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  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
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Comments • 43

  • hoda essa
    hoda essa  +32

    I’m so proud of how far you’ve come fitness wise Dina. I remember an old vlog of urs where u were pregnant with Hana and doing some random exercise and I see you now and go like wow! You give me so much hope I could do this too!

  • Aamie
    Aamie  +42

    Dina you look incredible! You look the picture of health; the push I need to put some consistency in to my workouts

  • Sara B
    Sara B  +14

    Love how you’re so consistent with your workout out routine.

  • nina
    nina  +8

    I love seeing you guys go on holidays ❤️ I don’t remember ever seeing family outings like this. I love it a lot

  • Lynda Algeriana

    The holiday looks a lot of fun. Dina you look fabulous and super fit mash’ALLAH. Such an inspiration. X

  • N Qu
    N Qu  +7

    Awww so glad you finally managed to go away on a holiday that you so wanted to go on! Looking great, you and Sid!

  • Saira Farooq

    Can't wait for the clothing line! love the pieces you've shown so far 😍

  • Shanti
    Shanti  +1

    Loved every outfit! Great sense of taste as always👌🏽

  • Nargess
    Nargess  +1

    This is crazy. 8 years ago i decided to wear hijab. So i went on youtube and you were one of the women who taught me how to style it and wear it very stylish. I pray for nothing more but that your mental health is in a wonderful place and that you are taking care of yourself in every aspect 🥹❤️

  • sarwat 13

    Can't wait to see the reno in your house. It's looking great already

  • Sara B
    Sara B  +1

    Oh watching this just makes me want to be on holiday! Enjoy your time 😊

  • ✨ i
    ✨ i  +1

    Beautiful airbnb!! Well-deserved holidays and wow those outfits 😍

  • Sehar and Shazia

    Loved it, MA !!! - love from Pakistani Canadian Vloggers ❤️

  • Ayanna

    loving all the fashion pieces. I hope you’e going to launch active/gym wear as well

  • mihaela huban

    it’s nice to see you had such a pleasant holiday, good time. i like your clothes from Primark, i like Primark a lot . I wish you good luck with your collection, i think it’s going to be successful 🍀👍

  • Missmethinksalot1

    So good to see you in my feed again Dina

  • LK

    Love the attitude, personality is addictive giving zero effs today yay ❤️🤣👍🏼👌🏽🌹

  • Sara B

    One bag for the whole trip- practical! Lool at the part when u were cutting the watermelon 😂❤

  • NIKI
    NIKI  +1

    Looks good Dina u did good😊❤

  • Ivy Mangeli

    Glad you had a trip..and you look spectacular