The REAL problem with variable voltage vape pen Vertex 350VV or similar

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • In the last video I described a problem with the charger. However, the biggest problem is in the pen itself. I'll describe it here and show a great alternative to the Vertex .

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  • Ethan Taft
    Ethan Taft 3 months ago +1

    mine had same problem, unscrewed the cart a little bit and it hit.. maybe it has something to do with the cart being too tight

      SMERKUZHEO G 3 months ago

      I aqree.
      Kuz the pen works with no cartridqe on it.. the moment u fully attach the cartridqe... it stops werkin... so dont tiqhten it all the keepin it a lil loosened.. then it hits sometimes smdh

  • Alea Taylor
    Alea Taylor 4 months ago +1

    My pen works when its plugged in but once unplugged does not light up at all. Any thoughts?

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson  4 months ago

      Are you clicking it 5 times to turn it on? If so, the battery may be defective. I've never seen one not do anything at all though.

  • Audaylon
    Audaylon 4 months ago

    so the 350vv is just a piece of shit. gotchya

  • Mfdgg Vcff
    Mfdgg Vcff 5 months ago +1

    What does it mean when it blinks white

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K 7 months ago

    Super helpful, thanks man

  • Baner 714
    Baner 714 9 months ago +7

    My cartridge is heavy, it’s heavier than the battery, the button turns on as if you where hitting it but no smoke comes out? And it was fully charged with a brass knuckle charger... any one know why?

    • akaVoid -
      akaVoid - 6 months ago

      I’m having the same problem bruh I’m trynna figure out why😭lemme know if y’all know anything on how to fix it

    • Baner 714
      Baner 714 8 months ago

      Is it full gram

    • Gorda Flaka
      Gorda Flaka 8 months ago +1

      My brass knuckel doesnt work on my vortex vape

  • K B
    K B 9 months ago +6

    Jackson you forgot to tell your viewers that switching over to a mod mattery they risk the danger of over cooking the 510 cartridge. People these 1 gram cartridges are onlysuppose to be used under 5 wats. The cuboid he is recommended goes up to 80watts or more. Only use recommended batteries such was vision spinners,bb tank,sesh gear.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson  9 months ago +1

      @K B You can see where it's at before you hold the button down to smoke. As soon as you turn it on it displays the parameters. You could also set it to manual mode and dial it to where you want. So there's no risk.

    • K B
      K B 9 months ago

      @Alouicious Jackson It can detect quality of the cartridge? It can detect weekness in coil? . Sounds great to me. Lets say you're right. Thats something i would say is fairly important to point out because lots of mods, id say 99.9 that go up to 80w burn out the coils on these 1gram carts.

    • Alouicious Jackson
      Alouicious Jackson  9 months ago

      Actually, no. The Cuboid Mini senses the cartridge and automatically adjusts for the proper mode and wattage- in this case, about 5W which was perfect.

  • Jubilation
    Jubilation 9 months ago +2

    just bought one and this happened smfh

  • Meow DaLaChow
    Meow DaLaChow 10 months ago

    Nigga you have to press it 5 times to turn on and 3 times to heat

  • Jhoan Garcia
    Jhoan Garcia 10 months ago +4

    When I try to hit it a bunch of colors flash like blue and purple

    • Zucc
      Zucc 4 months ago

      Its preheating

    • Cam Smith
      Cam Smith 5 months ago

      It’s warming up

    • Matthew Bragg
      Matthew Bragg 8 months ago +1

      Loosen the cartridge alittle