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Dr. Ted Naiman - 'Insulin Resistance'

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • Dr. Ted Naiman graduated from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1997. He is a board-certified family medicine physician who practices at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

    Dr. Naiman first learned about low-carb diets when he was an intern and heard about it from a patient who reversed the ill effect of his Type 2 diabetes with the Atkins diet. At medical school, Dr. Naiman ignored the discouragement from his instructors and started researching the macronutrients and the impact they have on health. What he discovered about low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diets astounded him and he’s been recommending them to his patients ever since.

    A .PDF version of the slides used in Dr. Naiman's presentation is available here; denversdietdoctor.com/wp-conte...
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Comments • 393

  • Drake Santiago
    Drake Santiago 4 years ago +44

    This was a great talk. What was especially illuminating was the part about how the genetically determined growth limit of our adipocytes can determine how fat one has to be, before insulin resistance and diabetes is induced. I used to always scratch my head at why my late father, who was Indian, was a full blown diabetic, despite only being 20 to 30 lbs over BMI, and yet many of his Caucasian peers, who were 80 lbs over their BMI did not become diabetic, and only developed diabetes, and all its complications, when they were almost a 100 lbs over their ideal BMI. As always, any talk that Dr. Naiman gives is always eye opening.

  • Niklas Paulsson
    Niklas Paulsson 4 years ago +88

    This was one of the best presentations on metabolism I have ever seen!

    • Beau Bolinger
      Beau Bolinger Year ago +1

      @Monique Gebeline You Have the Way of Eating absolutely Correct

    • Monique Gebeline
      Monique Gebeline Year ago +12

      dominik leopold

      The body will not burn fat (losing weight) when it is STORING fat.

      Insulin stores fat + FLUID. (For every one gram of carbohydrate you store 2 grams of fluid ) It is a hormone that dictates how a cell and its mitochondria ( the ‘energy maker’) stores or burns sugars (carbs) and fats that are taken in by the body.

      You can’t do BOTH, if you are eating anything with carbs, say more than 20-30 grams a DAY you are storing fat because of the level of glucose in your body.

      The ideal diet would be

      70% healthy fats, avocado, olive oil, olives, full fat cream/cheeses, high fat meats, eggs (eggs are the perfect food 50% fat 50% protein)

      25% protein (meats, cheeses, eggs)

      5% (20g a day) healthy carbs

      The lecture is explaining how the metabolic system works (what happens when you eat, and your body converts what you eat into usable energy). The hormone insulin is released any time you take in something with carbohydrates. If you have circulating insulin in your body, you will store fat because insulin is like a ‘key’ that opens the cell so that fats/glucose can go inside the cell to be used as fuel/energy. Once you lower the carbohydrates - once the glucose stores are expended the body will usually convert to fat burning.

      Hope that helps

    • backbone
      backbone Year ago

      Can you explain it pls

      What shall i eat bow to be healthy?
      Sugar yes no
      Fats yes no
      Wtf is his point even
      Do he even has a point

  • Michelle Cranford
    Michelle Cranford 2 years ago +28

    I was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Thank you so much for helping me understand and tackle this now.

    • Beau Bolinger
      Beau Bolinger Year ago +1

      Are you following Dr Naiman's Knowledge and how is it working for you

  • Joseph Bates
    Joseph Bates 11 months ago +6

    Such an outstanding talk. I don't know how many times I've watched this and yet I still find it fresh and relevant on so many levels. Thank you for a job well done. I'm sharing the heck out of this one!

  • Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis

    This is the best explanation of "insulin resistance" ever!

    • YoGlev
      YoGlev Year ago +1

      @T-Man im buying this. thanks for the suggestion, idk where/when I would've heard of the book otherwise.

    • T-Man
      T-Man Year ago +1

      @backbone Dr Ted Naiman Book PE Diet - www.amazon.com/PE-Diet-Leverage-biology-achieve-ebook/dp/B07ZC8XBGG

    • Kevin Lochley
      Kevin Lochley Year ago +5

      dominik leopold you can eat blackberries rasberries strawberries. You want to lower your carbs but more importantly you want to lower your insulin. So simply avoid high glycemic carbs( especially if you eat fat with them). Basically, mixing high glycemic carbs with fats keeps your insulin high for hours because fat doesn’t raise insulin it simply elongates how long your insulin is raised, that’s why if you only eat carbs with no fat, your insulin goes up and down, There’s no fat to keep it level.

    • Brian P.
      Brian P. Year ago +6

      dominik leopold - Eat meat and vegetables (no potatoes). Avoid sugar like the plague. Also, other high carb foods like bread, rice any grains (corn is grain, not vegetable). Pretty simple.

    • MrsPorseleintje
      MrsPorseleintje Year ago +1

      You can do a low carb diet / high fat diet.
      There are a lot of Keto-diet video's at youtube that can help you.
      "Butter Bob" is one of them:

  • Neil Caporaso
    Neil Caporaso 3 years ago +6

    Brilliant talk- amazing amount of information (and key references!) synthesized in 1/2 hour. In spite of the complex data, there is a clear distillation of the core message. A lot of fine talks out there but this one is truly exceptional- worth repeated viewing to get it all!

  • Caprice
    Caprice Year ago +3

    This one will forever be one of my favorites! So perfectly explained!

  • Monia
    Monia 3 years ago +16

    That was mind blowing! The best explenation of IR I've ever seen.

  • Jan Ellis
    Jan Ellis 4 years ago +9

    The doc crammed TONS of great info into his 30 minutes. Its up to us to re-watch, research, and take what he says and use it for ourselves in the most beneficial way. I read read read and I believe what he is saying is right on the mark.

  • seanthein
    seanthein 4 years ago +26

    A doctor with six pack......A talk packed with knowledge....WOW Ted Naiman

  • K Dale Creations
    K Dale Creations Year ago +3

    After 10 years of trying to figure this out through the noise I think this talk serves up the best of the best information and solution for health

  • ts L-iaht
    ts L-iaht Year ago +1

    I dont think i can ever present again, this guy absolutely crushed it!
    Really, thanks very much, incredibly informative and comprehensible.

  • margaret urz
    margaret urz 10 months ago +1

    I'm really disappointed that my doctor couldn't explain insulin resistance to me. It took me over a year of suffering before I found the truth in videos like this. Thank you!

  • Dr Waad Amin - Fitness Nutritionist

    I watched this 10 times to get all in my mind
    Dr Ted Naiman, you are a blessing

  • Vagabond Sojourner
    Vagabond Sojourner Year ago +3

    Every Doctor should have a SIMPLE diagram showing this process so the patient can understand what is going on.

  • Shidling
    Shidling Year ago +1

    I finally am understanding insulin resistance and what I am found wrong with my diet. Just hope it’s not too late to get it corrected. Very little carbs moderate amounts of protein and fat.

  • Alexey
    Alexey Month ago

    Wow! That's finally got the puzzle solved for me. And being into low carb science for over decade is not an overstatement

  • Drradioindia 1976
    Drradioindia 1976 2 years ago

    The most authentic explanation and the clearest explanation of Insulin resistance

  • Dead Moon
    Dead Moon 2 years ago +3

    Wow, best talk on insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome ever, even better than Bikman IMO. Ted needs a longer slot so he can pace this information a little more slowly, it's that Important. Wowww. Who the hell down voted this?

  • dietrevich
    dietrevich Year ago +3

    You know this makes sense. Now I know why when I was in a low fat diet it worked and also when I did keto which is low carb. So in essence you can't have carbs and fat at the same time. If you do one or the other you are fine.

    • Richard Middleton
      Richard Middleton 4 months ago

      We can tolerate fats and carbs together in small amounts, or either fat or carbs in larger amounts.

  • Carol
    Carol 3 years ago +4

    Wow, great speed reading. I had to listen careful because this talk is packed with info. I appreciate the interpretation from science to layman terms.

  • OnlyMyPOV
    OnlyMyPOV 2 years ago +4

    Thank you for making it so understandable.

  • Andrés MVJ
    Andrés MVJ 3 years ago +19

    Ted Naiman, you´re the "Messi" champion of the Insuline Resistance explanations! Congratulations

  • Карнивор и Кето Диета

    Epic Presentation!!! Ted is the best on the block!

  • Gerald Sahd
    Gerald Sahd Year ago +2

    WOW! Really brought a lot of topics into a single flow presentation. I had to keep pausing to absorb all the info.

  • На пульсе
    На пульсе Year ago +1

    Great lecture!

  • Outdoors with Dale
    Outdoors with Dale 3 years ago +9

    This is a really good talk. Make sure you watch it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Peder Johansen
    Peder Johansen 8 months ago

    Ted Naiman is highly underrated. Him and Marty Kendall present great information without pushing a divisive agenda. Basically high protein foods and chose your energy source. (Animal for me)

  • YoGlev
    YoGlev Year ago

    I loved this. Once your mitochondria become dysfunctional you are screwed. (until you fix them, but that's a dreadful process). Mine are predominantly dysfunctional from my vegan high carb, high sugar, high calorie, high vegetable oil diet that I followed for 3 years.
    I should feel ok when I don't eat for a day or two but I feel completely drained of energy. I will keep fasting and limiting my carbs until my mitochondria are able to process fat once again.

    Another thing I've noticed is that I get light headed throughout the day. Especially after an intense workout. This means my blood glucose has dropped (hypoglycemia) which is ok but my body SHOULD be able to switch over to fat right there and then and prevent my energy drop.

    I just completed a 96h water fast and currently I am re-feeding with pork and avocados + milk kefir.

    I am convinced I also have fatty liver and overall huge amounts of visceral fat causing me to have digestive issues. If I keep up the low carb diet + 20:4 intermittent fasting schedule I should be seeing major improvements in the upcoming months.

    • dietrevich
      dietrevich Year ago +1

      Your mitochondria get better way faster by exercising, especially if it is short burst high intensity exercises.

  • Peter Faber
    Peter Faber 3 years ago +1

    GREAT talk. Wauw, this helped my understanding of metabolism so much.

    This explains why low calorie diets don't work. Less glucose to cells just reduces the metabolic rate because glucose addapted cells actively block fat metabolism.

    But there is an aditional factor required,.... Frequent eating. With 3 or less meals a day, the cells seem to be able to switch to metabolizeing fat without any problem.

  • MA USA
    MA USA 3 years ago +8

    One of the best videos on RU-clip!

  • alexakalennon
    alexakalennon 7 months ago +1

    I know I've watched this and many other talk about a year ago, now I finally understand it.
    Awesome stuff

  • clint harris
    clint harris 2 years ago +3

    Wow!! This was a awesome video
    Gonna watch it numerous times 👍🏾

  • Barkeater
    Barkeater 4 years ago +2

    love the seasonal concept at the end. great stuff.

  • Bid Now
    Bid Now 4 years ago

    That was a tremendously good 60 minute presentation...

    (Meaning that if you do not already understand the underlying science here, good luck keeping up.)

  • Fruitblossom Blue
    Fruitblossom Blue 4 years ago +8

    I LOVE this talk! This was brilliant! so much new info I had no clue of, despite of reading about IR and ketones for years.
    Fun fact: at minute 22:57 I am pretty sure he explains Freelee the Banana Girl lol and why she is skinny despite a pure sugar diet

    • Helena Handkart
      Helena Handkart Year ago +1

      Yep, she probably has a gutful of visceral fat.

    • Tony Hammond
      Tony Hammond 2 years ago

      He also makes a case for a low fat high sugar diet at that point.

  • Volta1100
    Volta1100 3 years ago +7

    This is epic! Thank you!!!! ;-)

  • Brad Bourgeois
    Brad Bourgeois 4 years ago +2

    I've recently lost 20 lbs by fasting. When I did a blood test the other day my triglycerides were extremely high. My glucose and blood pressure were normal. I have been taking a high potency vitamin C supplement. Could the citrate in the vitamins be the cause of my hypertriglyceridemia?

    • K
      K 6 months ago

      Brad, this might have a clue... the end especially. 1:14:00.... ru-clip.com/video/RuOvn4UqznU/video.html

    • Marans Candy
      Marans Candy Year ago

      Your adipose cells were releasing small droplets of fat into the bloodstream so it could be oxidized for energy.

  • Kurt G
    Kurt G 3 years ago

    A great primer for understanding your own insulin resistance issues

  • Adil Ilyas
    Adil Ilyas Year ago +1

    Excellent presentation 👍

  • Sebastian Di Mauro
    Sebastian Di Mauro 4 years ago +1

    Beautiful talk.

  • elizabeth green
    elizabeth green Year ago +1

    Excellent video, esp. at 0.75 speed. Dr. Naimann is a fast talker!

  • JuliaCherrylicious
    JuliaCherrylicious Year ago +4

    For anyone stuck in limbo with insulin resistance. It took me about one and half months to see results on the scale. (I noticed changes to my heart skippes first and no water in the legs anymore)

    I started off with 3day fast, followed by a mix of warrior fast, omad and two meals a day. You shouldn't omad at the same time, switch between dinner and lunch so your body doesnt get used to a specific time(it'll burn less fat). You can eat what you want when you eat, eating less carbs will spike insulin less.

    I know it's disheartening, but if you keep pushing when you feel lile giving up you'll get there.

    Edit: just before I started losing weight I did a bikeride to get my food - the store was closed. So I did about 30 Minutes of light city cycling in my 28/29 hour fasted state and had to wait a bit more for my food delivery to arrive. I still lost weight the next day and it's not stopped so far.

  • NewUnderTheSun
    NewUnderTheSun 4 years ago +1

    Freakin' great talk

  • Alexsandra
    Alexsandra 2 years ago

    Great talk!!!!

  • ccgilliatt
    ccgilliatt 2 years ago +4

    Had to slowdown the playback speed to .75 to follow. On my 4th week of OMAD. so far so good

    • K
      K 6 months ago

      same! I speed it up to 1.25 for Fung

  • Matthew Alloy
    Matthew Alloy 3 years ago +2

    Great information 🙂👍

  • Aïda Hayes
    Aïda Hayes 2 years ago +1

    I asked my PA for this test but she had no idea what I was talking about. No one in the clinic knew what I was talking about. 😳 They said they just do A1C tests. 😖 And it doesn’t help that I am a classic TOFI.

  • Robert Mertens
    Robert Mertens 4 years ago +104

    Wow, it took me three hours to go through this video (once), starting, stopping, going off to get the references, and then reading them (partly), then going back to the video, then backing up through the slides, the going off again to find and read the references (almost all of which were available for download and reading), and then back to the video again. Very interesting, a HUGE amount of material, and half an hour isn't even remotely enough time to go through all of this. Dr. Naiman barely scratched the surface on any of these topics, but it was nice to be able to gather this reservoir of fat.... er... ah... journal articles for reading at my leisure. Very interesting stuff. In the meantime, it's probably 15 hours more of reading through these articles. Then I can return and watch the rest of this series of videos.

    • K
      K 6 months ago

      it helped me to slow the Playback speed to .75, whereas most videos (Fung) I increase it to 1.25

    • Lisa
      Lisa Year ago

      Ραδομιρ Κουδελα oversimplification

    • InconnuGlitterBoy
      InconnuGlitterBoy Year ago

      @Steve D bunch of 404s... intended?

    • dana102083
      dana102083 2 years ago +2

      @Ραδομιρ Κουδελα what studies are those? Im ready to read up on them if you point me in the right direction of the authors. I always look up the references in videos. Glad others do too.

    • Ραδομιρ Κουδελα
      Ραδομιρ Κουδελα 2 years ago +3

      But he didn't cover the studies that show that fat skyrockets insulin resistance and kills beta cells which produce insulin.

  • JOE F
    JOE F 10 months ago +2

    Adipocite= A cell specialized for the storage of fat, found in connective tissue.

  • jim connell
    jim connell 2 years ago

    Brilliant 🙏 thank you

  • redhotz21
    redhotz21 4 years ago

    Excellent talk

  • SiVa Sendhilvelan
    SiVa Sendhilvelan 4 years ago +2

    Fast speaking, had to slow down and watch several times. Great information. Thanks!!!

  • Mist Sage
    Mist Sage 3 years ago +1

    Very nice. Learned a lot.

  • Yujia
    Yujia 2 years ago +1

    Good presentation!

  • Robis9267
    Robis9267 4 years ago +2

    Brilliant, thank you!

  • Changwei
    Changwei 7 months ago

    A ton of info here...Great work!

  • Freestyle
    Freestyle 4 years ago +2

    A perfect follow-up to Ivor's (also outstanding)talk.

  • Cosmin Onea
    Cosmin Onea 4 years ago +3

    In response to Patrick Rochon 's question: "what happen if you eat pure glucose all day long non stop but not enough to meet the energy needs of the body ? yep you will burn body fat."

    That is a great question I've been trying to answer.

    Here is my two cents and willing to change my mind :)

    While insulin is high no fat gets released from the adipose, medical textbook. Eating only glucose will keep one's insulin high all day long.
    So even though they have a lot of energy stored in fat, very little can be tapped. If they were to do this for a long period of time my guess is they would starve to death and die fat. The blood glucose roller coaster would force them to eat every couple of hours because of the sugar crash which perpetuates the eating-glucose-on-regular-basis circle. I am sure their body would stop them ingesting any more of that glucose at some point by making them sleep for a few days in a row. This would not be a great way to live your life though :)

    In contrast, I think one is better off fasting. While fasting, there is no insulin vs fat problem and the fat comes out naturally.

    If it were moral to run an experiment on two people, one "forced fed" a hypo caloric glucose only based diet and one fasting, to their deaths, I would guess the fasting one would live longer and have a better end of life experience. The current record for fasting was 380 days in a row, if I recall correctly, burning a couple of hundreds of fat during that period.

    I don't think dismissing low carb is right at this point as it has great results. Things are never black and white.

    Diabetes and obesity is definitely a carbohydrate intolerance issue created over decades of blood glucose roller coaster that turned the body into a fat storage machine to the point of failure. So, for morbidly obese and diabetics there is no other way but to lower the carbs for the rest of their lives. It's not curing their carb intolerance but they will live long and healthy lives.

    The question for non-obese and healthy people is what is a good way to keep healthy and live your life. I am convinced ketogenic + a little of seasonal fruit and veg diets and short high intensity, body-by-science type exercises as Ted is suggesting in this video, combined with long walks is the best way to keep healthy.

    Anything that requires supplements to keep the balance is not right.

    • Kerlio Classics
      Kerlio Classics 3 years ago

      At night, when you stopped eating glucose, your body will at some point transition back to burning some fat and less glucose. So, yes if you restrict calories, you will burn fat. As a side note of warning, without protein, your body will have to break down muscles to get amino acids. So it’s not a good plan to eat sugar to lose weight.

  • Toni
    Toni 2 years ago

    Well said.

  • jtremblay100
    jtremblay100 4 years ago +36

    Good talk even an idiot like me felt I understood it all. I wonder what his caffeine intake is. He does talk fast.

    • Beau Bolinger
      Beau Bolinger Year ago

      Dr Naiman enjoys lots of Coffee

    • backbone
      backbone Year ago +1

      Lol? I didnt understand sht.

      Was was his conclusion?
      I just heard much talking, not much info for me
      Explain what he explained

    • T D
      T D 2 years ago +1

      He talks slow to me. What does that say about ME???

  • Simon Kim
    Simon Kim Year ago

    Ted Naiman's awesome, so glad he's in the world to help get society's health back on track.

  • Fay Louise
    Fay Louise 4 years ago +2

    excellent talk

  • Jueh Chang
    Jueh Chang 4 years ago

    謝謝翻譯成中文 !
    辛苦了 ,感恩 !

  • stuart m
    stuart m 8 months ago +1

    That must have been Ivor Cummins he was talking to. Now he knows a thing or two about insulin resistance.. Clever man

  • Danny Basquez
    Danny Basquez 4 years ago +2

    Great info

  • Anthony Mak
    Anthony Mak Year ago

    13:59 - hot tip: if you’re ever in a situation with limited days worth of oxygen, then don’t snack on sugary/carb foods.

  • joeconsumer
    joeconsumer Year ago +2

    Completely missed the effect of oxidative damage omega 6 fatty acids from "vegetable" oils, effectively browning out the mitochondria and thereby causing insulin resistance! Also, eating fats together with carbs will avoid SPIKING insulin levels. So, there is a benefit to eating fat with carbs vs eating carbs alone.

    • K
      K 6 months ago

      how does a skinny-fat person improve mitochondrial health?

  • GwirCeth
    GwirCeth 8 months ago

    Fantastic mate. Thanks very much.

  • TMB247
    TMB247 2 years ago

    Following Ivor was a Gift! You guys are the epitome of COOL!

  • Dave Cory
    Dave Cory 2 years ago

    Graph at 29:27. I was very surprised to see that sugar didn't continue rising after the 2000s and that it actually declined almost near where it was in 1970. I thought our diet today has so much more sugar than it did back then.

    • Genghisnico13
      Genghisnico13 8 months ago

      Maybe it doesn't take into account HFCS.

  • It's Me
    It's Me Year ago

    Genuine question, two people eat a snickers bar, one is sensitive to insulin and the other resistance. If the sensitive person doesn't store as much fat from the sugar of the snickers bar due to lower insulin, How are the calories handled? Thanks.

  • Kathleen Morris
    Kathleen Morris 2 years ago


  • entyce66
    entyce66 Year ago

    I have insulin resistance and my dr put me on the ozempic pen which helped me sooooo much no cravings no frequent urinating decreased appetite lost 12 lbs then boom I developed acute pancreatitis there goes that back to square one 😩😩

  • Mimi Elliott
    Mimi Elliott Year ago


  • Mike Reinhart
    Mike Reinhart 4 years ago +9

    It might be more meaningful to stress surface to volume ratios instead of cell diameter. The larger the diameter, the lower the surface to volume ratio. Thus as the cells get larger, the surface area available for insulin receptors , glucose transporters, fat transporters decreases relative to fat content.

    • Ben Silver
      Ben Silver 4 years ago +1

      As I understand cell biology and biochemistry, cells are more adaptive than that. I think that your mechanical-limitation theory would only work a) if the entire surface of the cell was _necessarily_ devoted to "glucose shifters" (that is, no lipid bilayer, no other signalling proteins, only glucose-signalling molecules and pumps) *and* b) the entire interior content of the cell were involved in continuous dynamic interaction with the surface elements. Second, if each cell's metabolism were directly controlled only by mechanical surface-to-volume-ratio restrictions, there could be no short-term individual responses to environmental demands, and there would be no individual variation in metabolic responses.

    • Michal Piják
      Michal Piják 4 years ago +1

      It might be more meaningful to eat mostly plant based diet. In the the study attached below, a higher REE was found in vegetarians than in non-vegetarians, matched for BMI, and the significant difference also remained after an adjustment for physical exercise, age,
      gender and FFM . The authors also found a greater post-absorptive fat
      utilisation (low RQ) in vegetarians than in non-vegetarians.

  • Anima Libera
    Anima Libera 4 years ago

    The doc look like he's in great shape! I wonder if this is due to a LC-LF-HP lifestyle.

    • Ariel
      Ariel 2 years ago +2

      He said Low Carb / Moderate Fat / High Protein. He also plays with the Carnivore Diet.

  • Jefferdaughter
    Jefferdaughter 3 years ago +5

    We have become so disconnected from the natural world that we no longer realize that sugars are abundant in the autumn? Many fruits ripen then: apple, pears, many berries and also fruits like pumpkin and other winter squash that are pretty high in carbs, though not as sweet. Edible roots are also 'ripe' in the fall: potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a bunch of other starchy roots commonly eaten by our ancestors.

    Even though our modern varieties of fall ripening fruits and roots are higher in sugars than wild varieties, and we have easier access to them - the fact remains that late spring through late summer, in temperate climates, is when animals are rearing young, not getting fat. Autumn is the time of year when wild animals are putting on fat to help them get through the winter.

    • knittingknut
      knittingknut 3 years ago +4

      That may be true but sadly we eat as if it's Autumn ALL YEAR ROUND. We ship in foods from all over the world and eat them year round. Not only that we eat hyper processed factory food that super charges our glucose intake way and above what would happen on just a real food diet.

  • Ted Graves
    Ted Graves 3 years ago

    Would liposuction,and implantation of new fat cells, remedy Insulin intolerance. . .?

    • wim lammens
      wim lammens Year ago

      yes, new fat cells worked for the mice , liposuction not , but gastric sleeve or stomack reduction helps as people can only eat very little and they start burning excess fat for energy

  • Daydreaming Leann
    Daydreaming Leann 10 months ago +1

    I was just watching another channel that claims high protein causes increased insulin resistance and it seems you can find studies to back up almost anything. It’s hard to decide what’s actually true. In this summary they don’t define what they are saying high protein was though.

    • JuliaCherrylicious
      JuliaCherrylicious 6 months ago

      If the protein can cause insulin release, it can potentially cause insulin resistance

    • Lenore Paletta
      Lenore Paletta 8 months ago

      I think 35 to 40 percent of your calories as protein.

  • Annlee Hines
    Annlee Hines 4 years ago

    Great talk - a link to the slides, please?

    • Jeffry Gerber, M.D.
      Jeffry Gerber, M.D. 4 years ago +3


  • Prashanth B
    Prashanth B 2 years ago +1

    How long does it take to become insulin sensitivity again ?

    • JuliaCherrylicious
      JuliaCherrylicious 6 months ago

      A few months, takes a while to rebuilt

    • wim lammens
      wim lammens Year ago

      quite soon as you free up little space in yr overfilled fat cells. if the bucket is full the excess glucose will spill out and stay in yr blood stream, then you are high in glucose all the time.

  • Kathy A
    Kathy A 4 years ago

    Don't you burn carbs reservoirs in liver by fasting overnight?

  • Julie Gale LCHF81
    Julie Gale LCHF81 4 years ago


  • Allie Bart
    Allie Bart Year ago

    I check my glucose values with the help of Libre sensor and Ambrosia Blucon device.

  • Toni
    Toni Year ago +3

    I'm happy living living in winter all year round, winter and spring where the salmon is about and young meat and fish is fresh.

  • jesus Bitter
    jesus Bitter 8 months ago

    We're learning this TOO LATE, this should be on all schools, insanity the way we're eating, no wonder why people are sick

  • D Roberts
    D Roberts Year ago +2

    An actual "Ted" talk... :)

    • K
      K 6 months ago

      I was going to give this a ThumbsUpLike, but then thought not too as I try not to encourage Dad Jokes.🤣 Good One!

  • Martin Nambaje
    Martin Nambaje 2 years ago

    On the HOMA-IR chart: what's the insulin is measured in? µIU/ml? What is that?

    • Martin Nambaje
      Martin Nambaje 2 years ago

      OK it stands for Insulin Unit. not sure why it's not a mass based unit doe ? Also how long the fast before mesurement?

  • Peter Redfield
    Peter Redfield Year ago

    Gotta trust this man who eats right! Never listen to fat doctors

  • Goose Bums
    Goose Bums Year ago

    So you can mess up your ability to run on ketones by having too much glucose?

  • Deron Baker
    Deron Baker 2 years ago

    Walter Kempner MD was curing Type 2 diabetes and obesity with his all rice diet. So clearly this topic is complex.

    • Marans Candy
      Marans Candy Year ago

      Isn’t rice an arsenic accumulator?

    • Galahad Threepwood
      Galahad Threepwood 2 years ago

      @C Herrera Yeah - and what could be more boring than rice? Try feeding a weening baby rice, and then give him some meat. They _know_ what they need, but parents around the world don't believe them.

    • C Herrera
      C Herrera 2 years ago +2

      Kempner also literally whipped his patients to make them comply. Look it up. Successful but very unsatisfying diet. Many others (Denise Minger, Bart Kay, plant-based Garth Davis) have said you can be healthy at either extreme: very low fat vegan or very low carb. But there are some long-term costs to the vegan route, and most people ditch it within a few years.

    • Tony Hammond
      Tony Hammond 2 years ago

      He explained how he thought that rice and fruit diet was possible in the speech. calorie restriction.

      I don't agree with being at a permanent state of ketosis, my grandmother is 95 and healthy from eating a non keto diet but she was not sedatary.

      It is amazing though....

  • ming sun
    ming sun Year ago

    Sugar contains fructose, that is much more fattening. And is much more involved in insulin resistance.

  • Martin W
    Martin W 4 years ago +80

    This is clearly not Ted Naiman:
    1) That person is wearing a shirt
    2) He smiles (and even shows teeth while doing so!!!) at 0:24
    3) He makes a joke at 24:00

    Other than the fake Ted Naiman standing there, it was an excellent talk. I had to stop it all the time though, because it was just so much info and so much input. Not a bad thing though.

    • Dr. Esio Marques
      Dr. Esio Marques 2 years ago +2

      Clearly, it's Lionel Messi lecturing about metabolism.

    • T D
      T D 2 years ago

      One time I made him acknowledge a joke I made was humorous.

      (he's a funny guy irl)

    • gwynedd1
      gwynedd1 4 years ago +2

      "LOL! I just saw his Twitter account and I got your joke. "

      I am relieved. I could never follow a modest academic the likes of which are not capable of world domination. I could only follow an egotist all the way to the Reichstag itself.

    • Martin W
      Martin W 4 years ago +2

      You need to go on his twitter account to get the joke ;-)

    • Carroll Hoagland
      Carroll Hoagland 4 years ago +4

      Replayed 3 times and still missed it ... oh well ...
      70 Going On 100

  • Maria Italiano
    Maria Italiano 8 months ago +2

    Brilliant Ted. I love Ivor too!

  • Adrian Pollard
    Adrian Pollard 2 years ago +1


  • Toni
    Toni 2 years ago

    Leave glucose off the plate, the liver makes more than enough all year round. Even without any carbs at all.

    • Sammy 2010
      Sammy 2010 Year ago +1

      yup...even in starving subjects muscle glycogen is at 65 - 70% full.

  • Fudoh1
    Fudoh1 4 years ago +12

    Sadly he ignored the fructose topic, which according to Dr. Jason Fung, is the most common way to get insulin resistent

    • Terje Oseberg
      Terje Oseberg 3 years ago

      There's insulin resistance of the liver, and there's insulin resistance of the fat cells, and there's insulin resistance of the muscles. He's only talking about the fat cells.

    • Blu-Ray
      Blu-Ray 3 years ago +1

      NewUnderTheSun you right everything cant be discussed in one segment

    • NewUnderTheSun
      NewUnderTheSun 4 years ago +10

      He did not "ignore" fructose, he simply did not discuss it in this forum. Every issue cannot be discussed in every presentation or everyone would speak for three hours and that is not practical. This talk was Golden, more information in his time slot than in a dozen of lectures I attended in med school.

  • E.S. Slc
    E.S. Slc Year ago +1

    So after all of this I still have no clue what the solution is? What are we supposed to do, eat Keto Diet? Protein and fat only?
    Thank you,

    • Anchor Viennay Tiwaarri
      Anchor Viennay Tiwaarri 7 months ago

      @Jess N. In a nutshell - High Protein and Low carb, high fat.

      Prptein Energy ratio - While we increase Portein and Fat - The Stored glycogen burns as FAT.

    • Jess N.
      Jess N. 11 months ago

      He promotes the P:E Diet. I think the gist of it is that protein should be equal to energy (fat or carbs) gram for gram.

  • Kinky
    Kinky 2 years ago +57

    This is why I love RU-clip's 0.75 playback speed.

    • Richard Middleton
      Richard Middleton 4 months ago

      I always listen to low carb RU-cliprs on 1.25 or even 1.5 because they usually talk slower!

    • Lars Haderr
      Lars Haderr 8 months ago

      I hit pause to read what's on the screen.

    • Lady Cactus
      Lady Cactus 8 months ago +1

      Made me dizzy until I slowed him down!

    • Sue Sullivan
      Sue Sullivan Year ago

      Makes him sound drunk but at least you can work out what he's saying.

    • LowCarbNiki
      LowCarbNiki Year ago

      Great tip! Thanks!