The Boomer Inquisition Questions Conan - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
  • Conan claims he isn’t a boomer, but can he name his favorite Billie Eilish song?
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 795

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 11 hours ago

    I'm a millennial and avocados suck.

  • Mr Dood
    Mr Dood 15 hours ago

    Now in a lot of work places you can actually get fired for saying “okay boomer” to someone

  • elen bowman
    elen bowman Day ago

    Ok boomer

  • Дмитрий Титов

    They even didn't understand what's this meme about. Such a boomer behaviour

  • caseyismyname
    caseyismyname 2 days ago


  • Warfighter412
    Warfighter412 2 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • H y p 3
    H y p 3 2 days ago

    ok boomer

  • Phoenix J
    Phoenix J 4 days ago

    If boomer is the definition of someone who is lame, then it's a universal fact that those who lack creativity is a boomer which includes those who have nothing creative to say to counter an argument and simply say.. . "Ok boomer" Which makes those who convict others as boomer, boomer

  • Radical Empire
    Radical Empire 5 days ago

    Boomers trying to be Zoomers. Cringe. I'm a first generation Millennial, so I know what I'm talking about.

  • Noname
    Noname 5 days ago

    I love this and i love u

  • David Nobre
    David Nobre 5 days ago

    "I love all his music so much" xD

  • _ calloom _
    _ calloom _ 5 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • m3ali89
    m3ali89 6 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell 7 days ago

    Thanks, Buster!

  • Vasilis Kat.
    Vasilis Kat. 7 days ago

    Dude add a poached egg on that toast. Will level it up

  • ericscarface
    ericscarface 9 days ago

    dont let boomers choose your fate, VOTE in 2020

  • Lucas Velten
    Lucas Velten 9 days ago

    this was cringy

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina 10 days ago


  • KokoroNoSama
    KokoroNoSama 11 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • SoupMasters
    SoupMasters 11 days ago

    this is such boomer content.

    ARCAFLORYZ 12 days ago +1

    Conan’s such a boomer he doesn’t know what boomer means. No hate

  • ppp ppp
    ppp ppp 12 days ago +1

    Andy reminds me of Jack Black

  • Christian Wallace
    Christian Wallace 13 days ago

    conan is the worst night show by far

  • Isaac Putnam03
    Isaac Putnam03 13 days ago

    The irony of this is painfully obvious

  • H - Audi
    H - Audi 13 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Hallzor
    Hallzor 13 days ago

    Boomer lives!

  • Albator Dali
    Albator Dali 13 days ago

    by the way, if you're young and loving ecology and planning to save the planet. you're alright, but know that avocado production is an ecological disaster so please don't eat avocado toast.

  • nickrock23
    nickrock23 14 days ago

    all the overweight virgins who spend their lives using tech developed by genXers and baby boomers are in touch. with what I have no idea

  • G B Boxing
    G B Boxing 14 days ago +2

    Haha there's a new thing going around on the intermet hahaha I'm hip too kids look at me, late night host

  • Cameron Stewart
    Cameron Stewart 14 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • roop ahoot
    roop ahoot 14 days ago

    ok boomer

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 15 days ago

    it's actually about the tik tok cuz insta has been driving me nuts lately. still follow me on both @beatsbykana

  • kiwi :3 cookie
    kiwi :3 cookie 15 days ago +1

    OK boomer

  • EvilGodAsura
    EvilGodAsura 16 days ago +1

    Conan the living Ok boomer

  • Altair 21
    Altair 21 16 days ago +6

    OK Boomer is now very old & overhyped. We have moved on to 10 new ones.

  • RotoMiner
    RotoMiner 16 days ago

    Ok boomers

  • Daniel Huelsman
    Daniel Huelsman 16 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Eddie Leon
    Eddie Leon 17 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • not bubby
    not bubby 17 days ago

    Conan is the only good talk show host

  • Dominic Roseland
    Dominic Roseland 18 days ago

    Bring back the draft.

  • Beep Bop
    Beep Bop 18 days ago

    Boomers will be missed

  • Mystic dumbass
    Mystic dumbass 18 days ago +1

    Ok Boomer.

    PHILIP J FRY 18 days ago

    nobody expects the boomer inquisition

  • Ray Marquez
    Ray Marquez 18 days ago

    Stfu z-er

  • yourmom literally
    yourmom literally 18 days ago

    "I don't know I'm renting" shaaade

  • Mikael Viemerö
    Mikael Viemerö 18 days ago


  • marko polo 2
    marko polo 2 18 days ago

    that's really is not how you use the meme but ok

  • AirKangLocker
    AirKangLocker 18 days ago

    the Gen Z looks like Anakin Skywalker before executing order 66

  • KABUUM!!!
    KABUUM!!! 18 days ago

    This whole video is a ok boomer

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 19 days ago

    I love how people say ok boomer using technology invented by boomers.

  • scott choi
    scott choi 19 days ago

    The Millennial looks like a boomer

  • Mr Sneshi
    Mr Sneshi 19 days ago

    That is the most boomerish thing I’ve ever seen

  • fla la
    fla la 19 days ago +1

    Conan’s “NoOoOOoo” and the thumbnail remind me of The Simpsons ☁️🙌

  • fla la
    fla la 19 days ago +1

    Love it

  • AmentiaMedia
    AmentiaMedia 19 days ago

    Ok Boomer

  • gothatway09
    gothatway09 19 days ago

    I used to hate Boomers when I was a kid, but now that I'm a 40 year old Gen Xer, I sympathize a bit more with the older generation, but also mindful of the younger generation. I mean the early-mid 2000s when I was like 25 doesn't feel all that long ago to me. I'm sure most of the younger Millennials and Gen Z when they say "OK Boomer" are not just making fun of 60 and 75 year olds, but probably just lumping in Gen Xers in our 40s into that "old coot out of touch adults" category. I still remember when 2000 came, a some friends of mine sat around as 18-23 year olds, all wondering how kids in the future would view those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s. Would they despise us like we despised the Boomers and Silent Generation? I mean, we were all there as "the kids". Getting older does provide some insight into the narrative of generation gaps. Are many Boomers out of touch? Yep. Are many Gen Xers out of touch? Yep. I've met plenty of out touch Millennials, especially the older Millennials that are just a little younger then me. But listen, generation gaps are only a one way street when you're young, as you get older you realize it goes both ways, and the back end of Gen Y and Gen Z will get older and deal with a new generation of kids that will say the whole "Ok Boomer/Zoomer" stuff back at them.

  • N01N3 Gaming
    N01N3 Gaming 19 days ago

    I am 21 I don't know Billie Eilish song either.

  • Pr Kc
    Pr Kc 20 days ago +2

    Connan proved he was a boomer with the gif of the woman, she wasn't using the camera incorrectly, she was taking a selfie in secret smh

  • 호떡
    호떡 20 days ago

    In korea, there is another term for boomer which just hit on social media 3 years ago. And now it seems like it's hitting in the U.S. here is Korea boomers are called Tel-Tak meaning Denture crakle shortened. lol

  • Ronald Mata
    Ronald Mata 20 days ago

    I feel like this is a skit that makes fun of boomers and also acknowledging that they're boomers, but at the same time this is so out of touch that this makes them look like total clowns.