I build a Giant Flying Meatball in Minecraft

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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  • bob
    bob 12 hours ago

    When pewdiepie's high end desktop with 2080 tis cant take minecraft

  • Fienix Sakib
    Fienix Sakib 14 hours ago +1

    Like please 😊

  • Shirou Radman
    Shirou Radman Day ago

    I like how he makes something as boring as building a massive red stone derived machine so interesting.

  • Fist of Water Polo, Carbonation!

    Me: many singular man tears
    Pewdiepie: PIXELINGS

  • Gamer Gevizhist
    Gamer Gevizhist 2 days ago

    It look loke a mouth

  • _ HoonKittey _
    _ HoonKittey _ 3 days ago

    i just noticed the background music is the music "from" the fishing mini game from club penguin

  • Wolf Serenity
    Wolf Serenity 3 days ago

    where tf is sven

  • Eco Gaming Club
    Eco Gaming Club 3 days ago

    very funny

  • TheSporehacker
    TheSporehacker 3 days ago

    It's ok to eat meat

  • Benjamin Herrera
    Benjamin Herrera 3 days ago

    Pito de loro

  • Joaco Feik
    Joaco Feik 3 days ago

    The meat ball man .....
    From runmo

  • cyroyarn Plays
    cyroyarn Plays 4 days ago

    M e a t b a l l M a n

  • Limelyte
    Limelyte 4 days ago +1

    Anyone notice the shadows never moved from meatballs of location...

  • Chrystian Facun
    Chrystian Facun 4 days ago

    i think its not a meatball its pacman

  • musik indo
    musik indo 5 days ago +1

    Berapa Umur penonton RU-clip
    Numpang Iklan:
    Bantu chanel Ku cuy Yang suka lagu Indonesia/Jawa Mampi ya...

  • Erick Morales
    Erick Morales 6 days ago +4

    PewDiePie: "I'm not good with Redstone"
    "Bulids a flying meatball!!!!!!

  • Faze KneeGrrr
    Faze KneeGrrr 6 days ago +1

    Antivax mom's to their kid

  • Cavona YT
    Cavona YT 6 days ago

    Flying meatball, more like flying shoe

  • Kongcaspian
    Kongcaspian 6 days ago

    Is it just me, or is that half a meatball?

  • Rafa 28
    Rafa 28 8 days ago


    MLG GAMER 8 days ago

    See this is why I don't do redstone but I am fascinated by the honey block. As far as I know you can stick to the sides and probably make an amazing wall jump parkour so I am learning something about it through this. Also does it look like at times the meatball has a meatball coming out of it due to the glitch?

  • Ryan Chew
    Ryan Chew 8 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice that the color of swen's collar are different , I mean swen's collar is supposed to be blue , but it is red

    • I love LWA
      I love LWA 6 days ago

      Because he is in a different world and that isn't actually sven

  • deosita abucot
    deosita abucot 9 days ago

    Imma Redstone master

  • Noah Kanis
    Noah Kanis 9 days ago


  • Captain Irish
    Captain Irish 9 days ago

    7:30 grandpas laugh....

  • I_ _l
    I_ _l 9 days ago

    Why didn’t he just fill the meatball with 2 layers of slime blocks then build a small flying machine in the middle to push it from the inside

  • DaKimaN MLG
    DaKimaN MLG 9 days ago

    Pewdiepie: //sphere 10 coarse dirt

  • Harth Productions
    Harth Productions 10 days ago

    I’m no redstone genius, but this man knows more than I have for the past 7 years of playing Minecraft

  • Tomato Icecream
    Tomato Icecream 11 days ago

    Little runmo has entered the chat

  • aly janeo
    aly janeo 12 days ago

    - "My biggest fear is that it's not gonna work, my biggest fear is it gonna not work in a way i don't understand why it doesn't work...which seems the most likely here... Lets get real here... Im so nervous "
    7:35 i feel ya 😂🤣

  • -Hxney Malk-
    -Hxney Malk- 12 days ago +2

    Pewds : "This is the last minecraft vid"
    Me : I cri evrytiem. Me sad.
    Also me : Pewds need more. knowledge for Big Brain.

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams 13 days ago

    This vid should just be called "Slowly killing my pc for 15 minutes"

  • lark
    lark 13 days ago +1

    i read "i build minecraft in a giant flying meatball"

  • Austintheloner -
    Austintheloner - 13 days ago

    Its either his computer is so laggy or the contraption is soo fast that its leaving after images

  • Screendev
    Screendev 13 days ago


  • Vituška Stojic
    Vituška Stojic 14 days ago

    Pewdiepie:this is beutifal
    Me:yes it is 🙂
    Pewdiepie:this is the last episode of minecraft series
    Me:yes... Wait... WHAT!?

  • James dittman
    James dittman 14 days ago

    This isnt a flying meatball, its a meatball duplicator

  • Waffle Productions
    Waffle Productions 14 days ago

    Since beds are 2 blocks long, you could use them to activate both flying machines at once

  • Veikka Nupponen
    Veikka Nupponen 14 days ago +1

    build a village and a mountain that will hide the village and the mountain goes up and down

  • Elena Mizou
    Elena Mizou 14 days ago +1

    Can you PLEASE build a giant Base like a spaceship just like flying around where you just live and travel in this Minecraft world? Hell that’d be cool

  • Просто Я
    Просто Я 14 days ago

    He look like jackfilms on the thumbnail

  • Derp Fox
    Derp Fox 14 days ago

    He created a mobile lag machine

  • Arina Konova
    Arina Konova 15 days ago

    Smash like

  • Siara J.
    Siara J. 15 days ago

    U should make a plane

  • Mohamed Muiz
    Mohamed Muiz 15 days ago +3

    I just cant believe how good hes become at redstone

  • نواف بن عبدالله

    انت مبدع

  • A-rock 007
    A-rock 007 15 days ago

    Watching this at ×1.5 speed really makes the entire video very chaotic

  • FoxxFixxer
    FoxxFixxer 15 days ago

    If you've putten lava on top of the meatball, it would be like a tomato sauce and at the same time a deadly weapon that would burn everything on it's way.

  • roach god
    roach god 15 days ago

    So could you make like a ship? One you could actually ride in?

  • Ярослав Шевернев


  • Nathan cui
    Nathan cui 16 days ago +1

    Top ten engineers that Mumbo jumbo was afraid to compete against:

  • Funtime Charlie
    Funtime Charlie 16 days ago

    :O you watch mumbo jumbo...... :D

  • The Crayons
    The Crayons 16 days ago +5

    Wallstreet journal tomorrow: Pewdiepie says he doesn’t care if ‘evil world leaders’ seek inspiration from his videos

  • Entoy Arpon
    Entoy Arpon 16 days ago

    Amazing whoahh

  • Ana Palmares
    Ana Palmares 16 days ago

    He knows mumbo-jumbo

  • Ava Dragneel
    Ava Dragneel 16 days ago

    It big brain time

  • adair Hernández xd
    adair Hernández xd 16 days ago

    Hola 👋 como estas

  • Jade O'Callaghan
    Jade O'Callaghan 16 days ago +2

    Who's watching this with their foot in their mouth

  • Freestyle_latinoamerica55

    Hello good night, I wanted to send you a big greeting from Argentina ... Postscript, I had to write this with the translator haha ​​haha

  • Greek_Tsos 95
    Greek_Tsos 95 17 days ago