Woodturning a Black Walnut Log into a Bowl

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
  • Woodturning a bowl from a log. While turning, I uncovered a small metallic object embedded in the wood. It is very soft and shiny, silver colored.
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  • flyaccelerated
    flyaccelerated 2 years ago +42

    Semper Fi Devil

    • Matt Stewart
      Matt Stewart 9 months ago +1

      Ever figure out what the mystery metal is?

    • T. Klann
      T. Klann Year ago +3

      leave for boot in 5 days, wish me luck

    • Bo sal
      Bo sal Year ago

      Very Good Very nice 👍
      My friend thank you very much Goodbye

    • Random Fox
      Random Fox Year ago +3

      R Humphrey very nice work dude greetings from UK England Essex fellow carver 👌🐺💕

    • Random Fox
      Random Fox Year ago +2

      R Humphrey very nice work dude merry Christmas dude from UK England Essex I carves that wood seasoned by hand to make spoons dang its hard but I tried green wood it always ends up with splits so I carves seasoned wood 💕👌🐺🐾

  • Bob van Ingen
    Bob van Ingen 7 days ago

    Stunning bowl! Love it.

  • William Hollaway
    William Hollaway 9 days ago

    Beautiful craftsmanship brother

  • Anna Sampson
    Anna Sampson 9 days ago

    That is gorgeous.

  • evelyn jara
    evelyn jara 9 days ago

    Desde chile .felicidades !!
    Hermoso trabajo.muy linda obra

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Day ago

      Hola de regreso de Indiana, y gracias!

  • Александр Климов

    Очень на карагач похожа деревушка.

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  8 days ago

      хотя сердцевина дерева намного темнее

  • mrhockett1
    mrhockett1 13 days ago +1

    I used to run a scrag saw in a cedar mill. The scariest hit was an old knife blade embedded in the top of an old tree. Man did that blade make some noise! LOL Great job! That bowl looks beautiful! Love it that you left the bullet in for a little character.

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  8 days ago +1

      Wow, I know that must have been a scary moment! The odd things we find in wood... Thank you!

  • Eui Kim
    Eui Kim 16 days ago


  • Terry Perry
    Terry Perry 17 days ago

    Stunningly beautiful !

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 17 days ago +2

    Viewers 2019 ???

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  14 days ago

      Thank you my friend!

    • Abdul Aziz
      Abdul Aziz 14 days ago

      @R Humphrey my greetings from Indonesia and I'm sure many of your viewers and subscribers are from Indonesia

    • Abdul Aziz
      Abdul Aziz 14 days ago

      @R Humphrey haha .. maybe there are still many who see this video in 2019 just like me .. okay together .. good luck and more subscribers will increase friends

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  14 days ago +1

      I'm not sure what you're asking, Abdul... But thank you for watching!

  • vvbsmurthy
    vvbsmurthy 18 days ago

    Fantastic. Its wirth the hardwork.

  • vvbsmurthy
    vvbsmurthy 18 days ago +1

    Fantastic - its worth the hardwork

  • Emir Yad
    Emir Yad 21 day ago

    The metal is probably gun bullet

  • Mike Hofer
    Mike Hofer 24 days ago +2

    What a beautiful place of craftsmanship! Thank you for sharing your craft to us!

  • Carol Wells-Smith
    Carol Wells-Smith 24 days ago +1

    I have a LOT of videos to catch up on. I watched the Marine Bowl you dis last night when my husband got home from work again. He absolutely loved it. Once a Marine Always a Marine!

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  21 day ago

      Thank you very much! You said it! Semper Fi!!

  • Esme Esme
    Esme Esme 25 days ago +1

    Lovely bowl.....the patterns, colours, smoothness and curves are perfect. Such a satisfying hobby or line of work. The walnut wood is so beautiful.

  • mekel moore
    mekel moore 25 days ago +2

    Those curly wood shavings are life💯💯 awesome job on the piece

  • scharkalvin
    scharkalvin 25 days ago

    At first it didn't make sense to me why you cut that flat and attached the center to the outside of the log. I guess you don't want the end grain inside of the bowl.

  • onlyhuman1954
    onlyhuman1954 27 days ago

    I love your videos. I'm constantly amazed at what you do with your raw material. Everything you make is beautiful... Do you have a shop?

    • mrhockett1
      mrhockett1 13 days ago

      My answer would be yes he has a shop.

  • Les Gee
    Les Gee 29 days ago +2

    Another beautiful piece. I am not a wood turner or crafts person, I love this kind of stuff an have owned things like this, including pottery.

  • Pedro Lemos
    Pedro Lemos 29 days ago


  • Clive Sangster
    Clive Sangster Month ago

    How great to watch a Craftsman at work.

  • teach eng
    teach eng Month ago

    I'm not a wood turner or hobbyist in any way but I am addicted to your wonderful videos. I love the way you work, what you produce, and the quiet way you narrate the videos too.
    Of course, this one was captions only , but your low key delivery on most of your videos is a refreshing change from the over-hyped presentation that comes with so many RU-clip clips, not to mention the unnecessary presence of completely inappropriate music that is usually such a distraction.
    Listening to just the sound of your voice and the music of the machinery is very welcome.
    Best wishes from Australia.

  • Douglas Morrison
    Douglas Morrison Month ago

    Looked like a piece of lead from a bullet

  • Seppl Novantanove
    Seppl Novantanove Month ago



    Красиво,,,много работы

  • Ellen Graham
    Ellen Graham Month ago

    I love watching you turn this amazing piece it's beautiful, do you have any of that beautiful cedar left because the shape would look truly gorgeous in cceder .thanks for the amazing videos and I hope your shoulder gets better soon 💜

  • Goofy J
    Goofy J Month ago

    Very nicely done

  • Saly Black
    Saly Black Month ago

    Beautiful very clever and cleanly made .

  • John Davila
    John Davila Month ago

    Just started seeing these videos on RU-clip and I'm really fascinated by the art that's created out of pieces of wood that's really amazing great job.. I would like to try this one day

  • Bradley Anderson
    Bradley Anderson Month ago +1

    Nice job Kemosabe ! 👍

  • Victor Johnson
    Victor Johnson Month ago

    Beautiful Great Video 👍🏿

  • Susan Ditton
    Susan Ditton Month ago

    A beautiful work of art.

  • Rich Hansen
    Rich Hansen Month ago

    Mystery metal is very strange

  • Tim Hyatt
    Tim Hyatt Month ago

    not really understanding why you didn't split the log in half to remove the pith, and get two bowl blanks from it?? won't you have serious cracking problems now that you've left the pith in the side of it????

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Month ago +1

      I let that log dry for ten years before I used it, so I I wasn't concerned at all about the pith anymore. It's very stable and hasn't moved/cracked at all since I made it.

  • Марина Домаева


  • マコ誠
    マコ誠 Month ago

  • Fionbarra omuiri
    Fionbarra omuiri Month ago

    Must have been one of hickok45 's trees

  • Clyde Balcom
    Clyde Balcom Month ago +1

    That's a soft lead bullet. It looks like a handgun bullet.

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Month ago

      Probably so, but too much lead for a handgun, in my opinion... That's what threw me at first, the size of it, then the shine (but the shine has dulled)

  • Kyleene Galloway
    Kyleene Galloway Month ago +1


  • Полина 1966
    Полина 1966 Month ago

    Здорово 👍родилась бы я мужчиной☝️была бы столером , плотником и сварщиком👍интересно смотреть за происходящей работай 🤗как колдовство🙌золотые руки🤗

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Month ago

      спасибо, я думаю, что и мужчина, и женщина могут делать эти вещи

  • Phillip
    Phillip 2 months ago

    I live on 35 acres, and we have several walnut trees that have been cut down, and just laying out to be sawed up, and turned. I can't wait to start to learn how to turn wood later this year.

    • Phillip
      Phillip Month ago

      @R Humphrey Yeah, everything I've seen so far, it seems Walnut looks great!

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Month ago

      Sounds really great Phillip! Walnut is a nice turning wood

  • Judy Schulz
    Judy Schulz 2 months ago

    Beautiful work!

  • gringa polska
    gringa polska 2 months ago

    Just beautiful...

  • Jules-Marc Davis
    Jules-Marc Davis 2 months ago

    Oh walnut so much goodness comes from a walnut tree.... beautiful work sir.

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Month ago +1

      Thank you! the mobiles you make from roots and driftwood sounds pretty amazing! Start creating again, it's good for the soul~😊

  • taleandclaw rock
    taleandclaw rock 2 months ago +1

    What an exquisite bit of timber♡

  • Lee Ricky
    Lee Ricky 2 months ago

    Not bad....for a Marine lol

  • Lynda Carter
    Lynda Carter 2 months ago +10

    I like that you left the metal in; gives it an extra unique look. Beautiful piece. Did you have to let it cure for 10 years?

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  Month ago +4

      Thank you! No, didn't have to, I just didn't get to it for that long... and I still have a couple more logs of this stuff on the shelf!

  • Gail Stone
    Gail Stone 2 months ago +1

    Enjoying your video a year later... That shape!! Tremendous! 👍

  • Edgar Salgado
    Edgar Salgado 2 months ago


  • Joel Graham
    Joel Graham 2 months ago

    Beautiful work. Looks like a bullet to me.

  • Lynne Soule
    Lynne Soule 2 months ago


  • Q_U_R_A Genius
    Q_U_R_A Genius 2 months ago +2

    That’s gorgeous. I’d buy that!

  • Jae cubed
    Jae cubed 2 months ago

    Just wondering what you do with the bowls when they are finished? Do u gift them... Sell them or use them yourself? This seems like a great hobby but just not sure what u would do if you made a ton of bowls. Lol

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  2 months ago

      Some are gifted, some are claimed as soon as they're make by my better half, and I'll be selling some as well on Etsy. Others will be reserved for charitable auctions. Thank you!

  • Miguel Berges perez
    Miguel Berges perez 2 months ago


  • Subbalakshmi Iyer
    Subbalakshmi Iyer 2 months ago

    Excellent work

  • Mystic Wine
    Mystic Wine 2 months ago

    Why not use the band saw to initially flatten a side instead of a hatchet?

    • Mystic Wine
      Mystic Wine 2 months ago

      @R Humphrey Poor thing!

    • Jules-Marc Davis
      Jules-Marc Davis 2 months ago


    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  2 months ago +4

      It's the hatchet's fault. It was sitting there looking neglected....

  • Eugene Webber
    Eugene Webber 2 months ago

    I just turned one in black walnut myself brother. Semper Fi.

    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  2 months ago

      Nice! I do love turning black walnut...hard but cooperative 😊 Semper Fi

  • Craig Hodge
    Craig Hodge 2 months ago

    Beautiful bowl

  • Amine Elazar
    Amine Elazar 2 months ago


    • R Humphrey
      R Humphrey  2 months ago

      You're welcome, and thank you!