Top 10 Most Memorable David Letterman Moments

  • Published on May 21, 2015
  • The longest-serving late night talk show host in history has had some memorable moments over the years! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 David Letterman TV moments. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 1 915

  • Todd Beuckens
    Todd Beuckens 9 hours ago

    Do a youtube search for Letterman Charles Grodin. Always funny

  • Bluebelle51
    Bluebelle51 18 hours ago

    where is Bobcat Goldthwait setting the chairs on fire?

  • szqsk8
    szqsk8 Day ago +1

    Who gives a crap who Dave was dating/sleeping with? Everybody involved were all adults.

  • Andre Bankey
    Andre Bankey 3 days ago

    Really hope the Kramer apology is on here or I’m unsubscribing

  • 66KIMBLE
    66KIMBLE 3 days ago

    No Cher moments?🤨
    Only two NBC moments?

  • V-G-Z
    V-G-Z 4 days ago

    How is is possible that Green Day´s Tré Cool hurting himself after the performance isn´t on this list.

  • Mike Cape
    Mike Cape 5 days ago

    1st season somebody came on with a gun

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 6 days ago

    I see David looked at Joaquin's beard and thought I will have that lol

  • slayer 1
    slayer 1 8 days ago +1

    10:25 Kristen Glover and nearly kicks Dave film at eleven I don't condone any man in kicking at another man's face but saying nearly kicked as opposed to came close to when he kicked when should watch how they speak that's all I'm saying that's why I don't go for celebrity ism too many personalities you get a lot of money but you also get a lot of personalities LOL

  • Sly Dawwg
    Sly Dawwg 9 days ago

    Agree with your list ? ...Barrymore first ? ..Really ? .... Simple-minded little Tube site ... Cheers

  • Sagan Hill
    Sagan Hill 9 days ago

    Mine is the Sonny and Cher moment...

  • Wannabe Historian
    Wannabe Historian 10 days ago

    Smh Warren last show was just a honorable mention

  • Dwayne M.
    Dwayne M. 10 days ago

    Lawler and Kaufman got the “dialogue” the day before but they didn’t like it, so Kaufman wanted to change it up. They had Letterman stumped 😂

  • Crashburn 32
    Crashburn 32 11 days ago +2

    Uh, no Glover wasn't "taking a page from Joaquin Phoenix" since his interview was a decade BEFORE Phoenix did his bizarre interview.

    • NayNay
      NayNay 3 days ago

      take more time to comprehend the video, less time in rushing to the comments. Thanks.

  • startrek
    startrek 11 days ago

    What about Dr Ruth the sex therapist,and the cucumber?

  • MissXProvocateur
    MissXProvocateur 12 days ago

    Letterman is the GOAT

  • Murad Indris
    Murad Indris 12 days ago

    9:11 this puts a smile on my face

  • Jaripeo y Musica
    Jaripeo y Musica 12 days ago

    Wheres the dough boy???

  • Valin
    Valin 21 day ago

    Farrah made better since of the wall than the trump administration

    • Robert G.
      Robert G. 21 day ago

      Please translate into English.

  • Bean Styx
    Bean Styx 22 days ago

    Fu mojo 👎. How the hell do you have 20 million + subscribers lmao must all be liberals

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z 23 days ago

    Every Sandra Bernhard appearance was classic.

  • Sammy Goris
    Sammy Goris 23 days ago

    Wow.... That is one seriously gruesome neck injury.... That was painful to watch.

  • 8 P.
    8 P. 23 days ago

    One day I will abandon original content and just have the Watch Mojo girl tell me everything about everything. I listened to her take on Beethoven's Ninth tonight. One day I'll hear the real thing. Tomorrow she's teaching me General Relativity by what's-his-face.

  • Lorena Sliffe
    Lorena Sliffe 26 days ago

    David LetterSlaveownerman is baby boss Keanu Reeves baby boss? Well, I am not the one sayin David letterman is the only 1% slaves purplehearts kind of places owner even after they grow up cos' it is like a satanic zekkkta or you stay or you die. That's what someone else said of the old gay turned Mussulman they say and the Fenlix guy its a pimp poor little Mexican girls they say. It is that true. Can anyone sen me a letter by mail and let me know. My p.o box its 1056 julian california 92036. or call my Husband phone at 1760 808 2326. Thanxz or Thanzx monavi or amway .

  • alAL 03
    alAL 03 27 days ago

    I miss Dave

  • NoneyaBizziness
    NoneyaBizziness 27 days ago


  • T S
    T S 28 days ago

    Can this bitch shut up and let us actually hear the clips?

  • Bas Alex
    Bas Alex 28 days ago

    So annoying that women talk on video so fake as wekk

  • Cal Munson
    Cal Munson 29 days ago

    Cringeworthy. thanks.

  • tall man
    tall man 29 days ago

    way too much commentary.

  • van wray
    van wray 29 days ago

    I hate this video.

  • De Pearl
    De Pearl Month ago

    Fuck this is ruined by the voice over. Well done.

  • Douglas Duggan
    Douglas Duggan Month ago +2

    Yeah, and don't ask Frank Zappa about his kids. That was a left out classic.

  • 123xyzSam
    123xyzSam Month ago +1

    ……….except when he called bill o'reilly a goon, then he become my hero

  • 123xyzSam
    123xyzSam Month ago

    dave was a dick

  • Marco Solo
    Marco Solo Month ago

    I like the one where you SHUT THE FUCK UP!,.........years ago you were entertaining but not any more. Please disappear!

  • mtlsixshooter
    mtlsixshooter Month ago +1

    Sonny & Cher should be #1, Can't believe it was left out.

  • zootsootful
    zootsootful Month ago +1

    You left out the Oliver Reed appearance.

    • kristian hendriks
      kristian hendriks Month ago

      @zootsootful gonna watch that...

    • zootsootful
      zootsootful Month ago

      @kristian hendriks The one where he came very close to cleaning Letterman's clock. I was unaware that he'd been on Late Night more than once.

    • kristian hendriks
      kristian hendriks Month ago

      which one...

  • deanasplund123
    deanasplund123 Month ago

    Classless, Cher was right.

  • Xquisitaz
    Xquisitaz Month ago +1

    Courtney Love really should have thought twice about trying to follow Barrymore’s act. Poor Dave.

  • Shawn Hayden
    Shawn Hayden Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen this is the worst list of all TIME!

  • ragle86
    ragle86 Month ago

    Wish she would stop talking

  • deshaun dozier
    deshaun dozier Month ago

    Fuck Johnny Carson. He was a racist hack!

  • ViciousAlienKlown
    ViciousAlienKlown Month ago

    Madonna is a piece of shit.

  • Phil Jung
    Phil Jung Month ago

    - Paul Newman's "Where the hell are the singing cats?!"
    - And Tony Randall still sitting in the guest couch in the old theater

  • Cocoliso Osilococ
    Cocoliso Osilococ Month ago +1

    most boring and stupid host

  • Benjamin Roussey
    Benjamin Roussey Month ago

    Too bad Letterman supported policies that led to 9-11, Boston Bombing, real estate crisis, and all those liberal cities failing.

  • hoelman
    hoelman Month ago +1

    If a guy would have done what Drew Barrymore did to a girl there would be hell to pay.

  • Kerse
    Kerse Month ago

    I wonder how many women Crispin Glover got off his voice alone.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith Month ago

    I know it doesn't qualify but my absolute favorite was when head writer Gerard Mulligan hung himself after an angry viewer letter. I almost choked to death.

  • marty riggs
    marty riggs Month ago

    I saw him when he started, liked him for a bit, then hated him for a huge portion of my life. Can't wait until he dies of an undisclosed illness. He turned out to be exactly what he is.

  • NattyBumppo48
    NattyBumppo48 Month ago +3

    List shoulda included Sonny & Cher's appearance together for sure....

    • klobberdudegaming
      klobberdudegaming Month ago

      Or the one with just Cher when she called him an asshole.

  • Cam Cam
    Cam Cam Month ago

    harmony korine?

  • S. Vector
    S. Vector Month ago

    He used to be funny. Too bad he turned into such an insufferable leftist prick.

  • stdpozer
    stdpozer Month ago

    there are terror ist every where

  • John M
    John M Month ago

    What a wanker. Letterman I mean.

  • slangen808
    slangen808 Month ago

    I really miss this show. Used to watch it every nigth in Sweden where i live. He and Jay Leno both where very good.

  • Calvert Atisha
    Calvert Atisha Month ago

    is david letterman gay he doesnt understand that old men should be all snoozy with what kind of things that you like and creating discomfort for others will create a paint trip that is something shall and never be excepted any scense

  • patsmino b
    patsmino b Month ago

    Joaquin give a big influence to dave..

  • Borslaw
    Borslaw Month ago +5

    What about Harmony Korine?

  • Charles Lewer
    Charles Lewer Month ago

    Never could figure out how this clown became a top late night guy.

    • Borslaw
      Borslaw Month ago

      Yeah, he's definitely no Eric Andre.

  • Rickey Carroll
    Rickey Carroll Month ago +1

    Lawler and Kaufman were friends in real life it was staged.

    • Borslaw
      Borslaw Month ago

      Rickey Carroll if I remember correctly, it was staged but Letterman didn't know about it.

  • Dave S.
    Dave S. Month ago

    Dave's NBC show was great His CBS show not so much

  • Žurkulēns
    Žurkulēns Month ago

    And no Cher interview? Really????

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas Wilson Month ago

    Holy shit amazing video this guy is a legend.

  • Lord O' Shower
    Lord O' Shower Month ago

    Kaufman... all staged.

  • Emily Diveley
    Emily Diveley Month ago +1

    You did with Kenneth Branagh in 1991

  • TruthFoot
    TruthFoot Month ago

    David Letterman sucked dick. He was horrible, a gap-toothed faggot. He is an idiot. His beliefs about everything are wrong.

  • Henry Morgan
    Henry Morgan Month ago

    The harmony korine interviews should feature here.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis Month ago

    I wish they would just play the clips without the stupid commentary.