Gully Boy | Official Trailer | Ranveer Singh | Alia Bhatt | Zoya Akhtar |14th February

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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    His words will set him free! Here's presenting the trailer of Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Releases in cinemas 14th Feb.
    Gully Boy:
    Excel Entertainment & Tiger Baby Present
    An Excel Entertainment Production.

    Produced by: Ritesh Sidhwani, Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar
    Directed by: Zoya Akhtar
    Cast: Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt
    Distributed by: AA Films
    Music label: Zee Music Company

    Apna Time Aayega credits:
    Composer: Dub Sharma & Divine
    Singer: Ranveer Singh
    Lyrics: Divine & Ankur Tewari
    Produced by: Dub Sharma
    Programming: Dub Sharma
    Backing vocals: Divine
    Studio: Purple Haze
    Mixing Engineer: Dub Sharma
    Music Supervisor: Ankur Tewari

    Composer: Dub Sharma & Divine
    Singer: Divine & Dub Sharma
    Lyrics: Divine & Dub Sharma
    Produced by: Dub Sharma
    Programming: Dub Sharma
    Backing vocals: Ankur Tewari
    Mixing Engineer: Dub Sharma
    Music Supervisor: Ankur Tewari

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Comments • 63 452

  • Abhishek Yadav
    Abhishek Yadav Day ago

    Bahot Hard Movie 😎😎Best

  • kajal tiwari
    kajal tiwari Day ago

    How can someone dislike this.... Hv nt you watched movie... It's marvelous 😍

  • Gigi
    Gigi Day ago

    this reminds me of Eminem's film 8 mile

  • Mayur Bhil
    Mayur Bhil 2 days ago

    This Trailer Deserves 1000m views

  • Rishab Shakya
    Rishab Shakya 2 days ago

    Jaga diya es gaane ne

  • Bollywood Mania
    Bollywood Mania 2 days ago

    Check this out sexy scene from gully boy

    ASHIM DEKA 3 days ago +2

    Apna Time aega🤟

  • മരണമില്ലാത്തവൻ 007

  • kirti sharma
    kirti sharma 4 days ago

    Geraghty the

  • rakesh kumar
    rakesh kumar 4 days ago

    Nice acting alia bhatt

  • rakesh kumar
    rakesh kumar 4 days ago

    Nice movie bhai

  • Mayank Agrawal
    Mayank Agrawal 5 days ago

    Arre yaar voh kaun hai jo yeh rap krr rha hai 'yeh teri nully,ilaaka yeh mera go back to your gully'

  • Nicole Joesph
    Nicole Joesph 5 days ago


  • Nostradian tamil facts

    Gamoriya rashes dandruff ayega

  • anup kumar
    anup kumar 6 days ago

    Gajab gully boy dhasu........👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • mayank sharma
    mayank sharma 6 days ago

    I just came here for vijay raaj randapa scene...

  • Sonali Salam
    Sonali Salam 7 days ago +11

    One of the best movie of this year...Ranveer and Alia😍

  • street dance india
    street dance india 7 days ago

    Watch gully boy full movie hear

  • एक उत्सुक मन AP
    Watch The Soul of "Gully Boy"- A Poetry

  • Rohit Bharatduwaj
    Rohit Bharatduwaj 8 days ago

    Acha laga

  • ravi shankar tiwary
    ravi shankar tiwary 8 days ago +1

    Alia Bhatt is the best actress

  • Prashant Gadhavi
    Prashant Gadhavi 9 days ago

    Apna time aayega

  • shivang yadav
    shivang yadav 9 days ago

    bhosd balon 8 miles ki story copy ki h ganduo sb saalo chor ho jhautua

  • Louis Sunil Cordeiro
    Louis Sunil Cordeiro 10 days ago

    Nice gully boy song

  • Mohammed Afandy
    Mohammed Afandy 10 days ago

    Forza India

  • Abhinav i
    Abhinav i 11 days ago

    Who seen 8mile please don’t watch this movie..U will lose the real vibe of that movie..

  • Tejinder Singh Bhatti
    Tejinder Singh Bhatti 11 days ago

    Waaaaao. What a peace of shit

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 most of the indian youth is already fucked up, the rest will be screwed by this.

    Well played Bollywood.
    R.I.P. - Indian Janta
    Such a shame. Instead of learning from this movie, they know this movie will brain wash these youngsters.


  • Psyber
    Psyber 12 days ago

    Basically 8 Miles

  • Nikhil Kushwaha
    Nikhil Kushwaha 12 days ago

    New rap touch here

  • anurag mishra
    anurag mishra 13 days ago

    Awesome movie gully boy

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  • Zaffar Bhat
    Zaffar Bhat 13 days ago

    Who is here after watching this movie

  • Sean o'cLaiN
    Sean o'cLaiN 13 days ago +3

    RU-clip recommended this movie to me.. So i watched it..darn im so loving it..its very emotional n inspiration brilliant acting
    Dis movie deserve an oscar.. Love from denmark

  • Pradip Das
    Pradip Das 13 days ago

    Sachma apna time aygaa

  • chakita mukherjee
    chakita mukherjee 15 days ago +2

    It's not a flim,it's an inspiration....thanks team "Gully boy"

  • Nipun Udara
    Nipun Udara 16 days ago

    We already watched 8 Mile.

  • D M
    D M 16 days ago

    Indian mein Bohemia ne agaz kia tha desi hip hop ka... Or ye movie divine or naezy pe banai hai ye wrong hai Bohemia to mansion krna chaye tha..... Jealous Bollywood film idustry

  • Neetu Dhyani
    Neetu Dhyani 16 days ago

    Wonderful rapping by MC sher n muraad

  • Neetu Dhyani
    Neetu Dhyani 16 days ago

    Watced the movie.. truly a masterpiece. Every character is superb ... well done by superb actors... ranveer, alia, mc sher, mother, father, moeen bhai, albina .. u all killed it . I specially like moeen bhai .. ekdm mast

  • Ansh Agrawal
    Ansh Agrawal 16 days ago

    super want to learn........trying toooo.....

  • Shyam Padmanabhan
    Shyam Padmanabhan 16 days ago

    This is literally just a bollywood 8 mile

  • priya saxena
    priya saxena 16 days ago

    love u ranbeer...

  • Secret Anonymous
    Secret Anonymous 17 days ago


  • Sanjaya Wickramasinghe

    Looks like 8mile

  • Nizen rai
    Nizen rai 18 days ago

    This tumbnail background is fake

  • Bikesh Stha
    Bikesh Stha 18 days ago

    Boolywood making fool to audience. Can't they make movie on their own. This movie is copied from Eminem's movie 8 mile. Characters are also veri similar.
    Now people gonna say it's not so you probably watch 8 mile

  • Atul Pathak
    Atul Pathak 18 days ago

    gajab bro cha gaye

  • Nikhil Ananth
    Nikhil Ananth 18 days ago

    basically the indian 8 mile

  • Raja Ali Nasir
    Raja Ali Nasir 19 days ago

    8 mile movie ki copy bc

  • Anna Karenina
    Anna Karenina 19 days ago


  • What We Doing
    What We Doing 19 days ago +1

    *This is another level movie.*

  • #qtweeks saif qureshi
    #qtweeks saif qureshi 20 days ago

    Aoo may main bhi trailerdekhne wale

  • AnimeWeeb2004
    AnimeWeeb2004 20 days ago

    This is basically a Hindi parody/copy of 8 Mile😑

    VILLAIN BEATZ 20 days ago

    Rupee Cent

  • nithin papdeja
    nithin papdeja 20 days ago

    Eminem story copy

  • Hanif Shaikh
    Hanif Shaikh 21 day ago

    I love this picture all time

  • Hanif Shaikh
    Hanif Shaikh 21 day ago +1

    Thanks ranveer bhai tum ne hum jaisa gully May rahene walo par picture banaii har paresani ne nikal kar ek din apna time aayega

  • Abdul Rehan
    Abdul Rehan 21 day ago

    I love rapping

  • my name is Ibrahim
    my name is Ibrahim 21 day ago

    Alia bhat ranvir singh 90 minutes kiss only this movie

  • La gracia
    La gracia 21 day ago +6

    Apna time ayega 😎😎😎
    Specially what a direction of Zoya Akhter ji👏👏👏👏

  • Gautam Sharma
    Gautam Sharma 21 day ago

    Gullyboy movie bestscens here👇 go watch and subscribe

  • Ravikant Singh
    Ravikant Singh 21 day ago

    Alia bhatt😍😍😍

  • Sumina Ansari
    Sumina Ansari 22 days ago +1

    They have to include nazey also in apna time aayga

  • Madhav Kadam
    Madhav Kadam 22 days ago

    0:21 start real trailer😎😎😎

  • Nurs Abishevic
    Nurs Abishevic 22 days ago

    Eminem's 8 mile sucks this movie lol

  • Nurs Abishevic
    Nurs Abishevic 22 days ago

    Rap on hindi lol

  • Kaif's Stunt
    Kaif's Stunt 22 days ago


  • Titan_Nivaasi
    Titan_Nivaasi 22 days ago

    Disappointed with the movie.
    Satisfied with the performances...


    Re chori sun tmhri bestti Kai pss attitude h to hmare pass v paise bhut h
    Aur jaate jti sunti ja ee sab baat sab bestti ko batna mt bolna
    Ram ram 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Kumar Hardik ( unknoWn LoVer)

    RISHI SADAPHAL 23 days ago

    Mar Jayega TU🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍

  • vj vaidya
    vj vaidya 23 days ago

    gully boy same as secret superstar

  • rehnuma dilruba
    rehnuma dilruba 23 days ago

    movie - - gully boy

  • Amandeep Thakur
    Amandeep Thakur 23 days ago


  • nagpuriya goriya video

    Nice song

    WRONG TURN GAMING 23 days ago

  • Sairam LP
    Sairam LP 24 days ago

    i am so.happy that nas is the exec producer

  • Enamul Alam
    Enamul Alam 24 days ago

    Gully boy part 2 part 2 part needed bro

  • soyab khan
    soyab khan 24 days ago

    Be safe and I'm

  • Dipin 66
    Dipin 66 25 days ago

    അപ്‌നാ ടൈം ആയേഗാ 🎧

  • Deshan Abeysekara
    Deshan Abeysekara 25 days ago

    The replica of Eminem's 8 mile lol :p

  • Ankur Kulshreshtha
    Ankur Kulshreshtha 25 days ago +1

    The most over confident actor of bollywood played the most under confident character in the movie :D

  • Umang Dhawale
    Umang Dhawale 25 days ago

    When the movie come on RU-clip

  • K X
    K X 25 days ago

    Hindu culture totally wiped out by western culture....Muslims still stick to their morals

  • RK movie world
    RK movie world 25 days ago

    Movie link

  • My naam My naam
    My naam My naam 25 days ago

    Bakwas songs tiam wast

  • WordGod
    WordGod 26 days ago

    Best movie ever ..ever means one of the best movie in the world

  • Raj Brit Brigade
    Raj Brit Brigade 26 days ago

    The movie is so much so pay homage to Eminem’s 8mile that using similar concept comes out more like yes the movie is comes out a bit copied ,. And use of lyrics to criticize govt was okay..but never got to see NAS

  • katumbu gola
    katumbu gola 26 days ago +1

    8 Mile lol, I'll pass it..

  • Saiyad Samir
    Saiyad Samir 26 days ago +1

    Aaliya that kya mast bolti he

  • Target Goal
    Target Goal 26 days ago

    MAADARCHODH ghantaa nahi balki apnay aamal aur gunaah le jaayega.

  • Unbiased Indian
    Unbiased Indian 27 days ago

    Average movie.

  • Anton Asrin
    Anton Asrin 27 days ago vs hollywood movie

  • notabluff1
    notabluff1 27 days ago +1

    Looks like copy of “8 miles”, the only difference is 8 mile was a true story of Eminem who became The famous white rapper and the actor in 8 mile was Eminem him self.

    • Mr.Tweezy007
      Mr.Tweezy007 25 days ago

      Except its not. It is about mumbai underground rap scene based on the lives of Naezy and Divine.

  • Md Ejaj
    Md Ejaj 27 days ago

    Fabulous movie

  • DFM TV
    DFM TV 27 days ago
    Gully boy full movie 👆👆👆

  • Manisha Bharti
    Manisha Bharti 27 days ago +2

    After watching this movie.. I must say it felt so realistic.. Unlike those movies where the guy is poor wearing puma this one was great with a true kindda set and costumes.. I loved the movie except for kalki s unreasonable love triangle which was definitely not needed.. But i love everything else.. It was amazing.. Keep up the good work guyzz.. mc sher is lit.. 💖

  • Swapnasree SREE DEVI
    Swapnasree SREE DEVI 27 days ago

    Anna Time ayega 2019 ???????????

  • Vamsi G
    Vamsi G 28 days ago

    review in single word--"masterpiece" if u understand each n every word of the movie....