#AsianQualifiers | Matchday 4 Group G: Thailand 2 - 1 UAE

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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  • Sittichai Tom
    Sittichai Tom 4 days ago

    I love Thaland from Thai

  • abee krupchang
    abee krupchang 4 days ago +1

    Congrat thailand from Malaysia

  • Đàm Hiệp
    Đàm Hiệp 7 days ago +3

    Thailand, you guys are great ( Chanathip, Supachai, Supachok are goods ), let's attend the world cup together,
    From Vietnam brother ❤❤
    Love Thailand

  • 太郎憂国
    太郎憂国 7 days ago +1

    Congratulations to Thailand from Japan
    and Thailand has become a threat to Japan

  • Duy Pham Khắc
    Duy Pham Khắc 8 days ago

    Lucky THAIDOG🐶🐶👎👎👎👎

    • dw
      dw 5 days ago +2

      take your own advice. ask yourself who waged online wars first? thailand has no interest in vietnam until we heard that vietnam considered thailand an enemy. vietnam keeps comparing every aspect from sports, economy etc, then insulting and screaming hatred towards thailand first. and now you're blaming thailand for what happened? funny!

    • Duy Pham Khắc
      Duy Pham Khắc 5 days ago

      @dw First, ask your fellow thais to stop calling us vietdog and be polite
      thank you.

    • dw
      dw 5 days ago +2

      if you cannot be polite, be silent. thank you~

  • Kaeson Teo
    Kaeson Teo 10 days ago +1

    The UAE really thought that this group was gonna be a walk in the park... OH BOY WERE THEY WRONG

    THAILAND 4.0 TMG 10 days ago


  • Kaeson Teo
    Kaeson Teo 11 days ago +1

    Maybe Thailand will break their “not winning” streak against Vietnam in November... at least if Vietnam lose, they lose only one time!

  • Hugo Caspian
    Hugo Caspian 16 days ago

    pdn muka uae, dia ingat team dia kuat sgt, lpasni xleh nk brlagak, thai boleh klahkn mereka, harap vietnam bg uae klah kaw2.. mnyampah ak dgn player2 uae, brlgak nk mampos, rasa hebat gah sgt team dia tu

  • Montree Mtx
    Montree Mtx 17 days ago +3

    Let me say thank you to all of you who put good words to Thai team.
    I am very happy to see the
    comments from Turkey,Irag,Congo, Aus, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Malaysia, JAPAN, Kambodia, India, and those I may miss.

  • つかつか
    つかつか 20 days ago +5


  • coffeeお兄さん
    coffeeお兄さん 22 days ago


  • Irhanto Arma
    Irhanto Arma 22 days ago

    Go thailand.

  • Francis of The Filth
    Francis of The Filth 22 days ago +2

    Thailand is the fucking best football in Asean, as an Asean, I support Thailand to be a champion in world cup👍, keep fighting

  • kamihernan
    kamihernan 23 days ago +3

    merecida victoria de Tailandia, fuerza muchachos

  • raka nanda
    raka nanda 23 days ago +2

    Congratulations Thailand from Indonesia,individual skill and good game

  • ที่นี่สถานีหัวหิน At Hua Hin Station

    Go stronger Thailand, now we are one of the best in South East Asia, hope Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia get a good score in next match so far.

  • 085 16
    085 16 23 days ago +1

    Thailand susu

  • TOOK TR.4
    TOOK TR.4 23 days ago

    Love Thailand

  • Van der Praast
    Van der Praast 24 days ago +2

    Asean present!!

    • KJ New
      KJ New 18 days ago

      @Van der Praast they cant vietnam only good at deffense 😂

    • Van der Praast
      Van der Praast 23 days ago

      @hóg hóg Nguyên if you can beats UAE,
      I hope both of you thai & viet can do that🙏🏽

    • hóg hóg Nguyên
      hóg hóg Nguyên 23 days ago

      Vietnam on.1

  • blue rainbow
    blue rainbow 24 days ago +1

    K̄hx s̄ædng khwām yindī kạb thịy cĥāng thịy thịy dị̂ pheìm kār pl̀xy n̂ảmạn xūṭ̄h xāh̄rạb
    tahniah thailand gajah thai sudah naik minyak tewaskan unta arab👍

  • エド・スタッフォード


  • Farid Nawawi
    Farid Nawawi 24 days ago +1


    AVAN YOROSHIKU 24 days ago +10

    conglatulation Thailand🇹🇭🙏🐘 from JAPAN🇯🇵🗻⛩

  • Rimiki Official
    Rimiki Official 24 days ago +1

    mungkin 5-10 tahun lagi kita akan lihat thailand, vietnam tampil di piala dunia dan menjadi kekuatan baru asia selain jepang, korsel, saudi, iran.
    kita? ya lihat sendiri lah.
    kita sedang menyelaraskan diri dengan tim tim papan bawah seperti laos, kamboja, brunei, timor leste.
    tunggu aja waktunya jika tidak mau berubah.

  • Setyasa Yoga Hastatama
    Setyasa Yoga Hastatama 24 days ago +2

    Cayo from indonesia

  • Muon Tara
    Muon Tara 24 days ago +2

    Thailand class Asian from cambodia

  • Veshraj Shrestha
    Veshraj Shrestha 24 days ago +6

    💕thailand from Nepal

  • Ducky Man
    Ducky Man 24 days ago +2

    No.18.​ He is​ 18 year old ? Amazine​

  • Min Da
    Min Da 24 days ago +5

    I love Nishino from Thailand 🇯🇵🤝🇹🇭 😊

  • Kenny Geen
    Kenny Geen 25 days ago +1

    Good Job Thailand...from USA.

  • Muhammad Arif fudin
    Muhammad Arif fudin 25 days ago

    Andai ini tim timnas indonesia

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen 25 days ago +1

    Coach Nishino dog hot say 🤮 incest with daughter-in-law

    • GrootZilla
      GrootZilla 24 days ago

      Eat dog too much you bark like them stupid vietcong

  • KapengBarako
    KapengBarako 25 days ago

    Hope y'all represent South East Asia. ASEAN brotherhood!I don't think Philippines is good enough to make it, unless somehow Alaba decides to join.

  • 川島大地
    川島大地 25 days ago +2

    Congratulations Thailand very aggressive soccer and great team effort

  • ジャイアン俺は
    ジャイアン俺は 25 days ago +7

    I watched the whole match. Their play style is now totally Japanese lol

    VIETDOG LAOSDOG 25 days ago +3

    Good Game Thailand
    From​VIỆT​DOG​ 55555​+

    • hóg hóg Nguyên
      hóg hóg Nguyên 14 days ago

      No I eat cat😆😆😆

    • GrootZilla
      GrootZilla 19 days ago

      hóg hóg Nguyên nguyen eat dogs that my vietnam name 😂

    • hóg hóg Nguyên
      hóg hóg Nguyên 23 days ago


      XXDMONXX 24 days ago

      @hóg hóg Nguyên VIETDOG🖕😃🖕🇻🇳55555+

  • Kopee Blackcat
    Kopee Blackcat 25 days ago

    Well done Thailand

  • RAY han
    RAY han 25 days ago +10

    I love Thailand
    From Indonesia👍 friends till i die🇮🇩❤🇹🇭

  • Teerayuth Prasompol
    Teerayuth Prasompol 25 days ago

    Let’s go Thailand 🇹🇭 let’s go

  • Alyna Syazwani
    Alyna Syazwani 25 days ago

    Weyhh. Fuyyoo. Thai vs uae.. hebat laa😂😂😍😍😍2-1..
    malaysia vs uae 1-2
    Thailand vs uae 2-1
    Malaysia vs thailand ??😂😂

    • kanok rojjanakitti
      kanok rojjanakitti 23 days ago +1

      Miss Alyna football is not a mathematics function.Anything can happen.from thailand

  • football club
    football club 25 days ago +3

    We will teach Vietnam to shut up ourselves

  • peru nurhayat
    peru nurhayat 25 days ago

    I hope Thailand can get into the real world cup and I am sad that Indonesian football is now in chaos from Indonesia 🇲🇨❤️🇹🇭

  • Izat Mazlan
    Izat Mazlan 25 days ago +1

    Ekanit Panya.

  • jonysuper111
    jonysuper111 25 days ago +2

    สู้ๆไทยแลนด์ from Japan
    Let's go to Qatar together.

  • Hlil Ksor
    Hlil Ksor 25 days ago

    Fuck Thailand

    • GrootZilla
      GrootZilla 24 days ago

      Eat dog too much you bark like them stupid vietcong

    • Sititarn XWCP
      Sititarn XWCP 25 days ago

      thank for comment bro sawadee kup

  • Aziz Ahmad
    Aziz Ahmad 25 days ago

    King of asean

  • mat kangkung
    mat kangkung 25 days ago +2

    UAE using team B ..

  • rat tha
    rat tha 25 days ago


  • Henry Tan
    Henry Tan 25 days ago +3

    Man of the match: Coach Nichino!

  • Ogi Bubu
    Ogi Bubu 25 days ago +1

    Why you leave us this far Thailand, from PSSI

  • Samer Syrian
    Samer Syrian 25 days ago +1

    Thailand strong when he play in his country but outside they are very weak .. to go to worldcup you must to win out side also .. UAE will pass support from Syria to UAE

  • Nguyễn Hoàng
    Nguyễn Hoàng 25 days ago +2

    Congratulation Thai, from Vietnam

  • last exit
    last exit 25 days ago +1

    That was brilliant goal nice played Thailand.luv from Nepal.

  • Buvel 217
    Buvel 217 25 days ago +2

    I❤Thailand kam Andalan sekali,

  • FEW
    FEW 25 days ago

    Thailand no.1

    • FEW
      FEW 20 days ago

      @hóg hóg Nguyên ru-clip.com/video/YcBoKVlSdz4/video.html

    • FEW
      FEW 20 days ago

      @hóg hóg Nguyên hahaha

    • FEW
      FEW 23 days ago

      @hóg hóg Nguyên hahahaha

    • FEW
      FEW 23 days ago

      @hóg hóg Nguyên m.ru-clip.com/video/YcBoKVlSdz4/video.html

    • hóg hóg Nguyên
      hóg hóg Nguyên 23 days ago

      Vietnam Champions

  • B Jones
    B Jones 25 days ago

    Vietnam are so lucky because next match Ali Mabkhout best striker from UAE can't playing with Vietnam because 2 yellows card rule

  • Tsu qw
    Tsu qw 25 days ago


  • Muhammad Firdaus
    Muhammad Firdaus 25 days ago

    National coach Thiland is Nishino from japan and was steered japan on wold cup in rusia 2016. Thats how thai become more stronger and beautiful game play..

  • มานพ ทัพอินทร์