William Osman Visits Japan

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Special thanks to Japan for letting me into Japan
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  • Wachira
    Wachira 8 hours ago


  • Anh Phan
    Anh Phan 8 hours ago

    Fucking idiot. Are you trying to prove sth? Fucking restarded.

  • Brendon Backus
    Brendon Backus 9 hours ago

    There are japanese with arthritis, this legit might be useful to them.

  • Ben Glaser
    Ben Glaser 11 hours ago

    I wonder if anyone has thought to mass produce these and sell them in vending machines at the airports for people to buy when they get there

  • You Know Who
    You Know Who 11 hours ago

    Why isn't all countries like Japan

  • KabuKuwa San
    KabuKuwa San 14 hours ago


  • KabuKuwa San
    KabuKuwa San 14 hours ago

    日本語 勉強しなさい

  • KabuKuwa San
    KabuKuwa San 14 hours ago


  • สุระ วลี
    สุระ วลี 16 hours ago

    ในเรื่องกลไกลการสร้างสรรค์ถือว่าสุดยอดแต่ในเรื่องกรใช้ตะเกียบถือว่าห่วยแตก แปลกแต่จริงทำเรื่องง่ายให้ยาก ทำเรื่องยากให้ง่าย ช่างย้อนแย้งเหลือเกิน

  • Jay Schools
    Jay Schools 16 hours ago

    I clapped

  • Ammon-ation Studios
    Ammon-ation Studios 18 hours ago

    My mother is so good at using chopsticks, she once ate an entire cup of applesauce with them.

  • granmomox
    granmomox 18 hours ago

    in chile inventet that whit elastic 10 years ago . call "palitos con ayuda"

  • Tomatoffel
    Tomatoffel 18 hours ago

    I mean would be nice if this was a tutorial and not a travel vlog. I mean sure you made content but you didnt help anybody when you could have. For example posting the 3d printable pieces. Showing how to code or give us the code for the sensor, etc

  • 브헷롤
    브헷롤 22 hours ago


  • Verona Conole
    Verona Conole Day ago

    The weird shellfish sushi is sea urchin

  • ウィーブ
    ウィーブ Day ago

    Ok this was great but I cringed a lot, but that’s what made it even better

    PROPVPMCPD Day ago

    * please clap now *

  • 김오리
    김오리 Day ago +1

    젓가락질을 굳이 저렇게 해야하나?

  • Christopher Xu
    Christopher Xu Day ago

    0:13 alaska is a dumbs down xd

  • Himalayan
    Himalayan Day ago

    Panda Express is Chinese

  • John Biever
    John Biever Day ago

    Why would you go to a McDonald’s in Tokyo? Japan has the best sushi in the world and some of the best food overall, and you go to a McDonald’s? Disgraceful.

  • Rulla PP
    Rulla PP Day ago

    Your genious, but im good at eating with chopsticks

  • titan a
    titan a Day ago

    Imagine chopsticks stuck to ur tounge

  • Quast
    Quast 2 days ago

    That's the hole of shame, where you bow down and put your head in.
    It's a way to connect with the water spirits.

  • VVM
    VVM 2 days ago

    It looks like a bottle opener

  • Chuwy Time!
    Chuwy Time! 2 days ago

    Mixed be like: I mean I can use them..
    Americans be like: HOW THE HE-


  • ka kun leong
    ka kun leong 2 days ago

    chopsticks is a simple yet multi-function design, elegant and poetic design in term of form and the concept, also the culture&meaning behind it are marvelous... what you do is like put a cross in front of a train and let the train fuck your asshole, just wrong in so many level... and I want to puke...

  • matt dale
    matt dale 2 days ago

    So, in a world of forks, knives, and a whole shit tonne of other utensils, your telling me 2 sticks won?

  • Qwazez
    Qwazez 2 days ago

    can i buy it????

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 days ago

    Did anyone else actually clap for him

  • Perfectly Normal Human

    Virgin automatic chopsticks vs thr chad shovel

  • Muzaffer Arı
    Muzaffer Arı 2 days ago

    Turkish name

  • Muzaffer Arı
    Muzaffer Arı 2 days ago


  • Muzaffer Arı
    Muzaffer Arı 2 days ago

    William osman look like

  • Knyt
    Knyt 2 days ago

    aka a fucking fork

  • 77 SE-KAI
    77 SE-KAI 3 days ago


  • 埼玉
    埼玉 3 days ago


  • Pikarill
    Pikarill 3 days ago

    It concerns me why the final dish MOVES.

  • jugbaby78
    jugbaby78 3 days ago

    William Osman- /the/ public nuisance

  • VITA kyo
    VITA kyo 3 days ago

    Were these noddles moving alone ? 8:20

  • Syoma Nakamura
    Syoma Nakamura 3 days ago


  • Kyra Zephali
    Kyra Zephali 3 days ago

    How to make eating unnecessarily complicated :D

  • Ren Hanson
    Ren Hanson 4 days ago

    Omg it’s illy

  • 梁鼎浩
    梁鼎浩 4 days ago


  • This Guy
    This Guy 4 days ago

    he could just use the fork¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • MinhQuan Vu
    MinhQuan Vu 4 days ago

    Your giant ancestors who use 2 trees as chopsticks: Shame

  • Saguccie Sanatoro
    Saguccie Sanatoro 4 days ago

    this is actually a really cool invention.

  • Trey Trivigno
    Trey Trivigno 4 days ago

    never new people ate with sticks before he showed them and explained what they were for

  • Benjamin Bergen
    Benjamin Bergen 4 days ago

    Holy shit did he make something useful for once?

    KAIDO OF THE BEAST 4 days ago


  • Shelby Malone
    Shelby Malone 4 days ago

    But this is also a really good idea so i know someone will try to take it...so don't let them

  • Shelby Malone
    Shelby Malone 4 days ago

    John is my favorite person

  • Coolt605
    Coolt605 4 days ago

    This is wholesome ngl

  • LovelyRising
    LovelyRising 5 days ago

    I honestly can't believe how well this worked. You should definitely streamline this and patent it.

  • nameくん
    nameくん 5 days ago


  • Leyton Agbagbara
    Leyton Agbagbara 5 days ago

    Or u could just get a fork

  • Fortnite Player 69
    Fortnite Player 69 5 days ago

    Please make a video on how to make them

  • meiyou _
    meiyou _ 6 days ago

    5:09 The moment a Japanese person gets cancer

  • Halo鐵球生活頻道

    better spent some time to learn how to use chopsticks more than spent time to made this stupid thing...

  • Kuroneko Chan
    Kuroneko Chan 6 days ago

    See a mecha chopsticks in the video ...
    *laughing maniacally in Asian ascent*