• Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • G'Day Guys,
    So the Mighty 80 series has developed a fairly serious death wobble at around 60 - 70 kmh and i have no idea why!!! Chheck out the footage and if you can help or off any tips or sugestions please drop them in the comments below.

    Cheers Legends, SkidPig
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  • micklc100
    micklc100 9 days ago

    Shopping trolley wheel effect. its caused by caster most of the time or loose components. Did you ever get it fixed Bro.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  8 days ago

      Yeah mate, I made a follow up video about it

  • Ratt Mice
    Ratt Mice 12 days ago

    Panhard mount to chassis. Weld in a rod from your panhard mount to the chassis rail on the passange side

  • ryan wagstaff
    ryan wagstaff Month ago

    Steering dampener

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Month ago

      Watch the part 2 video mate

  • Fishpest Aussie
    Fishpest Aussie Month ago

    There is a RU-clip video on Jeeps with the exact same problem. Something specific to jeeps, and a common problem. search for jeep death - front end - wobbles -etc before you spend any doush. or you can contact Terrain Tamers here in Oz for advice and solution, maybe send them the video. good luck

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Month ago

      It's fixed, check out the part 2 video

  • Ben Cleaver
    Ben Cleaver Month ago

    What did it end up being skidpig?

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  Month ago +1

      Check out the part 2 video mate

  • The best
    The best 2 months ago

    I had same problem, it was solved when I increase the negative carter angle.
    Everething in my jeep zj were good.
    3 or 4 degrees are enough.

  • Aussie Insider
    Aussie Insider 2 months ago

    Geez! Glad my 80 doesn't do that! Good to know tho, trac bar is about the only thing I haven't replaced under there. Technically, I should get another 25 years out of the running gear. I don't really put her through any stress tho, just dirt roads, a bit of mud occasionally and loading her up. Hope you got it sorted

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  2 months ago

      Cheers mate, it's sorted now. I made a follow up video on it

  • Scott Wilkinson
    Scott Wilkinson 2 months ago

    Lmao wheel balance

  • Dresden Black
    Dresden Black 2 months ago

    I had a Ford F-250 that did this at on certain bumps it was truely frightening ,I sold it .

  • MaxGood RC 4X4
    MaxGood RC 4X4 3 months ago +1

    what if there is a small amount of play in the power steering control that would course unwanted correction ?
    I was watching this and it seemed obvious that a little bit of play would make this happen and the
    DANGEROUS way to prove this would be to hard steer dueing the moment to override the effect
    NOT RECOMMENDED AS THIS HAPPENS AT 80KPH but I think you get the idea ???
    BTW watson link didn't work but still tinkering ......

  • Liam O'Tierney
    Liam O'Tierney 3 months ago +1

    Great channel...cheers

  • Liam O'Tierney
    Liam O'Tierney 3 months ago +1

    Mate most death wobbles from a motorcycle Mech point of view are tyres, I've changed new tyres for different new tyres and problem fixed.

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 4 months ago

    What happened to your front right (in the video) lower control arm? Missing a bush, eh?

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Check out the part 2 video

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      I don't think so but I'll check it out

  • Kai Ising
    Kai Ising 4 months ago

    its like bearings but then it would be all the time! that's weird as

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago +1

      Check out the part 2 video mate

  • igor vujcic
    igor vujcic 4 months ago

    castor bushes

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      It's all fixed, check out the part 2 video

  • thebel990
    thebel990 4 months ago

    Had this before and turn out to be king pin bearing to loose removed shims problem solved.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Cheers mate, check out the part 2 video

  • Discovery Off-road
    Discovery Off-road 4 months ago

    Mates 80 does the same thing.. Its the way they are engineered . I would hate to see the outcome if one of the tie rod ends were to snap a 80+kms ..

  • yohan Mackinnon
    yohan Mackinnon 4 months ago

    My FZJ80 had the same issue, I didnt know I had a leaky bead on a beach trip and one of my tyres had close to a kilo of sand it in plus it lost some weights, didnt know till I took a corner coming home and the weight shift just about shot it into a guard rail on the highway

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Holy shit balls dude that's crazy

  • Renato Pedron
    Renato Pedron 4 months ago

    Hey there! Try checking the swivel spindle preload and the wear of bearing inside the knuckle.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Check out the part 2 video mate

  • Jason blankenship
    Jason blankenship 4 months ago

    It looks like the tie rods or the drag link to it is bad or even the tires on backwards

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Check out the part 2 video mate

  • Paul Brew
    Paul Brew 4 months ago

    Check to see if either of the tyres have any water in them.???.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Great idea but do they didn't, its all fixed now. Check out the part 2 video

  • Tom Griffiths
    Tom Griffiths 4 months ago

    Panhard front left looks like the front bit is missing on the video theres a bolt through the axel mounting but no panhard like it is on the other side

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      All fixed mate, check out the part 2 video

  • Rally Wagon
    Rally Wagon 4 months ago

    As a two time owner of Jeep Cheorkees and a Landy Disco II, as well as a mechanic of military vic's and even longer mechanic of civ vics, let me share my experiences dealing with this exact issue. The first time this happened to me, I about crapped my pants. Doing 75 mph when that happens suddenly is quite the ride.
    Anyway, don't be fooled by just reaching under your truck and trying g to move things. Any slack in those parts will he taken up by the weight of the truck. The general cause of the death wobble is worn suspension bits. Specifically bushings and that stabilizer shock you grabbed at the end. I highly recommend getting all of the bushings up front replaced, especially for the control arms. I used poly bushings on my Jeep, tossed another 50k miles on it and the issue never came back.
    The real issue is that the stock geometry of the suspension and steering components on live axle 4x4s is shit. The gear box tends to be sloppy, the angles of the different rods are not optimal, and their are all sorts of tie rod ends and bushings the wear out. The issue is exacerbated if you lift the vehicle.
    Anyway, tha5s my advice. Make sure that damper is actually good and consider replacing the bushings.

  • Hoppy-TAS
    Hoppy-TAS 4 months ago

    My panhard rod mount snapped off the chassis, the cross brace bar snapped off the mount at 110 clicks. Death wobble with almost 180 degree movement either direction in the wheel till i came to a stop in the ditch.
    That pressure in the steering box also warped the inside of the chassis rail which needed to be cut out and replaced.

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Holy shit!!! I put up another video showing what mine was

  • 911ep500
    911ep500 4 months ago

    Our 2016 f350 did that after you hit a bump and it was just as bad if not worse... Low tire pressure did it

  • Stubbledsix99 5
    Stubbledsix99 5 4 months ago

    You need to get the weights on your wheels checked

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      It's all fixed mate, check out the follow up video

    GALAXY USER1 N 4 months ago

    Wheel balance issue

  • Brandon Whorley
    Brandon Whorley 4 months ago

    Ball joints, tierods /draglink. Track bar ends could be worn or the entire track bar is deflecting and check the mounting ends of the track bar for cracks at frame or axle. Make sure caster is not too low aswell. Like a shitty shopping cart with a wobbly wheel.

  • Alan B SV C'est Si Bon III

    Take they wheels to a good tyre place and have them dynamically balanced. When you have two wheels that are out of balance, you will only get a wobble when they are both acting together, spin one wheel 180 degrees and the wobble cancels out, this is why you dont get the problem all the time. Other things that can exacerbate this is castor issues by raising the suspension, this can have the same effect that a wobbly supermarket trolley wheel does when it is bent. Did you put castor correcting bushes in the lower arms and get this adjusted correctly? Unbolt the damper and check that it has plenty of resistance too.

  • Kolt Walker
    Kolt Walker 4 months ago

    Hope that helped

  • Kolt Walker
    Kolt Walker 4 months ago

    Tie rod ends are shot and your control arms seem pretty dad gum loose

  • BuckshotGeorge
    BuckshotGeorge 4 months ago

    You can spend a fortune replacing steering and suspension parts (that wont fix it) or you can add another steering stabilizer and be done with it. Maybe add one to the tie rod on the rear of the axle.

  • RankCanBleedToo
    RankCanBleedToo 4 months ago

    If your toe is over positive or negative your tires can fight for which one gets to stay straight. If caster is a couple degrees negative from spec it can cause the same kinda fighting like a shopping cart wheel that wants to drag. Caster gets overlooked a lot while lifting a 4wd and the lift just adds leverage to the symptoms of a bad caster angle. Hope you figure out whatever it is, and if anything, youre 2 cents richer now

  • David Sharp
    David Sharp 4 months ago

    Balance the tires

  • Logan Furry husky
    Logan Furry husky 4 months ago

    I just saw the tie rod acting warn

  • LibertyIsDead
    LibertyIsDead 4 months ago

    You cant just grab a track bar or other parts, shake them and says theyre good. Turn the ignition to ACC, have someone rock the steering wheel back and forth at a steady pace and watch for loose shit. Your steering stabilizer looked fucked in the video. When you lift or modify a vehicle, it is imperative that you check all the bolts periodically like during oil changes.

  • artardFTW
    artardFTW 4 months ago +2

    at 2:00 you can literally hear the tires are not balanced properly. also rotating mud tires you want to keep them on the same side. just switch them front to rear. I'm willing to bet that tire balance or poor tread wear patterns from improper balance is your issue

  • Deerslyr81
    Deerslyr81 4 months ago

    Skid did you get this figured out bud? Just checking on ya havent heard anything about you finding or fixing this problem.

  • Charlie Carvolth
    Charlie Carvolth 4 months ago

    Happens on my Suzuki Sierra at about 60kms

  • Mann Co.
    Mann Co. 4 months ago

    Your toe in/out is incorrect so it death wobbles. My ATV did it before a front end alignment

    • Dan23 7
      Dan23 7 4 months ago

      Mann Co. It looked to me like both wheels were toeing out.

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson 4 months ago +4

    Wheel weights are the problem almost all wheel wobble above certain speed is caused by unbalanced wheels. Deal with this on a daily basis in the garage and 99% fixed when wheels are re- balanced.

    • Rally Wagon
      Rally Wagon 4 months ago +1

      Wheel vibration yes, death wobble, not so much. Generally, you only get death wobble is 4X4 trucks and SUVs with a live front axle, and it's generally caused by a mix of terrible steering/suspension geometry and worn parts like the stabilizer shock and bushings in the control arms.

  • Daniel Roth
    Daniel Roth 4 months ago +1

    Is that an alcoholic beverage between your legs at 3:21 ?

  • foldingblade
    foldingblade 4 months ago

    It your tires

  • Moulid farah
    Moulid farah 4 months ago

    Look for a crack and you are there's two of them bars for hold everything onto the car starting from the back to the front we just need to weld it look next to the front tires holds everything onto the car

  • twisted4good
    twisted4good 4 months ago

    Here in the US death wobble is most common in lifted Jeeps. I've owned many and dealt with bad wobble in a few different Jeeps. I've had wobble because of bad ball joints, wobble because of bad front track bar and control arm polyurethane and wobble because of bad tie rod ends. You have to get into it and check things with as closely as you can. Good luck!

  • Scott Peters
    Scott Peters 4 months ago

    Double check tire balance, check track bar, and tie rod ends. Last thing to look at is steering stabilizer. I have recently spend 1500 USD on parts for a death wobble in a 2011 ram 2500. Any play in the Trac bar equals death wobble.

  • Mick Wolf
    Mick Wolf 4 months ago

    Would it be incorrect toe in or out on front wheels, seems like that would do it, one wheel fights the other to keep straight. ???

  • Brennen Phipps
    Brennen Phipps 4 months ago

    I had an '04 Jeep Wrangler that began dancing around like this. Was able to narrow it down to the axle end track bar bolt hole and the actual bushing getting out of round. I replaced the track bar bushing with a polyurethane type, welded up a bracket to fit over original hole and drilled it to the proper bolt hole size. Proper torque on the hardware with Loctite and never had another problem. Start with the simplest items and work your way up to big stuff.

  • Marco Huertas
    Marco Huertas 4 months ago

    Definitely gonna be a damper issue

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 4 months ago

    On a Yoda. It can be a premature wheel bearing or knuckle set. Just have to retighted it. It can also be bad bushing. In the 3 link the steering shock. I doubt it. Cuz I never run one. All that does is absorbe the abuse of the steering in the tires to the gear box

  • josh robinson
    josh robinson 4 months ago

    The Jeep death wobble is spreading. Replace ALL the bushings in the front end and replace the steering stabilizer. Adding more castor to your front axle will help also.

  • davouchi1
    davouchi1 4 months ago

    Gday matey. I have the solution to your problem. I had the same problem on my 80 with 3" fixed it 100%... But first i couldn't help but really pay attention when you said you go shooting Haha. Us hunters are always looking for new properties

    • davouchi1
      davouchi1 4 months ago

      @SkidPig yeah too easy

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      @davouchi1 I'll explain it all in the vid mate

    • davouchi1
      davouchi1 4 months ago

      @SkidPig oh sweet az. How'd you sort it out

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      Haha very true mate, I have actually fixed it now but just havnt but the video up about it yet

  • J B
    J B 4 months ago

  • jeremy duckworth
    jeremy duckworth 4 months ago +1

    Looks to me like your pitman arm needs extended. There's too much of an angle on your drag link. Couldn't hurt to lower the stabilizer bar mount a little also it's easy to tell if you could turn further to the left then you came to the right or you just can't cut as sharp as you used to your drag link isn't long enough it doesn't have to reach.

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson 4 months ago

    You need a new steering stabilizer

  • Michael Tinao
    Michael Tinao 4 months ago

    Dumper bad I had the same problem in Hilux

  • DJ A-Ron
    DJ A-Ron 4 months ago

  • Highstakes187
    Highstakes187 4 months ago

    It looks as though it's your return to centre dampener could have collapsed which is that suspension shocks absorber that sits across the front of the front diff you know the one also Just a quick question man you haven't put heavy duty suspension on the front and light duty suspension on the back by any chance I have an 80 series my passenger side shock absorber has collapsed and I still don't get speed wobbles at 60 Ks an hour I get tracking problems. Between 60 k's to 80 k's and a slight pull to the left but nothing too major and all my suspension is in much more worse condition than yours. I only have a two inch lift with a 1 inch body lift I'm in the middle of changing out my front shocks to Ironman superpro foamies and I'm running 32 inch tyres I don't know what the problem is I can't help you out but interesting... upload a video again but this time with the camera facing under the rear of the car from the back bumper towards the rear axle it could start in the back

    • SkidPig
      SkidPig  4 months ago

      It has more weight over the back but has heavy duty susp everywhere

  • 918 Fishing
    918 Fishing 4 months ago

    Jesus thats bad

  • Peter Myers
    Peter Myers 4 months ago

    I just ditched a 2001 4wd Ford van for doing the death wobble. Tried for months to figure it out. Couldnt. Ditched it.