Chris Lane - Big, Big Plans (Video for Lauren)

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
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  • Ciera
    Ciera 46 minutes ago

    I'm sobbing. This is the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen.

  • Leila Al-Mutawa
    Leila Al-Mutawa Hour ago

    She is so pretty you deserve her so much

  • Nick Lovell
    Nick Lovell 3 hours ago

    Atta boyy!!

  • Vitaly P
    Vitaly P 5 hours ago

    The first time she ever said to him "thats so big"

  • M. Patel
    M. Patel 5 hours ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying!

  • Jacy Charron
    Jacy Charron 10 hours ago

    Didn't expect to cry my gawd

  • Anthony Trevino
    Anthony Trevino 17 hours ago

    You rock brother. 👍

  • Selina Davenport
    Selina Davenport 18 hours ago +1

    So cute ❤💜

  • Elizabeth Watts
    Elizabeth Watts 18 hours ago

    This made me so happy! Thank you for sharing this with all of your fans.

  • Sally Ride
    Sally Ride 19 hours ago


  • Faith Louis
    Faith Louis 22 hours ago


  • SUZIE P.
    SUZIE P. Day ago

    GREAT SONG LOVE that the FATHER IN-LAW HAS NY YANKEEEEEEEE CAP ON..... Bronx baby here...... :)

  • Kaylah Gatewood
    Kaylah Gatewood Day ago +1


  • خواطر قلم

    وين رايحيين انتم اللهم اهديهم الى الصراط المستقيم

  • Tamara K Wiley
    Tamara K Wiley Day ago +1

    I am so happy I could explode! Love Lauren!!! Still crying a month later

  • Elishua Lo
    Elishua Lo Day ago +4

    A genuine song for a a very genuine moment. Congrats you two! God bless!

  • Gabrielle Ocasio
    Gabrielle Ocasio Day ago +1

    Aweeee!! This is a great song for me to cry happily to.

    Wait who said I'm crying??
    Me?? Nooo not me.
    *the devil on my shoulder* you were crying hun get over it

  • Steven Rathburn
    Steven Rathburn Day ago

    The video is nice. Song is garbage

  • Bob Risse
    Bob Risse 2 days ago

    What a romantic asshole.

  • Heather Legg
    Heather Legg 2 days ago

    Congrats to you both Chris and Lauren wow that was an awesome video ever

  • Heather Legg
    Heather Legg 2 days ago

    This song is great but it made me feel so happy for yall that I was in tears. Hugss u2

  • Keaton Craft
    Keaton Craft 2 days ago +1

    Wife: what are you doing over there?
    Me:ugh not crying!! Stupid allergies! Go get me some Allegra please.

  • merve merve
    merve merve 2 days ago +1


  • Ohsway
    Ohsway 2 days ago

    Ok feels 💯

  • Kevin Haverbusch
    Kevin Haverbusch 2 days ago


  • Cheyenne Maryah
    Cheyenne Maryah 2 days ago

    oh my gooooooddd! so freaking sweet!

  • Jessica Thoma
    Jessica Thoma 2 days ago +12

    She deserves to be so happy. And THIS is the reason nothing worked before. It all makes sense. This is so beautiful.

  • James Butler
    James Butler 2 days ago

    We have been split up for a while now! But damn... this hit me so fucking hard! When he got down on one knee, it sounded almost identical to the way I ask her for her future that day at the zoo. I wish I would have known how to show her how much her and the kids meant to me....

  • j92000n1
    j92000n1 2 days ago

    She is so fake! She said the same thing to be about the ring he picked. She’s all about the money.

  • River Joy Gratwohl
    River Joy Gratwohl 2 days ago

    awwwww im crying

  • Parisa Peters
    Parisa Peters 3 days ago

    Absolutely loveeee this song and this video and y’all are just so cute together 😍❤️ congratulations

  • Lauren :
    Lauren : 3 days ago

    this makes me wanna cry😭😭

  • Bassin’ with Brandon
    Bassin’ with Brandon 3 days ago +1

    Damn onions again.... I told my mom I didn’t want them on my cheeseburger...

  • Angela Marie Leigh
    Angela Marie Leigh 3 days ago


  • Shane House
    Shane House 3 days ago

    This is one if the sweetest music videos ever made

  • Jaileen Barber
    Jaileen Barber 3 days ago

    this is sooooooo pure

  • SunnyD Time
    SunnyD Time 3 days ago

    That's so cute

  • Jessie Savage
    Jessie Savage 4 days ago

    Love this music

  • Matthew Bussche
    Matthew Bussche 4 days ago

    704 dislikes??? MMMKAy

  • Trevor 14
    Trevor 14 4 days ago

    Congrats to both of you

  • Mo samo
    Mo samo 4 days ago

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  • Amelyah Stephenson
    Amelyah Stephenson 4 days ago


  • Hiromumaki 43
    Hiromumaki 43 4 days ago

    Just look at her sitting there...

    Continue the lyrics⬇️⬇️

  • Maximus Brandon
    Maximus Brandon 4 days ago

    Damn it... This got me.

  • Julianna Crivello
    Julianna Crivello 4 days ago


  • agnelanna heavens
    agnelanna heavens 4 days ago

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  • Mario Smith
    Mario Smith 4 days ago

    Another one happily jumps in the line to lose half his shit.

  • Ashley Howard
    Ashley Howard 4 days ago

    I love this song.

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 4 days ago

    This is amazing 😀

  • Lee Gelfand
    Lee Gelfand 5 days ago +1

    Potentially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Serenity Albee
    Serenity Albee 5 days ago

    This made me cry, it was so cute! Chris your my favorite! I went to your concert in Ridgefield WA last month it was so cool!

  • Connie Merc
    Connie Merc 5 days ago +3

    Omg! Congratulations! Its also a beautiful song!

  • JustJessie
    JustJessie 5 days ago

    I looooooveeee

  • Eli V
    Eli V 5 days ago

    Soo sweet!😇💓🎊

  • Samm r
    Samm r 5 days ago +1

    THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! Hit me with a like if you get it ;)

  • GerryFreeMan
    GerryFreeMan 5 days ago

    Great thumps up

  • Jovana Alonso
    Jovana Alonso 6 days ago

    sooooooo beautiful.

  • Mriganka Bora
    Mriganka Bora 6 days ago

    💖💖💖💖💖nice song

  • Jaymie White
    Jaymie White 6 days ago

    I am absolutely in love with this song! Congrats Chris and Lauren!

  • Kate McLeod
    Kate McLeod 6 days ago +1

    Don't screw this up, you two.

  • Brooke Taylor
    Brooke Taylor 6 days ago

    All I know is Lauren must be breakin it down in the bedroom... he’s obsessed!

  • CH Mom
    CH Mom 6 days ago

    lauren is stunning

  • CH Mom
    CH Mom 6 days ago

    omg!! crying my eyes out. the whole country is in love with lauren now lol

  • jody wilson
    jody wilson 7 days ago


  • Holly USA
    Holly USA 7 days ago

    Is that Lauren from The Bachelor?

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace 8 days ago

    My boyfriend and I are just moving in together and he just sent me this song while at work I wonder if this a sign lol..And I can't stop the tears for nun O cause I got it on repeat🤣Love

  • Tysen Quaid Ellis
    Tysen Quaid Ellis 8 days ago

  • Gayle Rivett
    Gayle Rivett 8 days ago


  • Daniel Hruaitea
    Daniel Hruaitea 9 days ago +1

    This is the most creative a songwriter could be !! Just brilliant .....

  • O Canada!
    O Canada! 9 days ago


  • Michelle sinsabaugh
    Michelle sinsabaugh 9 days ago


  • nathanael harwood
    nathanael harwood 10 days ago

    Congratulations guys!!!

  • savage girl Fitness
    savage girl Fitness 10 days ago

    Awe thats so sweet I am crying .

  • Makennah Desadier
    Makennah Desadier 10 days ago

    on replay!!!

  • Taya Star
    Taya Star 10 days ago

    I LOVE this couple, they r sooo cute! Bless them!

  • Savannah Chris
    Savannah Chris 10 days ago

    Talk about relationship goals! #perfect

  • Rachel Trotman
    Rachel Trotman 10 days ago

    good job man!

  • Tara Hill
    Tara Hill 11 days ago

    He proposed barefoot and if that’s not a mood idk what is

  • Brianna Kellam
    Brianna Kellam 11 days ago +1

    i love it when people are seriously in love and you can tell it’s real❤️

  • Rhonda Johnson
    Rhonda Johnson 11 days ago

    O such sweet LOVE ! YOUNG and CUTE!

  • Sarah's Nail Secrets
    Sarah's Nail Secrets 11 days ago

    that was the sweetest thing I've ever seen

  • Kaci Koger
    Kaci Koger 11 days ago

    Beautiful beyond words .... wish you guys a life of happiness ❤❤💯

  • Sandi Mitchell
    Sandi Mitchell 11 days ago

    Greattttt music and congrats 🍾

  • Dan Mullet
    Dan Mullet 11 days ago

    I had those big big plans till hit rock bottom. I'm climbing to the top now though.

  • Ashley Howard
    Ashley Howard 11 days ago

    So matches me

  • Jessica Navarro
    Jessica Navarro 12 days ago

    I really hope that someone can love me like that one day ❤️

  • Katie Kauai
    Katie Kauai 12 days ago

    omg! my eyeballs. what a beautiful video!

  • ALoves
    ALoves 13 days ago

    well now, she knows

  • Angel Golombieski
    Angel Golombieski 13 days ago

    That was awesome.. 👏 congrats

  • Melinda Hayslip
    Melinda Hayslip 13 days ago

    Will,your comment on you being sure he was saying "play in a snare"rather than "plain as air"are both in correct.It should actually be play in in his hair 👍

  • karls g
    karls g 13 days ago


  • Duke Bronco
    Duke Bronco 13 days ago +16

    Part of me wishes he timed getting on his knee with the part of the song where it says that (2: 32) but its a good song, good video, best of luck to them.

  • Vanessa Arciniega
    Vanessa Arciniega 13 days ago


  • Barlowski Jones
    Barlowski Jones 13 days ago

    Alright song, cute as hell couple though

  • Gma  Jewels
    Gma Jewels 14 days ago +30

    Everything a girl could ever want...goosebumps. God Bless, love the song too🤘🏼

  • emily ruth
    emily ruth 14 days ago

    This is so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  • Carolyn Strickland
    Carolyn Strickland 14 days ago


  • Joe Juliano
    Joe Juliano 14 days ago

    On repeat throughout the day

  • EiLLo81
    EiLLo81 14 days ago

    i'm not crying... aliens.

  • Camron Hill
    Camron Hill 14 days ago

    Congrats you the man bro