11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
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    In this top 11 list, we look at the most scary and mysterious things caught on tape by drones. These devices allow us to capture videos from the sky, giving us a new way of looking at what's around us. Whether they're real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
    Narrated by: Chills
    Written by: Kyler Richman
    Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó
    Intro by: Jacob Snarr
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    jdgehlert (pond5.com)
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  •  14 minutes ago

    Dude can you PLEASE just talk like normal

  • Jace Brown
    Jace Brown 32 minutes ago

    Was it me or did it look like he had a silver gun in his hand on 8:49

  • Jon Plopp
    Jon Plopp 58 minutes ago

    Forrest Gump's brother?

  • The _early_bird YT

    That is not a tree

  • zevers Keanu
    zevers Keanu 3 hours ago

    Burger king foot letuce

  • Lüedeke Dramatic Joestar

    Smdh, when a guy gets bullied for having a collapsed lung

  • Bitchin Mcnuggets
    Bitchin Mcnuggets 5 hours ago

    Are you doing that thing with your voice on purpose? I'm not trying to be mean. I'm asking a serious question.

  • Gaming Unicorn
    Gaming Unicorn 18 hours ago

    12:23 convenient the thing gets their and leaves when he pints the drone down

    • Jay 123
      Jay 123 15 hours ago

      Dude its only 12min long

  • Hoid
    Hoid 21 hour ago +2

    He was protecting his wheat, not preventing the fire.

  • Kayla Storrie
    Kayla Storrie 22 hours ago

    The first one just looks like a guy taking a walk in the woods, the third one looks like a beam of sun reflecting on some thing

  • reginel valenzuela

    Why do you sound like the complaining spongebob meme

  • thad bolek
    thad bolek Day ago

    whats with the way this moron talks

  • Sora• Weird life

    It’s like night time rn....

  • Amonix777 ninja
    Amonix777 ninja Day ago +1

    That star thing represent s the devil

  • simpleshoes
    simpleshoes Day ago

    A farmer is a professional. He knew what to do and how to do it.

  • Edward Swepu
    Edward Swepu Day ago +1

    Numbr 8 MIGHT be from the Anunnaki gods

  • Erik Paaske
    Erik Paaske 2 days ago

    #1. Otherwise

  • Thiago Ikeda
    Thiago Ikeda 2 days ago

    Why do you talk like you were anesthethized?

  • Chai- Editz
    Chai- Editz 2 days ago

    Stop saying rude stuff about his voice guys!

  • Christian Tolbert
    Christian Tolbert 2 days ago

    All these comments are about his voice

  • Cheekyct1
    Cheekyct1 2 days ago

    All I can hear when this guy talks is "I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him."

  • Cara Washington Trump

    common y'all ...you know that's a voice changer he's using right?
    anyway ...he said , "no one should be up there .."
    why not ? He is.

  • Kartell Lang
    Kartell Lang 2 days ago

    Alien on Ben 10 symbol


    Your voice is fine

  • riley Maer
    riley Maer 2 days ago

    Aaaaayyyyyy port Lincoln

  • Geoff Griffiths
    Geoff Griffiths 2 days ago +1

    11 was done by two men and a board

  • Darkeyes
    Darkeyes 2 days ago

    Burger King foot lettuce

  • Elusive
    Elusive 2 days ago +1

    number 15...

  • Tony Samples
    Tony Samples 2 days ago

    Your voice is crap

  • SutanKun スタン
    SutanKun スタン 3 days ago

    Wtf ? The title is in French ?

  • Infinity52YT
    Infinity52YT 3 days ago

    Its not true its just a bird or something but then the light can be probably someone or a disruption
    If it was a mystery no one would have shared it or it could be viral already

    • Infinity52YT
      Infinity52YT 3 days ago

      @Frieza's Uncle yeet Its true
      No aliens have been connected to us no contacts or eye contacts
      Just nothing

    • Frieza's Uncle yeet
      Frieza's Uncle yeet 3 days ago

      Sounds like someone dosnt belive in Aliens

  • Admiral Abnormal
    Admiral Abnormal 3 days ago

    Seine Stimme erinnert mich irgendwie an Trumps Stimme 🤷‍♂️

  • Ali Aamir
    Ali Aamir 3 days ago

    It could be slenderman

  • Kathryn Powell
    Kathryn Powell 3 days ago

    In #10 the guy in a tractor is near a fire. Does he realize he’s next to it? 🤔🤔🤔 hmm

  • why u sad i don't know nan molla

    Your voice is annoying.

  • James Vine
    James Vine 3 days ago

    Chills is beginning to piss me off, his over eggagerated explanations of what is happening in each clip is not neededv

  • Addy 239
    Addy 239 3 days ago

    On number 9 there is a dude there I think

  • Red Disorder
    Red Disorder 3 days ago

    Why are you talking slow mo?

  • Bjorn Yesterday
    Bjorn Yesterday 3 days ago

    why WOULD anYone talk lIKE This?

  • Harmony Rose
    Harmony Rose 3 days ago

    nuber SiEx

  • : o
    : o 3 days ago +13

    I HATE all the people who complained about his voice. it sounds fine to me

  • Genki Murasaki
    Genki Murasaki 3 days ago

    how can you talk like that, it's really makes me sleepy

  • USA#1 !!
    USA#1 !! 3 days ago

    Makes me yearn for a robot voice.

  • Emoanime_fan4 Ok
    Emoanime_fan4 Ok 3 days ago

    His voice buttersme up

  • Brinlee Clyatt
    Brinlee Clyatt 4 days ago

    Why do you talk like that

  • Ryan Malouf
    Ryan Malouf 4 days ago

    Guys stop hating pop work hard on the vids

  • Melissa Olson
    Melissa Olson 4 days ago

    • The first one looks like a person just standing there
    • The second one isn’t even scary it’s just brave
    • The third is weird might be a lightning strIke or something?
    • The fourth sometimes farmers want to make cool designs idk lol
    • The fifth it looks like a person same as the first?
    • The sixth is just upsetting sorry
    • The seventh isn’t scary just cool
    •The eight is only a shark that is curious the ninth is just a clown that was probably dressing up in 2016 to be part of a trend
    •The tenth is just probably a camp ground?
    • the last one is just a guy probably wondering what the drone guy is doing and walked back inside the building

  • _Duh Suilen_
    _Duh Suilen_ 4 days ago +8

    Guys stop saying that his voice is scary that’s mean would u guys like it if someone said that . NO

  • Rickey Reid-Owens
    Rickey Reid-Owens 4 days ago


  • Rickey Reid-Owens
    Rickey Reid-Owens 4 days ago

    In a monster of a Bigfoot

  • anonrog x
    anonrog x 4 days ago

    You speak like a drone....

  • Amanda Blevins
    Amanda Blevins 4 days ago

    His voice though

  • Cha Gaming
    Cha Gaming 4 days ago

    This is better then RU-clip rewind 2018 everyone controls it well it has 200k dislikes on this video

    • Xel Jhamhel Custodio
      Xel Jhamhel Custodio 3 days ago

      The reason why people disliked this video its because they are annoyed by his voice although he has a collapsed lung

  • Hamster Ernie
    Hamster Ernie 4 days ago

    Bro, you sound like if your pair hasn't dropped.

  • xXMoonShine Xx
    xXMoonShine Xx 4 days ago

    The sign in the crops looks like something from sailor moon? Like her second brooch combined with the sign of the moon seen many times

    TU CAMOTE 4 days ago

    These videos suck...

  • Jacob Shelton
    Jacob Shelton 4 days ago

    that middle of nowhere fild. In the end those moon thing is actully a island in a small lake that moves. I really want do descover that really cood. Well for me its very intersting. Maby it the fase s of the moon.

  • SepticSlayer76
    SepticSlayer76 4 days ago

    3049 any one

  • Sandra Prado Fernandez

    The first video was a person taking a leak

  • Megg Carmain
    Megg Carmain 4 days ago +1

    7 looks like a person who escaped from a mental hospital

  • sonic. exe
    sonic. exe 4 days ago


  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell 4 days ago

    Your voice makes me want to hit you.

  • LoserOsk224 YEAAAHHH

    The ufo was from an area of us goverment property that the govorment doesent like to talk about and a guy found strange devices that had tecnology circuits, ect. That didnt exist. Learn more on the show called "Unidentified"

  • bunnylover 123
    bunnylover 123 4 days ago

    His voice seems like he is desperate and dead

  • Ryan Woodard
    Ryan Woodard 4 days ago

    you sound awful

  • MrDavad
    MrDavad 5 days ago

    Guy on tractor: /gamerule firetick false

  • Susi B
    Susi B 5 days ago

    Well he has a lot of subs so the narration certainly doesn't affect him

  • gunsmith-45
    gunsmith-45 5 days ago +4

    He can’t figure out a homeless camp
    Is he really that dense

    • Silio Sky Serpent
      Silio Sky Serpent Day ago

      There is always a mystery to something. he is trying to stay neutral but also expresses his opinion.

  • mukbang tingz
    mukbang tingz 5 days ago

    why so many dislikes?

  • Brodster
    Brodster 5 days ago

    #9 would probably be a land to air missile. Just a guess im not an expert in any way

  • 28thMaoriBattalion
    28thMaoriBattalion 5 days ago

    i would bully this guy if i knew who he was

  • Skril Xanatham
    Skril Xanatham 5 days ago

    The clown in 3 didnt look human

  • Sam King
    Sam King 5 days ago

    this is actually hard to listen to

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    Richard Dougherty 5 days ago

    Damn clowns!

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    The field symbols look kinda looks like a ritual from one of those witch tv shows/movies in where theres probably a spell or sacrifice being made . In some cases the each person would stand on each points of the star . Or for a sacrifice the person being sacrificed would be in the middle but like yea .

  • Pleepzy
    Pleepzy 5 days ago

    Holly. 74M views

  • Shargie
    Shargie 5 days ago

    I hate this guy how is a guy driving some green truck scary

    • Diane Howard
      Diane Howard 3 days ago

      The fire is scary. The guy driving the combine is probably scared because he is so close to it. Brave, though.

  • Plot whisperer
    Plot whisperer 5 days ago

    Seriously I'd rather Cremmet the frog be the commentator! Can you please speak in a normal voice...?

  • Giraffe_ Lover
    Giraffe_ Lover 5 days ago +3

    I hate how people keep saying about is voice like he has this lung that makes him talk like that

    • ha ru
      ha ru 4 days ago

      Lung condition?
      Which 'lung condition' should distort a speech like that?
      However, I could come up with a few 'brain conditions' that would not only explain his speech but also his views on crop circles and ghosts ;-)

  • Fin Red
    Fin Red 5 days ago


  • Ananya Nath
    Ananya Nath 5 days ago

    I hate your voice .. and the clown ..

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    Chucks Nw 5 days ago

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    gamer wolfp1 5 days ago

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    Caleb Pemberton 5 days ago

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  • Feelgood James
    Feelgood James 5 days ago


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    janelleb84 6 days ago

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  • Ender Gaming
    Ender Gaming 6 days ago +1

    No grossdeustchland got caught by a drone

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    Anonymousboy 187 6 days ago

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    John Dotes 6 days ago

    My earsssssssssssssss

  • sungodarts
    sungodarts 6 days ago

    All you need to make crop circles is a stick and a piece of rope

  • Artemis Airsoft
    Artemis Airsoft 6 days ago

    Nr.8 was a ritual

  • Abrahim Sabir
    Abrahim Sabir 6 days ago

    dislike, for the nagging tone

  • Joseph Padilla
    Joseph Padilla 6 days ago

    Is this guy a robot

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    leonel samunawu 6 days ago

    guys l think l will take a hearing vacation after hear the narration

  • Johnny H
    Johnny H 6 days ago

    I couldn't listen anymore lol

  • Mike Haskoor
    Mike Haskoor 6 days ago

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  • YoungLife Style
    YoungLife Style 6 days ago

    #8 is the exact same symbol as jimmy nuetron

  • Vivaan Chhugani
    Vivaan Chhugani 6 days ago

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