What The NBA Will Look Like In 2020

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • With Free Agency officially beginning, it completely changed the NBA next season with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant & DeAndre Jordan heading to the Brooklyn Nets to which D’Angelo Russell was traded to the Golden State Warriors, Kemba Walker leaving the Charlotte Hornets and signing with the Boston Celtics, Al Horford heading to the Philadelphia 76ers with Jimmy Butler being traded from them to the Miami Heat. All of this comes after Anthony Davis was traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Los Angeles Lakers to team up with LeBron James as we anxiously wait on Kawhi Leonard to see what final decision he’ll make to conclude the offseason.
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  • Enderbrother_StreamsYT

    dont frget the Fro

  • Leo Grady
    Leo Grady 12 days ago

    Lakers gonna win this year with d wade, bron, davis, kuzma, and Howard lol new warriors

    • 2ez Jose
      2ez Jose 11 days ago

      D wade? He’s retired thoo

    TGMY YT 16 days ago


    TGMY YT 16 days ago +1

    I want philly or lakers to win

  • BTFC BattleX
    BTFC BattleX 17 days ago

    I wish Carmelo, D Rose, and Kristaps went back to the Knicks then the NBA would be perfectly balanced

  • Maier Stacks
    Maier Stacks 28 days ago +1

    Dude why is everyone overrating Lebron? He isn’t gonna win the NBA Championship this year.

  • Geo Ortiz
    Geo Ortiz Month ago


  • Quinn Kiernan
    Quinn Kiernan Month ago +3

    Durant had curry, Westbrook, and now has Kyrie

  • Aniruddha Iyengar
    Aniruddha Iyengar Month ago +1

    Qarriors 4 all stars

  • Jonny Barrera
    Jonny Barrera Month ago

    What if do baybeeee

  • Aqeel As Sulthani
    Aqeel As Sulthani Month ago

    I forgot most teams players
    Cuz of the trades

    TGMY YT Month ago


    TGMY YT Month ago


    TGMY YT Month ago


    TGMY YT Month ago


  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago

    The Knicks , Suns , Kings , Pelicans And Hawks Can Make The Play-Offs IF The Rookies Play Very Goof

  • Rahiem Montgomery
    Rahiem Montgomery Month ago

    Clippers vs bucks in game 6



  • Idk Wtf
    Idk Wtf Month ago

    Kostas. Is on Lakers

  • juanovski shevchenko
    juanovski shevchenko 2 months ago

    Will okc thunder make it to the playoffs?

  • Daniel Zambrano
    Daniel Zambrano 2 months ago

    Nice vid thx

  • Howdy Father
    Howdy Father 2 months ago +1

    What about the jazz?

  • Ben Batchelder
    Ben Batchelder 2 months ago +3

    And yet Curry’s still a 95 Overall he should be a 96 for sure

    BLACK GOD B LEAVE N ME 2 months ago


  • chronic- keyron
    chronic- keyron 2 months ago

    Tbh i think the finals will be 76ers and lakers

  • Belle La’reign
    Belle La’reign 2 months ago

    Nickel Alexander Walker and Jackson Hayes are good as well. Nickel dropped 34 points in their last game and is pretty good at defense- The Pelicans.

  • WegotTheBOMB
    WegotTheBOMB 2 months ago +53

    Its like Adam Silver said "everybody gets ONE buddy. Thats it. No more super teams." And I like that.

  • DaQuan Jacobs
    DaQuan Jacobs 2 months ago

    7:20 oof

  • Nate sports fanatic
    Nate sports fanatic 2 months ago

    you clearly dont know the nba at all

  • Dark Kingdom
    Dark Kingdom 2 months ago +4

    Whos ready to draft me in 2024

  • Captain TPG
    Captain TPG 2 months ago +8

    Is Dave Gettleman working for the knicks???

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee 2 months ago +5

    the clippers got kawhi and paul george...

  • Luke Jessee
    Luke Jessee 2 months ago

    Curry is in his early 30s tho

  • OA_Swift
    OA_Swift 2 months ago +2

    The pelicans are getting popularity because of zion

    • Gengu
      Gengu Month ago

      And lonzo

  • Doominater19000 Laser Shot

    Deangallo russel gets traded for pretty much KD, Irving, and Deandre Jordan

  • _itscjgraham _
    _itscjgraham _ 2 months ago


  • ZpAdz Z
    ZpAdz Z 2 months ago

    Boogie on the lakers

  • Hunter Allman
    Hunter Allman 2 months ago

    Sub to me

  • Hunter Allman
    Hunter Allman 2 months ago

    Sub to me

  • Hunter Allman
    Hunter Allman 2 months ago

    Sub to me

  • Hunter Allman
    Hunter Allman 2 months ago

    Sub to me plese

  • Raf plays
    Raf plays 2 months ago

    Demarcus cousins is in Lakers now

  • XX Cloutgang
    XX Cloutgang 2 months ago

    Zion gonna be a bust watch

  • Mr. Potatoman
    Mr. Potatoman 2 months ago +4

    Bro if D'Angelo Russel stayed with the nets he would've been with kyrie and Durant and it would've been 🔥

    • Mr. Potatoman
      Mr. Potatoman 2 months ago

      @Crafty yeah

    • Crafty
      Crafty 2 months ago +1

      Mr. Potatoman I know that would be fire but the nets had to trade Russel to be able to sign KD and Kyrie

  • TuffetsRuffets L
    TuffetsRuffets L 2 months ago

    michael jordan you failed kemba is now on the celtics

  • True Schrader
    True Schrader 2 months ago

    Kevin Durants career is over

    KING KAM 2 months ago

    When kawhi goes to the clippers 😖😖

  • Ron
    Ron 2 months ago

    I hope Boston can be a better team. NY Knicks as well.

  • Johnryan Escalante
    Johnryan Escalante 2 months ago

    what kind of prediction is that

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 2 months ago +1

    PG: Rondo
    SG:Carmelo Anthony
    SF: Davis
    PF: LeBron
    C: DeMarcus

    • Anthony 19
      Anthony 19 2 months ago

      Meant 2 years Davis is probably going to Chicago in 2021

    • Anthony 19
      Anthony 19 2 months ago

      3 years that team is literally kuzma and davis

    • Isaac
      Isaac 2 months ago

      @Ur Mum but he and Davis should both play their natural positions?

    • Ur Mum
      Ur Mum 2 months ago

      vix He plays good there. I’m sure analytically he plays better at the 4 as well.

  • Josephboi21 xX
    Josephboi21 xX 2 months ago

    And then they got boogie.....

  • W Fresno
    W Fresno 2 months ago +1

    Little did he know Kawhi was playing checkers with the league and the teams being his pawns

  • Epic Trends
    Epic Trends 2 months ago +1

    Everyone knows that Lonzo Ball has his own shoe

  • Clive Barry
    Clive Barry 2 months ago


    • Epic Trends
      Epic Trends 2 months ago

      Are you related to Brent Barry?

  • CEO GAMING okparaocha
    CEO GAMING okparaocha 2 months ago +2

    Lakers lineup PG Rajon Rondo SG Danny Green SF LeBron James PF Anthony Davis C DeMarcus Cousins Lakers my hometown team

  • Mohammad Fatta
    Mohammad Fatta 2 months ago

    Kwahi went to LA....... clippers and....... PG13

  • Sam Mirador
    Sam Mirador 2 months ago

    In your dream.....

  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris 2 months ago

    PG steph
    SG dangelo
    SF jerepko
    PF bell
    C Jones/looney

  • Forrest Bros
    Forrest Bros 2 months ago +3

    I love Kamba, he used to play for my team, now he is a Celtic

    • Ji Daniel
      Ji Daniel 18 days ago

      Forrest Bros yea kamba woker

  • Sarthak Thakur
    Sarthak Thakur 2 months ago

    why does JJ. Reddick look like paul walker?