor Martinez
      You realize Russia isn’t communist right?
      Also, US men barely have more testosterone then women. Go back to watching black sports ball and die for Israel like the corporate toolbags you are.

    • Taylor Martinez
      Taylor Martinez 21 day ago

      Aww did a commie get offended because even US women throw better than Russian men

  • Amit Satyarthi
    Amit Satyarthi 29 days ago +4

    1:55 poor teddy😣

  • cocibolca
    cocibolca 29 days ago +2

    Good no one blew their hands up during these videos.

  • S M
    S M 29 days ago +2

    When I was in the military the best thing was throwing a frag grenade, firing M-16 and M203 with a grenade launcher..and many other toys...good times

      THE GREAT DOGZILLA 16 days ago +1

      @Ashley Oasis calling him useless?

    • Ashley Oasis
      Ashley Oasis 16 days ago

      S M the Iraqi army will take you they are just as useless in stopping terriousts lol

      THE GREAT DOGZILLA 27 days ago +1

      @S M RIP knee

    • S M
      S M 29 days ago +1

      @RustAnticts Scoobs clan being 40yrs old I pass the prime I'm broken Asian man with busted knee and back but I did enjoy every bit of U.S. military

    • RustAnticts Scoobs clan
      RustAnticts Scoobs clan 29 days ago +1

      S M have you ever thought of reinlisting

  • Motocross Max
    Motocross Max 29 days ago +23

    That one with the teddy bear is from Demolition ranch

  • Andrewman125
    Andrewman125 Month ago

    Боевую в жопу))

  • DerangedGod
    DerangedGod Month ago +2

    No soldier was harmed while making this video...

  • L Warner
    L Warner Month ago

    Dumb people with guns. Now idiots with grenades.

  • Vincent Sanchez
    Vincent Sanchez Month ago +8

    5:40 "Shrapnels" and the dude just stands there waiting for some new scars.

  • Man Z 90
    Man Z 90 Month ago +1

    Ultimate potato.. yeet!!

  • TechTICAL gaming
    TechTICAL gaming Month ago +1

    My friend got sniped in the head by a grenade shrapnel and he..........

    • Isaac Salo
      Isaac Salo 28 days ago +1

      Not a joke about your video game fantasy. This is real.

    • TechTICAL gaming
      TechTICAL gaming 29 days ago +1

      @Joseph opaa... It does.....

    • Joseph
      Joseph 29 days ago +2

      TechTICAL gaming …feels grrrreat

  • TechTICAL gaming
    TechTICAL gaming Month ago +3

    5:35 *soap MacTavish* spotted

  • Herbert doing nothing
    Herbert doing nothing Month ago +5

    Russian are crazy

  • Saif Haski
    Saif Haski Month ago +4

    6:36 هذا البطل عبدالوهاب الصاعدي👏💪

  • Cyberpunk Ilmy
    Cyberpunk Ilmy Month ago +2

    Damn! really dont fear the fragment of the nades...
    Or are they just using a "flash" bang nades??

    • Neph God
      Neph God 27 days ago

      Flashbangs can still blow your leg off

    • 7.62x39 R
      7.62x39 R 28 days ago

      No bro those are live

  • adam chapman
    adam chapman Month ago

    Love to do this it’s on my bucket list lol.

  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi Month ago +60

    ALWAYS make sure you have cover when throwing a grenade. It's the shrapnel that kills, rarely the blast.

    • Doom Bringer
      Doom Bringer 26 days ago +2

      @Guns N' Games 5 lol. Explosion of RPG rocket PG7V (almost zero shrapnel, 350+ grams of HE compound) can rarely kill in 2,5 meters from epicenter, more often it cause moderate-to-light concussive damage and temporary hearing loss. Militants and insurgents sometimes "upgrade" their rockets with glue, BBs, nails and wire. Accuracy become random, but if well-made such projectile have much better anti-personnel ability. Handgrenade blast itself is barely injuring in 1m from epicenter. It will kill and horribly maim if detonated in hand or very close proximity to unprotected flesh. Very fast detonation speed of HE, but not too much gases and overpressure. Blast just shatter grenade's shell and launches it's shards with rapidly deacreasing speed in all directions

    • Liberty Prime
      Liberty Prime 27 days ago +2

      shrapnel loses velocity really fast

    • Guns N' Games
      Guns N' Games 28 days ago +4

      The blast is only fatal at 5 meters. The shrapnel can hit you at 15 meters.

  • Jeremy Sphincter
    Jeremy Sphincter Month ago +1

    Hey, dat blowed up! Dat blowed up real good!

  • RIZKI Perbak
    RIZKI Perbak Month ago

    Aku takut main granat

  • carlos lennox
    carlos lennox Month ago +9

    5:26 sounds gansta.....

  • The Man
    The Man Month ago +22

    I have never done it, but I feel like you haven’t lived until you throw a hand grenade in a fishing pond. Just saying

    • toolittoquit
      toolittoquit 11 days ago

      I don't think I wanna live it up then lol. You would catch me out in the middle of the jungle throwing a 60 year old hand grenade in a little ass pond. Nopeeee lol

    • DerangedGod
      DerangedGod Month ago

      It's like an atomic blast for all water creatures... a true fact.

    • tbird90sc
      tbird90sc Month ago +2

      It's the only way to fish.

  • Spetnaut
    Spetnaut Month ago +93

    Some of them are asking to eat a chunk of shrapnel

    • The DartMaster
      The DartMaster 12 days ago

      Yeah, especially Comrade Mohawk and the one that dropped it and ran. He couldn't have been to far outside the kill radius.

    • Nate Thomas
      Nate Thomas 27 days ago

      Boško R. I swear I’m not in your leg

    • John Sheppard
      John Sheppard 28 days ago

      @Boško R. I remember in Debalzevo we could neither blow enemy up with grenades nor the enemy could blow us up!Even with RG-6,GP-25/GP30,M-203,M-79 or anything like that:bitches started attempting mortar barrages with fucking VOG-25 and actually sometimes couple were blasting "dangerously" close to us..But we were laughing our asses off as our mortar battery started real mortar barrage with 80mm and 120mm huge division mortar-cannons that made those idiots screwm their pants and many were leaving the cover because that was not actually covering them-and those were actually my job:I had them at the well sighted and test fired all the way through field running through the crosshair of my MG-42(I brought it from Russia where I have it registered as a semi-auto!Yet in Russia you can carry your registered semi-auto gun and all the original parts can legally be in your pocket:the only way to get illegal is to put them into the gun and therefore to make it full auto though even for that if you are caught-you will just get a $600 ticket for the first time and even the gun will not be taken!)- that damn iron thunder never let them go through the deathray of green S.M.K. l'spür-original WW2 German armour piercing tracers-by far my favourite ammo for 7.92×57 rifles and GPMGs!

    • Goonswarm
      Goonswarm 29 days ago

      Boško R. One lucky son of a gun! stay safe brother 👊🏼

    • Boško R.
      Boško R. Month ago +11

      I'm major in Croatian army and I don't know how many nates throw since '91. Olso Srbs throw nates on me many times.
      Same of them explode two meters(6 foot) near me and do nothing.Like on this video.
      But same tipe of nates are deadly from 10 m (30 foot).
      Evidence of that nate I have in my right leg.Three shrapnels(1cm×1cm) hit me but I feel nothing because of adrenalin.Only when I saw and feel blood,after 5-10min. know that nate do demage.Feel very lucky.Miss the bone by few milimetars.✌

  • Love To Travel
    Love To Travel Month ago +179

    Remember this when you see a Hollywood hand grenade blow up an entire building.

    • Boško R.
      Boško R. 8 days ago

      @universal wraps Do you even hold a nate in your hands??
      Are they blow up near you? Are you vet or in service? Do you been in war and feel like shit when your frend bleed to dead in your arms? Do you!!??'
      And I'm pussy!!! You peace of shit!💩👊💣

    • Aflah Ali Afi
      Aflah Ali Afi 22 days ago

      @rahul blabla was about to say that

    • Aristidis Dragona Stavros
      Aristidis Dragona Stavros 27 days ago

      This one are worst

    • rahul blabla
      rahul blabla 28 days ago +1

      Then u have to see bollywood.

    • universal wraps
      universal wraps 29 days ago

      Boško R. Pussy

  • 727 films
    727 films Month ago +4

    5:25 to 5:35 sounds just like black ops1